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Heavner's Fire Remedy a-id 
Face Cream. 

This remedy is giiaraiiteed to Cure Bun'.-.' 
:>• inalter froui what cause — Fire. Waler, 
Acids or S'.:!: Burns. Furiuleriial huru> take 
half teasrvxciful every lialf hour. It will 
taUe all pain out of a hvrn in from one mi:i- 
ute to a half hour, accordinj^'^ to hon- bad th-r 
burn is, and you do iiot rted 2 do'"ror for 
the remedy v, ill heal the b-.uii no matter how 
l.'ad it is. A."'so for (rTalling. Chapped Fact- 
ai'.d Hands. Itching Piles, or Caked Brea-l 
a sure cure; and as a Toilet for Ladies' I'ac^ 
and Hands th.ere is nothing to its equal. 

After givirsg- it a fair trial and yo-a do?-'t 
like it return it and get your money hack. 

Sold by 2.11 druggists, ur mailed on re- 
ceipt of price. 3-3 cents 

A. J. IIEAVNER, Mfi., 

277 East SeC'SSU'l Street, - PKKr. i>71>. 

^^>.-.-^- ..-.^. .ai|, -«.*.- 5^-^/^V ^ ^^:,^,;.jvV^- ^ 


Peru, Ind , May 21. L^Ji 
To Whom It M.w Conckkx: 

About V<.^o -.veek- ago my hinds am! 
wrist.-, were hadly burne'l by a gi'S t:cplosion 
in our furnace at the gas orncc. I sent for 
Heavner'.s Fire Remedy ard in ten minute> 
after applyi::g tiie pain was entirely gone. 
The I'urn \va> a severe one atid the cure was 
marveious. C. J. S. K:->ri.KK. 

Cashier I.. ;x \s'. \' Gas Co. 

^ ^^'f A '"''* 

MIIC5 lie I 

T^ 1 J 

irriiiure aoo 

Prompi Attention Day or Night. 

Xo. 18 West Main Street 
R-isivlerice 1-J East Third St.. 
i-'irst door west PostotSce 




I Citv of Peru 


Compiled und Published by 

Millfcr=W&llick Prinling Co, 

Peru, Indiana, 






KCf « 


Opposite P. 0. 

High Grade Vehicles of 
All Kinds 

Surreys and Carriages. l)e])ot 
Wagons. Doctors' Stanliopes 

Wescott Line Complete. 

Our Prices Are the Lowest 

Dr. Julius Vv'olff, 

Optical Specialist 
New Browueli B'g 

rKKV City Dibf.ctory. IfOl 


In piibri-hing thi< P.X'ket Directory, \^:.^l \v 
view a con rect compilation of information m a 
convciiicrjil form and at a price con=-i?tent with 
the general us=;e of a work of this kind. The in- 
forraatioTi is the most reliable to be obtaintrd. 
and !.■=> tsien from a canvass of the city and the 
•iat)urb--. While error.s may be found. e\-ery 
effort ha:^ l>een made on our part to obtain an- 
thentic icraformation. These books are for =^le 
at 2/> centis each at our office. No. TO X Broadway. 

Thank^m^ all tho.-e who have aided iis in thi<; 
work. cii her by patronage or in -feoirin,^ :nfor- 
u'.atiou. ^e are, 








riptiotTS from 
T». . » A c r- Pr.armaceaticai Cn.e:niili, 

IhteOSUa <V O?., Ate Atsolutely Correct 



V'JlLS>Ol4 &, 

HACK 'PHONn 173 


riju- City Directory. liWl 

Pern Loan Office S^-jiy^ 

Peru City DiUKCrr.Kv. 1901 7 

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In niakir.g out Street Directory. Erondway is 
used as dividing line east and -rvest, and M'aii; 
street as dividing line north and south, locating 
rach street in alphabetical order. 
.\danis Avcuue. Elin%vood. Sixth Dorth of Tth; 

froni Railroad to Chili ave. 
Adatns Arcnue. North Peru. Fourth north of 

railroad; from Chili ave to Smith ave. i^'.VJh street north of Main; from Broad- 
way to Miami. 
Renton. eighth street ea'-t of Lroadway; from 

Canal to northern limits. 
Eoulevard, from Dukes street east to Mexico pike 
Boulevard, North Peru. Second street north of 

railroad; froui Chili ave to Rtith ave. 
Broadway, divides city from east to west, from 

.-outhern limits north to Mexico pike. 
Broadwav. South Peru. From bridge to south 

limits. ■ 
Brown. Duke.^ .second addition; nr^t street east of 

Dukes, from 12th to 1.3th. 
Brov.-nell. eleventh street west of Broadwav; from 

Canal to Tth. 
Canal, third street .south of Main; from v.-estern 

limits to eastern limits. 
Carbon Avenue. Hiinwood. Second north of Tth; 

from railroad to Wayne. 
Cass, second street west of Broadway, from Ca- to railroad. 
Oitstnut from Cana.! to Main. 
Chili Avenue. Elmwood. Third east of 1, E &. W 

R y; from Elm wood ave to Jefl'erson ave. 
Clay, third east of Broadway; from Canal to Sth." 
Cleveland avenue, froni depot grouu'is east to 

Tippecanoe, along north side of railroad. 
C:;urt, from Main tc ,'>!:h; east of Court House 
Daniel. "-.Imwood. From Broad\v"ay to Elm. 
Dukes, continuation of Unian; from railroad 

northwest to citv limit.s. 

East. East Pern. From Canal to Main. 
Eighth, fourth street north of Main; frotn firoad 

way to Tippecanoe, west from Miani' to Jc-it-r- 

Ehn, R^dge^'^ew. From Cleveland ave to Danic! 
Elmwood Avenue. Ehnwr„id. First street north 

of Tth; fron.i railroad to Wayne. 
FhicHd Avenue. F'.mwo'^d. Fourth street north 

of Tth: from railroad to Wavne. 
Ewing. tl^.ird street north of Main; from Broad- 
way tn>t to clay. 
Fifth' first street'north of Main from eastern to 

westeru limits. 
FifteeVith. fifth street north of railroad: from 

Duke.s eastward. 
'F'orest. fourteenth street of Bro-rtdway: from 

Canal t.o ISTain. 
F'ourteetith. fourth street north of railroad; fro'u 

Dukes east to Brown. 
F'ranklin. South Peru. Second street south « f 

River; from Ercadwa}- to eastern limits. 
Fremont, fourth we-t of Eroadw.iv; from Canal 

to 12th. 
Garfield Avenue. East Pf. ru. -Second ea^t o\ Lin- 
coln; from "Jd to Main. 
Godfrey, ninth street of Broadway: fr-jm 

Maiu'to north limits. 
Grant, sixth street we:>tof Broadwa\-; from Main 

to 13th. 
Harrison Avenue. North Peru. Tenth n'.rth of 

railroad: from Chili ave to Smith ave. 
Holman. tenth ^vest of Broadway: frotn C^ncl to 

junction of Union and Tth. 
Hood, third street west o: Broadway: fr jm Cv'.nai 

to railroad. 
Huntington, second east of Broadwav; from Canal 

to Ewing. 
Kunting-irm, South Peru. Continuation of River 

to Franklin. 
Jackson Avenue. North Peru. Eighth north of 

railroa'i; from Chili avc to Stnith^ave. 
Jefferson, seventh west of Broadway: from 3d to 

Jeflers-on Avenue. North Peru. Fifth north of 

railroad; from Chili ave to Smith ave. 

Nelp's Meat Market p 


Phone 50 

W, 3rd St. 






H. P. FIKE, Architect, i^.i ^^ 


Vkkv Cnv DiKKCTOKv, ywi 

?>l(mvy I/jaiie^l on Mortj<a;^e at ihif 



r,afavette, nflli wtst of Broadway; from Canal 

to iOth 
I^incohi, from Canal to Wabash Railroad. 
Lytic, north of railroad; faom BroadwaN- v/t-.-:t. 
Main, divides the city north from .<outh. from 

v.estern to t-astern liniit-s. 
Madison Avenue, North Peru Sixth north of 

railroad; from Chili ave to Smith ave. 
Miami, first Mest of Broadwav; from Canal to 

Monroe Aveune, Xorth Peru. Seventh north of 

railroad; from Chili ave to Smith ave. 
Nintli. first .street, north of railroad; from Tre- 
monc west to Grant. 

North, first street east of Lafayette; frotn rail- 
road to 10th. 
River, South Pern. South of river, froni bridge 

to eastern limits. 
Runyan. secosid ea5.t of Dukes; from 12th to 13th. 
Scott, fourth street east of Broadway; from 3d to 

";th. between Clay and Tippecanoe. 
S'-cond. second street south of Main: from west- 
ern to eastern limits. 
Sevent?i. third street north of Main; west from 

Broadway to limits, east from Tippecanoe to 

,Shav.-anno. from ,Sth street to railroad. 
Sixth, second street north of Mam; from eastern 

to vvestern limits. 
Smith. East Peru. P'irst street east of Lincoln; 

from IM to Main. 
Spring. .'^>outh Peru. Fourth .south of River; from 

Broadway to easLern limits. 
Tetith. second street north of railroad; from 

Broadway we-it to Grant. 
Third, first' street south of Main; froTii western 

to ea.stern li-n^its. 
Thirteenth, thir'i street north of railroad; from 

Dukes to Crane 
Tippecanoe rlith east of Broadu ay; from Canal 

to'northern limits. 
Twelfth. Jirst north of railroad; fr.;!ii Fremont 

west to Dukes; east throtigli Ridgeview to 

Mexico pike., ninth west of Broadway; from. Main to 



LOU WARD, Livery and Boarding Stable. 

Opp<x^ite Baptist Ch'jrch 

'Phone 15 

\anBurtn Avenue. NoUl: Pern. Xinth street 

north of raiload; from Cliili ;ive to >m;th ave. 
Wabash, fir.^t east of Broad w3y;from Canai tosth. 
Wabash. ScKuth Peru. Continuation of 

from River to .south limits. 
Walnut, twelfth west of Broadway; from Canal 

to Seventh: 
Warren. Sciith Peru. Third south of rivtr. from 

Broadwav to eastern limits. 
Washington Avenue. North Peru. Third north 

of Railr-.-ia-d: from Chili ave to Smith ave. 
Wa.shin.gton Avennc. Klniwood. Fifth north of 

7th; from Railroad to Chili ave. 
Wayne, se v-enth street east of Broadway from 

Canal to northern limits. 
Water, sixth street ea~t or Broadv.-ay; froi-n C?nal 

to northi-xn limits. 



E. Caiial 

CKEL <5c SOX, 


\V O O r>^S F> M A. R M ^ C V 

For Prc;3Jripttons, Drugs and Medicines 
10 Pehu City Dirf.ctorv, 1901. 

r ^ 











f ^ 




i ■ 



Baptist — S E cor Main and Waba.'^h. 
First Weslyan Methodist— Flax Hill . 
Catholic— XW cor Miami and l-'itth 
I'niied Brethrt-n— S E cor Main and Clav 
Christia:?— S \V cor Main and Minmi 
Second ''.Veslyan Methodi^t— North Peru 
Trinity F'^iscopal— N E cor Main and Miami 
Hebrew, or Zion Con^egation — Snyagogiie over 

Go X Broadway ^ 

St Johns Evangelical Eutheran— S E cor Main 

and Freniout 

Methodist Episcopal -S E cor Main and Cns.s 
African Meihodist Episcopal— S E cor Third 

a;id Tippecanoe 

Presbyterian— N side \V 2d street, one-half 

square from Broadway. 
E'-ang*rfica1--E od over express office 

.f^ifel^^--'^ ■s^'^::^^! 

Kanizer & Muiisoii 


ID is S. Erd'y 

B A 3 1-: R <S? > i ! T O f"! l^ U 1- 

PERt: City Directory. 1201 11 


Ruth Chapter. L^). O E S meets second and X 

fourth "N'ondays in each niontli at Z.^asoui; Ten:- •< 
pie. N \A: cor 5lain and Kroadwav. 

Peru Chapter No. t'J R A M. :nee;5 5r.>i Tues- ■-; 

day of each month. Temple X \V ojr l*.:a:u and 7: 

Peru Council No 'j< R & S M. me^is second (-. 

Tuesday of each month. .Temple N W cor Main ►^ 

and Brog-dway "Z* 

Miami I^dge Xo t,', F & A M. niee'.s second ard [' 

fourth v.: cdnesdays of each month. Temple N' ^ 

\\' cor ^.r:.-":!! and Broadway. ■>• 

Peru Eod^e Xo 4S2 F ^c A M. aieet.s first and ^ 

tliird F:i '.Tys of each month. Ten.ple X \V ccr ^ 
Main an'.i Liroadwav 

Peru i,<->:ige No .>it I O O F. mens ev?r\- Tuei- ^^ 

day evening Temple XV,' cor r..'a:n ar.d ^ 

Eureka- 3'vncampricnt, Xc 1S7 I O O F. nieet^ *" 

first and '-.hird Fridavs of each month. Temple ^ 

X \y cor "Main and Wabash ^ 

Peru E-xcampment. Xo 5i. I O O F. meets ar.^t "i:, 

and third Wedne.-davs of each mouth. PTall 13- 'L, 
15 S Broa d-vay 

Miami Ivodge. X'o .52. I O O F, meets ever>- Men- ^ 

day. HaJll i;j-i5 S Broadway ' JC 

iessinj^ Eodge. Xo 4o2. l' O O F. meets exer^- ^ 

Thursday- Hall 13-15 S Broadway ' ^ 

Pat riar-chs Milium. Canton Peru Xo 2Ia meets ^^ 

second airj^d fourth V.'edne-davs of each month. -^ 

Hall )-i'l5: 3 Broadway. ' /- 

Daugh'i?rs of Rebekah. Star Lodire Xc. hXi. 

meets sc-.^nd and fourth Fridav 
Hall IZ-Vk. S Broadway. 

Dauglitx-'TS of Rebekah. Peru 
meets e-rery Monday evening, 
cor Mair. and Wabash. 

Knight-s of Pychias. meets every- W 
evening i-i Castle Hall. S Broadwav'. 

ot ^ach month. _, 

Lodge Xc. 2f'?. « 

Temple X \V t"' 

rdnescav r 

Kandy Kitchen 

For S' .- 
Xo. 7 K, 

L 'A ate: 
3rd St, 

OnoLJi-ici l"(cK)r Studio 



Peki- City Dikkctokv. 1901 

K O 'r >r m(-ets ill I O O F Tv.!,!;.'- first pikI 
third AVcdntsdavs of cacli luoiUh. Tcn^plt N \V 
cor Main aiul \VaV)a.-b. 

1, U T M i'ern Hive No 3:^. TiK-«-t-in I O O l- 
Temple, >: \V coi- Main and Wnhrsh, s< cond :in(i 
fuuith Wednesdays of each mont'a. 

^National I'nioti. meets first and 'Jiivd Mond-iy- 
of each n-nitith. 

I O F, meets every Thursciay at hall over Jolin 
S Hale & C(/s bhoQ'^U>rt. S Broadway. 

Tribe of Bcii ilur. meets every 'second and- 
f<iT:rtti Wednesdays of each month. Hall over 
John S Hale \: Co'* f^hoe store. S Broadway. 

C, A R. meets, second and fourtli Wednesdav.»? 
of each month in G -\ R hall, cor Third and 

rsiodern Woodmen of America, meets fir-t an'i 
third Monday night;-; of each month in I O K M 

Common vvealth Piovidenl As.~ociation No. 492 
of Philadelphia, meets second and fourth Tlmrs- 
davs of each month in Odd Ferio\vs" Temple. F, 

Pern Maennerchor. meets every Krida\- evening 
in Maennerchor Hall on Canal street. 

German Aid Society, meets first ISIonday in 
each month. Hall over P ril Crume's book store. 
S Broadwa\ . 

Social Friendship and Benevolent Society. 
meet= fir-t Tuesda>- in each mouth over Thi'e- 
brtud's dru'j,- store, S Broadway. 

?vii;imi Couiitv Detective As.sociation. meets 
nr.-t Saturdays m September, DeceniT)er. March 
and June in CtowI "hall o\er Thieband s drng 
sto:e, S Broadway. 

B P C> Elks, meets first and third Thnrsday in 
ench month at 6 W corner Tth and Broad wa\-. 
Elks' Home. 

Mi.'jmi Connty ^^edica! So<:iety. meets at Bear,ss 
ivotel parlors last Friday in each month. 

I O "R a.'', raeets over P O every Wednesday 

Si Patrick's Total abstinence vSocicty. meets in 
St Charles hall. Hfi w 5th street. 

St Charles Convmandery. meets fir,st Siinda3- in 
each month in Sullivan's hall. 

lietzaer's Jewelry Store 

Peri! Loan Office i^: 

53 S. lii'y 

I»i,K( CiTV DiktcroRV. VAM 

Calht-dJc Kniirhts of America, mect.s «~c.n:on<l 
and fonrtli Sundays in each month in Sii!livan'f. 
hall. N Broaduj-iv. 

A O H. meets every third Sunday in 
month, in Sullivan's hall. X Ercaciway. 

Woman's Relief Corps, meets first ar-.i Third 
Wednesdays of each month in GAR ha!'.. N W 
0(;r .')rd antl Broadway. 

Ciyarmakers' I'nion meet-; first Tnc<day of 
each month. Hall, third flor^r Graf block. 

Peru Tvpoc.xaphical I'ni.'Ti meeu*; l-.-t Th-irs- 
dav tven'iua: in each month. Hall, third fl.jor 
Grafblock.^ . . 

Bricklayers and Sioncma-Mjas I nion No. '^> 
.meets eve'rv Monday eyenin>;. Hall. Graf Block. 


ii i 


Julius' Ca'^ar's oft. quoted 
phrase is: — 

•*I Cciiue, 1 saAS'. 
I conquered." 

But 1 say to you: — 

'1 Buy. 
I Sell 
I Trade 
Real Estate" 

John H. Step heAS 


Room 5, Old Brownell Block 

PERU, !N!.>, 

JS x-i-st t :.srd St rcft 

Pekv City Dirkcikkv. 1301 


A3REV1AT!0NS. g 

agl Atjent Q 

blksrath EUcksnr:t!i 'r', 

bkpr Bcokkeep-€r ^ 

brk BrakeT:;£.i3 ^■ 

carp Carpenter "'' 

elk ClerK 2; 

cond Conductcr S^ j 

cor Corner j 

engr . . Engireer i' [ 

e ; East ^' 

fact Factcrv- ~ _ i 

h Ho j;e "^^ I 

lab Labor.-r ""' 

mfg Manufact-.iri-.g < 

mfr :Mani]fa;.t'-:rcr < 

mgr Manag^er -' 

n .North ^^ 

cp Opro;ite p^ 

prop Proprietor p 

pres President ^ 

res Re?iderct: ^ 

r Rrjon-- — 

r r Railroad ^ 

s .^ji::h C. 

supt Superintendcrnt -r 

w \Vc>t > 

wks \VoTk? " 

* ."" Colored ^ 

Farrar & Ciark 

L. A \%' ^' E R S 

'Pho-c i242 




Warning Signal L' i'. M. 

— I-"air Weather. 

Fair and Vv'ariner. 

Fair and Coldt-r. 

Generally t'air. 

_. Rain or Snow. 

Rain or Snow atul Wai !7:tT. 

Rain or Snow and Colder. 

— Local Rain or Snow. 

Local Rain or Snow and Wanner. 

Local Rain or Snow and Colder. 

Cold Wave. 

Severe Storms. 


White Flag— Fair Weather. 

HIne Fla^ — Rain or Snow. 

Blue & White Flag — Local Raiii-S or Snow 

Wp.ite Flag witl-: Riack Center— Cold wave 



4— Cor. Second and Wavne St.s. 

•>— Cor. Main and Benton St.s. 

G — Cor. P.roadway and Seventh St.- 

T — Cor. Er<jadvvay and Third St.>i. 

S — Cor. Seventh and Water St.s. 

9 — Cor. Third and Clay St.-. 
1-2 — Howe F'actorv. 
i-.3— Old Wabash rio.-r.ital. 
1.-4— Cor. 3.1aiii and Holni.^.n St.s. 
1-5 — Cor. Seventh and Orant St.->. 
1-tj— Brownell's Mill. . 
I-T — Cor Th:rd and Lafavette St.-,. 
1-S — Cor. Sixth and Hood St>. 
1-9— Cor Sixth and Clay St.-^. 
•_'-3 — Cor. (>-rant aTid^Llin Sts. 


R O U i-I O H <S; S M I T H 



Albert, (Anna) lab. ree 17 w 2ud 

Baker. Atigu^t. h 25 Ewinpc 

Eeall. Ernest. (Mai->-) team-ter. re:-? P9 w Canal 

Benbo'vv. ITios. wks L E & W. h 27S w c.:h 

Bennett John, porter Coyle Bros, a 9 w Znd 

Bepley, Charles, fireman 1, K & V.', rts lu Grant 

Eernick. Sana. Peru restaurarxt 11 w 2ni 

Best. Harrj- M. h 61 n 

Brown, "W P. (Rosa,'tvk5 street car line, res S53 

w Main 
Brown, Frank, fireman L E & ^V. h .516 w .5:h. ^ 
Brown. Larx-, wks Raher's saloon, 9 w 2ud 
Brow-n, Wru P. ! Rosai wks street car line, res 

g&i e Main 
Brown, L B. wk« Ind Mfg Co, h iJ>j e T^Tain 
Browning. Joe. cock, h 9 vv- 2nd 

Cadnian. Robert, res 21T w 5th 

Cadman. Maggie, res 217 w '}ih 

Cadmau, Sarah, res 217 w 5th 

Collins, Thomas. (Bridget) fireman Wab rr, re-* 

112 e Canal 
Collins, Josie. h 112 e Caiial 
Collins. Ssrah. h 112 e Canal 

Confer, Mike, res 33.j e ."jth 

Confer, Harry, res 335 e jth 

Confer, Dora, h 38o e 5th 

Confer. George, wks Geves" livery stable h same 

Cook. Winfield S, janitor Klks home, h 124 n Bdy 

Cover, Frank, (.Delia) butcher, res 409 e Main 

Dickerhoff, Albert, (I^izzie) v,-ks Peru Wholesale 
Grocery, res 178 v/ Gth 

Easterday, Jennie, cook, h 2-S4 w Caual 
Kiigelege, Edward, (Kmma J) elk Warn pier's 
book store, les 411) e Main 

Fletcher, Marion, (Clara) fwks I„ E & W, res 

528 vv 3rd 
Gregory, Mary, dom, 67 e 5th 
Guiher, James R, wks Wab rr, h 17 e 8th 

H'-^derle, David, grocer 277 e Main, res 272 e 2nd 

Hiner, Mabel, h 231 w Main 

Hoover, Araanda, h 335 e 5tb 

Hopper, Dess, wks Miller- Wallick Ptg Co. h 528 

w 3rd 
Hopjier, Mae, v/ks Milier-Vs'allick Ptg Co, h 528 

%v 3rd 
Jacobs, Cha.s, (Josie) wks basket factory, res 301 
w 2tid 

Kantzer, Jacques, (Marie) tailor, res 413 e Main 
Kern, George, fireman Wab rr, h 1S>2 e 8th 
Ke3'e.s, Dora, (Nellie) res 123 w 2r!d 
KrollrriaD. IT A, (Alicea) retired U S A, res 172 e 


Lehi K J, (Maud) res 218 w 8th 

I^ininger, Charles, h 61 n Wabash ': 

Loveless, Wra, (Martha) carperaer, res 313 w 3rd 

l^agc.ire J R, v.ks Ind M:g Co. h 6i>i e Ma' a 
jiaguire, W K. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 863 e Main 
MA^haffey, J^ D, 3 v; Boulevard 
Malott.Cal W. (l,ucy;cond Wab x r.res 62 s Miami 

McCrea. TilHe (wid) drevsmaker. res 231 w Msin 
McCrecdie. Thomas, h 25<) e 2jid 
McKaTland .\lec. 373 u 6th 

Myers. Albert, fCailista) . sh':>emrxker. rt.s 12 
Carl>on ave 

Nelson, John, h 281 e 2ud 

Pavey, Kli L, h 354 w 6:h 

Phillips, Jacob F, (Mary,> fireman I, K & W, re*- 

373 v/ Main 
Pollard. H S, h 301 e 5tb 
Porter, Minnie, dom, h 32-3 e 5th 
Porter, W Raymond, oil pumper, h 54.i e Main 
Porter. Verna, h 54o e Ma-n 

Rush, Bert, wks basket laciorj', h 374 w irr.h 
RASSf^EJR & GYSIN. furniture deal-irs. l'>3 = Bdy 

Scott. I,eoa S. {Mai:d G.i re> .^.3 e .5th 

Seiber. F R. h 37 V/sshington ave 

Servoss, Marquis, carp, res 73 w 2rid 

Servoss. Wm. h 73 w 2a d 

Ser\oss. Helen M?y. h 73 w 2nd 

vShover. Joseph, wk;; stee! mill, b 497 w 12th 

Snyder, Chas A (Ad?,i wk~ Ind ..Ifg Co. res 4o2 

w Maiia 
Soames, Philip, (Maud) plumber, res 534 w 3rd 
Stauter,. Elmer, carp, h 164 e Mam 
Sterling, J A, (Anna"' cond Wab rr. res i Cclu:n- 

bia ave 
Slrouse, M W, dentist, off.ce r 6 Fi-st Natl 


Walters. Wm, (Gertrndc) grocer res 284 w 3rd 

Whitwcrth Jas L. wks Ind Mfg Co, h S-S^i e Mcin 

Williarris. J B. (Ida) res 2m e Cth 

Wilson Key A. h 53e 5th 

Wood. Gtcrgt H (L,cueila! res 3.5 w 3rJ 

Wilsoin <Sj INicHolson 

r::ie Turnouts. Count 

rlt'jusTrcatnienl*^'* ^* J 

f — 

i '1- 

Pkrv City DiRECroRY. 1901 



Abi-rt. John (Lenaj. wks lirowTiell plauliig Tnill 

res GO e Canal 
Ahendroth. Hlizaheth (wfd;. res 'S2*J \v' Miiu 
Abendroth. Ottilli'i. teacher, h oil w llaiu 
Abendroth Anna, teacher, h ?^1 v.- Main 
Abendroth. C Willij.-n, studeni. h 322 v/ ifaiti 
A.cton. Charles, cigarnikr. h ;34 c .3rd 
Acton. Fred *Sarah ;. cicfarmkr, re>34e3rd 
Ad;2ms. Willie, \vk.s steel mill, h 462 w- 3rc 
Adams, John A, fireman Wab r r, h 19 
Adams. Charles F. fireman Wab r r. h 19 E'.ving 
Adam.s, A li vCatherine;. roadmaster Wab r r. 

res 19 E'.ving 
Adams, Katie, h 19 E\%-ing 
Adam-:, h 19 Ewing 
Adams. Clara, music teacher, h 19 E\dr,g: 
Adams, Loretta. h 19 Ev.iag 

Adamson. A I^ (Minerva*, elk Hetzuers Hard- 
ware, re.s 117 s Fremont 
Ader, Harr\-, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 2.V2 e 2nd 
-Adki.son. E D real estate and leans, res 13 e 3rd 
-Arlelder. Edward, elk E Aflelder, 10 s Broadway. 

h 2.>3 w .jth 
Affelder, Eoais, grocer, 10 s Broadway, rcs 253 

w.5th • 

-Ager. U A ('Cinderella:, bugg:.- and c 

dealer. 4 s Broadway, re- 1:54 w Main 
Ager. Edward, elk Ager harness store, h l^A w 

Ager, Zul'i, h 1:^4 w Main 
.\gert, Joe, wks steel mill, r .^^ e Srtl 
Ag!e. John W (Doily), carp, res .>;i2 e .jch 

Partv orders for r» n "S"* 

Ic^ cream receiveSOV.'Pr^ a r^rriVpf 
prompt attention. -^^ '^ ^^ ^ '►^ i^.XiitJ CI 

.-^'^ ^ 






1 . • 









r -' 


Hardware, Stoves, Builders' Supplies 
18 Peru Citv DiK_t:cTORv. I90i. 

Ahnert, Chas (Mary), wks VVab shops, res 86 e 

Ainsworth. Ella, h SO e 6th 
Ainsworth. E W (widV res 162 e 6th 
Aiusv.-orth. Grace, h 162 e 6th 
Albertson, Helen fwid), dressiukr, h 216 iv ."ith 
Albright. Charles W (Mary) traveling salesman 

Peru WhoIe?iale Grocerv- Co, res liSS w 6th 
Albright. Harry (Jennie), niach L, E & W, res 

16 JelTer.son 
Alexander, Dccie. elk J S Hale & Co, h 3 Court 
Alexander, \Vm W (Isabella), carp, res 3 Court 
Alexander. \V A, traveling .salesman, h 3 Court 
Alexander, Frank, electrician, h 3 Court 
Allman, Charles (Margaret), retired fariner. res 

260 e 6th 
Allrnan. Peter (Pearl), cond I^ E & W. res 158 w 

Alltnan. John, elk J E Zabst & Co, h 260 e 6th 
Allspach. Jacob i Christina), wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

421 we.'^t 3rd 
Alspach, E E (I^aura H), carp, res 317 e Fifth 
Anio.s. Geo I^ (Mary), wks Wab shop.s, res 137 e 

Anisler, Essie T. millinery, 57 s Broadway, res 

Ancellc, J L, res 557 e 3rd 
Anderson, Christine (widV res ol-i w 5th 

Anderson. Paul 


Anderson, Anna, doni, h 84 w Main 

Anderson, E B. wks Wilson & Nicholson liverj- 

barn, h 412 w Main 
Anderson, Nora (wid). tailoress. res 26 w 3rd 
Anderson, Clem (Mattie), wks Peru Basket Co, 

res 261 w 8th 

A Call at .STRANAHAN & PIPERS will con- 
vince you that our toilets are the best used in 
• the city. 

Peru Loan Office 

Money Loir.ei en 
^X'at.hes, Diamonds, 
JewcL-r- 53 S. Bd'y 

PkKU Cnv DlRr-CTORV. I'jOl 

Anderson. Alfred, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 24S e Sth 
Andres. George, cement worker, b 76 w Main 
Andres. William ( res 76 w Main 
ANDRES, JOS & CO, saloon. 10 n Broadway 
Andres. Jos (Tiliie). (Jos.\ndres & Co. .salx>nj 10 

n Broadway, res 106 w 6th 
.A.ndres, Joseph (I,illian) paper li^nger res 3-V." 

Andres. William (EXstellai. barber, res 3o2 w 5th 
Andres, Henrj- iMelina). grocer. Grant st. res 

206 w 3rd 

Andrews, M E, brk L E & W. r 213 w 6th 

Andrews, Mae. h 2.>i w 5th 

Andrews, Joseph (Cynthia), retired farmer, res 

182 e 3rd 
Andrews, Elli> H (Ethel), county supt. res 34 

Angle. Bertha, dom. 72 w Main 
An.son, Wm (riloiuie), wks Wab r r shops, res 

207 w 8th 

Anson, Arthur I, (Dora), firemnn Wab r r. res 

232 w 2nd 
ANTRIM, NOTT N (Ida E). attorney. Zem blc-ck. 

res 103 e 2nd 
Appel, Barbara, doni. 60 e Canal 
Apt. Wm i^Sarah', wks Ind Mfg Co. res 282 e 9th 
Apt Adam (India), wks Ind Mfg Co. res 516 e 2ud 
Apt James (I,ucy £), wks Ind Mfg Co, res 4=>t 

e 2nd 
Apt Wm H (Mary A), wks Ind Mfg Co, res 281 

e 5th 
Arbuckle, Bertha, dom, 115 e River 
Armantrout James ', Maggie), wks Ind Mfg Cc. 

res 496 e 2tid 
Armantrout Mariah E wid), res 77 w 5th 

R.eaJCQ's Steam Laundry 

20 E. THIRD ST. 'Phone 63 



.fv, w ;vt'-!' 

-■••■•r •■■.:•, .-..^ ...n^'' 




^»>rrpr'c Restaurant and Bakery.' ] 
Peru Cjty Directory, 1901. 

Arniitage, J T (, Virginia^, pros afty, over Fiist 

Xat Baxik. res 159 \v 6th 
Arniitagti. Grace, student., h l^y \v 6i.h 
ArnistroJig. \V K (, Mella i, pln'sician. office over 

Porter''; drug store, res 16 Kwing: 
Arnest. Noah (Capitola) r 211 w 7th 
Aniolu. I^uis, appr Chronicle, h 16 w 2ncl 
Arnold. Wni ; Esther), saloon 11 w 2nd. res lt^ 

-iv 2nd 
Arnold. Chas (Mattie A) cigar nitV. 12 w 2ud. re.s 

\6 \v 2nd 
Arnold. Charles vMars-}. wks Wab r r shop.s. res 

86 e 9th ■ , 

Arren. Fred, wks Geves livery ixirn, h 268 e ^th 
*Artis. Chas (Sarah>, 'oil pumper, res 476 w 14th 
Artuer. Chas * Josephine'), singing teacher for 

sc-eieties, res 78 e Canal 
Ash. Theo < Mame). niacU I^ H & W shops, res 

15S ^v 6th 
.Aspinwall. Will (Mar>'}, lab, res 2(X) w &th 
Aspin^all. Kate ^wd). 261 n Fremont :•:-. 

.\spinwa!l. John. lab. h 261 n Fremont . , :' . 
A--^!Jvi\vali- Frances, h 26i n Fremont "" ,' : 

A-piaiv-all, Kaie, dressmkr. h 261 n Fremont 
AssenMcter. Christ (Haltiei. wks Wab r r. res 

J2>i w 7th 
Angnr. W H (Josephine., deputy clerk "Miami 

county, res lO-'-i w 6th 
Augi-ir, Ruby. .':ik French Bazaar, h 10::! '-.v^ 6th 
Augur. Fred, h IKi w 6th 

Aug-ur, Charles, engr Grand Trunk, h VXi w 6th 
Au.sfahL Joseph R i^Louella'i. lumber dealer, res 

,30e .Boule-.-ard 
Austin. Winiam S. painter, h 270 w 9th 
Averill. Rev E V/ ( Kunni.zunder i. pastor Episco- 

pr^l rh I- veil, re= 19 w 3rd 

Smoke the «J«T.ti«^^ 

Ferv City Dirkctory. 1901 , '11 ^ 


Babb. Utv.sscs iOra).' fireniun. res— River 
Baber. \Tei-seli ( Baber i^c Mitchell, jeweler.'^-, rt? 

17.1 w Ith 
Baber. E<;s-ie. h .5.0 e ;^rd 
Bfiber, Charles (Nora), wks IndMfi^ Co. res o^i 

e 3rd . - 

Balder. Baniel iArtilla), wks Ind Mfj:. Co^ re.- 

590 e Srd ^? § 1.,^ / ^ >sjl |- ^ ^ -. 
Baber, Laura, h .>90 e yrd 
Baber. Grant M vSartih*. \sks Ind Miif C;> re- 

.320 e Main *: , 

Baber, t£rr-\'. enc:r h "jb v.- 10th _ * ~f .' "• r" . 
BABER ■&. WiTCHELL, iVveisell Ba'uer & S C 
:Mitchs:rll), jewelry and repairing. 7 s Broadway 
Baber, Feari. wk:- Peru Milling Cc. b ii -^^ ICah 
Bachmaii. August (There.saK elk McCefirey 

.stove, I 'is 202 -e 3rd -: ;- r^, '; ^ -- -^ . ■- ^ 
"Baer, Fannie l\vid>*. res nl:'e' Main-'- '' 
£Uier. La.u. travelings salesman, h 11 Court 
Baer. Barney, bicycles ana sundries, baserieut 

Odd Fellows Temple, h 11 Court 
Baer. HiT,~ch A.Ajdelh-id),._ retired mercbanA- -es_ 

llCor^rt ■ • ■ ' ■ • ■ ■ ' 

Baer. Jaseph. fin-lsher Ind M'> Co. h m F.-.riug 
Bahney. Henry i En nia:. wks Ind M'-'^ Co. res 

r>42 e Main 
Bailey. Escelle C, h r4 e 6th 
Bailey. Kenry S. h 51 e 6th 
Bailey. i,i7.zie, dcm. h 74 e ilaio .'.- "j "r- 
Railey- Lottie, h {«.> w 3rd . 

BAILEY. W C' "Bailey & Cole attys cff.ce 11. 12. 
U. Cole blk, res. >4r e6:h ., 

Try. Oub House Whiskey, ioc per ^quMst,--^ .J 
• JOE AN))RF.S v%: CO — -'— --'| 




You cannot smile, frown, scold 
nor eat your breakfast riglu with- 
out GOOD TEETH. You can 
get The Best at tlie 



mm i aii 

At Prices That Are Right 

Gu^anh.e.d Painless Extraction. 

G. W. WALTER, D. D. S. 


11>^ W. Main St., over Meinhardt's 


Pkri City Dirkctory. 1901 



BAILEY &. COLE, » ^^' ^ Bailey and C;!Hr> A Cole). ^ 

alty.>, omce r 11. 12. 13. Cole blk ^ 

IJ^ity. Clia=s wks I. E 6c W. h 117 w Ma>'n x 

Kaity. Hrhvard. elk Clark lunch counter, h W. "■ 

w Main 
Baker, Adam (.V.igelhie'. lab. res 2.-..'; v.- Canal 
Baker. Augn.^^t. v.ks Standard Cab Co. h -i-") K'.ving 
Baker. Bert. \Caruenter & Baker., h 101 v.- Eonl-- 

Baker. Conradt. res 2(>t e Main 
BAKER, C L, I Modern Steam Laundry. Vir u 

Broadway), res 264 e Main 
Baker, Hli. retired, res 2S4 e olh 
Baker. I) F. cigarnikr. h 101 w fionlevard 
Baker. George, wk.s Wab r r. h 413 w 13tl 
Baker. Howard 1. wks steel mill, h 47S w 
BAKER, JAMES T (Clara), barber. 305 w Main 

res same 
Baker. Julius iF.lizabeth 
Baker, Lewis (Margaret 

e Main 
Baker. Mary A .widt, res 117 e Sth 
Baker, M D (Mars ). wks lud Mfg Co. re^ 

Baker. Myrtle J. h 101 w Boulevard 
Baker, Wni (Minnie), wk.s Peru Basktl Co. res 

41S w 12th 
Baldwin. George dzora). wks 1. K & W shops, 

res 4.33 v.- 13th 
Baldwin, Lewis ^Clara). wks steel mill, res 4;>2 w 

Ball. James, candy mkr Peru Candy Co, re^ ^v! .- 

Ballard, .\l'bert M (Clara; fireman Wab r r, rei 
lg4 w Sth 

saloon, re- 31o 
retired farmer. 

i. 1 
^ i 

IGl w ^, 


Complete Line Drugs. Toilet Articles, Cigars, Etc. 





21 Perc City Dip.ectorv. 1901. 


^ Ballinger. Ju'fa (v.-idi. res Xi'> e Sth * '- ^'^J.'.-S 

< Baltimore. Clarence, elk Rhie I>ni.g Store, 'h IS 

fk Swing 

r:^ Baltimore. H L. brk Wab v r. h CI e >:^tl'. 

<^- Eulzli. Ennr.a. wk^ Peru Candy Co. h :;21 o^rd 

t4 Balzli. Deboldt (Mag-ieK wks Ind Mfi,- Co. re.< 

321 e 3rd 

\^ Balzli. Gus, v.ks Ind .Mtg Co. res 321 e 3rd 

-A Bappert. ZVIichacl (Dora), res !6(J e 2nd 

Bappert. Lillian, teacher, h ItJO e 2iid 

;L, Barber. Beatrice, student, h 216 w oth 

^ BARBER, ALBERT F (Marthai. agt Pnidentia! 

C/"> Ins Co. cftice r 7 new Bro\\Tieli blk res 40O 

^^ Dukes 

^t; Barker. Milo. wks streets, res 163 e 3rd 

Z} Bards. VVm (Ainiai. wks steel mill, res 221 w Main 

r^ Barnhart joe' iJennieV buggrv- and carriage 

O dealer, ill s Broadway, res 7 w Spring 

::? Ear-nhart. Sim (^Bertha;, switchman Wab r r, res 

t-. 286 w 7th 

O Barnhart. Willis (.Dora;, wks Elec :Mfg Co. res 

-T' ♦^ Washington 

2 Banihill, Marion, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 273 e 2:id 

^' Barr. J il (Deli'ah C). carp, res 267 e .5th 

^ Barrett, Anna (wid). res 415 e 2nd 

i_r Barrick. Reginald I.Christine), yard master Wab 

Z' V r. res IS Ewing 

7 Barry. Chas •Clara,, elk Julius Falk. res 31 e 

r^ Boulevard 

(:J Barry-. Wni vKinniai. carp, res 370 e Main 

^ Earth. Henr\-, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 42(3 e 3rd 

r- Barth. Theo. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 420 e 3d 

Z, Bash. Clara A. bkpr Fetter s furniture, h 210 e 


Peru City Dirkctoky. 1901 

Lomcd en 
i3 S. Bd''/ 

Ba.-,h. M?J-k. lab, 52 e Canrd 

Batson. Stephen, painter, h 2«>j e '/\.h 

Bauchart, Marcus, porter Wayne hotel 

Bauer. Clara, music teacher, h 7) c Cxua- 

Bauer. F.lizabeth. elk Shirk 6.-. Miller, h 7i e Canal 

Bauer. John, operator, h 71 e Can?l 

Baughu. C E ildal. engr Wab r r rts 35 w 3rd 

Baum. Carl i Grace) wks ex-pies.s ofSce. h 26 w 10 Cari E "Belle) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 44 

Bazaar. The French. (Felix Levy ;>: C--*. Dry 

Goods, etc ;}6-5i = Broadway 
Eeal. F:rne>t 'Mary;, wks Turner Mig Co. res 

27S w 9th 
Real. Marv iwid). res 21 3 e. 3rd 
BEAL, MAUO. wks Miller-Wallick Ptg Co, h 213 

BEALL, CHAS E iMattie). asst supt Prudciidal 

las Co, r 7 new Brownell blk. res 77 w 6th 
Beamer. Andrew, candy rakr Peru Cauc\ C.;. 

6:3 s Broadway 
Beard. >Lattie (wid). res 677 w 3rd 
Beasley. Albert, printer Repub office, h S4 e 3rd 
Bearss. Abner C vi^^c^-li^'"?' re5 

Bearss. Braxton, h RidgeWew 
Bears.s, Enima. h Ridgeview 
Bears,s. Frank ( Desdeniona ■, stock dea'er. res 

Bearss. Fred (Myrtle), brk L E & W. res 7 w 

Bearss. Lucy, h Ridgeview 
Bearss. Omer (Mary>. res 14 s Miami 
Beauchamp. V/all v Nannie), carp, res 12.-^ e 7:h 

Nelp's Meat Market fvf 

Most Rclfable in 
hone 50 





Staple and Fancy 

Phone 59 

E. A. SCHRA.^1 

V)r IriliiK Wnlff Optical S}x:cialbt 


Peru Ctty Dirkctcrv. 1901. 

Beautle, Paul, wks Ind Mfg Co. h iilO e Canal 
BECK, ALBERT J (Mary T,). elk J H Beck hard- 
ware store. 7 s Broadway, res 7G e fith 
P^et-k, Chas P. (Amelia), baggageinati, res 38:3 w 

Beck, Edward i.Mae),- wks Browiiell planing 

mill, res 16 Warren 
Beck. F Til (Maude\ wk< Ind M(g Co. re.s 29 e 

BECK, CATHERINE M (wid), J H Beck hard 

%\are store, 7 s Broadway, res 85 w 6th 
BECK, EDWARD, elk J H Beck hardware store. 

h Sj w 6ih 
Beck, Jes5 (Magg-ie), painter, res n Freeniont 
BECK, OTTO, elk J H P^ck hardware store, h 

■So w 6th 
Beck, Will i^Mary;t, tinner J H Beck hardware 

store, res 77 e 6th 
Beckel. Walter C (Pearl), engr Wab r r. res 63 

Becker. Allxrrt, elk Glennon & Wendt grocery. 

h 4.% w .jth 
Becker, Anna, h 166 w .jth 

Becker, Joseph M (Elizath), carp, res 85 e Sth 
Becker, Fauu\-, bkpr Kreutzer & Co, h 85 e 8th 
Becker. Joseph H. bkpr Citizens Bank, h 85 e Sth 
Becker, Mary, bkpr Peru Milling Co. h 85 e Sth 
BECKER, JULIUS (P'lizabeth). saloon. lOS s 

Broadwa\', res 315 w 2nd 
Bei?ker, Peter (Augusta), res 46^ w 5th 
Bepley, Chas (I^izzie). fireman I, E & W. res 10 

Beckwith, ^Miner^/a, res .>! Ewing 
Beckwith, Sarah, res 54 Ewing 


Best Tuf-nouts itn tHe Citv 

PEur CiTV Directory. 1901 

McCaffrey grocery. 


Beebe. Mary, h 30 w 5th 
Beebe. Wm I„ vEnnna). clV 

res 258 w 2nd 
Beecharu. Wni '.Ida), bridge contr Wab r r. 

257 e 9th 
Beecher. Chas. bkpr Miami Co Loaii res :i.Vt e 
Beedle. B (Mary), brk Wab r r. res :i6 Bou'.e'. 
Beedy. Thomas, wks oil field, h 2-4S e Sth 
Beegle. D C. wk.s oil field, h 269 e 6th 
Beegle. Ho\^ard. contr. h 116 w Main 
P.eemer, Andrew, candy mkr Pern Candy Co, h 

6;i s Broadway 
Beerman. Ben. wks steel mill, h 411 w 5th 
Beeson. Frank, teamster, h 414 w 7th 
Bee.sou. Katherine (widi. h 418 w 12th 
Beeson, Newel (Nora), teamster, res 414 w 7t;h 
Belding" Homer, engr Wab r r, h 27 e 2nd 
Bell. Cora, dressmaker, res 16 e 6th 
Bell. Edward, cigar maker, h 1S5 e Main 
Bell. Elbert, wks post office, h 117 e 2nd 
BELL, J C (May), dye works 60 w 3rd, res 58 w 3d 
Bell, Jesse (Edith), wks I^tZScW. res 210 w Canal 
Bell. John, teamster Bottling wks. h 206 w Canal 
Bell, I,ois (wid^ h 206 w Canal 
Bell. Samuel W (Anna), cigarmkr <yi n Broadway 

res 1.S5 e Main 
Bell. Sim, cigarmkr. h 1S5 e I%Ia^in 
Bell. Wm. H (Nancy), retired farmer, res 25 e 6".h 
Benbow, Thomas, wks !< E 8: W. h i69 v.- Main 
Bender, Edward v^latie), cigarmkr. res 204 w 

Bender. Fredrick i,Sarah). wks Ind Mfg Co rc> 

Bender. Fred, wks Elec Mfg Co, h IS e Canal 
Bender, Fred, fireman I, E & W, h 32S w 3rd 

Try Club House Wliiskey, Toe per quart, 

m^-'-^' : V: 

VVilson fSc rViclnolson 

I'iiif Tnrnouts. Courttonc Trc; 

Pr.RL City D; rectory. 1901 

I'.ender, Kate, res IS e Canal 

Bender. Rudolph (Bertha). ?ia]oon 120 5 IJror.d- 

way, re« 32 w Canal 
Benhnm, Frank (Anna-, sr.loot) li/2 > Broadwny. 

res 1S6 \v 2nd 
Benn. Chas. jailor, wk.s Mt-rner i^L Kraricv. h 'I 

e Canal 
Beniicr, Andrew (Margaret', wks Mice Mfs; Cn. 

res 6o Euclid 
Benner. Bolser (IJ/^ziei. v. ks h K 'c \V'. re.s 2'5o 

w .")th 
Benner. Chas. team.ster. h '2ij'j w '>th 
Benner. Jennie (\^-id). res 160 e CaTir-l 
Benner, Jessie, h 412 w NTain 
Benner, gasntter. h 171 u- Cart-.l 
Benner, Finley. lab. h 230 w 9th 
Benner Henry, teamster h 2.'^0 ^v 9t>. 
Benner. Hen.rv". lab. h 6c! F.nclid 
Benner. Ida. h 205 w 5th 
Benner. Mary J (widi. res 2-3<3 w 9th 
Benner. Or\-ille. wks Flee Mfs; Co. h 171 w Can.^; 

5 Peru Anier 


wks .\rnc 


Benner. P W (Mary), v/ 

res 171 w Canal 
Benner, \Vm F (Delia*. 

205 w 5th 
Benner. Wm (Lenai. bla. res 412 w M^.--;n 
Bennett. A J. fireman Wah r r. h 63 e *th 
Bennett. Anna, wk? Elec Mfg Co. h "2': ->■ .7th 
Bennett. Char'.es vl^.-^-ie:. Grenian 1. F. vV W ."ls 

cor Grant and 13th 
Bennett. FMward D iA.nnIe'. carp Panhandle 

r r. res 325 w 5 th 
Bennett. Ethel, h 325 w 5th 
Bent. Albert D (Rebecca', janitor central sch:?c'. 

res 59 Warren 

When on a Trip to the East Er»d drop in an;I see 

V. rsICKIEL. c5t SOX, 

I-loney Leaned 

H. P. FiKF, Architect, g-i^5ji . Pciu LoanOftice H^^^f^lJ; 


Pr;RV City Directokv. lyOl. 

Bent, Eifie. h oO Warrtii 

Berg"m;in. Joseph & Co, saloon. 17 e Miiin 

Bergman. Jo."-eph (KateK res IIS \v r)th 

Berina, Sister, nurse. Wabash liospital 

Berker, Lena, h -t&J w 3rd 

Berker. I^ewn's (Maggie), wks lud Mfg Co. res 

270 v.- Canal 
Berker, lyouis, vCardiue). wks In«' Mfg Co, res 

4t30 vv- 3rd 
Berner. Joseph, tailor, wks Merner & Kramer. 

h 71 e Canal 
Berry, Edward (Emma), wks Miller meat mark- 
et, res 163 e 2nd 
Berry. Harry E (Bcriiice). boilermkr L E & W 

shops, res -tTS w Main "> 

Berry, Kenry. h 113 s Broadway 
Berrsman. John (Pearl), wks Peru Basket Co. 

res 21S w 9th 
Best Henry (Kate), wks Ind Mfg Co. res 375 w 

Betsner. Elizabeth (wid), grocery score So w 

Main, res 57 w Main 
Betsner. Barbara, elk Betsner grocery, h 57 w 

Betsner. Joseph, elk Betsner grocers, h 57 w Main 
Betsner. Jacob, elk Betsner grocerj-, h 57 w r^Iain 
Betz. Henry (Minnie), wks Ind Mfg Co. res 330 e 

Beti!. John F i Eliza A». wks ind.^ Mfg Co res 427 

e 3rd 
Betz. Wra P. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 427 e 3rd 
Betzner. Blanch, h 419 w 3rd 
Betzner. Carl E (Dora), wks Elec Mfg Co. res 123 

e Main 
Betzner. Eli (Tillie), harnessrakr. res 419 w 3rd 





Pert: City Directory. 1901 


fg Co. :< 

Betzner. Ernest (Rosina). wks Ind Mfg C-. rrs 

109 e 2nd 
Betzner. Hazel, h 123 e Main 
Bevilhyer. Mary A. re^ .57 .= Fremont 
Bibbler. John fFlora). wks Ind Mfg Co. re'^ P'-c 

Bibbler. Charles, lab, h 447 e 2nd 
Bibbler. Wesley, carp. re.s 447 e 2nd 
Eichl Windel (Fr&nces). wks brewery, re.- 119 s 

Broadway, npstairs 
Biggs, L F. wks steel mill, h 4.")7 w ^tain 
Bigley. S O. agt. G2 Washington 
Killheiraer. Edward A (.Sarah), wks I. K S: W 

section, res 136 Adams 
Binkerd. Belle, h 21 w 6th 
BishofT. Christian (Matilda:, wks Ti 

res 54 e Caual 
Bishop, Charles, night ho.stler Y%'ab shop, h 427 .v 

12th, rear 
Bishop. Ed^•.•ard (Catharine i. ]>ainter I. K Sc V-.'. 

res 529 w 5th 
Bishop, Harry, wks Peru Ba-ket Co. li 427 w 12*.h 
Bishop. James, wks Pern Basket Co. h 427 w 12fh, Polk, engr L E 8: W. res 427 w 12th 
Bishop, William H (Matilda^, sewing ntachine 

agt. res 26»5 w 5th 
Bishop. W I. (Corai. switchman V.'ab r r. res 2r-i 

w 6th 
Black, James ! Jessie >. wks oil fields, re^ :j21 w 7:h 
Black. Benj F (Elizabeth K wks Ind Mig Co. r-;i 

316 e 2nd 
Black, Clara (wid). boarding house, res •:'? v.- 

Black, Milron (Mar\-). elk Shirk .Sc Miller, res 

16-1 e 5th 


Kandy Kitchen 


S<Kla Water 
7 E. 3rd St. 




Money Loaned o\\ ^lortgage at the 

■X 32 


L }. Hetzner's Jewelry Store 

Blackburn. Ed (Aleciak wks steel mill, res 40". w I 

5th _ j 

Blackburn. Tlicmas iTillie). carp, re.s 422 v.- Miiiji | 

Blackburn. Myrtle, li 422 w INIain | 

Blackburn. Xora. seain.«tress, h 422 w Main 1 

Blackburn. F S (.Lnb.n, painter, res 401 w Main \ 

Blackburn, Wni vVida). wks steel mill, res 4^2 w t 

Main \ 

Blake. Agne.s h 170 w Ttli \ 

Blake. Ja'aies v^atharine). wks Ind Mfg Co. res | 

2a5 e Canal f 

Blackruau. Clara, doni. h loi w 3rd j 

Blair. F:thel. Blair &Tillettmiliincr\-. h 10.") w Sth * 

Blair. Jennie, elk :Meiuhardt. h 105 w Stli . 

Blair, John v^iargaret'), wks Wab shop,s. res IK. * 

w 8th \ 

Blair. Minerva i^widj, res 82 e Main | 

Blake. Mamie, h 179 w 7th ' ; 

BLickman, S C (Kttai. fireman Wab r r. res 119 *« 

w 3rd j 

Blakeley. Grace, h 401 e .^th i 

Blakeley. Helen, student h 401 e r)th | 

Blakeley. J B (Ida^. wks Ind Mfg Co. res 8^ e ^ 

Main \ 

Blakeley, Richard iMar\ •. wks Ind .Mfg Co. res • 

401 e 5th * 

*Blank.s. George (Cora), barb r. res 117 s Broad- ;, 

■way. upstairs \ 

Blick. Robt E i Elizabeth), engr L E & W. res 320 ; 

w3rd [ 

Bloom. Charles G. piano agt, h 122 w Main | 

Bloonifield. E M (P'llen). physician, res .So w 3vd j 

Bloonifield, Blanche, h So w 3rd | 

Blooinfield, M.iv G. h 50 w 3rd | 

BLUE DRUG STORE 'Frank Carters drugs 24 .•? ] 

Broadwav y 

VV O O O'S n H A 1 > M A O ^' 

For Prescriptions, Drugs zrjL McHrcine.'. 

Pert City Directory, 1901 


Blue. Ernest, wks Wab r r. h 4»52 w 3rd 

Bine. George (Florence;, tngr Spring Grain 
Drill Mfg Co. res 150 e .jth 

Blue. John (.Theresa), elk. res 15 n Mian^i 

Blue. Lettie. h 150 e 5th 

BLUE, SAM Katie A), mfr cigars. 61 n Broad- 
way, res 214 e 5th 

Blumender. Barbara, h 69 e Main 

BcKiurtha, Arthiir L, (Woouring ^i^ Bodurtr.a. 
pubs Journal). 10 v/ 3rA h 128 w Main 

Boduitha, Elsie, h 179 w 2nd 

Bodurtha, Ivawrence (Myrtle), wks Brownell 
Planing mill, res 179 w 2nd 

Bodurtha, Mar\- (wid). res 12S w Main 

Bogert, Jay. painter, h 223 w 3rd 

Bogert. Amandy ^^wid). res 22;i w 3rd 

Bohaunon, Da\.-id .\ (Annie\ \s ks steel mill, res 
2Si3 w 5th 

Bohart.s, Herman ^INIinnie). wks Ind Mfg Co. re^- 
417 w 6th 

BoicourL Arthur D i Berth.-. V v/ks Ind Mfg Co 
res 460 e 3rd 

Bolan. Milton J. i Anna), physician, specialist — 
travels, res S6 w 3rd 

Bolds. Dan P ijo-sephine «. nigr Xatiorai Suppl\ 
Co. res 1(39 w 3rd 

Bold.-,, Forrest. %vks National Supply Co, n Broad- 
way, h 109 w 3rd 

ESolduan. Fred ' A'-'^i-ista 1 wks Ind Mfg Co, res 
210 w 5th ■;; ■ :' • ""_■ ^.'_\ '^S-i 

Bolduan. Fred jr. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 210 w 5th 

Bolduan. Rudolph, elk Meinhardt. h 210 w 5th 

Bolinger, E I*, carp. 4i 67 e 5th 

Bolsman, Chris ;, Lizzie), lab. res 17S e Canal 

Bolton, A J, engr Wab r r. h 74 Evving 

Try Club House WTiiskey. Toe per quart, 




Roast Beef 

Veal with Dressing 


Bread and Butter 


English Phim Pudding 

Lettuce Onions Radishes 


Tea Coffee Milk 










B A B If; R dc M I nr Cl-i E L U 

U. fS. & VV. Watch In«p«otors» 

Pkkv City DiUKcroRV. ILOI 

.'io ri 

Eolton, Arthur (SttUa), wks Wab r r. res r>>4 e 

BoUz. Fred (Mary), wks L E v*^ W res .V>4 v.- TAh 
Baiianno, Frank (Virginia), candy :nk', res 76 fc 

Bond, Kate (wid), bkpr nat ga.-. ofhce. res 30 w 

Bond, Millicent res 213 v.- 7th 
Bcnno, Carrie. res2Uw Canal 
Bonno. Gertrude, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 214 ^- Cana' 
Boots. Charle-s. bkpr Julius Falk. h 312 e Main 
Boot.s. Kliza (wid). res 312 e Main 
Boot-s Jennie, h 312 e Main 
Borneman. Peter (Marie), chief fire departrneuc. 

res 152 e Canal 
Borutta, Hattie. res u Broad%vay 
Bouchard. George (Evaj, eiigr Wab r r. 19 w 

Bou.slog. Allen, h 71 w 3rd 
Bouslog, Bessie, h 71 w 3rd 
Bouslog. Mariam. h 71 w 3rd 
Bouslog, Rawley. mgr Peru Elec Mfg Co re 

Bowder, Arthur, wks steel mill, h 3ol w12th 
Bowder, Wm T < Polly Ann), res 354 w llch 
Bov,-der. Wm (Hattie). lab, res 354 w I2th 
Bowman. Albert wks Elec Mfg Co. h 31 e iCth 
Bowman. Austin (Rebecca), lab. res 31 e 10th 
Bowman. Claude, wks Elec Mfg Co. h 31 e lOtli 
Bowman. Edwin, wks Peru Milling Co, h 31 e 
. 10th 

Bowman, Dora. dom. 73 e 2nd • 
Bowman. Frank i,3e!l\ lab. res 4o-J n Holmau 
Bowm:in. Frank i Alice"!, carp. So Warren 
Bowman, J W i Jennie^, elk Barnhart vehicle 

store. res9'< s Droadwav 


1 X5 


Dry Goods Department 

UEiNJTX 3ROS-, Rliotosrr-tiplners 
' ' Ground F'loor Studio 


Pkru City Dirf.ctorv, llX)!. 






» ' 


i: ^ 






f -. 










Boynton, Chas (Elizabeth), wks L E & \V. res 

173 w 3rd 
Boyse. Johti (Sarah), cond. res 19 e Sy^riiig 
Boyse, Morton ( [.on), fireman Wab r r. res oO u- 

Boyse, Xathan H. retired farmer, h 19 Spring- 
Bozarth, Geo E. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 117 e 2nd 
Bozarth., Isaac, deputy sheriff, res 16S e 2iid 
Bozarth, Je.ssie, teacher, h 1?)8 e2Tid 
Bozarth, L,uin, teacher, h KiS e 2nd 
Bracket!, Augustus W (Mar\-^, wks steel mill. 

res 262 vv Main 
Brack en ridge, Carrie, stenographer James F 

Statesman, atty, h 163 e ."jth 
Brackenridge, J C 'Emma SV (Brackenridge & 

Test, ins and loan.^. office 11 ^'/^ s Broadwaj-. res 

163 e oth 
Brading. Elisha (:Margie), brk Wab r r, res 117 

e Sth 
Brading. Luther C (Ciem.a), wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

26S e Main 
Bradley, Christina, res 36 w 3rd 
Bradley. Franklin E (May l teacher, res 562 w 

Bradley. Henry M (L,iIIieV teamster, res r>3 

Bradley, Sadie, res 373 w Main 
Bradley. L,eona, county clerk, h 373 w 

Bradshavv, Jesse, teamster, h bet Canal and 

Brad-haw, Leonidas (Matilda), lab, res bet Canal 

and river 
Bradshaw, Otto, farmer, res bet Canal and river 
Br adstore. Waiter, wks steel mill, h 401 w Main 

Jas. T. Baker's Barber Shop & Batli Room 

3oS West Ala i in Street 

Peru Loan Office 'gl; 

Loaned on 
Irjr. 53 S. Ed'7 


^ i 

fireman Wa)» r r. res :^A 

Bragg. Henry ! Helen 

e Main 
Brainard. Frank (Roxella. yard ma.'<ter Wab 

r r, res 20.j e r»th 
Braman, Ira. wks steel mill, h V) Washington 
Braman, Wm, wks steel mill, h McGmre hor..=e 
Braman. John, teamster oil fields, h 2S2 e 9*-h 
Brannelier. Albert (Sarah;, svkf. Ind Mfg Co. res 

45 Adams 
Brauneller, Bert, wks steel niill. h 4-') .Adams 
Brauneller. Kelley, v/ks Ind Mfg Co. h 45 Adams 
BranneHer. Ora. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 45 Adam-^ 
Rrecht. William, lab. res 475 w Main 
Brenkle. Blaise (,Mary). wks brevvery. res Oo v.- 

Brenkle. Katie, wks Ream laundrv". h P<) w C^.na! 
Brenkle. Margaret, wks Ream lanndry. h ty, y>- 

Brennan, Bernard (Marv-i. =ionema=on. res 116 

n Holnian Ellen (wid). res 454 w 6th ^ 

Brennan. Helen, dre-ssmkr. h 454 w 6th Z 

Brennan. John (B'egcr & Brennan. plnmber>^ '£' 
n Broadways h 45 i w 6th — 

Brennan. Joseph, wks Elec Mfg Co, h 454 v.- 6:h > 
Brennan, Patrick {Jenniei. wks steet mili. res ^ 
6th, w of city limits -^ 

Brennan, Wtxs. wks steel mill, h 6th 's of city - 

limits 3 

Brenton. W H (Jennie), physician. res5:i; e 2Md ^ 
Brenton, EraTTaa. student h 53 e 2nd X 

Brenton, Lucv i wid ', res 172 e 2nd 
Brenton, Wm :M. wks Wab r r freight dept. h 1,2 - 
e2nd - 

Breull, Max i.Emelcia), wks Ind Mtg Co. rcs V>^ tc 
e Canal -. 

Farrar & Clark 

L ^v w ^' r^: R >» 

Post Cif'ce Elig 
'Phor.c 1242 

— • \ 

G. B. Noland, Upholstering; & Repairing 













J ■ - 



















1 -^ 








Zto West l^fTird 

Pkru Crxv I)iRi:cTORv. 1901. 

Brice. James (Mai-ji. wks I'cru Whole Groc Co. 

res 267 n Fremont 
Bricker. Wm (Bertha), tool dres.ser oil held, res 

233 e 3rd 
Bright, David, brk Wal) r r. h 161 e 2nd 
Bright. Frank, elk Kaufman.^ CxeiiLs Furn .store. 

h 161 e 2nd 
Briglit, Helen (,wid). res 161 e 2nd 
Bright. Lizzie, dora National hotel 
Brindle. Datiiel (Sarah), section foreman Wab 

r r. res 101 e 10th 
Erinley, Charles, brk Wab r r, h 2.S6 e ."jth 
Brinley. Samuel O (Dora), cond Wab r r. res 286 

e .5th 
Brinning. Catherine, h 85 e Sth 
Bri.stol. Charles, engr Wab r r, h 1.>S w 6th 
Bristol, John, fireman Wab r r. h l."38 w 6th 
Bri.-^tol, L,ena, h 15S w 6th 

Britton. Wm vAnna). wks Wab r r, res 21S w 9th 
Brock. George, wks Ind Mfg Co. h o9(3 e 3rd 
Brock. Willis (Nellie), wks Ind Mfg Co. res 561 

e 2nd 
Broadbeck. Frank, tireman Wab rr, h 84 e Canal 
Broadbeck. Madie. bkpr Shirk & Miller, h S4 e 

Broadbeck. Mary (wid), res St e Canal 
Brooks. Albert C. wks Brownell's Planning mill. 

h laS e 5th 
Brooks. Chas W (Estella). engr Wab rr. res 20 

BROOKn, C V (Delia), printer Journal, In.stall- 

n\eut house, res 284 e Main 
Brooks, John C, wks Brownell Planning mill, h 

4C>8 e 5th 
Brooks. T W (Matilda H). wks Elec Mfg Co. res 

592 e 2nd 

R O U M C M & S M IT H 
Grx>ceries firsd Aleat*» 

C. L PIcard :; 

Pra-rtlcj! Plur.ibcr^. Tinner 
ir.d Furna-c v/or^er 
Eai-n Third Street 

Peru Citv Directory. 1901 

s; 1 

Brooks. Mary J (wid), res 40S e 5th 

Brooks Holland (Ellen), wks Brownell I'l.'innir.g 

mill, res 20 Columbia 
Brooks. Su.san (wid). h 130 w Sth 
Brookwalter. Geo. lab, h 36 w lOth 
Brother.^ Ora (Clara). %vks Elec Mfg Co. res 329 

e 5th 
Brough, E C (Carrie), traveling =.alesman, res 104 

e 2nd 
Brower, Albert (Mary,, c!k Shirk X. Miller, res 

183 e 2nd 
Brower, Euther. h 3*:* w 13th 

Brown, Al (Elizabeth ), bill poster, res 673 '.v Main 
Brown. Fred (Katie), elk Shirk Mill-r, res 375 

w 5th 
Brown, Alva C (Florence), wks Elec Mfg Co. res 
- 6 Carbon 

*Brown, .\nnie. res 2S0 e 3rd 
Brown. Arthxir (Eily). lab. res 73 w Sth 
Brown. Chas E (Katherine', fireman Vv'ab r r. 

res 272 w Main 
Brown. Charles M. elk Julius Falk. h 2'>3 w Mnin 
Brown, CW iXizzic). engr Ind Mfg Co. res 257 

e 3rd " 
Brown. Ed, cik Shirk and Miller, h .303 w Sth 
Brown, Emil (Mary), wks Ind Mfg Co. res 4:34 e 

Brown, Emily C. h 262 w Main 
Brown, Emma F, elk auditor's omce. h i7S e 3rd 
Brown, Emma, h 303 w Sth 
Brown, Frank (Melissa^. carp, res 266 w >Iain 
Brown. Frank, fireman E E 5; W. h 158 \>" 6th 
Brown, Fred Sr (Veronica . carp, res 303 w 8th 
Brown. E?.ura (v^id), dressmkr. res 163 e Main 
Brown, Leota. h 163 e Main 

Trv' Club House Wliiskey, T5c per quart. 





















Sold by All Dealers 

PRRI" City Dikkctokv. liOl 


i^z-rt^^^ -f^^rif V e¥*^f -ip^f^-nK^^ T^ ^^^^ 

♦IJrown, I^izzie (wid). barber shop 60 n Broad- 
way, res same 

*Bro\vn, Anua. h 60 n Hror.dway 

Brown. O H (Mar>-). eii?r I, E & W. res 211 v. 

Drown. Thotn as C (Mary;, wks Eiec Mfg Co 
re.s 266 e 3rd 

Brov.-n, Tillie, doni. h VA e Sth 

Brown, S W (Ella), carp, res 113 s Fremont 

Brown, W E (Iva E), wks Elec Mfg Co, res 321 e 

Brown. \Vm P (Rosa 1. wks street car line, rcs >) 

Rrowuell, Mary J. h 84 w 2nd • 

Brubaker, Arthur (Delia;., wka Elec Mfg Co. re> 
215 e 3rd 

Bruce. John. boilermkrL E & V.'. h 15.S w 3:?-:n 

Bruce, Nellie (wid), h 4.">8 w^ Main 

Bruce, Wm (May), wks steel mill, res 411 w 12th 

Bruck, Anthony (EUaV res Duke."? n city limits 

Bruck & Brack. i;Nicholas E & Chas P). saloon. 
Grant street 

Bnick. Chas (Lucy). (Bruck & Bruck saloon i. bar- 
ber, res old hospital 

Bruck. Joseph (Anna Hj. res Dukes n of city 

Bruck. Xicholas. (Bruck &• Bruck saloon' b?.r- 
ber. res S2 e :ird 

Knidie. Cri.stian F t^Mary^, tele oi.>er Wab r r. res 
174 w 7rh 

Brumbaugh. Jonn (Alir-ei, engi Wab r r. re-- 

BrumSeld. V.'m, engr Wab r r. h 20 Ewiiig 

Urumbuugh. Mariah l^wid). h 2t>t e 6th 

Bryan, Nelson (Oilie). plasterer, res 2S2 w .5th 

A Call at STRANAIIAN ^^ PIPER'S will con- 
vince you that our toilet? are the best used in 
the citv. 


H E T Z N H R H ARD WARE 1101' SE 
Plardware, Bicycles, Sporting Goods 

■12 PKRr City DiRpjcroRY, 1901. 

Money Lomcd on 

Br^-ant. Edward i^Aniia"). stonemason, rc> 141 e 

Br\-ant. L C (I.aura A), wks Ind Mfg Co. rcF 7 e 

Bryant, \Vm C, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 7 e Boulevard 
Buckley, Kd J. wk.s Elec Mfg Co. h .^:5 e l'}th 
Biickley. Anna, h 33 e 10th 
Buckley. Bert, wk.s Ind MfgrCo. h 70 e 2nd 
Buckley. Oscar (Helen^. painter atid paper 

hanger, res Ifil e 2ud 
Buckley, Joseph (Alice), wks Ind Mig Co. res e 

Buffiinifton, B F (Elizabeth), tailor, wks J T 

Kaufman, res 32 Ewing 
Bundy. J A (Mary), elk. h 123 e River 
Bundy, Wm, wk,s street car line, h "tl e Main 
Bui bank Fred »Etta!, deliver;/ elk. res 42-5 w 3rd 
Burch, Samuel E (Amanda), retired farmer, res 

oOl e 3rd 
Burke, Pat, elk McCaiTrey store, h ]:T) w Sth 
Burke, Martha, seamstress, h IjvO w Sih 
Burke,, h 180 w Sth 

Burke, Mike (Anna), contractor, res 2t>i w 7th 
Burke, Kate, h 2&-1 w 7th 
Burkot, Sim. wks Davidson livery barn, h 277 e 

Burkholder, John E (Hannah), mail carrier, res 

i e Boulevard 
Burkholder. Jane (v, id?, res 12 n Brov,-neIl 
Burkholder, Orris, fireman I, E & \\\ h 12 n 

Burks, Wm (Alfaretta), lab, res 122 w Sth 
Burks, I^illian, wks Wright Med Co. h 122 w Sth 
Burlingame, Elraa. tel lineman, h IS Ewing 
Burnett. Martin (Barbara), carp, res 2S1 w 2nd 

R^eara's Steam Laundry 

20 E. THIRD ST. 'Phong 63 

-^ f nt^* Money L^omca on 

Peril Loan Otf ice -f^^^^.^t:^ 


Pkrc City Dirkctory. 1901 

B.nnett. A A (Elizabeth), res :r25.\v 6th 

Burns, Alfred (ChristinaK wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

29 e Boulevard 
Burns, Pearl, wks Elec Mfg Co, h 29 c Boulevard 
Burns. I.ulu. student. 29 e Boulevard 
Burns. Patrick (Mary,, wks Ind Mfg Co re- 222^ 

e Canal 
Burn.s, James N. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 212 e 3rd 
Burns. Helen, dressmkr, h 222 e Canal 
Burns. Nora (wid), dressmkr, res 203 e 2:id 
Burn.s. John (Xettie). wks lud Mfg Co. res i:ii^ e 

Burns. Jessie. v,ks Ind Mfg Co h ^-j^ e 3rd 
Burns, Perr>- (May), pumper oil field, res .j02 e 2d 
Burns, James, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 222 e Cenal 
Burns. Daniel (Anna), carp Wab r r. res li>i v/ 

Burn.s. Dominick (Lena;, wks Ind Mfg Co, res 

lt>3 e 3rd 
Burrell. Harry, porter Bearss hou.-^e 
Burss, Wm (Eelia), lab, hS^^e 9th 
Burss. Ray. lab, h 82 e 9th 
Burv.-ell. J C <Mar\), carp, res 131 e River 
Buskirk, pw (Celesta), wks Ind Mfg Co. r,= s 

359 e 5th 
Buskirk. Walter (.Anna), wk- Ind Mfg Co. res 

:io9 e 5th 
Buskirk Wm jr printer, h 7S Ewirg 
Bn.-<kirk. Vm .Mollie). wks Ind Mfg Co, re^ 7■^ 

Bu.skirk. George (Vinai. wks Wilkinson & Fon-.e- 

roy lumber yard, res 20 w 10th 
Butavant Louis (Barbe), wks Ind Mfg Co. rr- 

2n7 e Canal 
Butcher. Elmer E (Florai. elk. res 235 e 2nd 

Smoke the <<§9^'^ 

-- \ 


Mercer's ^^'-^^^'-^''^"^ ^"^ Bakery, 

11 E. Main Street. 


Perv Citv Directory. 1901. 


Butcher, Jo.seph (Ella). lab. res 2.*>r> w 
Butcher. Mandana, h 235 e 2nd 
Butler, John (Susie), baker, res 113 s Hood. 
Butler, Frank D (Minnie), attorney, r 1 and 2 

First Nat Bank blk. res 56 w 3rd 
*Eut1er, Anna (^vid). res 219 w Canal 
*Eutler, lab. h 219 w Canal 
Butler. Jcynce, engr Wab r r, res 1S4 e Main 
Butler, Belle (wid). res 12 s Ca;-s 
Bi'.tler. Morgan (Fanny), res IG'2 w Ttli 
Butt Fred H (Stella), blacksmith. 10 w .^jth, res 

124 Ewing 
Butzine, Frank (Freeda), wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

323 e Canal 
Butzine, Aug i Ernestine), wks Ind Mfg Co, res 

bet Canal and river 
Butzine, Charles (Bertie), wks Ind Mfg Co, res 

bet Canal and river 
Byers, Arthur, carp Wab r r, h Holman st 
B>'er=. U'ni, wks steel mill, h McGuire House 
Byers, Milton, wks steel mill, h McGuire House 
Byrley, Frank, teamster, h 21 e 10th 
Byrne. Chas (Hattie), elk French Bazaar, res 112 

n JefTerson 
BRYFiNE, WM F i,Tillie), mfr cigars. l."j s Broad- 
way, res 1,S6 w 6th 

Cade, A (I^ouise;, wks Ind Mfg Co. res 494 e 2d 

Cade, Mary (^widi, res .■>03 w 3rd 

Cahill, James J (Mary), engr Wab r r, res 2S4 w 

Cain. Edith, h 133 w Main 
Cain, Florence, h 1,>3 w Main 

Try Club House Whiskey, T-x; per quart, 
'"■ ^ JOE ANDRES'& CO. 

sroRTixc; c;oods at tiiic puru 


Perv City Directoky, 191)1 


Cain. James, engr Wab r r, h 21 Ewing 

Cain J \\' I Mary), Pastor M^th.^iist church, re? 

i:->3 w Main 
Cain, Mildred, h 133 w Main 
Caloway, Amanda, waitress Bearss hotel 
Caloway. George (Mary), lab. res 1S2 v.- 2nd 
Callantine. Joseph (Laura K), real estate and in- 
surance, r 3 First Nat Bank blk res 16^ w 3rd 
Campbell. Cora, h 212 w Gth 
Campbell. George W (Juliette), wks steel mi!';. 

res Gij -vv- 3rd 
Campbell. A A 'Orpha), stipt city schools, res 264 

e 6th 
Cannon, Deimi.-., blksniith 1, K & W. h 262 w gth 
Cannon. Geo. blksraith. Eisnian. Miller 6L Co, h 

1&4 e 2nd 
Cannon. Chas (Margaret), wks E E & W shops, 

res 262 vv- Sth 
Cannon. John F I'Rowena), elk. 1S3 w 2iid 
Carr. J B (Claras, chief elk supt bridge and 'iudg 

Wab r r. res 279 e oth 
Carl. Fanny, h 77 w "th 
Carl. Martin (Ssrah^, carp, res ~,1 w 7th 
Carfrae. Margaret (wid;, re- i:;:^ w 2nd 
Carfrae. Elizabeth, h 133 w 2nd 
Carfrae. George, h 133 w 2nd 

Carfrae. Eouis. wks Ream s laundr\-, h i;^3 w 2nd 
Carfrae. Mary, h 1-33 w 2nd 

Carfrae. Thomas, boilernikr Wab rr, h 133 w 2nd 
Corn, Retta. dom. h '/61 erUain 
CARPENTER & BAKER, ^Cha- 3 Carpenter. Wm 

B Baker) confectioners and ice cream parlor 

7 e3rd 
Carpentor, Chas (Adelia E^, engr Wab r r. res 

280 w 7 th 

C. O. Thiebaud. Ph. D., Contributor 
to U. S. Dispensary, delighted to see 
you at THIE.B.^UD ^J CO.'S 


*^ 1 


* J- k5 





"^ 5 



o 1 1 ^ 






P^ "C P-, 



orT^ S 


=4-4 OC > 




- Q r-( 





1 i^"^ 

U. t^ 

—1—! -^ ^— , 

2: £ 



o g 


■ o 2^ 


rj C-> 



^ ^ 


Smoke 0. P. B. A. Cigars 


Car^^nter. Charles. (Carpenter & Kaker confec- 
tioners, e 3rd) h 2.S0 w Tth 
Carpenter. Kmeline twidK h Li-t w .'Ird 
Carpenter. Frar.k. wk.'^ Peru Basket Co. h 2^} \v 

Catpenter, Gu.Ss uks L, E & W shoijs. h 2.V3 w Tth 
Carpenter. J E \,Emaia). coud Wab r r. res 212 e 


Carpenter. J H, cond Wab r r. res : 


:im e Canal 
Cassel. Ambrocje l^HIla), 
oil e Main 


Carpenter. Sarah M i\vid). h 36 e Main 
Carpenter. Silas W. wk.s bridge and bidg dept 

Wab r r. h Kidge-lew 
Carr, Murra\', bake; Soatebier, h 2-">S %v- 9th 
C'lrter. Cor\'an, plasterer, h 4C2 e 2nd 
Carter. Frank vprop Blue Drug Stored h 33 e .?rd 
Carter. I.,ouis 1 Blanche), plasterer. re.s 402 e 2nd 
Cartmau. Joseph, wks steel mill, h 21 e 2nd 
Carray. John E (^A^^ira). fireman V.ab r r. rr= 

•.^02 \v 7th 
Carroll. Joseph \V, cik. h 70 e 2r.d 
Carver, Wilson (A:jna; wk.s bt.ind Cab Co, rcs 

2<j6 e 2nd 
Case, t, I< t.Georg^ia . elk Vv'aync hotel, res lloi 

w_6th W W \L,izzie, -.teward Wa\n)e hotel, re-? 

Case. W R (Maine i. wks Ind Mfg Co. res 263 e 2d 
Casper. Harry, h 2]5 e Main 
Casper, Jacob 'CaroHneV retired fanner, re>2lo 

c Main 
Casper, May. h 215 e Main 
Ca'^per. Ottie. h2i:ie Main 
Cassel, Alonzo (B"ia.cchei, wk.s Ind Mfg Ca res 


,ks street car line, res 




















Cas-sel. Bertha, stenographer David Ir^-in. h 'I'A t- 

Cas^sel, Edna, elk Stevens" real estate a;^ency. h 

2iSl e Sth 
Cassel. John \V, elk EA Cionld's office, h -Jol e Stli 
Cassel, Theresa (wid). res 2ol e Sth 
Cassel Thomas (.Sarah), wks brewery, res 26o e 


Cassidy. Joseph (Mattie), janitor new school 

bidg, res 179 e 3rd 
Cavauaugh, C H. train dispatcher Wab r r. h 2'> 

w 3rd 
ChainberlaiTi. G R (Alice), as.^t cashier First Nat 

Bank, res 204 w Main 
Chambers, Martha E (wid), h 5.^^ e Main 
Chanibtr?. Smith vEtnma).oil worktr. res 6o w 

Chan, Chang. Chinese laundryman. 20 w 3rd 
Chaudlcr. Albert C ;Clara), painter, res 277 n 

¥ renioTst 
Chandler, Burr (DellaK painter Wab r r. res 370 

w 5 th 
Chandler, Clarence (Dora), painter, res 275 w Sth 
CHANDLER, C D (Moderi\ Steam L,aundry.' 159 

n Broadway), res 201 e 5th 
Chandler. George (Mary), traveling salesman 

Peru Whol Ore Co. res 152 w 7th 
Chandler. Grace, elk Bazaar, h 201 e 5th 
Chandler. Harriet (widV res 3^36 w 6th 
Chandler. James (Man,- E), wks I^ E & W shops. 

res 201 e 5th 
Chandler, Jan^es. elk McCaffrey & Co's Groc, h 

152 w 7th 
Chaplin. Clarence, wks lad Mfg Co. h 3 Euciide 


.'irr- 5 3 S. Bd'y 

Peru Loan OiHce gi__ 

I'ERi City Directory. 1901 

Chaplin, James (LavinaV retired farmer, re^ ?,5^ 

w 12th' 
Chnpliii. John \V. lab. res 3 Euclide 
Chc-'plin. Pearl, h 35S w 12th 
Chappel. Fred (Ida IJ. (Frick & Chappcl on 

tracting painters), res 323 w 5th 
Charters. \Vm vida). elk Shirk & Miller, re- 2i>: e 

Charles. Auth»;r. wks Ind Mfg Co. I. 273 e •\h 
Cheesman. Frank (Maggie i. earp. res 3*j Frank!in 
Ch' ncy, Ed .Ella), engr Wab r r. res 167 w Sth 
Chichester. Ch,^s F. lab. h iSo e River 
Chichester, G'.en. h 187 e River 
Chichester, Man,- (wid\ reslS5 e River 
Chichester. Wm E (Olive), lab. 187 e River 
Chick, Alice, wks baker,v. h 424 e 2nd 
Chick. Ellen (widV res 42-4 e 2nd 
Chick. Etta, h 424 e 2nd 
Chick. Guy i I^nra). wks Ind Mfg Co. res 413 e 

Childress, Charles L (Tillie";. travels with circ-s 

res 262 w Srd 
Chriswell. Wilbur (Gertrude), res 321 w ?th 
Church, Iva E, engr Wab r r. res Ridgedew 
Churchill, Hsttie. elk Shirk & Miller, h 77 w 5th 
Citizens National Bank, l^i n Broadway, omcers 
C H BrowneO. pres; N W Miller, vice-pres;- M 
S Robinson, cashier. 
Clark. Ambrose (Lizzie) wks Eron-nell planing 

mill, rts 22i e &:h 
Clarke. Amos K ada Mt. (justice of the peaceV 

res 2-4 e Boulevard 
Clark. Anna, res 27*3 %v Canal 
Clark. Anna ivrid... res 27'> w Canal 
Ciark. Charle- (Jennie ;. elk .Schmoll Bros, res 

^ 1 

•li< e Sth 

LOU WARD, Liver>' and Boarding Stable, 

Oppo-ato E.^ptist Cnvjrrh 'Phone 4 5 



Peru Loan Office rt".j5|io^ 

Jewelry, 53 S. Bd'y 

Dr. Julius Wolff, 

Optical Sj>eciali«t 
New Bro'.vnell Bg 


t r. 
I ■ 83 

' : 1 

r S 
! ^ 1 

1 Q 

^ f 

Pkrt" City Directory, 1901. 

Clark. Chn-, T (Josephine), prop Clark hotel. 

opp depot, res same 
Clark, L, M. h over 20 s Broadway 
Clark, Fred, wks Ind Mf? Co, h IIT e 2nd 
Clark, Geo E i.Mar}-), elk Clark hotel, res 12i; e 

Clark. Hazen, student, h 71 w Main 
Clark. Irvin (Myrtle), carp, res 9 e Boulevard 

Claik. Jacob \V iKliza). wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

224 w 2nd 
Clark J W tMary E). wks Eiec Mfg Co, re.s 62 

Clark, James (I^aurai, delivery Ream's laundry, 

res 174 w ?,rd ... . , . ,, . ,, . , , 

Clark, Katie, h 25 e Sth . ' 

Clark, May, cloak and dressmkr, h 11 e 2nd 
Clark. Mar>-, tailoress JT Kaufman-s. h 2.34 e 2nd 
Clark, Susie E. h 24 e Boulevard 
Clark, S J ( wid), res 469 w Main 
Clark. Tnttie, elk Shirk & Miller, h 224 w 2nd 
Clauve, Rerton, wks Ele • Mfg Co. h 9 e Boulevard 
Clay, Emma, wks Ind Mfg Co, h .j;07 e 2nd 
Clay, David, painter and jjaperhanger. res 307 e 2 
Clay, Rose, wks lud Mfg Co, h 307 e 2nd 
Clayton. Edgar S (Ida), carp, e Main 
Clear, Charles ll^uella), lab, re.s 5th w of city 

Clear, Samuel (I^vinaK stonemasou. res 366 w 12 
Clenian.?, Marion (Mary),, res 64 Wash- 

Clements, Charles, wks bottling wks, h 15 e 2nd 
Clements. John, elk, h 15 e 2nd 
Clements. Sarah, res 15 e 2nd 
Clements, I„ E 'Ella), wks Ind Mfg Co. res e of 

city limits 

Pkru City Dirkctorv. 1901 

Try Club House Whiskey, T5c per quart, 

ClenieuLs. Chas. wks Ind Mfg Co. h e city limiU \ 

eleven. Adolphua (Emma E). fClevell *: Son) ( 

res 73 e 5th i 

Clevell, Chas H. (Clevell &. Son;, h 73 e 5th '• 

Clcvell 5c r-c>n. lAdolphus and Chas II). dealers i 

in marble, granite, etc. 63 n Broadv/ay 
Clevenger. Charles (Dora), wks Peru Lumber 

Co. res Benton 
Click. Pettr (J\ilia). farmer, res 510 w ord 
Clickard. George (Ellen), wks I, E & \V. res 4<01 • 

w 5th 
Clifford, Michael Johanna i. blksmith. rrs ^7 e 

CLIFFORD. MORRIS, blksmith. 3 e River, h 6-^ 

e River 
Clifton. Will, fireman L E & W. h 1.'' w 6th 
Clifton, Amos A, lab. res 149 e River 
Clifton. Charles, brick mfr, h I7i e River 
Clifton, Jessie, h 175 e River 

Clifton. John i^Tena). brick nifr. res 175 e River 
Clifton, June, h 149 e River 
Clifton. Martha 'widV res U9 e River 
Clfiton. Nona, wks telephone of^.ce. h 175 c R-ver 
Clough. Martha A. h Warren 
Cloud. Ralph .AnnaK brk Wab r r, h bet Canal 

and river 
Cloud, Wm E iMartha J >. retired farmer, res 225 

e Main 
Cloud. Otto, elk John S Hale Sc Co. h 65 e Main 
Clouve. I/Juis, <Anna). wks Stand Cab Co. 312 e 2d 
Coats, Dempsy ^Kachel). janitor court house, res 

:i97 w 7th 
Coats. Chas (ElnoraV barber, re^ 13.S s Broadway 
Coats, F M (-Anna^, barber, res 2'')7 w Canal 
Cochran, Fred ( wks L E ^: W srops. res 

517 w 5th 

Evervtliing in tlie Refreshment Line that 
is o'oo^i. V. Nickel &Sox. CS4 H. Canal 
















± PERU, IND. t I 






Cochran. Marsrarct J {y,\f\). res 228 e Canal 
C(x:hrau. Rosa (widl. res 2o:5 e 2nd 
Cochran, ^t.'^^y A (widj. res :i72 w 5ih 
C'X'kley. Chas vKmma).. wk.s Ind yii,i. Co. rr- 

\v Main 
Cockley, Edyth, kindergarten teacher, h •Ihl x 6 
Cockley. Geo. postal elk. h 'I'l'l w tjlh 
Cockle>-. Georgia, elk French Bazaar, h .i^:', w 

Cocklcv. Geo (Margaret), harncssmkr. res -Ti-'i « 

Cockley. Guy R stenograijhcr. h 2-72 .v 'Jlh 
Cockley. Je.?.se s.HUaK carriage trinnier Suliiv?.n 

& Eagle. re.s 322 vv 3rd 
Cockley, I.eah. teacher, h 3:'3 w Main 
Cockley. Walter, nie«> \\' U Tel Co. b 252 w t}ih 
Cockley. Wni ( Amar.da',. nier police res2V2 --v fjth 
Cohee. Jesse C >Ca---oline). wks yard.-= Wab r r. 

res 1>V2 w Tth 
COLE, CHAS A ^Bettie S,, la^T^- 'Bailey .^ 
Cole, attorneys) r 11-12-13 Cole blk. res ii4 e t3:h 
Cole, Fred, brk Wab r r, h 119 w 6th 
Cole. R H (Belle), civil enter. re:= 21 w 6th 
Cole, Sarah i widi, res 21 v.- o'h 
Cole, Mira vv.idK h 119 w ^>th 
Cole. J O (Bessie), prop Peru brewery, res 27 e 

Coleman. Albert :CoraK sroiiemasoM. res 2:i'- "-v 

Coleman, Ben, brk Wab r r. h -Wc; e 2nd 
COLEMAN, ERNEST, -'-k MiUer-Wa^lick t'tg C:- 

h iOi e 2ud 
Coleman. Frederick (Ada), wks Ind Mt^ Co rcs 

40S e 2nd 
Coleman. Mikt^wks steel ir.ill. h 710 w Mn-in 


JOS S. Brd'r 

1 •:: 

Kaiitzer k Munson 



H. P. FIKE, Architect, 

Rooin 4 Nc*- 
Brov.'ncU Bl'dg 


Pkrc City Directory, 1901. 

Coleman. Pearl, wks Peru Cand} C(,\ h 40S e :>icl 
Coliett, Arthur (Kmniai. elk office Supt WaV) r r. 

res S4 w Srd 
Collins. Ei-\-iii (Alice), res 74 w Canal 
Collin.s. Cora, h Ti w Canal 
CoUin.s. EH (Mary), elk Jos Bergman & Co. res 

410 e 2nd 
Collins, John (Efla), wks Wab r r. res 259 w 2ud 
Collins. John T (Rebecca A), salesman, res 277 e 

Collins. John H (Emma), elk. re5 2i>7 w ."jth 
Collins. Root (Elizabeth^. 'A-ks Ind ^lig; Co. res 

17 Columbia 
Collins, Thomas, fireman Wab r r, h 2'3-l: n Miami 
Colgan. Kate ( wid), wks Ind Mfg Co res 207 t 

Cc;lgan. Margaret, dressnikr. h 67 v.- oth 
Comnion.s. Catherine, h 274 w 9th 
Commons, lack (Flora), fireman I, E & W. res 

274 vv 9th 
Commons. James, wks L, E & W, h 274 w 9th 
Common.^ Pat, wks steel mill, h 274 w 9th 
Common-s. Wm. elk. h 274 w 9th 
Confer. Dora i, wid). res 69 w Canal 
Confer. Har\-ey, wks Ind ^vlfg Co, h 69 w Canal 
Confer, ilonrtx.-, Wks Ind Mfg Co. h 69 w Canal 
Conger. Henr>- (.Loie), Plumber, res 3S Dukes 
Coi:ger, Samuel TMarga'-et'). stonemason, res ;3-S 

Conradt. Gotleib i,Mary). h 35 w Gth 
Conradt, Ernest (Flo), elk, res 265 e 3rd 
Conradt, Theodore, lab, res 12 .w 3rd, upstairs 
Conradt. De.ssie. seam.stress. h 12 w 3rd. upstairs 
Conradt. Juliu.s, hostler, h 12 v.- Srd, upstairs 
Conradt, Heurv (Margaret), res ^CK) w Main 

rv f Ai*^* Money Loaned on 

Peru Loan Omce)^.,?;s:E^_^ 

PERt: Cirv Directory. 1901 'ts- T^. 

■ - -~ - — — "" " ' - _- ^ 

Constant, Helen ^wid). res 6«> e Srd r^. 

Conn. John S. r^rtircd farmer, res >"', Fran.klin _. 

Conn. Letlie I«- teacher, h 67 Franklin 
Conn. Omer C. tt-acher. h 67 Frar.klin 'J\ 

Conyers, F M v Bertha), wks ^jla^,rt Cab Co. r-- ►.; 
170 Nv 10th r 

Cook. Cortland- wks oil field, h (yi'J e Main -^ 

Cook, Frank lilarv), wks Turner Mfg Co, res - ' 
cSO w Srd -: 

Cook. Thomas V Belie), wks rr(,wi:ell Planning "T. 
mill, res 316 vsr Canal ^ 

Cook. Rea-son. nTks Browncli planing mil!, hi:,.7 J; 
. w 8th r. 

Cook, Walter K lAllie). cond V ab r r. res Ic? c > 
5th ^ 

Cool, John (Nora), carp, re.s 263 e 2tid < 

Coolraan, Clay, -aks steel mill, h McGr-ire hoiuie > 
Cooper, D H \>r.aryi, pastor Baptist chuich, re> _j 
115 e 5th ?i 

Cooper, James 3,1 ; Mary i, wks 1, Z & V.'. res 4'.t5 ^ 
w Main -f 

Cooper, Stella, a 405 w Main ^ 

Cooper. Web-ter. wks Turp.eT Mfr Co k 405 v.- ^" 
Main ;-^ 

Copner, Byron A. lab. h 151 e River ^ 

Copner. Harrison (.Josephine', lab. re,-. 1.51 .. r^ 
River t-. 

Corcoran. Abig-al A, sieuograpiicr, h 227 i'. ?iJ..-'! V; 
Corey, Elizabelii (widi, res 154 e .^rd 
Cornelius, F t\ brk Wab r r, h 61 c Sth Ij 

Correll, D A iJdA). roadmaster L E & W, res 1^) ^" 
e 6th ■r- 

Cory Bros & Co, Irxwts and shoes iC 

Corv-. X\m (Ge^trude^, t,Cory Bros & Co, bocts 5_ 
and shoes), res 167 v, 6th CT- 

Hetzner's Jewelry Store 

Try Club House Wlii.^key, T5c per quart, 

TVIianni CoLint> L,oai-i 

Pekv City DiRr:croRv. 10(Jl. 

CosgTove. Joliii (.Hinuiri), drayman, rts 23.'> w 8th 
*Cos.sey. Irene, doni. '2s7) w Canal 
Costestine, Si'^ter. n\irse Wah r r hospital 
COSTIN. MIKE P (Sadie). ( Costin dray and 

storage. 153 n Fjroadway ). resit K'.ving 
Cotternian. Clarence (^^larthai, lab. re.s 234 fc 

Cotton, John, firetnan Vv'ab r r. h 20 Ewing 
Conchcr, Belle. drci^-^rp.Vir, h 103 Kwing 
Couglilin. Michael ;,:\l3-rtle\ brk Wab r r, re.s 22S 

w 7th 
Coughlin, George, wks steel mill, h S-S2 v.- 5th 
Coughlin, Mary, h :j.S2 w 5th 
Coughlin. Patrick (Ellen), retired famier, res 

;>S2 vv 5th 
Coughlin, Wm, wks Peru Basket Co, h 22S w 7th 
Covalk, Chas. brk I, E & W. r 111 w 8th 
Co'.ei, Chas. wks I, E & W section, h 36S e Main 
Cover. Frank E 'I^ydia A), wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

368 e Main 
Cover, Harvey A ^Bessie), carp, res 323 e 6Lh 
Covington. Nat (Julia), res 132 e 5th 
Co%-ington. Frank !Mar%-). salesman Peru Basket 

Co. res 121 e 5th 
Co\'ingten. Ruth, h 132 e 5th 
Cowen. James i. Sarah >, wks L, E & W, res 57 s 

Cowles. Edward AV (Catherine), oil driller, res 

409 w 3rd 
Cowels. retrace E. wks Peru Basket Co. h 409 w 

Cowles, Percy T. tool dresser, h 409 w 3rd 
Ccx.'JabezT (Addie"). Judge circuit court, office 

Schmoll blk. res 251 e 6th 
Cox Bertha, h 496 e Main 

I'hoto SuppUt.s at WOOD'S PIIARMAC V 
G South P.roadwav i 

1 Perv City Directory. 1901 37 

Cox. Chas R < Nellie >. ingr r.rovvnell factory, re- 

1U2 w 5th 
Co.x. Jessie R artist, h 51 w 3rd 
Cox. John R 'Eli/-abeth). farmer, re.s 210 w Main 
Cox, Marie, teacher, h li>5 e >raiu 
Cox. Mollie, h 21*) w Main 
Cox. New ton L. lab. h 19^5 e Main 
Cox. Pearl, teacher, h 165 e Main 
Co.v, Russell Sarah*, carp. re> 49^) e Main 
Cox. Wm ' Dora), res 476 e Canal 
Cox. Will II ^Elizabeth}, fanner, res 165 e Main 
toyle, ..Francis J, (Coyle Er<js . h 75 w Main': 
Coyle. John L ^ Coyle Bro^^K Ti 75 w M.-viti • 
Coyle Ero.s ;JX & E J Coy'.f ). s'lloon. 2 s Broad- 

COYLE, JOHN S I PhilQmena>. jobber and dealer 

.' in fine wines and liquors, 121 5 Broadway, res 

, 75 w Main 

COYLE, P J 'Bertnae>. prop Wayne hotel, res 

. sarae 

Crabb. Edmucd. elk New Fair h Warren 

CRABB, W G (Lotties prop Ne?- Fair. 73 £ 
Broadv/ay, res Warren 

Craft. Daniel masou, h 111'; s Broadway 

Craig, Jennie, h 64 n Grant 

Craig. Marv- v'svid). res 64 u Grant 

traT\-ford, Doc fireman Wab r r. h 252 w Main 

Crawford, David (.Sophia), wk.- Wilson & Nich- 

. elson barn, res 171 w 2nd 

Crawford. Fannie, stenographer, h .55 w 3rd 

Crawford. Frank, wk-s steel inr:I. h 47S w Main 

Crawford. James M ^Emma', machinest Wab rr. 
res 252 w Main 

Crawford. Lizzie twidi, h 2<>5 e 5th 

Crawford, NeheTniah iMarvK wks Stand Cab Co 
res 224 e 2nd 


Shirk & Miller 


Jas. T. Baker's Barkr Shop & Bath Room 

»3oS NN'«^5it Aliiirs Strtiet 

r;^--.*'' 7 



I Es(abli-.lied IS66 e) Assets $62,050,000 \ 

4i I- 

4l W hen \vantin<»" a First-Class Life w 

M ^ 

4 Insurance Policy write, call or tele- j» 

% ' % 

% , I 

The letropelitan \ 
Life Iii s iirance Co. * 

Room 2, Old Browiiell Building 
'Phone li;^ 






Assistant Superintendent. 






Crawford. Roy a'. \\. h 224 e 2n<-l 

Creviston. \Vm H (Matilda >. wks P'Urc Mf< Co 

res 20 Washiu^on 
Crick. Jnme.s <Lil'.ie). wk.s Browncll Plauing: i?:il] 

res 329 w Jlh 
Crick, Claud. laK h ;r29 w 8th 
Crick. Nora h 329 w Sth 

Crini. Harrj- tMattie). carp, res 271 n I-rcmoiit 
Crim, Lawrence- h 271 n Fremont 
Cripe. Free iKtta). wk.s Ind Mfci Co. re> 27.") e 

Cripe. John N Florence*, fireman V.'ab r r. res 

240 e 9th 
Cripe, Harry ;K'M-a}, elk Wah office re>: :iO v 

Cripe. Mariou. livery, :i4-:3<) v 2iid, h 4'/7 w 2Tid 
Crippen, F E -E-inia), wks Ind Mfg Co. res S'-l 

w 2nd 
Crist. A A •Flla- dk John S Hale S: Co. rci .^4 

Cristy. Theodore, harne.ssmkr, h_6i) e 2nd 
Crite.s, E J (.Eisma). i.Crites 6c Flinu, tailors ;. 

res 3(>4 e Main 
CRITES & FLINN, 'E J Crite.s & \V H Flinu. 

tailor shop. c\.r Sth and Broadway 
Cromer. Theo ■ AnnaV butcher Zahst. e Main. 

res 116 e Maii.- 
Croninger, Mai-=('l waitress Bearss hotel 
Crone. Susan ■ wid), res 11? w Canal 
Crowell. Mary iwidh res .>4 e 2nd 
Crowl. Albert '.Ediths, wks Tvirner Mfg Co. res 

2S9 w Canal 
Crum. Al vMas:^^^^- In<l Mfg Co, res 4tCi e .3rd 
Cruts, A F. wfc? Wab r r. res 123 e 6th 
Crume. Grahara, elk Grume's book store, h S4 w 2 

Farrar k Clark !:£' 


: Oriicc E'Jg 

Phone 12-42 



;^I-oney Loaned on Morl.ij:a,ee at the 


Pf.RU CiTV DlKF.CTOHV. 1901. 

Crume, Joe. njacliiiiest. h 120 e Main 

Crunie. Jonn (Georgia), cngr Wab r r, re.^^ 14 •^ 

Cninie, L,enice, h S4 w 'ind 
Cnnne. Marshal, collector, h 120 e Main 
Crume. Marx G, cond Wab r r, h 120 e Maiii 
Crume. Plin\- (Aiicei. iCrume's book and wall 

paper stored 20 s Broad\va3-, res i^ w 2nd 
Crume, Welthea (wid). res 120 e Main 
Cruse. Chas (Carried, fireman I., E & W, res 2ir> 

w 8th 
Cullen. John, train dis|)atcher Wab r r, h 100 n 

Culp. Sherman H ■T^aura). oil pumper, res 2'i>] u 

Cummings, I^oui.s {Agnes"):, maching agt, res ;W1 

w ."jth 
Ciimmings. John f Margaret's, engr Wab r r, res 

220 w 8th 
Cunninger. Mae. elk .Stiver s restaurant, h ill s 

Broadway up stairs 
Cunningham. Martha, prop .\merican house. IhO 

n Broadway 
Cunningham, Julia (Avids, grocery 16."-> n Broad- 
way, h 118 w Tth 
Cunningham. Frank, wks ind Mfg Co, h 22:,? e 

Cunningham, Isaac (Florence), wks I^ E iSc W. 

res 3S1 w 5th 
Cunningham, James, wks street car line, h 222 e 

Cunningham, John (Carrie), wks F.lec IVIfg Co, 

res 9S e Sth 
Cunningham. Marion (Sarah;, wks Wab r r, rcs 

10:j w lOth 

Shirk & Miller 


Peru Loan Office i^is^:^^^ 

Pekx- City Dikkctory. liOl 41 

Cup pies. J L,oiiis. elk. h tfy e 6th 

Cupp'.cs, Mary F ivAd). res 09 e Olh 

Curlee, Wm K i Alpha*, cond I< K .S: W, rt -^ Zih 

e 9th 
CURRAN, HARRY, elk H;ill X- I/-,ewtulhal. 2«V>2 

n Broadway, h lOi e ."ith 
Curran. John K ; Caroline). cjr..l Wab r r. res KiS 

e 'it'n 
Curtis. Kvigene R (Goldiei. boilermkr K K i*'- W. 

res ,V>i w Main 
C'lrtis, G M iHIla). engr Wab r r. res si', w rith 
Cuets, John Ulila', wks Ind Mfg Co, res .'44 e 

Cutshaw, Chas A v^^ophia >l , sawytrr and fire- 
man, res 133 e River 
Cutter. Jenttie. bkpr First Nat Bank, h 112 w ."/th 
Cypherd. Ezra ^Margaret', crirp. res 518 e :ird 
Cypherd. Henry \ Maud I. v.-ks Klec Mig Co. res 

170 e Sth 
Cypherd. Jacob f; \Mertie., painter iind paT)er 

hanger„ res 4>!4 e 3rd 
Cypherd, Nettie, doni, h 'Ai> e :jrd 


Dabney. I.izzie. h 38 Spring 

Dagnen, John ,Mar\-i, painter, re.-^ 172 n Mian:i 
Dale, Anna iwid', h 119 n Brr.adv.ay 
Daley. Michael, switchman, h 69 e .Sth 
Daley, Patrick, switchman, h 09 e Sth 
Daley, John, elk Coyles salov-)n. h 69 e Sth 
Daley. Nellie, h 69 e Sth 
Daley, John (Mary'i, res 69 e Sth 
Daily & WilL second hand store. Mrs I.acy Will 
prop, 122 s Broadway 

Try Club House \\Tiiskey, 75c per qtiart, 





New rpholstering 
to Oi'der at 

6. B. Noland's 

Pr.RC CiTV DlRI.CTOKY. 1V>01. 

Dallniaii. Fred iPauloiia). wks L, K 7:- W, res 44'.-» 

w r)t]i 
Daly. Jerr^-. wks steel mill, h McGiiirc house 
Daly. Michael (KHa), deputy auditor Miami Co. 

res 217 w 7th 
Daly. George (Klanche). eugr £, K ^;: W. res 2")2 

w 7 th 
Dair.ico. Antonio (Josei. lah, re.s Go e 10th 
Dauiico, Angelo (Rosa), lab. res 7."> e loth 
Dancey. Robt (Idai. wks Brownell planing mill. 

h 467 w 6th 
Danes. John i Rose KK firemen Wah r r. res 402 

Dane?, Kdward C iL,izzie Rl. wks V/ab r r. res 

\m e 6th. 
Danes. Julia, res 167 e 6th 
Danes. W vS. wks Wab r r. h 167 e 6th 
Dangertleld. M vMary). agent, res 1.3.> w 8th 
Daniels. Henry, lab. h 70 w oth 
Daniels. Charles (Freeland). mason, res 70 w oth 
Daniels, Barbara (wid^, res 11 Warren 
Daniels, Wm (Nettie Hi. agt Singer sewing ma- 
chine Co. 12 w 3rd. res 164 n Lafayette 
DanieLson. Emil (Edwina), brick layer, res 271 

w :ird "" 
Danner. Geo (Rebecca^, blksmith, res 214 e 5th 
Darnihavier. R Wni CMary). elk Joe Andres & 

Co. res 226 w 2nd 
Dart Harry, engr \\' r r, h 1.58 v.- 6th 
DaufTel. Dorit, dressmkr. h 3-")9 e .otn 
Dauglierty. C V ( Minnie i, engr Wab r r. res 27 e 

Davenport. Lucien, h 20 e 6th 
Davenport. Mary (wid), res 20 e Gth 
Davidson, PYed ^ Elba), dealer in feed, res 277 e 

6th , 

Special Attention Given to Children at 

C. L Picard 

Pr.'Ctical P; imber, Ti-.? 
ar.d FarnATC '-A^ocittr 
IS East Thiisi Sirec: 



Davidson. Ennna (uid). res 6:> t- Main 
na\-idson. Howard I* liverx an<l feed. Broadway 

and Canal, h 63 c Main 
Davis. John K i Viola i. caller Wsb - r shops, res 

•2<3<5 w Canal 
Davis. H. brk Wab r r, h 61 e 8th. 
Davis, John ,Ro-e:. v\ ks Peru Candy Co. res 2'> 

♦Davis. Richard, res i;i"i w Canal 
Davi.s, Joe 'Nlary). stonemason. re.« 63 e Cana! 
Da\-is, John C lAdaK retired farm^T. res 218 e 

Davis, John W ■; Flora iniarshal east end. res 

328 e oth 
Davi.s, .Albert iL^ura-. wks L Y. & W. res .'yi'; w ^, 
Davis.son. Scott (Xanai. wks steel n-.i!!. res ;;7G \\ 

Daulton. L,ewis. wks Jnd >:fg Co h I'tj.'^ e Main 
Dal ton. Louis, h 176 w Sth 

Dalton. John, traveling salesman h 176 w ^tl: 
Dalton. Edward i Elizabeth', wks Ind Mfg Co 

res 176 w Sth 
Day. Maud. dom. h 277 e 2nd 
Day. Wilford \V (Myrtle), carp, res 4") Kurlid 
Day, John, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 277 e 2nd 
Day. Chas ;Hanna). wks Ind Mfg Co. res 472 w 6 
Daynient. Wm tUna!. elk. res 261 w Pltth 
Davment. Ed ■Rose'!, painter, res 6-S r Lafa\tttc 
Days, Lura. h 364 w ."ilh 
DAYS, FRANK £, printer, •v^ks Milier-Wa'.l-ck 

Ptg Co. h "^A w .',lh 
Days, John 1' iEliza'), tailor 13 s Broadway up 

stairs, res 36-t ^v r^th 
Deane, Daisy, dom. h 160 w 3rd 
DeBolt. Frank '.Lcuisii'. barber '<-'r\iiXi Wayne 

hotel, res 20 w Main 

I^eam's Steam Laundry 

20 E- THIRD ST. -Phcnc e3 







" " for 


at: __„., 

Popular Prices 

Cigar at BVRXK's Ci^ar Store 



«vi ^ 

DtrColt. Fred P. wk.-^ Reams laundry, h 2i4 e ?,rA 
DeBolt, Jaine> K (MattieK d<akr in r.-nr-ury 

stock, res 2li e l;rd 
DcBolt. l.orc-aii. h 122 w Main 
I >c Holt. Levi E (EUvira). q\\\A train d!sv»atcher 

L K 6i W. res 122 w Main 
Dtt. Win. '.^ks steel mill, h :iO -.v Main 
Dtrcn, William H (Kate A), hc.i!t-r.:ikr L K 5c V.' 

re.s 46*> w Main 
Dellavea. S^imuel (UdaV. v.-k= Ind Mt>; Co re.s 

2.") e Wasli:!! :5ton 
DEIBEIRT, JOHN A ' Elizabeth,, ins agx, re.^ CT 

u Hood '■ 

Deibert. Geo ^ -.Henrietta' wks L E ^^c W. rt-s 

113 w ^th 
Deibert. Hetir^-. h 12S \v 5tti 
DEIBERT, FRANK I 'Harrier E), grocer. Tj -- 

Broadv,'ay. res 134 v.- .5th 
Deibert. C F ■. Sallie C'. uphol-terer. 20 w .^rd. rc^^ 

o6 w 3rd 
Deibert. D F ijiiliaK carp, res 60 w Sth 
Deibert. Wra K .Clara), elk McCafTrey & Co s 

grocery, res \fi) w Tth 
Deisch, Aaron ^Varina^, elk >icCaffre\- ic Cos 

grocery, res 176 w 3rd 
Demerly. Margaret, cashier McCa.Trey & Cos 

grocer\-. h 75 w Can.-=! 
Demerly. Mary 'v>id.. res ", w Canal 
Dcinuth. \Vn: Julia A.. Ciro. res 3-i e Spring 
Dennison. Ncuic luidi. searristress res 35o e 5th 
Dennison. Th-c^. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 2SvS e 2nd 
Dennis-ton, M V i Ada E\ supt I. E S: W. res 210 

w Main 
DePuy. Jennie • ^vid i. h 27 e 2nd 
Derb\-. John, wks steel mill, h McGuire hcn'-e . 

Smoke the «*Je T.J.?' 


Bicycles and ReiKiiring at Ht-t/.ner"s Hard- 
ware House, Gl Sonih Broadwa\- 

y m 

Vkrv City Dikkctohv. IWl. 

Derby. A J (Je-ai)Je\ carp, res *iO.S e tit]i 
Derringer. Andrew ijeiinie). deiiveryman. res 

-ioT Av 3rd 
Desper. Sadie, h T-i^j e Sth 
Detaraore, Dee (Nora), elk Dukes music store, 

res 7 w Spring 
Deter, John (Melissa), lab, res oil e Main 
Devlin. Robert J (Nellie), engr Wab r r. resold 

^\■ 9th 
Devilbi.-s.s, Delia, h 220 w J^th 
Devine, I^ike, %vk.s Ind Mlg Co, h ;i06 e Main 
Devine, Nellie, wks Peru Candy Co. h :i06 e Main 
Devine, John H uMar\-i. res ;j5<>7 e Main 
De%nue, Francis B, h CI e River 
De\-ine, Agnes, stenographer, h 61 e River 
Devine. John, wks electric light plant, h 6J e 

Devine. I.^iiisA. elk Deibert grocery, h 01 e Ri\er 
Devine, Andrew. c!k Deibert grocery, h til e 

Devine. T D (Klla), carp, re.s 61 e River 
De%-ine. John \V < Alta!. wks Fllec Mfg Co, res .VJ 

DeVore. Bert, ciganukr Edminster. h T.'i w Sth 
DeVore, Rose, wks Turner Mfg Co. h To w 8th 
DeVore, Etta, h 75 av 8th 
DeVore. Henry (I.usettai, night wcitch Brownell 

Planing mill, res 7') w Hth 
Dial, Edward vP^mniazetta j, barber shop 54 n 

Grant, res 129 w 2nd 
Dialler, George ^Mary), wks Ind Mtg Co. res ItJO 

w 14th 
Dickenson, F H, cond Wab r r, h 17 e Sth 
Dice. I.,ewis (I.ida), wVis Geves' livery barn, res 

474 w Main 

Try Club House Whiskev, Too per quart. 


Peru loan Office gj^-.f^i^ 

PKRf City Directory. J^ii 'ol 

Dice, Georgia, teacher, h 1S4 e Main 

Dice, Ed (Etnnia,. barber, res V2St h- 2nd 

Dice. Chr»s K (Mina> fireman Wab r r. res 'Jl e 

Dice. Samuel (Susan), v, ks Wilkinson & I'uin- 

eroy. re.^ €■6 n Hood 
Dice. Frank, exp mes I. E ."s: W, h « n Hood 
Dick. Chas (Mary), engr Turn-r Mfg Co. rrs 'S-^ 

w Canal 
Dickerhoff. Elba, h S2 w 6t)i 
Dickerson. Chas E I Maggie;, trafnc agt Central 

Union, res 54 Spring 
Dickson, Ma>Tiie, h 121 e Main 
Dick.son. James M (Margarets etigrMah r r. rr- 

121 e Main 
Diehl & Graf. (John Diehl & Geo -A Graf' )o'-> 

printers, basement Schiuoll blk 
Diehl, Charles, h 401 e Main 
Diehl. John \Ivizzie'). (Diehl & Graf job prirt- 

ers), res 401 e Main 
Dietrich, Fred, baker Stiver bakery/, h 4.b7 w i;3th 
Dietrich. Chas. tailor, wks Werthieins tailor 

-shop, h 4.S7 w 1.3th 
Dietrick. D F (Jane), carp L E & W. res 4S7 w n 
Dillman. Ada line fwid). h ::?S9 e Main 
DILLMAN. MARION O vTelitha). agt Prudential 

Insurance Co. r 7 new Pirownell blk. res 103 w 

Dillman. Frank (Jennie . teaveling salesman. 

res 277 w ?rd 
Dingman. Alex v^arah). wks lud Mfg Co. res 

bank of canal 
Dingman. John (Ida'i. uks lud Mfg Co. res 4"4 

e Canal 
Diniu.s. I^ucv. v Pierce & Dinius restaurant opp 

depot), res 61 e .Sth 

F*re«--c;riptions from 
Tu: \ J r r-^ Ph.-.rmaccatijal Chcrr.ists. 
IhiebaUCS 6: V^O., Arc Absolutciy Ccrr:c 


M^rrp*r\ Reitaurant and Bakery 

u K. -M. 

I'j.KX Crrv DiHixTORY. 19()1. 

DiiKsmort-. .Vr liie. wks T, K i^ \\\ h T.ll \v Mmui 
Dinsmore. Rayniond. carp, h ."i)l w M.'iin 
ii)insmore. Wnrreii INancy), caip. ri'.s .jli w Main 
Dinsmore. J A (Rva), wks Turner Mfg Cu, r_s 

5it> w 3rd 
Din.smore. Nora. dres.STiikr. ."lU'^ n Broadway, h 

oil w Main , •. . .,7._ ■ 

Disler, Katlioruie. elk. h ,S«5 Ewing-: ;, ^ 
Disler. Dan \V vCnrricK W'ab engr. re.s 8i> Kwin^ 
Dodd. Martha, h 2'>\i w 7th 
Dodd. Jan;es, engr L H is. \V. h 'Jo;) u- 7th 
Dodds, Sophia t u'id'i, h tJiiS w 7th 
Dohll Henry, wks machine shop.s Soutli Pt-riL 

h 125 e -Ind 
Dolman. John 'Knir.KO. wk.s sttel mill, res 4.".>« 

%v 5th 
Doll, Daniel i Sarah \ carp res 4("i7 w Hitii 
Donaldson. Clara E, teacher, h "Jl^ w .'^th 
Dotiald.son. Oscar V. brk Wab r v. h 2iJ> \V .■)th 
Donaldson, I.eonidas *Kniniai, wks Hrowntll 

^>laning iniH, res '116 "w ."/th 
DOOLITTLE, S H < Helen i, saloon, tU .s Broad- 
way, res 12 e 2nd 
DooliLtle. John, painter, h 2^1 w t)tli 
Doolittle. Joseph iCora). ins agt, res 2r)7 w t_U.h 
Doran. Isaac i Sarah y,co.ntractor.aiui, j^toii-e 

mason, res 7^2 e Main 
Dorer Amanda (wid). res 51 Warren 
Doriot. Wm ijes.sici. fireman I, K ^; V.' r r. re^^ 

8S e 8th 
Dormaud. Edward, engr Wab r r. h W e Tilh 
DO.SS Wm (Coral, res 516 e Main 
Dostiti. I.saac. carp, h 1.59 e 2nd 
Doud Kymethia (Aniiai lab. re- 317 e Main 
Doud, Margaret, h 225t w Main 

Nelp's Meat Market 

C.t^,'. Phone 5 
15 W. 3rd St. 

SPORTixr; (;f)()i)S AT TTif;: n>Rr 


Vkrv City Dirkctorv. I'.Ol 

lioud, HUen. teacher, h 22fl w 
\y.y.\d. Kate, teacher, h 229 w fitli 
Pond. T M. fireman W'ab r r. h 'ISd w ttth^ .,. 9 s 

l)oud. Ifaonah h 77 e Main ;"!:''''*? ^'T 
l)ougla.> Chas fHantuih'). firt-nian' Ind • Mfg Co 

res 412 e 2ud 
Dover. Margaret, li 117 e 2nd 

Dowell. John iKerlie.. blk^mith- J.. K .So W. rcs 
• 420 vv 7th • > • • -' ♦ 

J)owns. Joseph, wks st'>el mill h ">58 w HCh" 
I)o\see Geo ■. Di;ra'. engr Wab r r re.s 2'/V e M?in 
Drake. \\'ni F . Eli^rVitth ; retired farmer, res 7-^ 

e2nd ,..■/'./':' 

Dra\-ing. Chas t^Maryi, carp, res 119 s Tippecanoe 
Dreher. John (Maryi. wks Wilkinson & Ponie- 

roy Planing r.iiH, res 15S e Slh 
Drew, Artriur. nreman Wab r r. h 2ii> e yih 
Droneburg. George i Jennie!, vks; Peru Lumber 

Co. re.s 27S w-2ud- -..-.-- . . ♦ ,.^ — — v^.^-^. .,^- 
Drvimm. J \V ^Marie^. wks .<Lone quarry, res lo2 
^ eSth 

b^nmni. E M iXelliei. elk Shirk ^ Miller, res 
; 15:3 w 7th 

Drunmi, Geo i Nellie r. brk NVab r r. res 157 w 7th 
■brumni Will P^ Cora). a:)ntr Ir.d Mfg Co, res 

428 e Main 
DRUMM, AL J. hor.sehoer, 12 s Miami, h .same 
Dubbs. EA-erett. elk Rearss hotel, h rt2 e Main ~ ■ ~ 
Duck. Maud, h 251 w7th" ^ ■ --'--- -->--—- 
Duck. George, wks steel nrlll. h 251 w 7th 
'Duck. Henry iSiv-^am, wks ?tcel mill, r^-- 2M w 
; 7lh 
Duckwall. Carrie, elk John S I'ple & Co. res 109 

c t;th 
.Duckwall. Dorr.. dre5-S!!ikr, ros 109 e 






Walter Wilkinson 

H. Pomeroy 

ilkiiisoii & Ponieroy 

Planin g Miii 
and Lumber Co. 

Office and Yard: — North Broadway 

Planing Mill and Yard:— East Eighth Street 

ilamifactiirers of : : : 

sash, doors, bi.inds 

:mouldixgs. building finish 

stair work. tanks, etc. 

Dealers \u 





SmokeO.P. B.A. Cicars 

PEHU C1T\ DlkKc7C»KV. 19C)) 


Di:ke. Ncwtnn N (Stella), engr Wab r r. Tc^'^yi 

c :)th 

DUKES, ELBERT J (Rnthi, prop Dukc^ Miusic 

Hr.ii^e a'ld New Hoir.e ofnrc 23 e ard. res P-Oe ::! 

Dukes. Aaro!i N (Mary R.. Vice-Pres ai-d Gen 

yigr Ind Mfg Co. res 60 c .-;rd 
Dukes. Clavton, undertkr, L^nhart Sc Siiup-ons 

h ;y e :^rd 
Dvmbar. ?.5£r> A, h 22o w !<th 

DUNBAR, FRANK, ■•Tillett ^c Dunbar. loans.real 
estate an.d insurance, r 1 and 2 Cole blk*', rts 
2'o6 e 8th 
Duncan. Chis R <Edua). trair. di.spatchev Wab rr 

res S2 w oth 
Duulap. James iMary). rts .'j'>o e Main 
Dunlap. Alice, nigr W U Tel Co h 104 e 'Jud 
*Dunlop. Wm \Mar^), barber shop PJT n Broad- 

\va> . res "j^o e .3rd 
Dunn. Fr?.nk. hrk L E & V.". h ;:]27 \v- -"^th 
Dunn. C S .Utta?. re.> 71 v." Main 
Dumphy. -\3t>ert. teamster, h 4So w l.jth 
Dnmphy. ^Ym ( Mar\->. teamster, res ii-'i w l.'>th 
Dun nick. A C (Dora), wks L E & W r r. re- 427 

w 7th 
Dunnick. EEsha 'Eniniai. night watch ^^tan Cab 

Co. res 229 e Canal 
Dunnick. C^eon (Emma!, wks LEX: W. res 42^) 

^^ 7th 
Dunnnck. Wni i Hannah-, ca'p. res 'M; w 7th 
Duplin, L<Kiis. cigarnikr. res w 6th. we>t city 

limit.s. fair grounds 
Durand. Orion ^^Elizalh.. Mayor, res 2i1.' w :ird 
Dnrand. Dtssa. h 2t)7 w 3rd 
Durand, Edna, h 207 w 3rd 
Durbin. Ell-m. res i>2 n Tippecanoe 




















































Bfc;*it Tut-t-»o»jt*» in tHe City 






~t'l Y-\K\: CiTv DiK :■:^:T(K•:^■. I';""'!. 

l>url>in.. Carl, Jeweler, h [\1 n Tippecanoe 
Derkes. Geo A ♦Carrie), carp Fetter s l-iirii. res 

322 e 5th ^-c .. c^ :;•■.: 

Derkes. Will. lab. h 322 e r,lh 
Dutcher, Kd. bricklayer, h National hotel 
Dvival, H.'ittie iv\:d!, cook. Titus' room 
Dvv\ er, Mic'heal. a.-st eiig'r n-ater works, h 227 e 2 
Dwyer. V\'ni. oil mail, h IS Kvsing 
IHe. Minnie M. \\ 79 c River 
Dye,. Israel ^laryV wks Stan Cab Co. res 7y e 

Dye, John O ( I,i-r*b\- ;. wks p:iec Mfg Co, re.s 257 e 

Dye. Jol:n J > Sarah i, wks Hlec Mfg Co. res 526 e 2 
Dynes. Forest D iKllai, yard nia,ster L E & W. 

res ICiM e Sth 
Dynes, F A (Clara), yardmaster I, E & W. res 09 

w r)th 

- E 

EAGLE, HENRY (Helen). (Sullivan & Eagle. 

carriage builders i. res IS n 2vlianii 
Eagle. Gertrud , h IS n Miami 
Egle. Blanche, h IS !i Miami 
Eagle. Michael, res 13G w Canal 
Eagle, William S, wks Sullivan & Eagle, h l.'^o w 
" Canal 
Eberhart. Andy ''Maggie), wks lud Mfg Co. re^ 

202 e 2nd. 
Eberhart, I,i,-^zie. doin, IGS w 7th 
Eberhart. Mary, doni. h 134 w Sth 
Eberle Gus Olarv), wks Soatebier bakery, re-^) 

333 w 8th 
Eberle, Adam, carp, h ;i>7 w 7th ■ ' - 

Eberle, Adam ; Tereasas, retired farmer, .res 121 

e River 




\ I 

I I 

I C/) 










^ssM ^L^ 







\ 1 5 


w i'* 




t-iif-t*«( ■ 

'^^.•-^ ■r.>^ 







^^^i^ ,.. 

■• piffm^ 


.. ^ 



,V.W? -'" 










;,..j , 




f ?1 











r n 

Peru Loan Office 7" 

,ey Loi';»cd on 
. jch*'*, Diarrvcndr,, 
Jev^refry, 53 S. Ed'v 

Per I- City Dirfctokv. 190) 

Ivberlf. Jacol). wks express office, h 26 w 10th 
Kbt-rlc. Joh?i iLilliei. butcher, re* ?fi w 10th 
Fbcrle, Ju.>t-Vh > Ada), wks Iiid Mfg Co. res :^ 

Dukes' lane 
Hberle. I,awrence E. h l:'l »: River 
Kbcrlo. I.iyrxie. h .357 w 7th 
E^>erle. Margaret (widi res 4W e 2:iii 
Eberle. Mar\-. res 2»>i e 3rd 
ElKfrle. Sepheru. h 121 e Rive-i 
Eberle. Will. lab. res between canal and river 
Eckelbarger, ?Ienry (I^othat wks Brownelis 

planing mill, res o-SO e 3rd 
Eckhart. Grace, doni. 10 s Mianii 
Eckstein. Ida (.wid). wks Ind yii^ Co 

e 3rd 
Eckstein. Chas (Florence:, elk Juli-is Falk. res 

120 w 5th 
Edmister. Jerome (Catharine*, ce'.nenxer. res 20^ 

vv 8th 
Edmister. Win (EmmaK cigar lu/r e Tilain. re? 

271 e 6th 
Edraon. Cha.s. painter L, F^ & W. h 2^il e oth 
Edmon, Milton. -A-ks E E & W. h 261 e 5th 
Edmon. Wm ( Lanra > wks Ind Mig Co. res 261 e 

Edson, Win H iMarthai. train dispatcher Wab 

r r. res 51 w Cth 
Edwards. E Jacob i Elizabeth >. ha -be- 271 e 

Main, res 102 e .5th 
Edwards. Harr>-. wks steel niiil. h McGuire ho-.^se 
Edwards. Eouis (Lida). cigarmkr. res 179 -v t5th 
t;dwards. Lvman P. elk. h 51 e 2nd 
Edwards. R'A .Alices, cashier First Nat Bank. 

res w Main 
Edwards Webst-^r iAda\ elk Fetter t'jrnitnre 

store, res 54 e 2tid 

490 :. 

Trj- Club House Whiskev. 75c per quart 













Staple and Fancy 

Phone 59 



Pepx City Directory. 1901. 

Effinger, Frances t wid). res :33 e Main 

Ehlers. Clarence, wks street car line, h 373 w Otii 

Eisanian, Sadie, h Ridgeview 

Eisaman. Elmer, lab. h Ridge\-ie\v 

Eisaman, Wm (Rcx«a), lumber dealer, res Ridgt- 

EJKENBERRY, DR A A (Mina), (Drs Eiken- 

berry, r 2 new Brownell blk). re.s 1*>5 w Main 
Eikenberry. A I, ^^l^ydia\. pumps and well sup- 
plies, res 220 e 2nd 
EIKENBERRY, DR B F (,Effie\. (Drs Eikenberry, 
physicians. r2 new Brownell blk), res 178 e 
Eikenberry-. Milton. wk-S Modern laundr\-. h 220 

e 2nd 
Eiugle, Samuel (Elba), lab, res Ridgeview 
Eingrahan. Frank iMary^. wks steel mill, re.* 

ill w 5th 
Eisbrenner. Andy tMary). wks Wab shops, res 
. 376 w 7th 
Eisbrenner. Frank i.\nnaK wks IndMfgCo, res 

455 e 2nd 
Ei-sleman. John (Rachel), wks .steel mill, res .*><; 

Elber.son. Henry tKate), lab. res 2.>i e Canal 
Elbersou, Thomas (Grace), lab, res '2^)3 e Canal 
Elberson. Chas iRosa). elk Parcel! s siloon. 21 w2 
Eiberson. Josiah i Tilda i. retired carp, 19 w 2nd 
IClberson, Le\-i, wks Andrews .Saloon, 19 w 2nd 
Elder, Lycurgus uAnnetta), real estate agt. res 

4m w Main 
Elder, Mvrtle. h 409 w Main 
Elkridge," George tsftearl). boilermkr L, E & W 

res 176 w 8th 
Eldi-idge, James (Anna), wks I, E & W res W^ 
w 7th 



I0 4S. Brd'y 

Kantzer & Manson 



Dr. Julius Wolff. 

Optical Specialist 
New Brownell B'g 

PKRt- City Dikectory. 190! 75 

Elkins. A X (Clara), cond Wab r r. res 163 e 8th 
El kins. Guy. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 163 e 3th 
Hilars. Har\ey <Ella). wks Cripe livery barn. 

res 11 Spring 
Hilars, elk Shirk & Miller, h 11 Spring 
Elliott, David P (Thereial, fireman Wab r r. res 

:nie eth ,. 

ELLIOTT, FRANK fMinnie^. music salesman, res 

.3:^ Warren ' " - 

Elliott. Wm P iEva), teamster John Clifton res 

177 e River 
Elli.s, Arthur T (Julia M). elk Meinhardt res ITO 

w 7th 
Ellis. Edna, h 170 w 7th 
Ellis. J W (Kate D), (EUis. Stiles & Co. cariiage 

rafrs). res 213 e 6th 
Ellis. Stiles & Co. mfrs of carriages, buggies, etc. 

18. 20 w 5th 
Elli.s, Wm (Minnie), wks Ind Mfg Co. res :^l e :i 
Elsey, James (Xellie). wks Elec Mfg Co. res 521 

eSrd >- . 

Elsey, Josephine, h 521 e 3rd 
Elders. I.elah, waitress Bears.- hotel 
Ellicott, Chas H. wks lud Mfg Co. h 2.58 w 9th 
Hltzroth. Rollie. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 21 e 2nd 
Elvin. Jessie (.wid>. elk JS Hale & Co, 474 w Main 
Elvin, FG (Georgia 1. wks LE^ScW.res 6^2 w Main 
EU-in, W J (Mary), shoemkr, re? 46-"> w .3rd 
El7.worth, Dolly, h 176 e Canal 
Emehiser. John, ins agt. res 157 e River 
Emehi.ser. Ro\-. h 157 e River 
Emerick. Frank, h 61 e Main 
Emerick. Louise G. res 61 e Main 
Emerick, Margiaret (wid'j. h 61 e Main 
Emerson, Elgie. wks steel milL h 4S6 w 3rd 

Kandy Kitchen 


Soda Water 
r E. 3rd St. 



> J. D. Oatks a. M. Oswald 

Established m 


Gates & Oswald 

Real Estate, 
insurance and 
Loan Agency 
Notaries Public 

'Phone C81 

Room ?> BroAviiell's Old Block 

Wilson <Sc iSichol^on I j 

l-i!ie TurTioiiL-, Courtrous Treatnier.t •*'''' ^^ J 

Pekv City Dirkctory. 1K»1 

^1 e 

Kmcrsoti. \V F (Lydiai. wks steel mill, rfrs 677 

u- 3rcl 
Hmily. Clara, copyist city treasurer, h '2(rl '.v .'>th 
Hmorick. R W 'Delia;, cigarnikr. re-- 177 e r>th 
Kin.^wiler. Sarah (wid'. res 22 w r»th 
Kniswiler. Chas C (Elizabeth!, lui.iber dealer. 

res l^") w 0th 
Knsel. Theodore, elk Wab rr h 29 a .'".r.^ 
Knsel. Thecx'.ore (Helen Bi. elk. Wab r r. rr^ 

Kngelege. Y.d. elk Waiupler .-;. h :.'.'l e ir.ain 
Hngelege. Fred (Anna), lab. res oM e Main 
Kngelege. Harry, g-iin.sinith 8 w ."ird. h 5>l 
Engelege. Win rl.eHaV wk^Ind Mfg Co, res 

F.iigle. Vv'ilbert 'Lydia), wk.« Stand Cab Co. res 

6;^ s I^fayelte 
Engle. Jason 'Katie . oil man. res ilh w ."jth 
Engle. Ed. wks Stand Cab Co. h (i"3 '^ Lafayeite 
Engle. L,uanna. re.s :i(Si e Main 
English. Dallas t Hattiei. lather, res 33-5 e oth Willard V .Jennie\. wks Ind Mfg Co, 

res 414 e 2nd 
Enyart. Elias J (Mary;, wks Itid Mfg Co. res 40 

Enyart. Euh; B h 40 Washington 
Erb, Grace, h :>V2 e 3rd 
Erb, I.,e\-i wks Klec Mig Co. h 3^2 e 3rd 
Erb, Myrtle, wks Elec Mfg Co. h 3-S2 e 3rd 
Erb. Orla. tailor, wks Warren Griggs, h 382 e 3rd 
Erb, Thomas i Olive',, wks Wab r r. ro-s 223 w 2nd 
Ernul. E J (,\\nd}. res ll.j n Broadway 
Ernest G W (Frannai. wks Wab r r res Ridge- 
Ernest, H W, li.-eniaji Wab r r. h Ridge view 



Hetzrier's Jewelry Store 


H. P; FIKE, Architect, ir* ' '''" 


Brownell Bl'dg 

Pi^Kr City Dirki tokv. 1901. 

Ernest. W E, engr Wab r r, h Ridg(.viev\- 
Evans. Georgt'. res 4")1 w ;^;rd 
Evans. Win. con.~table I'ern tp. rcb 01 s Clas- 
Eva-a.s. John, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 13 s Clay 
Everliart, George iSarah i. wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

ill e 2nd 
Ewakl. C I. i Delias butcher, re.s 13 e 2nvl 
Ewiug. Robert (EUaK carp, res 383 e .'Uh 
ICxmyer. \Vm F (May). (Sowers & Exniyer. ice 

cream factory, bet canal and river ^. res .")37 e 


Fahl. W H (Fanny), res SG w 10th 

Falk. Phoebe, dom. h ICkS e 2nd 

Falk, Julius ijennie), clothier. Broadway and 

]Main, res S4 w Main 
Fann. Effie A. h 48 Spring 
Fann. James (Sarah), retired, res 4-S Spring 
Farley, John F (Hattie). engr Wab r r. res 2:-50 e 

Farr. W C (Laura 1%). coud Wab r r. res 108 

Farrar. Everissa *widi. res 216 w 6th 
FARRAR *. CLARKE, \^Vm C Farrar and Amos K 

Clarke i, lawyers, post ofEce bldg 
Farrar, Jo^iah I^ lEnielineV la"5\-y-er. res lltj e 2nd 
Farrar. Wm C (Minuie). lawyer, res 108 e 2ud 
Fasriacht Ed. jeweler, wks Hetzner's jewelry 

store, h 26 e Cajial 
Fasnacht. Daisy, milliner, wks Miss Arasler. h 2f. 

e Canal 
Fa.snacht, Edward (Mf»ry), wks Brow-nells Plan- 
ing mill, res 26 e Canal 
Fasnacht, Albert, wks steel tnill. h 26 e Canal 

Shirk & Miller 


Peri! Loan Office r=".^.^ri;j^ 

Jewelry. 5:J b. Ra 7 
Pkrv City DiRfXTOKv. 1901 19 

retired merchant, res 

b. res 2y> e Maii: 
ks Brownell platting 

I'asnacht. Jacob i Loni.- 
20 e 2nd 

Fauble. Jacob ^ Tx^ >. 

Faunce. Wm iljzziei, 
mill, res 274 w 6th 

Faunce. Alfred (Annai. res 211 w Mb 

Faunce. John lab. h 211 w 8th 

Faunce. Web (Maud), elk. res 1") n Tippc-canoe 

Faust, Albert B, elk Cory Bros shoe store, h 66 
e Canal 

FaiLSt. lA>ui-e C, music teacher, h >Vj e Can?1 

Faust Fannie, dressmkr. h 66 e Canal 

Faust. Edwin, elk Frank f<-Kjt fitt'^r. h 6tj e Canal 

Fau-St. L,c»u-'se;\vid). res 66 e Canal 

Faust, Mary- vwidv h 82 e 3rd 

Faust. Bes.sie. milliner, h 71 e Caaal 

Faust Joseph A .Mary J-, lawyer, res 74 e Cannl 

Faust John <Katrina). res 216 w 3rd 

F"aust, Hannad ;wid), h n Dukes w of city limit-; 

Feauve, A E. physician, h 28 e 3rd 

Felix, Fred., reporter Journal h 61 w 6ih 

Felt Wm D (Anna), wks Wab rr. res 17 w Boule- 

Fenton, Chas sAnnaK harne-S'^riikr. res 2 %^ 

Fergus. J A ' Ollie). wks Wab r r. res ."jlO w 6th 

Ferguson. J H tJesK^^iei. engr Wab r r. res 35 vv 3d 

Ferree. Roy. lab. h 45 Euclid 

FETTER, JAMES H * Luc> A,, Furniture and Un- 
dertaking. IS w Main, res 13 e 3rd 

Fetter, Florence, h 13 e 3rd 

Fetter. James H sEucyi, furniture dealer, w 
Main res 13 e 3rd 

Fttrow. Clarence, cond Wab r r h 10 s Miami 

Fetrow. Wm A iRelx.Hx:a«. wks Elec Mft; Co. res 
422 w i:;:h 

Jas. T. Baker's Barber Shop & Bath Room 

3oS West .Mtiiri Street 


iMianni Coui-kt> Loan 

,> so 

Vkkv City Dirkctorv. 1&<)1. 

Fetrow. S \V U.ida). iiis^pcctor Klectric Mfi;^ Co. 

res 473 e 2nd 
Fetrow. Lida. private secretary C H Hrownell. 

res 473 e 2iid 
Fields. Julia, h 2'j;i w .>th 

Fields. Edwin, wks Flee Mfg Co. h '223 w oth 
Field, Lee iXellieK wk.« Brownell planing mill. 

re.s 216 w 2nd 
Fields. Wilbur iFlorence*. eiigr I^ H & W. rts 

89 e 6th 
FiekLs, Arthur sida'), wks Brownell planing mill. 

res .-^l.-) w 8th 
FIKE, H P 'Sarah), architect, r 4 new Brownell 

Block, res 30 Adani.'S 
F'inley. Harry (Minnie), barber, res 10-S e 8th 
Fin.ster. Ernestine ; widi. res 4S4 w .5th 
Fin-ster Henr\-. wks steel mi'lu h 4<'<4 w 5th 
FIRST NATIONAL BANK, officers: A-Iilton Shirk 

pres; E W Shirk, vice-pres; R A Edward.s. 

ca.shier; G R Chani1->erlain. as-st ca.shier. No 2 n 

Fiser. Millard tEva). agt. res :i33 w Main 
Fischback. George, elk Crume's book store, h ^', 

w Canal 
Fischback. Andrew i Minnie i. teamster, res S6 w 

Fishback. i'eter > F;li7al)eth i, mgr Farmer's feed 

\-ard '-,'2 w Canal, res .Vi w Canal 
FISHER, F M, Insurance ag^t Metropolitan lift- 
insurance Co. res 3^53 w Main 
Fisher. In-en G. wks Ind Mfg Co. res 4:Me .^th 
Fisher. Andrew fMar\). teamster, res 46.") w 12th 
Fisher. E W. fireman Wab r r. res 2t37 e 6th 
Fi.sher, Alonzo, wk.s Ind Mfg Co. h 2<So e 3rd 
Fi-sher. Wm. at college, h 120 e 10th 

U A W^ Y E R J> 

Post Office BLdg 
'Phone t?42 

Farrar & Clark 

iiEc;isTiyREi) (;RAin"ATi': ph. 


Fkh.t; City Dikkctory. IVOl 


271 e 

lisher, Hugh, wk.'i Peru Boiler works, h 120^ 1<" 

fisher. Frank, wks Peru Milling Co. h 120 e lOih 

i'i.sher. Edwin, i I,ynch & Fi.sher. cement con- 
tractors V h 120 e lOth 

Fisher. John O. elk McCaflrey store h 12t) e l«nb 

Fisher. Bridget iwidr res 120 e 10th 

Fisher. M R. ins agt h lU w 7^th 

Fi.sher. I,aura. h 73 e Boulevard 

Fisher. Weaver, wks street car line, h :>7I e Mam 

Fitz, Jos. city fire dept. h 14 n .Miami 

Fitz. Christ (Emma), wks Stan Cab Co. re.= 

Fitzmaurice. I.^ura. h 173 w 7th 

Fitzmaurice. John ( Amandai. engr L E & W. 
res 173 w 7th 

Fitzmaurice. Eva. h 173 w 7th 

Fitzmaurice. John Jr. h 173 w 7th 

Fitzmaurice, Fannie, h 173 w 7th 

Fitzsimmons- Tom. boilermk^- I, E &. W. h l53 
w 7th 

Flaherty. B i, Maggie 1. engr L E &: W. res cor 
Grant and 6th 

Fleger, Dora, h 10:3 w 3rd 

Fleger & Brennan, (Edwin C Fleger. jr. John W 
Breunan). plumbers, gas and steam fitters. 161 
n Broadway 

Fleger, Geo P. wk.s \Vab r r. h 107 w Sth 

Fleger. LilHe, h 107 w 8th 

Fleger. Ed (Mary), wks h H ik W. re.s 107 w ith 

FLETCHER, JOHN W "Ida'. (Fletcher & Mor- 
row), res 72 w 2nd 

FLETCHER & MORROW. ■] Vs" Fletcher and 
and Warren Morrow i. practical horseshoers. 
1:jO s Broadway 

Fletcher. Creta. slen Elec Mfg Co h 106 E-wing 


Groceries atM^ .N\eats 

::»'^': ■ 

-> -^^ >>.^ 

'■ ■* ;' ' ^J ■ 'V' ' '":; 

»^^ »V^ 9|««|« ^^-r si* 4^4 ^^t^* »tc 9^ 



















;■ 1 


•■' ■■ St 


1- ^ 1 






^ .' f 





1 1 


■/■ 1 


























*. p ^ 


zf^ '-/: 


tf« *£?*^* il * tl ? il ? fH il ? ? I ? ^Htvt tltta? H? ts? tf?'H'?'t»?i*? il? t*? ti "? t y ? t i ? t j ? ? » ? y rt^ 

Baber i^J Mitchell 

For Bali Wz^tches 


Fletcher. Nahniiiir*. tiurst- res I0»'^ Kwiiig 
lletchcr. Marioti Claras wks I. K iv V\'. rrs .VJ»", 

w 3r<\ . 
Iletclicr. I^aretia. h 72 w 2iul 
Fletcher. Cora, elk Shirk &: Miller, h 72 « 'vA 
Fletchtr, John vlila). blk.snnth (Fletcher & Mor- 
row >. > Kroadway between canal and river, re? 

72 %v 2nd 
Fiinu, V.'ni. tailor (Critcs &. Flin::). h 2-")4 e '^t.!^. 
Fliini. Fra'ik iKate). wk.s Wab r r. re.s 2-')? e 6lh 
Flory. Claud, wk.s steel mill, h .iS2 w Main 
Flouer.'^. Benha. wks Wab r r. res IS n Miami 
*Flo>d. George •Gertnidei. barber, res 127 e ;^rd 
Flynn. janies h iAdcie). wk.s Wab r r. res OO 

Fobes. Fred i I.aura . coud L, H & W. res 1»:7 w 

Fobes, Uriah P i.\del;nei. retir-^d, h 170 w Ttri 
Fodge. Milton iDelila;. lab. re.s 122 e Can.-ii 
Fodge. Levi •, Anna), lab. res 2Si^ w 2nd 
Fodge. Priscilla, h 458 w 13th 
F'odge. Melville, wk.s steel niili. h i'A w l.jth 
Fodge. Levi OiSiide). pla.stercr res 26 U'asing- 

Fogleniau. John ■, Susan), liaeman h E Sc W 

111 wSth 
i-oley. Florence C. teacher h 72 e 3rd 
Fo^y. John, re .^ 23-7 w Canal 
Foote. Jtsie^ h 77 e Main 
Forney-. Everelt, butcher, h 276 e Main 
Forney. r)anie! lAmandai. janitor ea.-^c 

school bldg. res 276 e Main 
Fornshell. J P Mitric. junk dealer, res ll.'j 

Forr. Fred ; Daisy >. v^-ks stre<it car line, res 







Take Git Yot-? Collar! We Do die Rest at 
STR.\.XAH.VX ^1 PI PER. 2:^ E. Main 



_^Ers,'X;'^ BROS., Rlioto«:rnpl-ieiv-i 
Gt-out-id r^looi- Studio 




Fos-s, George. wk.« Shirk is: Miller, h 27:) %v Main 

Foss, Anna D. milliiier, h 270 w Main 

Foss. Elizabeth, h 27.") w Main 

P'oss, Jonas, wks L F, & AV. res 27^ w Main 

Fonts. Krmina {^vuW. elk Shirk .V Miller, h IS2 e 

Fo^v-inkle. wks Ind Mfg Co. h SOI e Hrd 
Fc%%-inkle, Wm (Hannah^ shoemkr. res :Wl e X.rd 
Fox. He?, carp, res 367 e 5th 
Fox., carp, res 367 e 5th 
Fox. Mand. h 376 e 5th 
Fox. Frank, painter and paper hanger, h i:^6 w 

Fox. George W (Mary JV painter and pa?Kr 

hanger, res 136 w Canal 
Fox, H I,, wks Wab r r, h 79 w Sth 
Fox. George, deputy city marshal, h 79 w Sth 
Fox. Charles, painter, h 12 e Boulevard 
■ Fox. \V W 'l^aurai. painter and contractor, rcs 
12 e Boulevard 
Foxel. Catherine (wid'i. res 103 w Main 
Fov. Marion (Belled engr L E & W. res 270 w 2nd 
Foy. Bei-tie. wks L E & W. h 372 w112th. rear 
Fov. Jennie, h 372 w I2th. rear 
Foy. I.em (Mary) wks L E & W shops 

12th, rear 
Frank. Sig t Julia;. Frank the toot fitter 6«> 

firoad'^.-ay. res 125 n Hood 
Fransi.-. Wm (Mary^ wks Elec Mfg Co. res 2Vi 

Frantz. E:zra (Sarah A) carp, res 39;i 
Frantz. John jr. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 459 e 3rd 
Frantz. John, teamster, res 459 e 3rd _^_j,..^ 
F'reeland. .A-nna. dom. h 55 w 3rd 
F:-eeman. Fred (Anna> printer Journal, res 1. 
w 5th 


Fleam's Steam I^aundry 

20 E. THIRD ST. 'Phone 63 

Peru Loan Office f-^ 


Loai^ed on 

, Djamord.*., 

53 S.Bd'r 

Pi.KV City Dikkctory. KOI 



Freeman, I>a\-id E. wks Stand Cab Co h 190 e 

I-rciMuan. Andy iMan.i nrenian 1. F, vS: W res 

20 s \v 9th 
l-rcvnian. Alva, lab. h .Vil w 6th 
Freer. Frank ( Atma: wks Wab r r. rcs 317 v. 5th 
French, W F. fireman Wab r r. h 20 Ewing 
Freshour. Geo. brk Wah r r. h 63 e .Sth 
Fretz. Geo. lab. h 100 e 9th 
Fretz. Henry \Maggie) lab. rcs lO) e 9th 
Frewer, Joseph iMarvl wks L E i^ W .-hop.s. res 

2.56 w 7th 
Frewer, Barbara, dom 24 w Main 
Frewer. Kate, wks Peru Cand:.- Co. h 413 e 5th 
Frewer, Mary, wks Peru Candy Co h 413 e 5ih 
Frewer, John A 'Annai wks Ind Mfg Co res 413 

e .)th 
Frewer. Matt, wks Elec Mfg Co. h 413 e 5th 
F'reyhofT. I, J <Xora) wks oil field, re- 472 v\ 3rd 
Fvick. Fred, h 116 e.5th 
FRICK, HIRSCHEL 'Corai . Frick & Chapel. 

painter and contractor, res 116 e 5th 
Friend. Clarence (Sadie) wks Ind Mfg Co. 50J e 3 
Friend, .Adam. Porter Clarks hotel 
Friggs, Robert, wks steel mill, h McGuirc 
Fritz. Bert, fireman Wab r r, h 204 n :\Iiami 
Erit:? Wm. engr Wab r r. h 2f4 n Miami 
Frock, Theodore, elk McCaffrey & Cos grocerx . 

h 277 n Fremont 
Frost, George, wks steel mill h McGtiire house 
Fr^-, Frank 1 Florence' wks R A Edward's house 

res cor 5th and Fremont 
Fulton, K T < Sarah 1 fireman Wab r r. res 1.32 e 8 
FuUv-iler. Louis B. res 72 w 6th 
F"ulwiler. J B. justice of the f)eace^ res S2 e Main 

The J. T. J. Smoke 




jr J. 


C. B. Noiand, Upholsterin^^ k Repairing 

S(> Pert City Du<kctorv. IvmU. 

Fultz. Solciaon vS (Ada( wks In<i Mfg Co. res itt) 

FuUz. Charles (Minnie t engr I. K <S: W. rt-> 324 w 

Funke. Oscar, wks Turner Mf:: Co. h :',2<) w rjrd 
Funke. Herman (Anna wks Turner Mfg Co, res 

S2t) w 3rd 
F-'unke. Hetir\- (l^ettiei. wk.s Peru Basket Co. ri.^ 

?.C/) w i:«h 

Gabs. George, h 41 e River 

i.iahs. Geo V iXanniei c!k. res 91 e River 

Gahs. Susan (widi res 2ti-;> w 3rd ^ 

Gahs. Ivncy. h IIS w 2nd 

Gahs. Wm, wks lud Mt"g Co, h US v.- 2ud 

Gahs. Margaret ( widi res IIS \v 2nd 

Gilbreth. Frank, glassblower. h 6^^ e Sth 

Gilbreth. Ella, dressmkr. h 6:3e Sth 

Gilbreth. Patrick, v/ks Cole's ice plant h »>] e Sth 

Gilbreth. S S t,Anna) carriagenikr. re.s 6^3 e Sth 

Gallahan, Albert vlyOuis) elk Wab r r. res 176 e o 

Gallaway. Wm. painter h 21 e 2nd 

Gallaway, Walter (Mary) brk Wab r r, res 20 n 

Galiaway, Sarah, trimmer City milliner's. 22o e 2 
C/alvin. John E. asst supt .steel mill, h 134 w 6;h 
Galvin, John W vElizabeifh ) supt steel mill, res 

134 w 6th 
Gamble. E D i Kate^i book agi, res 219 w .jth 
Gamble. Ada, dressmkr h 219 w Sth 
Ganske. Oscar, elk J S Hale & Co.,h 8() e t3th 
Ganske. Arthur, elk Crumes", h 80 e 6th 
Ganske, Waltei. cigarmkr, h 80 e 6th 
Gan.ske. Wm (Louiset. tailor, res SO e 6th 

Try Club House Whiskey. 75c j:)er quart. 


C. L. Ficani 

Practical Plurr.b.rr. Tinner 

and Fi-n.icc Wor'crr 
J 8 East Third Str:.-t 

.' '. Vr.uv CtTV DfkixTORv. Kioi 

Ganske. Mohonda (wid, re> 3.V3 w Canal 

t.arber. Henry M . Cora i wk- Ind Mf- Co. rf 
, 476 e 2nd 

Gardner. P r. bkpr Stan Cab Co »i :>4 e lUl 
Gardner. Chas X iClarai wks Willdn.son & Po::' 

eroy planing mill. re.-> 67 c Oth 
Garnett. Ruih A. h 4S4 e 2ud 
Garnett. Bertha, wks Hlec Mr'g Co. h 4>i e 2nd 
Garnett. Abraham tSarah. wks Ind Mfg Co. re 
, 4S4 c 2nd 

r.arrett. Elsie, teacher, h n Fremont 
CarretL Frank, wks Peru ISasket Co. h 
; ;.ioiii 

Carrctt. Wm. 
\ l"remont 
Garrett. John 

Krt- r 

apprentice Jour n a: 


iF'.Hzabeth'.. re.s n Fren:ont 

:i engr oil fitlds^ res Is'j e 2nd 
Freda, wk-- Stan Mfe Co. rc« 

Garry. P W 'Oli 

Carsked. An>ert 

: 449 w 6th 

Gates, Clara, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 476 e 3rd 

Ganll. May, dre,<-.smkr. h 2o Ennng 

Gau.s,^. Cha.s , Anna, elk Wab r r yard.>.. re- ^^-■: 

• F'wing 

Gawn. Maud, h 17 e Sth 

Geberin, Walter, wks Ind Mig Co h 191 e Kiver 

Geberin. Gussie. h 191 e River 

V.eberin, Gnstave H 'Mittie, jn.stice of the peace 

Wash tp. res r.ii e River 
Geeding. Harry, h 221 w 7t:i 
Geeding. Delia, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 221 w 7Lh 
Gege.Wm, wks steel milk h McGuire house 
G eh ring, Chas H ; F"lorence< lab res .V.n e 3rd 
Gehritig, Chas. messenger W U. h L'.34 w oth 
Gehring. Fred, wk.s Ind 3Ifg Co. h 2:^ w ."iih 
Gehring. George, plumber Soanies. h 234 w .)th 

Complete Line Drugs. Toilet Artidcs. Cigars, Etc. 

























A complete line of pure fresh dru<ys, 
toilet articles and sundries al- 
ways on hand. Prescrip- 
tions carefully and cor- 
rectly compounded. 


CURFEW CIGARS '"^l^^ll^'- 

Peru City Directory. 19»J1 

J» TC 

r.ehriug. A rMag<Mlena) Insurance ajrt over 

Graf's saloon s Broadwav. res T.'A w .'.th 
' '.etts. Jacob ( Hannah i res 4.^0 w :ird 
ticus, Frank, baktr. h 63 w .3rd 
<ietts. Charles i Annai wks steel mil) res 4.y3 -.v .3 
(iemmer. Kd P. painter, h 181 e .Sth 
Oemmer. Justu.s F ( contractor res 

181 e Sth 
George. Joe (Ada) lab. res 113 s Frvniont 
fxeorge. Jcseph. lab. h old hospital 
Geurge. John. lab, h old hospital 
Genuann. .\dolph uMary) carp re:, :ilO w Mai:' 
Germann. P F (FIniily) res 271 \v :ird 
GEVES. GEORGE H (Etrai prop liverv. ieK:6 and 

Ixsardiug .stable 60 w Main, h 3.3 e Urd 
Geyer. Harr>- (Katie) carp, res ?^<9 w 13 
Gibbni.^ Clara, bkpr McCaflfrev & Cos grocerv 

h 1.34 e 3rd 
Gibbous. Jeannetttr. bkpr Peru Lum Co h ]>+ c 

Gibbons. Ellen, elk. h 134 e 3rd 
Giblx>ns. Win F (Mar>-> carp, res l:^ e 3rd 
Gibson. Wni (Effit , cond Wab r r. res 2riS e Main 
Giek. Silas, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 31 Adams 
Giek, Fredrick i Sarah J i wk.« Ind .Affg Co 

Giek. Marlin (Xizzit.). wks Ind Mfg Co. re< ."-^ 

Gilbert. Sister, nurse Wab r r ho.vpital 
Gilbert P'lorence. h "JO e 6th 
Gilbert. Louis F, Ellai carp, re- :iV, e 
Gilliert. Etta, wks Peru Candv Co. h 1.3cli a-id 

'-ilbert. Mary, v-k.- Peru Candy Co. h i:i:h and 













res 81 = 

Nelp'sMegt Market 

Most Rcli.'-ble in 
City. Phone 50 
15 W. 5rd St. 




Y E T Z N E R- J. L. Hetzner, 
-^-OUSE Prop, and Mgr. 

Pkkt City Dihkctokv. 1'.><)1. 

Gilbert. Chas (Daisy), wks Ind Mfg Co. res :', '^ 

Gillaiini. Frank (Htla) wks Mercer bakers, r^.s 

w Sth 
Gilliand, John J. plumber, h 401 w 5i.h 
Gillum. I^ewis. vvk.s Wilkinson & Ponieroy plan- 
ing mill, h9S e9th 
Ginuey. Tim (Catherine) res 472 w 6th 
Glasco. Howard. %vks Ind Mfg Co, h 4irj w oth 
Glasco. George (Ida) blksrnith h K ^: Vv'. res 402 

\v 5th 
Glass, Mary, h 24 e Canal 

Glass, George, porter Bearss hotel, h 24 e Canal 
Glass, John, wk> Miller & Eisaenian saw mill. 

res 24 e Canal 
Gleason. Nellie elk Bazaar, h 259 w Main 
Gieason. Geo. wks Klec Mfg Co. h 259 w Main 
Gleason. R S (Sarah) wks steel mill, res 259 w 

Gleason. Gxeorge J. brk Wab r r. h 222 w 5th 
Gleason. Thomas * Margaret) cond Wab r r. re< 

222 w 5th 
GlenTion & Wendt (Thomas Glennou and H J 

Wendt) grocers. 12 » Broadway 
Glenuon, Sadie, nuv-ic teacher h 20^1 w 5th 
Glennon, John J, elk Shirk ^ Miller, h 'M^ w .5th 
Glennon. Thos (Glennon & Wendt, grocers 12 

s Broadway), h 209 w .5th 
(Tte-Wltin, I'ai^i&liA-USLTry) drayman. res2(i^) w5th 
Glennon. Thomas E, lab. h 218 w Sth 
Glennon, Rachel (wid) res 218 w Sth 
Gloser. John iGenevieve). lab, res 497 w 12th 
Gnnchtel. Adolph (Matilda) butcher, res 279 w 

Godfrey, Oiner, wks Nation hotel, h 171 w 2nd 



Peru Loan Office Pt^^ 

PERf City Directory. 1901 

-k, Ind Mfg C. 

91 O 

Gcxbel. James (Hlatich) 

273 e 5th ^ < 

(ioebel. Fran/, wks Ind .\Tfg Co. h l>et Canal an-l c 

river ' 

Goldsber.'-\ . I,awrence. grocer. 162 n Clay c 

Goldsbarry, Hint. elk. h :i0'4 e Main < 

Goldsbarry. Fred (Caroline) elk Jo^ Berginsn "p, 

res 21U w i^th "9 

(.oldsbury. A F. gunsmith, h 12'> Ewing "f 

Goldsbury-, Mary A. h 126 E-i\-ing p 

Goldsbury. \^\ grocer. 162 n Clay, res 126 E wing r 

Goodall. Fred (Elizabeth^ vrks Jos Goodall res >, 

265 e 9th ^ 

Goodall. Joseph B. contractor and builder, shop '^ 

e 9th. res 274 e 6th ^ 

Goodall. Wm K i Martha) contractor, res 220 e 5th /^ 

Gordon. Alfred, wks Elec Mfg Co, h 11-5 e >rain ^ 

Cordon. M A. nurse, h 13 e 3rd ^ 

Coro\se, CVeo (I,eah^ bra.ssnnher. res 7 Columb-'a i- 

Goshen, Louis ' Lizzie ■ teamster, res 27S w 9th {^ 

Gotshall, Fred, lab h 111 w 2nd ^ 

Gotshall Samantha. res 111 w 2nd > 

Gottshall. Chas fireman Wab r r. h 111 w 2nd ^ 

Gould. John, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 154 e 2nd ^ 

Gould, Hen^^^ cabinetmkr. h 154 e 2nd p 

Gould. Mary A 'widi res 154 e 2nd ^' 
Gould. Emmett A ' Frances, supt Wab r r. re- 

Ridgeview — 

Grace. John 'Janei lab. res 219 e Sth ^ 

Grady, John, wks L E & W shops, h 214 w 9th ^ 

Grady. James lEllai lab. res 214 w 9th 2 

Graf. Geo H. cigarmkr. h 220 w 3rd < 

Graf, Philip (Elizabeth'), res 22'3 w 3rd -. 

Graf. August P. dentist. Graf blk. h 220 w 3rd ^ 

Graf. Mary, h 251 e 5th ^ 


Best Tvirnovit:^ \\\ the C:t\- 




!Vlprri?r'^ Restaurant and Bakery 

} K. Main Street. 


Graf. George iDichl .it Graf, printers} h yC. w :',rn 
Graf. John, elk Crunies T)ook store, h 2.")! e oih 
Graf. Gu.s jr, wk.s Ind Mfg Co, h 2'>! e 5th 
Graf, Gustave <Eva) v. ks Itid Mfg Co. res 251 e 5 
GRAF, CHAS J 'Laura Ji harnessmkr laSs Broad 

way. res :i2S \\- ;:iT-d 
Graf, Henn,- ^Mary i .-aloon 14 s Hroadway. res 

128 vv 7th 
Graf. Clara, h 12S w Tth 
Graf, Otto, elk J S Hale & Co, h 12> w Tth 
Graf. Josephine, h 128 w Tth 

Graf. Maggie, wks Ream's laundry h l.Vi w 2nd 
Graf. Ella, wk* Turner ?>Tfg Co. h l.')2 w 2nd 
Graf. Margaret twidt res 152 v. 2ud 
Graf. Ed ^^vlary; elk. res 2TT w 5th 
Graham, Frank, wks oil field, h T4 e Maiii 
Grrihatu. W'n (. Margaret * \vk.> oil field, res Tie 

Graham. Lemuel Ht Elizalnfth J > pastor Christian 

church, res 2T5 w ord 
Grave.s. Silas. teairLster, h .54 e Wa-^hington 
Graves, Jack.son \ Sarah) res 54 e Washington 
Gray. Frank (Asenatht \,vk.s Wab r r. res 29 

Wa rre n 
Gray. F,lsT.v-orth, wks Ind ?klfg Co. h 214 e 2nd 
GRAY, E T Insurance agl Metropolitan Life Ins 

Co. res 9 w 3rd 
Gray. Ira vKmuiai wks L E & \V, res 278 w 6th 
*Green, Albert ', Hattiei lab. res B^i e ICth 
Green. Albert, electrician, h 119 s Fremont 
Green, Wm H (Cynthia A., wagonmkr Ulrich 

shop, res 418 w 12th 
Green. Caroline u%ud) res ."3 Boulevard 
Greenburg. John, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 529 e Hrd 
Green wa!d. Louis (Henrietta) wks L E & W. res 

1'4 w Boulevard 

When on a Trip to the East End drop in and see 



I'KKT- ClTV DiKFCTOKV. l'.*)] 1-Cj 

Gregg. Naomi, dom. 211 e5th 

Gregory. William E rMaryi wk-. L E .S: V\' -hop^ 

res 254 w Sth 
(irepke. Fred < Wilhelmina wk-, Tnd Mfg Co. res 

2;U e Canal 
rircpke. Wilhelmina ivvidi res l.">4 w Boulevard 
Grepke. Hermann, lab. h 154 w Boulevard 
Griggs. Alma, wks Repub'ofnce. h :i4 e Zrd 
Griggs, Anthony \V (Catherinei wks L E & W. 

res 96 e 9th 
GR!GGS, WARREN (Lmdai tailor .54-2 s Broad- 

v.-ay. res .Vi9 w 5th 
Grimes, Johu . ) hn^ilermkr i, E ^c W. res .■•,-.2 

%v Tth 
Cirirabikler, Frar.k. wks steel tuill. h McGuire 

Gris,-on. Elizabeth ( wid i res .^Tl w 5th 
(^riswold. Willard 1 Harriet 1 retired mer. res 125 

e 5th 
GRISWOLD, DR E H 'C-eorgine Ci physician aud 

surgeon r 5 new- Browiiell blk. res irci w .^rd 
C^ri.swold. Harry H (Maryi agt L E -k W freight 

dept, res 1T9 e Main 
Groat, Luther, wks Ind Mfg Co h ITO e Sth 
Groflr. Matilda, res 1T7 w 2nd 

<:irogg, Joseph ^Lucy; wks steel mill, res 4T5 w 5 
<xrogg. Chas. lab. res 4T5 w 5th 
Groschel. Frank .Maryi wks ind Mrs Co. r-. ~ 22.^ 

Grossman. F;d^<.-ard (Minnie) wks Ind Mfg Co. 

res 25T e Canal 
Grosvenor. Miles A iF:mniai engr Wab r r. rcs 

1S5 e 6th 
Guard, Ww. Louiei, wks Canal inill^, res 2:-i:j w 


Try Club Ho'-^se Whiskey. 75c per quart, 



John li. Ward, 

Machine Shop 

On Banks of Watiasli, aX) Feet West 
of River Bridtre 


Boiler Repairing, HeciA'v 
Blacksmitliing, Machine Re- 
pairing. Boring Cylinders. 
Making Packings, Rings, 
Tiirnino- Shafts, WelclinQ: all 
sizes of Flues. 

Have equipped my shop 
with machinery for doing all 
kinds of machine work. 

I am prepared to cut 
threads from i to 10 inches. 

Inflating bicycles 
compressed air oc. 



SmokeO.P.B. A. Cigars 

PfcHi: City Directory. l&Ol y^) 

Gutndlitig, Anna. j)hoto3:ra]>her. h "ill w Ifu-i 
<"»utiuUiiig. Cha~. paiuttr. h 211 w 2v.<\ 
Gucndling, Mrs (x^'idi re.s 211 \v 2:kI 

Giiiker. ■ wks L, K &. W shop.-,, h 17 e Sth 

(TuiHaumc, Wni. v.k.soil ficWl. h n Dukei w city 

Guillaiiine. Jonathan, wk.s oil nclJ. h r. l)uk'-- \: 

city limits 
(Tiiillaum. Walter, tamper, h ii Dukes w city 

Giiillaurue. Joseph il.etlie) wks oil field, res n 

Dukes w city Ijniits 
Guiiion, Will (Dora) wk.s I, H 5c W shops, res 

275 n Fremont 
fiunn. Uaridon C (Jessie), oond Wab r r. res .»5 

w Main 
Gurtner, I^izzie. wks £lec Mfg Co. h 412 e 3rd 
Gartner. Christ ( Mary) blksmith Ulrich wagon 

shop, res 112 e 3rd 
Giir^ell, Xona. elk Shirk & Miller, h ~>i e .3rd 
GUSS, HOWARD M, salesman, h i->; w 3rd 
Gn.s.s. George iKc:bec':ai car inspector Wab r r 

res 2-^6 w 3rd 
Gu.stin. Wm H (Fannie) real est. ins and .loans. 

notary public, over Repub omce. res 57 e Main 
Gu.stin. E R iLaura.i fruit tree agi. res 10 e 2nd 
Gnstin. Elizabeth (widt, res 276 e 2iid 
GnstJn. Elleu. wks Elec Mfg Co. h A^SH e 3rd 
Gustin. Onier. elk A A Ream grocery-, h 4iiS e :3rd 
Gustiu. Earl, wks Ind IMfg Co. h laS e 3rd 
Gustin. Einmett G i.\ui:ai wks Ind Mig Co. res 

408 e .3rd 
Gustin. Edward G t Carrie) wks I., K &: W. res Z^^l 

w 5th 
Gustin. Casli (Emma) res 260 w .5th 

Kantzer & Munson 


IC*-S. Brd'v . 


96 Pert City Dikkctorv. 1',«)1. 

Gwinmip. lyeuis (Eli/a) lab, re;; 42 Washington 
Gysin. Frank ( I^^uisc) (Rassner ^i. Gy.siu. furni- 
ture dealers* res 20 Hwinc; 
Gy.siu. F'rcd (.Maryl elk C Snuth. res lUi w Canal 


HAAG, H M ''Rlla' attorney 12'; " Broadwa}-. rt-s 

421 e r>th 
Haas. Homer C i Maude; physician, office and res 

76 e 3rd 
Hacker. Wni t^Katie) teacher, res V-hi w 2nd 
Hackley. Cora, h 203 e 6th 
Hackley. Harriett A. res 164 e Main 
Hackley. L R ( Addiei wks Klec Mfg Co. res 2<V:5 

e 6th 
Hadish. Frank (Pauline) res r>2<) e Main 
Haines, Charles iF.lla Ai \\ks Ind Mfg Co. res 211 

c 2nd 
Haines, rldward F (Florence) painter, res "t s 

Kaine.s. Frank (Maggie) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

279 e Canal 
Haines. Julia A <wid' h 54 Spring 
Haines. Ulysses (E:ila) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 2lX» 

Haiuley. P"rank. wks Ind Mfg Co. h bet canal 

and river 
Hagee Florer.ce. ell; Wtidiier millinery-, h 5o-"? 

w 3rd 
Hagee. George W \ Belle ) wks brewery res 8<) e 

Hagee. Joseph (Jennie) dealer in harness, tim- 
ber, etc, 52 n Broadway, res o>3 w 3rd 
Hagee. Onier. wks Wilson & NicheLson. h ,S<t e 


Kandy Kitcheii IZ ^ 

Soda Water 
E. 3rd St. 

Peru Loan Oilice 

Money I_oancd en 
Watchc% Di.imoTui.'s, 
Je%velrr, 53 S. Bd'y 

Peru City Dikectorv. 1901 fsT 

Hague, Thos,wks lud Mfg Co. h "ilB e 2nd 

Hahn, Mary, dom h 35 v/ 6th 

Hahn. Maude, h 16.J ii I„afayette 

Hale. Bert, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 255 e 3rd 

Hale, C A ^Dot) driller, res 2.31 e 2nd 

Hale, Waller, wks street car line, h .571 e Main 

Hale. Wm. elk Cory Bros n Broadway, r 19 w 

Hale. John S & Co. dry goods, carp-n^, Ix/Ots and 

shoes, kitchen furniture, etc. lt>-lS s Broadway 
Haley. Daniel \E'Jai wks I, f; cc W. re.^ 125 w 

Haley. Ed, wks gr.>cery. h 1S4 e .8th 
Haley. Edward (Bridget) wks Wab r r. res 1^ e 8 
Haley, P'rank (.Erama) wks steel mill, res .527 w6 
Haley. Richard (•Ola) brk I. E & W. res 207 e Sth 
HALL. C N, (HallS: I^oewenthal klothiers 20-22 

n Broadwa\i res 154 e 5th 
Hall, Clarence (Harriet) wks steel mil!, res 205 

w 2rid 
Hall. Fay. elk. h 2?^ e 3rd 
Hall, Frank M (Ella) res 2^ e 3rd 
Hall. Prof H. prin high school, h 51 w 3rd 
Hall. Harry (Hatiie) painter, res 301 w 2nd 
Hall, John, engr L E & W. cor 7th and Grant 
Hall. Katharine, b 1.5-t e 5th 
HALL & LOEWENTHAL, IC X Hall and Xate Loe- 

wenthal) Klothk-rs. hatters and gents furnish- 
ers 2i>22 n Broa-iway 
Hall. Marie, h 172 w 3rd 
Hallarnian, Ann-a res 264 w Canal 
Hallett, Charles, -^ks oil £e!d h 1S2 w 2nd 
Haniaker. Marieij W {Man,- F)) druggist 104 5 

Broadway, res V^ e Main 
Hamblim, Adelt^rrt (Margaret) wks Elec Mfg 

Co. res 455 e Src 

Hetzner's Jewelry Store 






Staple and Fat^cv 

Phone 59 




Ilaniel, Frank, lab, h 219 w 10th 

I{a:nil. Jas (Phccbe) brk Wab r r. r^s 221 w 9th 

Hamnian, Chas (.Pearl) sloneiiiasotu res -too w 

Hammer, Sfx-ncer (I^illie) cai p, re^. V,{}7y w "iiui 
HaiuHion, Wihiier (Nora) stonemason, res 211 

e 3rd 
Hammond. Wm A (Catherine ( ena;r Wab r r. 

res 226 w .3rd 
Hamna-'i. Noah iMartha> stonemason, res -l-V) 

w grrt 
Hand, Charles (Ella) wks Lenhart 6c Simpson 

furniture store, res 7 n Miami 
Hand. Wnr, wks steel mill, h McGuire hou,se 
Hauey. Joseph, elk Chickasaw pharmacy, h ,>! e 2 
Hann, B F (Emma B) engr water wks. res 22oe2 
Hann, Peter (Mar> > wks Vv'ab r r, res 21 e 10th 
Kann. Geo (Emraa) wks Wab r r. res 21 e luth 
Havic, Wm, wks Bear-vs' .stone quarry, li 21 e 10 
Hann Maud, wks Peru Candy Co, h 117 n Miami 
Hann, George (Amandaj city marshal, res 117 u 

Hannan, May, wks Elec Mfg Co, h 2i>e. w C(th 
Hansnian, Wm (Eeiia) saloon 'IZ s Broadway, res 

235 w ;3rd 
Hansman, Wm jr, elk, h 235 vv 3rd 
Hanson. John E (Adda) wk.sJndMfg Co. res ijlVi 

e 3t d 
Kr.Tison. Traiik E i Mollie > ^vks Ind Mfg Co. res 

62 Washin^cton 
Hanson, Milfred E ', Susie) train disx)atcher Wab 

r r, res 212 w 7th 
HaiisoTi Ruth, wks EIec>rfgCo,b tV2 Washington 
Harbcugh. Mary, h 161 n Tippecanoe 
Harbaugh, O P (.Marie) bricklayer, res 161 n 


Shirk & Miller 

S.tore . 


Dr. Julius Wolff, ^^"^'-''t ^"^if^:^ 

Pkri- City Directory 1901 


Harding. Condie. wks Hlec Mfgr Co. h 217 e Z'h 
f larding. JiJaier J. cigamikr. h 217 e -V.h 
Harding, Horace, brk I, E cS: W li I'/i e iV^ 
H.-irding. Wm (MarjC*) contn-ctor. res 217 f oth 
Harding & Calloway grocery and meat market 

2SS e Main 
Harlan, Sarah (widi res 12S w 6th 
Harr. Darid .Ciarai wks Turner Mfg Co. res 2;:4 

w Canal 
Harrington. Ai\-a '^Cora) wks Ind Mfg Co, res N 

Peru over Petty s store 
Harrington Chas M (Delia? S'vitchm^a Wao r r, 

res 115 n Clay - '--^ --' > - ^ v 
Harris Chas E< Caroline » AvksAVab r r. res ?61 

e 5th • . .;. .-,,-.-,-__.. , , 

Harri.=;, Alpha, wks Pern Candy Co. h .S*;l e Vb 
Harris. Florence K h 47S w Main 
Harri.s. Frank «Eli;:abeth) car inspect^or V^'ab 

r r. res 527 w Main 
Harris. Grover, arks Ind Mfg Ca h '.57 v- Main 
Harris, James L. wks Elec Mfg Co, h 47.*s w Mam 
Harris. Mar>-, w-fc, Peru Candy Ca h -361 e .>th 
Harris. James 'florence E> lab res 473 ^- Main 
Harris. John W -.Elizabelh) wks ice cream fact 

res 4S6 e 3rd 
Harris. .Mabel, h 473 w Main 
Harri.s. Ma-ry A • wid) res S-'il c 5th 
Karris, Maithe^- elk >:cCafi'rey store, h .557 w 

Harri-. RoT^ert ;.E1ancheV fireman I. E & V,'. res 

177 w Main 
Harris, Wm. wfa Wab r r. h .557 w Main : 
*Harri.s, Wm G a\'m Tell ci; store. 157 n 

Broadway; h j-T;f n Broadwav ■ 
Harri.son. Charl-fs Edith) wks I. E 5c W shcns 

res 117 w 7th 

Jas. T. Ea!:ej''5 Barber Shop & Pntli Koorn 

3oS %%'es.t: >\fili-i Street" 























f$'^ r*^ f^'^ f^'-^ f^'-^ f-% r'^^ f^fs f^^ f^^ f^''^ f^'^ f •' ■' o '■^"i r^^ 

ii III I 

eai Estate 

and Loans 

( OFFICE:— East Main Street Over 

R.epublican Office 



Peri- City Dirkctoky. l\.\Ql 


Harrison, Ora. h 60 e :>rd 

}Iarri«-on. K C iCathtriiit i wks s'.ttrJ mil!, res :/)'. 

w 6th 
Harsh. Frank (I^ucy) \%ks oil field, rt^ S-SJ w ir^rh 
Hart. Chas iSalbam) contractor, res l]t> w >ra:n 
Harter, Clyde (Grace- electrician, res la^ w .5th 
Harler. K G (Harriet) wk.s Brownell planing, res 

67 \Va.«h!ngton 
Harter. George tXannie. c!k Glcnnon ^ Wen'.'.t. 

res 102 w Main 
Hartley, Homer M hrk Wah r r. h ty.^ e 6th 
Hartisch. Herman, wks lud Mfg Co. res 4o9 e 2;id 
Hartmaii. Gu.s Rose* wks steel milL res 222 e Zd 
Hartnian. Jacob t Katie) carp, res Zi w 5th 
Ilartman. T.ouisa (wid) res 1-S6 e 6th 
Hartwick, Joseph (Kate) vks .Stand Cab Co. re.^ 

117 ^- Canal 
Haselbarth, Erail ^Fannie) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

472 e Canal 
Flasleip. Al. wks steel mill, h McGiiire house 
Hassett, Catherine, h 277 w 6th 
Hassett, Frank F (.Anna) brk I, E & W. res 69 e g 
Hassett, Margaret, h 277 w 6th 
Hasset, Mart (Catherine), brk \V r r. res liSi) vv 

Hassett. Michael, engr I^ E & \V. res 277 w 6th 
Ha.ssett, Patrick (Mary) res 2?S e 2nd 
Hassett, William ^Xcllie, brk I, E .S: W, re~ :>> w 

Hostettler. James lEllaN night watch Peru 

Ba,sket Co, res oT^ w ."jth 
Hatch. Amos (Jeannetti h 25 E-v\-ing 
Hatch. Elmer, wk.-, Murden livery barn, h 25 

Hatch. Jas. elk Coyie Ir.uch room Wavne hotel 

Try Club House Wliiskey, 75c per qaart, 



H. P. FIKE, Architect, I^- ' ^^ 



rowncll Bi'dg 


Hatch. I^evira. cook Stiver restaurant, h 2o Kwinc;- 
Hatch. Stfuarii (Ro.^a) wks Murdtn Hvvjry bam. 

res :i03 e 3rd 
Hate, Win (Jose'/'liine^ bi.itcher. res 2.S4- e Canal 
HATFIELD, JOHN W iCora) ( Miller- WalHck Ptg 

Co, 70 n Broadway) res 5,'}3 w Main 
Hathav.-ay. Albert (Molly) switchman Iv E & W. 

res 226 vv 8th 
Hathav.-ay. A R (Sarah) painter, res ."iTo w Main 
Hathaway. lyubi. elk Soatebier bakery, h 575 w 

Hathaway, Mills ( BtRe'v dentist r G new Brown- 
ell blk. res Ridge%-iew 
Haughtitigon, Dingnian (Grace) elk Sam Blue's 

res 109 w 7th 
Haughting-ton, Peter, wks Pern Basket Co, h 221 

w 7th 
Haiightingtou, Gay ( Rebecca ,i fence bxiilder, res 

221 w 7th 
Hank. Jessie, h w River 
Hauk. Ella D. res w River 
Havipt. Alfred, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 101 e Canal 
Haupt. Heury f Anna'^ res ?A e 2nd 
Haupt. Herman (Anna) wks Ind Mfg Co, res 101 

e Canal 
Haupt, Await, wks Ind Mfg Co. lOl e Canal 
Haupert. Wni. car repairer, h 28 w lOth 
Hawley. Minnie, Wayne hotel 
Hawkin. Amos (Cora B) wks Ind IMlg Co, res 427 

Hawkins. John (Sarah) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 79 

e Ri%-er 
Hawkins. I,ee (Jennie') team.<^ter. res bet canal 

and river 
Hawkins. H O, broker, s Broadway, h Nat hotel 

Peru Loan Onice f^_^!^^. 

Jc>*-elry. 53 S. Ei'7 

Fekv Citv Directory. 190J 


Hawley. Eliza .\ ,wid) res 324 \v 6th 

Hawley. Harvcv. traveling -ialesmnn Erowjiell 

planing jiiill. h b24 w 6th 
Hay, Alice, drc.-vsnikr. res 220 w 7th 
Hay, Frank (Mattie) bricklayer, res 17 Euclid 
Ha\-. Wilbur C -.Louise; wk= Ind M'"g Co. res 272 

e Main 

Haynes. Asa C (Fannie) wks steel mill r-s •»? 

u Cth 
Haynes, .Arthur, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 2i7 e 2nd 
Haynes. Joshua .Jennie) lab. res 217 e 2nd 
TIays. VR(Jeuuey) iHays & Vol pert blk.>,mith. 

31 w 2nd) res ?M w Main 
Hays, Stanton, wks Ind Mfg Co. h .56 Washington 
Hazzard, Martha, elk Meinhardts. h 24 w Main 
Head. J I. 01ar>) claim agt -.Vab r r. re.-. 11 s 

HEAV.NER, A J 'jenney) nifr 01 Fire Rer.iedy 

and Face Cream 277 e.Srd, res same 
Helderle, Bessie, steno Butler and buliivan s law 

office, h 2.:^ e 2nd 
Helderle. David <Ro-ey, printer. res272e2ud 
Helderle. Geo A ..Susan; elk Frauk Krcutztrs 

salcx^n, res 234 e 2nd 
F,elm, C J (Frances I physician, res 1.53 w 3rd 
Helmig. Benj. wks Eiec Mfg Co. h 217 e 9th 
Helmig. Barney ;Mary> lab. res 217 e 9th 
Helmig. Joseph, lab. h 21 e Stli 
Kelmig. Mar\-. h 21 e ath 
Helmig,. Mary ^wid .. res 21 e 5th 
Helmig. Mattliia-s .;Caroliue) tailor. 
Helmig, Adelaide h 127 w 6th 
Helmig. Katie, c-'k Meinhardt. Ii 127 w 6th 
HeKne. Jesse, lab. res 5:^ Warren 
Hendricks. CS iAnna- wks Peru Lumber Co. Tes 

1)6 e ^tli 

127 w cth L' 

R O U H C H iSr SMI 1- H 

Groc^-2-5eii and Aleats 






Mone}- Loanerl on Mortj^^a^e at the 


Pupa" CiTV DiRKCTORV. 1V<»1. 

Kendncks, Ethel, wks Peru Candy Co. h I'A e 

Hendricks, Elizabeth A (wid) don; 110 w Main 
Henry. Etta, wk.-^ Peru Candy Co, h 3.">7 w ISlh 
Henry. Marg^aret, wks Penr Candy Co. h SoT w 

Henry. Wni (Ellcn> wk.s Sullivan & Eagle. re.~ 

3;:>1 w 13th 
Henkel. David S. elk. h 312 e 3rd 
Henkel. J J (Mary E) elk A B Raber 9 w 2nd. 

re.s S-'il e 3rd 
Henkel. Priscella (\vid^ res 312 e 3rd 
Henness. Cha.s (Mary) wks Ind Mfg Ceres 2o,S 

\N 9th 
Henne^s. Mariah. re?. 82 e Main 
Henness, Mary ( wid) res S2 e rvfain 
Heuninger, Anna, h 205 w Sth 
Heiininger. Jacob (Catherine) blksniith. res '20') 

w 8th 
Hennesi,y, Edward (Catherine) wks Ind Mfg Co. 

res 318 e Sth 
Henuessy, Katie, h 318 e 5th 
Hennessy. Man,-, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 31S e 5th 
Henry. Jacob E lMar>- C) carp, res S^iO e Main 
Hentgen, Anna, h last on s side of Warren 
Hentgen. Nicholas, (Dora) wks Ind Mfg Co. re.- 

last house on s side of Warren 
Heuton. Florence, h 19 Pike st 
Henton, Zachar\', carp, h 33 Spring 
HENTON, JAMES T, Insnrance. real estate and 

leans, r 13 Cole blk. res 3d w-oth 
Hcriton. Margaret, bkpr Blue drug store h 35 w •'> 
Henton. Rachel, h 19 Pike 
Hentou. Richard, tienikr. h '6S Spring 
Henton. Sarah, res 19 Pike 

A Call at STRANAHAX & PIPERS will con- 
vince you that our toilets are the best used in 
the citv. 

KOI>AKS and CAMICRAS al \Vr>orj"S 

Pkkl- CrTY DIKXCTORV. 1901 


Hep>hire. James, lab, h 253 e Canal 

Hert)erg. Mag.i^it. wks Pern Candy d,. h 174 e 3th 

Herbcrg. Maynie. hll^eStn 

Herberg. OHie. h i:-{ e ,Sth 

rierberg. Kait. h ill e Sth 

Ficrberg. Alfred, wks bottling v.■ork.•^. h 171 e i<th 

Herberg, Florenct. h 174 e Sth 

Hert>erg, George Jjenniei. cond Wab r r. res 221 

Herberg. Jo-eph \i. wk.-, bottling ^.•ork^. h 171 e 

Herberg. Joseph Lizzie) team^frr. res 174 e Sth 
Herberg, Mike 'Elizabeth;, elk A hclder grocery. 

res 251 \v 2nd 
Herd. Harry, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 117 e 2nd 
Herd. Abb, h 9 w i'ad 

Ilerff. Jerome (Sarah) mfr. res 110 e Main 
HerfT. Rheda. h li^e Main 
Herff, Yetta (wid- h 118 w 6th 
Herrell, Cash M iLf^ra B) hand laundry 16 s Jef- 
ferson, res same 
Hess, Wm, wks steel mill, h 474 w Main 
Hettmannsperger. C (Christina) wks L E cV W 

res 466 w 3rd 
Hettmannsperger. Freda, dom. 72 %«.- 6th 
Hettwer, Paul iEva) boilermkr I, E vS: W. re^ r^^i 

w 3rd 
Hetzner. Mary, n 119 s Broadway, up .stair.^ 
HET2NER, COR.\;eliUS N (Cora E, jeweler. 9 s 

Broadway, res ill e 5th 
Hetzner, Frank .Ellen R) lab. res 404 w 7th 
Hetzner. Frank ■il^ura) wks steel mill, res 265 n 

HETZNER, J LOU«5 i.Clara E) Hetzner s Hard- 
ware House 61 5 Broadway, res 2:^4 w 3rd 

Kearn's Steain Laundry 

20 E. TK(RD ST. 'Phcnc 6 3 


•;v ■<!•.'■ Lm": ^: -,■,./ 

■it-,-: ■:;.■■■,■;■;...- 

Lenhart 8z. Simpson 

VA.XJM»JUS> ji ^ xW. j!^^ Ji^. j>>»>, jUi> JUU Jl.^ JULJM>V 







The place where you spe.nd all your 
life may Vie as pretty as any in the 
lan<l if you will only make it so. There 
are furniture stores and furaiture stores. 
Here, we sell good, honest furniture at 
reasonable prices. We guarantee sat- 
isfaction. If you buy anytliing here 
and it is not just as represented', we 
want you to come and tell us. We 
will make it right. 



u 'Phone at Store. And R£iidence 






o?5faS"a1 G. B. NoJand's 

New I'pholstering 

I'KKC City 1-»irkct«»ry. 1901 



re '3 

H(.yu(»d. Albert timekeeper steel null, h 16-', c- 

Hier.s. Ada, h 4.y, \v i:^.ih 
llier?^. Albert (HI!:!; res 2.V2 w Canal 
HiLr.s. Alex \ Matilda) \vk.s I, K &. W. res ii'', w 

iriers. Andrew lAngeline; wks I^ K &. W. v 

\v i;jih 
Hier.s. John iMaryi hib, re.s 4v'j n Erown 
Hiers. Nora h li>7 w .3rd 
Hiers, :siar>- J (wid) dressmkr, re.s 4-'.S 6th 
Hiers. Matthew (P.ose) Avks 1, K &. w shop- 

376 w 12th 
Hiers, Nellie h i'.< vv Gth 

Higgins. Eruest ijulia) eugr \\'?.h v r. re.- k'O e 
. Main 

ffigginis, Frank, brk Wab r r. h 1^2 n Grant 
Hight. C F (\'iciona) contracting- c?rp. re-; .>3 

Hight. Geo W ^<arah J) farmer, res laS n V.'j ter 
Hight. Marion -Eroai. carp, re.-? lOi Washing.ou 
Hilbert. W S. wks steel mill, h McGuire hou.-.e 
Hilberl. A B. v-ks steel mill, h McGuire hovi=e 
Hildebrand. Irj iGiace) \vk.> Repub ofi'ne. res 

52 CoiumlMa 
Hildebrand. Wrj iMyrai res 52 Col.imbia 
Hill. Mrs H J. h :'A e Mrd 
Hill. Ida. dressjukr. h :M e :3r.J 
Hill. H D iSi'.lorne; painter, res 34 e 3'-d 
Hill. Xona. h :i4 e 3rd 
Hill. John (Pbcebe .A.) lab, res 213 e 2ud 
Hindle. Thos 3 t Anna), wks Wab r r. res 1S3 w 6 
Hiner, John M vCaroIiue) cond Wab r r. i:-io e 5th 
Hiner. Josephine, teacher, h 77 w 5th 
Hiner. Mable c^oxn. National hotel 

Smoke tbe *Ǥ9" 




Baber & Mitchell 


Pert City Dikkctoky, 1901. 

HJner. Kate (wid> res 77 ^v 5th 

Hiner, John S (Hattie) 12o w Wa.shiiigloii 

nines. \Vm (.NelHe) v.-ks Ind Mig Co, res 113 n 

Hinkle. Catherine (wid) res 122 e Canal 
Hinkle. Edward, lab. h 122 e Canal 
Hinkle, Fred (,Lyda\ lab. res 2:S« w 3rd 
Hiiiman, Chas (Jennie^ wks L K ^ U'. res .")17 w 

Hinman. Mary E (AV'id) res 475 vv Main 
Hinman. Robt. L, B) & W. h 475 w Main 
Hirsch, Tracy, res 217 w 6th 
liite, John C, ^.\ddie\ supt Peru Milling Co. w Hth 

res 36 vv 7th 
Hite, Gns. miller. Pern Milling Co. h 36 w 7th 
Hiteshew, Frank, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 27S w 8th , 
Hiteshew. Jessie May, h 278 w 8th 
Hiieshew, V/illiam H. gardener, h 278 w Sth 
Hiteshew. Franklin C. (.L,uhi) engr L, E &. W 

shops, res "278 w Sth 
Hite.shew, Schuyler C. (. Alice l wks L, K & W, res 

358 w 3rd 
Hiteshew, \V H. h 35.8 w 3rd 
Hoagland, Chas, wk.s\Vab r r. h 2;i2 w 7th 
Hoagland, WillLs, i.Clara) wks Brownell planing 

mill, res 232 w 7th 
Hobangn. Wni.conu I< E & V.'.h 1.55 n Tippecanoe 
hOCHSTETLER, CHAS E, tCora^ agent light- 
ning rods, res 227 w 5th 
Hoff Carrie, h 2>;5 e Main 

Hoff \V H (F:mnia"> wks steel mill, res 285 w 3rd 
Hoff Wm I (Elnora^ mercliant, ia5 s Broadway. 

res 235 e Main 
Hofferberih, Caroline, (w-id) res ISI w 2nd 
Hofferbeith. John, painter Wab r r. h 181 w 2nd 

Try Cliib House Whiskey, 75c per quart, 

Peru Loan Office ^;^-^^ 

Jewelry. 53 £ 

S. Ed'y 

Peru Citv Dirk;ctorv. 1901 


HofTerlK.'rth. Louisa, h ISl v. 2nd 

Hofterberth. Wm, (Catharine) t>ainter, re.s 270 

w 3rd 
Hoffman, I^eonerd. (Mary) carp, res 314 e Crinal 
Hoffman, Lorenzo, (Almina i carp res llAdaiusavt- 
Hogne. Francis, l,\\id'> res 451 e 2nd 
Holcomb, Wm. eng Wab r r. h 21 F^wing 
Holding Albert. vAnnai wks Ind Mfg Co. res 19 

w 5th 
Holland. Dennis, fijzzie) (Holland Grocery and 

Sahxsn. 152 n Grant) res 312 w 7th 
Holland J W. (Man.-) (grocer\'and meat market 

3CI2 e Mai Til res irr2 e 8th 
Holland. John, wks steel nii!l. h 412 w .Main 
Holland. John M. h .312 w 7th 

Holland. John, elk Holland's grocery, h 312 w 7rh 
Holland, Josephine, h 312 w 7th 
Holland Nellie, elk Holland-s grocery, h 1^2 e 8:h 
HoUarman. Chas, wks steel mill, res 2i>4 w Cana! 
Hollannan. James, wks brewer^-, res 2?>1 w Cana! 
Holler. Wm, (Nettie) teamster, res 13 s Clay 
Holler, Wm, brickkvv'er h 9 w 2nd 
Holler, Wm, (Nettie) wks oil field, rrs 253 e 2nd 
HoUipeter. Jacob, ilNIariah^ snpt water works, 

res 36 Ew-ing 
HoUipeter. F'.dw. cigar inakt.r. h '.Jt'j F'win? 
HoUipeter Frank, yjsiuter Wab r r. h o^i F:wi!ig 
Holms. Magnns. (Martha) wks Wab r r shop-. 

res 205 e Cth 
Holman, Omer, rep«orter Journal, h 10 s Miami 
HOLMAN, L P, 'Emily B) Real Estate and Pen- 
sion agt Kreutzer r>lk. res 124 e 2nd 
Holt Carrie, (\\-id) res livS • Canal 
HOPPER, DECSIE J, "ivks Miller-Wallick PtgCo. 
h 526 w 3r(i 

C. O. Thicbaud, Ph. D., Contributor 
to U. S. D.isperisary, delighted to see 
you a.t TillUR VUD 4J CO.'S 




Ground Rlooi' .Studio 


Pert Crxv Dirkctory. lv«}l. 

Hopper. Ernest. Walluce circu:?, h o2»» w 3rcl 
HOPPER, MAE, wks Miller-WaUick Ptg Co. h 

ryUi \v :ird 
Ho'.>d, G J. (Nellie) salesman, rc^s 2i)9 w Main 
Hoo,==ey, Henry, rireman AVab r r. res IG Jefferson 
Hooven C C, (LilHet lab. res n JeiTerson ave 
Hooven. E.slher, (wid. hSl JetTersou ave 
Hoover Catharine l wid ) res c-^j w 5th 
Hoover Henry (EiP-uia) carp, res 2o9 e 5th 
Hoover I. D (Sadie) wk.s Ind Mfg Co. res 78 e 

Hoover Marie, v/ks Peru Basket Co, res 35:3 w 5th 
?Ioran, Elizabeth, >^v•id^ tes «7 w 5th 
Horan. jess, ciiy clerk, h t>T vv 5th 
Koran. Michael. (^Elizabeth) city engineer, res 

61 w 2nd 
Hornian. V/ilhelmina. (wid) res 582 e 3rd 
Horner. Eliza, dom. h 1CK5 e 8th 
Ho.-inan. Chester. (Daisy) vvks Ind Mfg Co. res 

23 V.'arren 
Hosnian, James H. ^Selena) res 24 Spring. 
Ho.sman.Sila.s. (Pearl) wks Stan Cab. res 20 Spring 
Hositian. Ollie. h 24 Spring 
Hostetler. O H. (Fanny) carp, res 366 e 6th 
Eostetler. Gideon (May) wks Peru l^umber Co. 
res 308' e Main 

HOSTETLER, CHAS, (Cora) agl Prudential Ins 
Co r 7 nev." Browacll blk. res 227 w 5th 

Hough ta ling. Stephen, h 273 e 2ti'.'. 

Prop. 2S4 e Main ^ - - 

Houston, Peter. %vks oil field, h 374 wi:',th 

Houtz. J A. (Tracy 1 res 184 e 6th 

Houtz. Marie, elk New York Store h 184 e 6th 

Howard. A H. iGertrnde) res 473 w :M 

Nelp's Meat Market 

Most Reliable in 
CitT. Phone 50 

3rd St. 


C, L Ficard 

Pi ACtical Plumber, 

ard Furnace Worker 
15 East Third Sireet 




Howard. P. E. <Dena> pl.Tsterer. res .?S:i e 'Main 

Howard. Richard A. (Belle) eng Wab r r. res ]'.,') 

w 6th 
Howard S \V i J«»sephinc) wks steel mill, rt-s 473 

w 3rd 
Hnbtr. Carl J. elk Glennon iS: Wtrudt, h :i5 Pike 
Hubcr, Catherine, sten Wright Med Co, h 35 Pike 
Hnber. GL-orge I'lizabeth) .t'loi.-njaker les p)l c 

Huber. Mayme. s^trn Wright .Med Co. h 35 Pikr 
Hubcr. John R. c!k Julius Falk. h c5 Pike 
Huber. John. 'Lena; foreman brewer>. re- :^'> 

Huber, Max. wks steel mill, h 5S2 w Main 
Huck. Enir.ia. h 12S e 2nd st 

Huck, Heriry ' Lizzie i tailor, res o9)4 s Eroidway 
Huck. Minnie, h 12S e 2nd 
Huddel.-on. Albert (.Minnie', wk- Ind Mfg Co. 

re.s 11 e Boulevard . 

HUFF, W A (A^da M,, dc^ntist Broadway aud 3rd. 
' res 72 w Main 

Huffman. B K ' :Mary). tnail carrier, res 413 v.- 3d 
HulTnian. Mrs. E A. nurse, res 61 n Wabash 
Huffman, Emma, res 5S e 5th ' • - • 

iluftman. Ida (;wid). res 23 Pike 
Hufl'man. John iBarbara^ retired fanner, res 512 
' e 2nd 

HutTman. Charles, elk Jake t3pp. Ni e 2ad 
HufTmaa. L,otuze. ste'i, t,ove!and ic Lo\e]rjn\. h 

61 n Wabash ' • ' ■ ' ' ^ ' ' ' 

Huffman. X B vSaman;.ha) court baililT res 21 5 e 
: 5th ■ - i ;.;"-;/': .:.:'• 

hughe.s. Juliati M ( Janci chief cik <upt 

Wab r r. res 14 w 6 
Hulce. Jesse i.A.dalinei plaster, res :5V<"> e Main 

THE HE.VJ p1^1dGR"eSS 






Wall Pape]'. ^Vindo^v Shades, 
Books, Maorazines, Stationery, 
Musical Instruments, Music, 
Pictures, Picture Frames, Toilet 
Articles, x\rt Goods, Cut Glass 
and China Articles, Bric-a-brac, 
Toys, Dolls, indoor and outdoor 
Games. Everything that a first- 
class novelty store should con- 
tain and that too on a large 
scale. Call and see us. 


No. 11 South Broadway. Peru, Ind. 


I^tir I i am e nto C::iifcir-=»IOc 

Pert- City Diklctmrv. icoi 113 

Hull, N Albert vCecclia) inmaLe soldier.^ hon-.e 

Marion, res l:Se2nd 
Hull. Tim (Ida; engr Wab r r rt.> 2C9 \v ith 
Hulliuprer. KKnri .'wid,. h :,' s Lafayette 
Hiiltce. Omer. -irk.s Ind ^lig Co. li 402 e Main 
Humphrey. \VC arollie, fireman Wah rr rr-s 

78 -vv Sth ' 

Hnnter. Ch'.^ J , t'lecta) elk S H Do<^'iule saloon 

res 13.3 e 2iid 
Hunter, Clyde, h .328 w Main 
Hunter. Mary t>rid( res 32.S w Main 
Hunter. W H (lizzie) carp, res 2To w Canai 
Hupp, il^na) baker, res 477 w .3rd 
Hurd. Claude, simemasou. h 426 w 7th 
Hurd. Emma. (T*id) res 42*3 \v 7th 
Hard. Nettie, (vvTd) elk J S Hale & Co b 110 w C-t^h 
Hurd. Walter, u-ks Turner Mig Co. h 42»5 w 7th 
Hurwond, Je.'vsit teacher, h 17 x Main 
Hutchison. I^eori, h 44 Sprin? 
Hutton. John, i Fannie^, bo^iler cTaker V.'ab shop.-, 

res 2:35 e9tb 
Hyre, Arthur, Ofaud) carp, re.s 2S5 e 2:!d 










Ihok.s. Je.s,se (Esr.tieK painter fox c«jtr, <«•*'!« 

Kuclide ave 
IhfF. Bessie. doTu- h 201 e .3th 
IlifF, Harry, wi-,? Ind Mfg- Co, h 411 e ;jrd 
Iliff. Minnie, dotii. h 1.3.'> e .5th st 
Iliff, Perry ( Elisa) lab. res 63 Washington 
Imel. Thomas iHuldah) wks Peru Basket Co. h 

73J2 s Broadvray 
IndUna Mfg Co. A X Duke.s. rugj. east citv on 

Canal st 

Call at the Mc«t Popular I.ivery Stable in 
Pei^a. LOU WARD 



One Price rnul Square Dealfng at Hct'.ner's 
Hardware House and Department Store 
lU PiiKU City Dikectokv. I'i)!. 

Ingle. Bradford (Kliza^l lum iiispec I:ul Mfg Co 

res 377 e 5tli 
Ingle. Ethel P.. elk Bazaar, h 377 e 5th 
Ingie, Rachel (%vid) h 1^4 w l."/ih 

Brooke, prop, 254 eMnin 
Ireland. Thonia.s (Mattie) wk.s steel mill, res 4-71 

vv l.?th 
Irish, Edward C {i,nlaV eng Wab r r. re.> LVi e 'sih 
IrvHu. Mar\- A (u-id). h 118 w Sth 
1PAV!N, DAVID (Eiunia N^ real e.state. insurance 

and notary public r 2 over Citizens' Nat Bank. 

res 203 e Main 
Isham. Wm (L,eona) wks Bro-.vnell planing niill 

res 331 e Main 
Isler. Arthur (Ida) cond I. E & W. r^s 214 w 7th 
Izzard. Effie. printer, h 117 e 2nd 

Jack, John (Nellie C) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 27-3 e r? 
Jacobs, John, wks Elec Mfg Co. h 256 e 2nd 
Jacobs, Cha.s (Josie) wkt Peru Basket Co. res oOo 

w 2nd 
Jackson. Bert (Nellie) Ins agl Union L,ife, res 75 

w Canal 
Jackson. Clyde, wks steel mill, h 430 w Main 
Jack.-on. Douglas I Emma) wk« Elec Mfg Co. res 

CO Washington 
Jackson, Emma, res 83 w 2nd 
Jack.son, Eielding C (Mary Ann), carp, res, 305 

w Canal 
Jackson, Frank, lab, h 117 e 2nd 
Jackson, George M (Mary ?: i eng insp Wab r r. 

res ['SO w Main 

Everything in the Refreshment Line that 
is goo^J, V. Nickel & Son, 284 E. Canal 


Peru Loan Office f^-'-f^^r 

PKRr C'TV DrKKCTORv. i-yjl 


Jack.son. Grace, h 430 w Main 
Jack.son. Mattie. boarding house.^ res 117 e 2nd 
Jackson, S B. wks steel mill, h McGuire Hou.'-e 
Jackson. Wiley M (I.ena;, enibalmer Fetter, res 

110 e 3rd 
JACKSON, MISS PEARL, i^tcn T. G. Stewart s 

geii 1 ins ofncc. r S Ne \v Browne'.: bldg. h 1 17 e 2nd 
Jafircy. G'.istfxve 'Julia A^ wks 1,. E. cS: W res 410 

e tjth 
Jameson, Daniel W. wks In.d Mfg Co. h .>44 e 2nd 
Jameson, EH (Mar\-) real e.sate agt, 71 w7th 
Jameson. Ella, h 544 e 2nd 
Jameson, Geo. wks Ind M.fg Co. h r^44 e 2nd 
Jameson. Ken r>- T:-fMauJej wks Elev: Mfg Co 

res 759 e Ca'ial 
Jameson. John (Mary) lab. res 54 1 e 2nd 
Jamison. Eugene 'Eessie^^city fire dept. rc-3^7v.t-, 
Jami.son, Henry B. atty r 3 2> e main 
JamisQn, John E (Eva) conL res 43 e Sth 
Jami.son. Edith, h Bt5 e 6th 

Jamison. M W (Louisa) engr War) rr. res 66 e 6'h 
Jay. John (Rena'> bricklayer, res 1S4 w Canal 
JefTenson, Charles (Eoame) stonemason, res 25 

Jeffries. Wm anezi wks steel n:ill. res S-jo w 12th 
Jenkins, J H (Norai. lab, res 52 e Warren 
Johnson, Arthur (Altha). painter, res 2.>1 w 7:h 
Johnson, Arthur (Eouella) wks Wab r r. res 4^5 

w 6th 
Johnson Cal vDcra, fireman I, E ^ W. res 2r:.5 w 

Johnson. August (Annai. res 62 s Smith 
Johnson. Bert (Pearl) wks Wab r r. res 90 e 9th 
Johnson. Caddie, h 73 w .5th 
Johnson, Chas J vMary), wks Ind Mfg Co. res 3oi3 

e Canal - 

Try Club PTouse Whiskey. Toe per quart. 



























^v>^^-^All Ciiulsof Bonds Issued and Uoaiis 
'}) X^)^rad<L■ oti a few .MoHitjiils Notic e. . . . 

General liisiif aiice 

Agency afld loans 










OlTice room 8 Brownell's New Block. 

Peru, Indiana 

V = 

IV^^rr^r'^ Rcslaurant and B^Kcry. 

11 H. Mam Street. 



Mfg Co. res 1 j 
-. r r re-i iSOeS 

Joliri?on. C W ',Sophiri>. \vk« Mfg Co.. res 

270 c ard 
John-nn. Hr»rr\. carp. hl2l u- 2!:d 
^-Johnson. Henry, plasterer, res 2^) e 3rd 
John.^on, Iphlicvi.s (Rachel'' .supt Brov/nell mill. 

res 12t) e Main 
Johnson. L'^ni^ B fMar}-") traveling sale^rnan. 

res ]24 w 2nd 
Johnson, LilMan fwid'.. keep.- boarders, re.s TO e 2 
Johnson. Lorenzo, h 424 e .'ird 
John.son, Loni.s C, elk. 70 e 2nd 
Johnson, Mande h 124 v.- 2nd 
Johnson. Nellie, ii 254 e .jrd 
Johnson, Perry h 7-3 w .5th 
Johnson, Peter (Kstella) wl:s Ind 

Johnson, Robt O iHattie> wks Wal 
Johnson, Swan (Amelia) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 2i' 

Johnson. Thomas (Ida i wks oil field, res 7.3 i\ oth 
*Johuson. Glen, barber Moss shop, h 311 e 3rd 
Johnston, W:n. moulder steel mill, h 710 w Main 
Jones, Albert, wks Wab r r, h 4o9 w ISth 
Jones, Benj \Ar>na). lab. res ?J.i e Washington 
Jones, Benj F ; Irene"), brk Wab r r. res 724 w .'itb 
Jones, C E. real estate ngt. h 39 w 3d 
JONES, CLARENCE i Kathleen'* printer Miller- 

Wallick Pig Co. res 2?-; e 6t]i 
Jones, Clay ( Nettie'', brk Wab r r. res 17 J \" >-,h 
Jones, Frank i.I«3a)- ^"^5 I"d Mig Co. res 37 Jef- 
Jones. Fred, jan Brownell blk. h 4') Franklin 
Jones. George A , Georgia) traveling .salesman. 

re5 263w:id 
Jones, Gecrire YL ; Kosa A) wks Browne!! pla:::ng 

mil!, res o2 Warren 


10:-: i>. r-ra 7 




Peuc City Dn-.KeroKY. IfOl. 

Jones. H A aMl\^''- ^--^ ^^'a^ ^ r. re^ 377 w ^[aiii 
Jones. U K aena) carp. re-,. 'JS Washington 
Jones. Trvin. vvks I. E & W. h 459 w 13th 
JONES. JACK T, cifcar mfr 69 u Broadway, h S.> 

e .)th 
Jones. J E. brk Wan r r. h 175 w Sth 
Jones, Janie.s A (Mollit , wks I. E cc W fri dept. 

res 64 E win? 
Jones, Jesse, del elk Miller-s meat market, h 33 e 

Jones. John, wks ice plant, h 4 w^ Spring 
Jones. Jonathan vMary") res 459 w 13th 
Jones, Mary B (^^^d ^ res 224 w 6th 
Jones, ilinnie. waitress Bearss hotel 
Jones. O W. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 37 Jeffer.son ave 
Jone.s Sarah ^wid) h 119 s Tippecanoe 
Jones. Scott (Ella) stonemason, res 2^1 w 2nd 
Jones. Wm H (Frances) res 45 Franklin 
Jordan, Mrs C res 78 w 7th 
Jumpe. Chas (I.ncile\ tele oper Wab r r. h Uo 



Kader. Chas A (Marv-'i saloon, res 256 e Canal 
Kader, Fred I Dai.^y) wk^ Ind Mtg Co. res 29 

Kader John jr. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 305 e 3rd 
Kader, John (Lizzie) wks Ind -Mfg Co. res 305 e3 
Kahn. Sol (Ivcna) stockdealer. res 124 w- Gih 
Kalbfleisch. Richard, h 35 w 6th 
Kalhfieisch. Emma, h 35 w 6th 
Kalbfleisch, Henr>- (Tillie) physician and sur- 
geon. Sylvan Electric bath sani 65 n Miami, res 
35 w 6th 
Kallos, Joe (Gertrude;, lab, resll5 s FremotU 

For Soia Water 
No. 7 E. 3rd St. 

Kaiidy Kitchen 


SmokeO.P-B.A. Cigars 

PERr City Dirkctckv. KtOl 


Kane. Charles, porter Wab hospital • ,-? 

Kanther Will «I,anra). wks Wilkinson & Pcnic- ^ f 

roys planincr Tnill, res 40y e 5lh ™ "^ 

KANTZER & WUNSON, (Jacg-:es Kantzer and < '^ 

Andrew A MijnsoTi). tailors. 105; s Broadway ^ ^ 

Kantzer. Geo H (F^iiima). wks Ind Mfg Co. res ^ 

485 e 3rd % 3, 

Kantzer, JacqT2x;s (Marie) ' Kantzer & Munson. Q i 

tailors), res .1f23 e Main ~ ^ 

Kantzer. Michsel \IIannahK wks Ind Mfg Co. rn X 

res .5.59 e 3rd j» 'J 

Kantzer. Chris, wks Ind Mfg Co, h .321 e .3rd ^ ^■ 

Karn. Will, asst mail carrier, h 2''.6 e 2ad ^^ y 

Karr. R L (Mamie), eug L F: .Sc W. res 275 w 7th g 

Kartholl. Eleaiaor, h 13 w fith p ^ 

Kartho!!. Henruetta, resl3 w-6th Ul * 

Kater. Gusta. res 2.So e 3rd j 

Kater. L,ou. res 2S5 e .Srd zz 

Kauffman. Maggie, h 2:vj w Canal i^ 

KAUFMAN, J T '■Loui'^a) clothier, furnisher and * * 

tailor 6S s Broadway, res 125 w 3rd ^y^ : 

Kauku.sch. Antrim (Lizzie) wks Ind Mfg Co. reo -§ 

327 e Canal =; 

Kauku.sch. Joseph. wks Ind Mfg Co. h .?27 e Canal ^ 

Kankusch. Weuzel. (.Anna; wks .Stand Cab Co ^ 

res 20t^. e 2nd 7 

Kearn.'i. Ed I Caroline) wks Wilson & Xichleson ""• 

livery barn, res 366 '^^ Canal ^ 

Keeler. Znlema. iwid) res 252 e 8th ..^ .;- 

Keeler. Oliver, wks Wab section, h 2-52 e ith X* h 

Keeler. Eliza, h 4(08 e 5th k" | 

Keenen. Thoinas. painter, h 117 e 2nd = | 

Keeuen. OrvilL appr Sentinel office, h 110 e >:h ^ > 

Keenen, S f: -r^A >. res 110 e Sth r^ '* 

Keener. C W , "Mary .\i. cigar mfr, res2'!9 w 6lh - '4 

Hetzner's Jewelry Store I 


120 PKRt^ Cn V 1)irf;ctory. 19()1. 

Keiser. Fred, boileritikr Wab r r. h 303 w Main 

Keiiu, Joseph, carp, r :i'3S e Main 

Keiin. Joseph (Ella") vks Klec Mfg Co. rt..-^ 273 c 

KELLER, CHAS R, ag-t Prudential In.-^ Co. r7 

New Rrownell blk. h 123 w 6th 
Keller. W W (.Blanch '. eng- Wab r r, res 12.j v.- 2d 
Keller. Joe. h 23 W 5th 
Keller. Cas, In.s agt. h 123 w 6th 
Keller. 'John, asst Priest St Charles church, h TjS 

Keiley, Ollie (Kdr.a) elk P.eani's grocery, res 87 

e River 
Kelley. John. \vks steel mill, h 5S2 -.v Main 
Kelley. Eraraa. res 251 e Main 
Kelley, John (Cora) wks .steel mill, re,> 1S2 w 

Kelley. Erid;.ret. doni Ridgoview 
Kelley. John t, Daisy) wk.s Pern Basket Co. rt.-^ 

435 w 13th 
Kelley. Adan_i (.Eunice) wks Peru Basket Co. res 

i31 w 13th 
Kelley. Kate, wks Peru Ba.sket Co, h 22::; w 10th 
Kelley. Mary (wid) res 223 vr 10th 
Kelley. John, boileriiikr. h 22H vr 10th 
Kemps, Gus ^ Lottie) wks LE&W, res 5.>3 w Main 
Kemps, Amelia, h 517 w 3rd 
Kemp.s. Theodore, wks 1^ E & \r h 517 w 3rd 
Kemps, Hugo, h 517 w 3rd 
Kemp.s, Herman (Henrietta), wks L P^ & W. res 

517 w 3rd 
Kendall, Olive (widi agt ladies' furnishing goods 

h 12S wCth 
Keiinedy. James (Mary) wks L, E & W, res i^i 

w 6th 

Shirk & Milier 


Peiii loan Office pi'^'i^':^"^ 

Jc.-clry. 5 3 S. Bi'y 

Pi;ku Cnv DiRKCi'.juv. i:-«jl 


i:enntdy, Lafamous (Man- .A.1. brickniason, re- 
Pi w 10th 
Kennedy. Harry, wk.s Ind Mfg Co. h 175 c Sth 
Kennedy j£me.«< liOlarthaj; wlcs Reed Broc, 

farm implcment.s. resl73e jth 
Kennedy, Rol>ert, lab, h lt32 c Gth 
Kenny, Keudrick. elk First Nnt Bank, h 17 e ?i:d 
Kenny, Geo \Vv Jessie F> teller First Nat Biink 

res 77 c 2nd 
Kent. Alfred, bakeiv h 9 e 2nd 
Kent. Albert wks Nelp s meat market h 9 c 2:id 
Kenworthy. Mae. h 362 w 6th 
Kenuorthy. Thojnas G (Maggie) carp Wab r r 

res 3o2 w 6th 
Kenworthy. John (Rena) butcher, res 2.S2 w 2r.d 
Kerne.s. G W (Florence) brk Vv'ab r r, res 132 e -S 
Kershner, Ira N (Marv) wks Ind. Mfo- Co. res 23i3 

e 3rd 
Kerschner, Elbert, painter h i54 e 3rd 
Kerschuer, Win, wks Wab r r. h i^i e 9Th 
Kessling, Emma, wks F:iec Mfg Co, h 11 Ada.uis 
Kester. Thomas (Anna) wks Ind Mfg Co. resCi'^ 

Kester, Elmer (Laura) wks Ind Mfg Co, res lUeS 
Keyes, Thomas (.Ida) bkpr Peru Ba.sket Co, res 2 

s Fremont 
Keye.s, Anna bkpr Neal's e'evator h 13^ w 2nd 
Keyes, Dora;Xelne,, wks Stan Cab Co, res .373 v.- 

Keye.-;, J J, mgrPeru Basket Ca res -33 e 2nd 
Khoons. Geo \V (Anna), wks Brcwnell planing 

niill, h 51 e Canal 
Kidd, Josephine, sten Bailev c^ Cole, h fw' e .'?rd 
Kidd Bertha, ho.' e 3rd 

Kidd, Chas E (Angie L;. wks Elcc Mfg Co. re=; 
Go e 3rd 

Jas. T. Baker's Barb^T Shop & Bath xR(.K5in 

3oS West Altiiii Sti-eet 



























f "i 












- - 








?>TAPLE *r,o Fancy 

Phone 59 


I'ERr City Dirkctorv. 1901 


Kile, ^rartiii. c!k saloon, h 42 e 9th V ' :-' 
Kile. Sriniv.e! i' Emily), lalx res 42 e CJth :'■' . ■ 'i' 
Kile. Charic> (Frances I, wks Ind Mfg-Co. re5> 49 

Adams a\*e ' ' -• 

Kile. James, glas.sblower. h 19 Adams ave " 
Kile. Wni (Julia), wks Ind Mftr Co. 49AdaTi:? ave 
Kile, Nellie, dom. h 132 e Main 
Kile. J P (Jessie), wks Elec Mtc: Ca re> &.:> e lOih 
Kile. Knima. h 401 e 6th 
Kile, Nellie, dom. h 401 eOtli 
Kile, Joseph Jr. wk.s Ind Mf^r Co h 401 e eth 
Kile. Joseph (Mar}-), wks I;k1 Mtg Co. res -iOi e 

G:h -■ ■■..■. ■'■ 

Kiley. Beatrice, h 39 e Sth 
Kile\-, Frank Jr. elk saloon, h 39 e Sih 
Kilej', Martin, wks street car line, h iS» e 8th 
Kiley. Frank, elk, h ^9 e Sth 
Kiley, James (Man.-), works Wab r r. res 3^)'. ^.■ 

Kiliau. John (Barbara^ wks .Stan Cab Cc^ res 324 

e Canal 
Killde. Belle (wid). res 4.51 e 3-:d 
Killing-er. Emrria. dressnikr. h .^•4e2nd 
Killinger, John J (Gottlibeinj v.-ks Stand Cab Co 

res 304 e 2nd 
Kilmer, W* S (AnnA> tngr yards steel niiU. ref 

12Vte6th • - . 

Kilmer, Geo (Mar>-) carp, res 2f.^ w 2nd " 
Kimble. I V ( Rebecca > millwright, res s of c:t.y 

rural route 3 - - 

Kincsde. Franci.-=v. h 21S e Srh ■ -. " 

Kincade. F'-arik (Emma'i cond Wab rr. res 21Se? 
KindalL Pratt, wks McCaffrey- &. Co"s sTOcery. h 

69 e .5th 
Kiner. Samuel ■ Josephine'' lab. res l.?4 e Canal 

U A W ^' E R S 

. Post Cil-c Eldg 
»PlAonc l?42- 

Farrar & Clark 














>— < 




>— < 



Dr. Julius Wolff, 

Oplicpil Specialist 
New iJrownell R'g 

^ 12i 

Perv City Directory, 1901. 

King, W J, pat fence builder, h 561 e 2nd 

King, Florence, h il9 n Wabash 

King. Mary F, h 119 n V/abash 

King. Albert E. engr Shirk & Miller s. res 119 n 

King, John H (Mary), car repairer Wab r r. re.'; 

121 e Sth 
King, Catherine (, widV h S9 e Sth 
King, James II. teamster, h S9e Sth 
King. Chas. ^vks John S Hale & Co, h 67 e 2nd 
King, Nellie M, c!k French Bazaar, h 217 w 7th 
King. Samuel A (Stutesnian & King, flouring 

mill, w Canal), h 4S2 w Main 
King. Timothy I^ h 47S w Main 
King, William O (Edith),, h 236 w 6th 
King, Albert (Lillie), engr Wab r r. res 304 n 

King. George CMary), -prk-s Browneli planing 

mill, res 4^*2 w 1.3th 
King. Harry, wks Pern Basket Co. h 42* w 13th 
King. George i,Ida). stonema.son. res 42S w l^jth 
King. Riley, lives of town 
Kinney, C P (I,ou) fireman I^ E & V/. res 481 w C 
Kin.sley, Eliza A (wid) res 256 e 2nd 
Kinsley, Edith, h 360 w 6th 
Kintz, Daniel fireman Wab r r, h 61 e 8th 
Kirby, Lawrence, wks Wabrr section, h 69 w Sth 
Kiser. Jacob (Sadie) lab, res 251 e Main 
KISER, ROY, pressman. Miller-Wallick Ptg Co. 

h w River 
Kiser, Claude, printer, wk.s Sentinel, h w River 
Kiser. J A (Mar\') wks Cole's brev/erv. res w 

Kiser, Elsie, h w River 
Kissman, Willard vNeilie) engr J_ E S: W. res 276 

w 7th 

Try Club House Whiskev 

toc per quart, 
O CO. 

Wilson <?t INlcholsori I ;,,p-y 

Fine Turnouts. Courlt.on.s Treatment '"-'* ' ^* J 

Pesc City Directory. 1901 


Kissman, Absolom (Mary^i wks Browuell p!?n- 

ing mill, res 1.:'^ w 6th 
Kissler, 1, saloon keeper w of ci:\ limits 
Kitsmiller. Grovcr, wks Ind Mfg Co h 59 Wash- 
Kitsmiller. Ed (Mary) wks liii Mfg Co. res 59 

KITTNER, D & SONS, (D Kittner. Albert Kitt- 
ner, H. Kittner). clothing, dry goods. shO':s, 
etc. cor :jrd and Broadway 
Kittner. Albert (Florae ^D Kittuer & .-,ons. 

clothing, s Broadv.-ay^. res 171 vv Main 
Kittner. Henry Jr. 'D Kitiiier & Sons, cor c-rd 

and Broadway), h 118 w 6th 
Kittner, David (Rosa i. -D Kittuer S: Son's;, zov .3d 

and Brcradway). res 118 w 6th . 
Klaren & Co. (Mat Kiaren. Mgr.) ice crea.-:i and 

confections.) 67 □ Broadway 
Klaren. Matthias (Maggie; vKlaren ^^ Co. i- 

Broadway op public library), res a.SO v.- 7',h 
Klaren, Nicholas ;, .-Amelia :. vKli-ren & Co. op 

public libra r\-). res 2k5 w fciii 
Klein, Jaccl-. junk dealer h :i<}i e Mam 
Klein, Joseph, wks Ind 3Ifg Co. h ;i61 e Main 
Klein, E (Rosa) junk dealer, res .361 e Main 
Kline W E iFlora). brk Wab r r. re5 7;r'< s Broad- 
Kline, E. delivery elk Betzuer gT.>:erv. h 

224 w Sth 
Kline, Jennie (M-idi res 224 w Sth 
Kline. Jacob i; Rebecca^ carp Wab rr, res 124 w S:h 
Klins. E P. teacher h 12.:i v.- 6th 
Kling, .Alpheus vKate) elk McCa5-ty & Co's 

grocen,-. res 123 vv 6th 
Klingelsmith. Isabella, bkpr. h 12'J e 3.-d 


Groceries and .Meats 


H. P. FIKE, Architect, 

Room '4 -NA- 
Erowncll Bl'dg 



Klhigelsmith. I.uc>-bkpr Shirk S. Miller, h 120 e^ 

Klineel.sniith. Philip i Amy) carp, re^; 120 e 3rd 

Klingelsniith, Wnj !Mrig.£jie'» carp, res 2S w 7t!i 

Klice, Wm T. lab h -■39 w 3rd 

Klicc, I<ucy, rc< ^,9 v.- ;^rd 

Knndler, Clove, elk McCaffrey <Sc Cos g^rocery. h 

168 w 7th . 

Knee. INtart elk Wab r r. h 69 e Cth - : 
Knott. Charic--^ (Estheri, w-k> Wab r r, res .300 e 

Knuchel. John (Kate'i. saloon. 269 e Main, re?- 

273 e Main 
KNUCHEL, MRS JOHN, ice cream, candies and 

cigars, res and store. 273 e Main 
Knuf, Josephine, doin, 58 vv .5th 
Koenig Katy, wks Elec Mfg Co, h 53 s Wabash 
Koenig. Geo, wks Elec Mfg Co. h .53 s Wabash 
Koenig. I,ena ( wid). res 5o s Wabash 
Koerner. ;Mrs, Salome (wid) res .576 vv .3rd 
Kohls. Hnldah. dom. 221 w Main 
Kolilb. Julius (I,ouisa'l wagoumkr. res 272 w 3rd 
Kolb, August (Bertha), wks Ind Mfg Co. res liS n 

Koob.Fred(U:^zie5, wks Ind Mfg Co, res 3^0 e 3rd 
Koob, Wm (Stella) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 425 e 5th 
Koob, Albert, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 159 e 2nd 
Koob, Jacob (Barbara) shoenikr. res 159 e 2nd 
Koob- Joseph (IMay > painter, res ISl e Canal 
Koob. Henry ; Carrie) cigarnikr, -.vks Sol Melcher 

res 185 e Canal 
Koontz. Mike (Rosa) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 52 e 

Koontz, Edith, h 167 e 2nd : - 

Koontz, Wrti (:Mary-)''.vks Ind Mfg Co. res 167 e 2 
Kooncz, I„ove, dre-ssnikr. h 3U w Main 

Special Attention Given to Children at 

Peru Loan Office \ 

'o'.cy Lo^.-cd or 
Jcwclry. 53 S. Ed'v 

PKkc Ciri- DiRKCTOKV. vol 

Kocntz, George, vrks.stetl miil. h.'14 w Main 
Knontz, Alvin D ^miveT blk.«::r.!tf! Sullivan & 

Eagle, res 311 w ::ilain 
Koontz. Ilenn." H lAnna) wks *,Vr.rd"s livery baru 

res 2f/) e Canal ^— ,. ^ .. . .._,. .' ; 

K.,>uoh, HI., (Sarah-., pastor Wc.-lrvn MethodiVc 

church, re.* 412 wlSch- ■-• -' -■-•-. ■ -- 

Ro\vr-lt, Csrl -Sopbiai. v.-ks Ind Mf'^ Co. res 1^5 
>-- 3rd St 
Kon-alk. Cr.rl 'Mir.r.:c.. -.vks St^ij CabCo. re:, ."//J 

e Canal st - ' ■ • ' 

Kramer. Chris ■ LLtzie'i. wks Iiid Mf^,' Co. res 476 

'^ •ird , t;^ :^ 

Kramer, Gus i;PaMne). machinist 5tpcl mill, res 
• 2a3 w3rd [ ■ ' \ J 

Kramer. Theo.dore. elk, h 319 w .5th 
Kr?.mer. vSamuei (Aiia) showman, res .319 w 5th 
Kramer. John (M.a?>. '^Mefner '& ' res 

1S4 \v 3rd ..■-.., ; ., Geo (Louike>. wks !nd Mfg Co. res 27u e 

-nd i.v;^. ,.i r IX 

Kranig. Ilenn.- iBIisnch),. wk< Ind' Mfg Co. res 
,..530w.5th 7 -• 

Kranzinan, Emma, h ti t 2nd ' ] ^ i 
Kranzman, Anna, St .S4 e 2nd ,.,,.. 

Kranzrasn. K.ithaTihei elk Shirk &" Miller, h S4 
.e 2nd , " * ' ' 

Krath-ttohl, Bert. -erks.Ind Mfg Co ^ 416 e Mair 
Kratzer Jewelry Store. The. !irrs 'Nellie Smith 

prop. 17 s Broadsrtsy. res 29 w 3rd 
Kratzer, Sarah ^w:^) res '29 w cird 
Kraus. Delia B. h V^ w Mr.jn _ ^^** 

Kraiis, Sadie May, h 1.59 \x Main \ / "'% \ 
Rrau.s, Je5sie.Q;bS9%v>Iaiii,.: "^ - ^ %^ 

Kraus. Dora R. h 17^ w iMain \ , 

B^eaaa's Stea.m I^aunclry 

■" ■ "20 e! TKI1?D ST." 'Phone 63 ■• ' '" 




1 Lumber Co. 














All Kinds 















Thar\ any 

One Else 


i 1 TV 1 k * 

1 i 1 ¥ ^^ *>©©©©© 




IVIifirrji C^ount\ Loan 

Peru Ctav Directory. 1(<H 


Kraufv Mnx W h 15y \^- Main 

KRAUS, MILTON., attorney r 3 and I Foot bl4g 

h ir,9 w Main 
Krnus. Cha« ( Hamah) prop Bagginjj Mill re~ 

ir>9 w Main 
Krauskopf. Tillie. ciom. iCKi w lird 
Krauskopf, John K (Katie; •vTk>i Klcc Mfg Co. vis 

518 w 3rd 
Krauskopf, Juliu* wks steel mill, h 513 w 3rd 
Krauskopf Wm rCatherine) wks Elec Mfg Co, 

res 3U e 3rd 
Kreutzer, Kate. h.S2 e 3rd 

Kreutzer, Jacob. Tetired merchant, res i'l e 3rd 
Kreutzer. Frank 'Emma) bkpr Cole"s Brewery 

res 83 e 3rd 
Kreutzer, John J Rose) (Peru Yv'holesal-^ Groc- 

er\- Co) res 2^e5th 
K rider, H C (Eva) plasterer, res 257 e 2Gd 
Krieg, John (Flcnai saloor.kpr i57 = Broadway. 

res 271 w 2nd 
Krieg, August, wfe Ind Mfg Co h 277 e 2nd- 
Krieg, Emma, h S) e 6th 
Krieg. Clara, h .3?Pe 6th 
Krieg. Wm F. papirhanger. h :iSO e 6th 
Krieg, John J i Scnhia L,] wks Stan'I Cab Co. res 

3S0 e 6th 
Krieg, Chas. wksliid Mfg Co. h .3.V2 e .=;th 
Krieg, Louise, wte Ind Mfg Co. h 352 e 5th 
Krieg. Mike ( Sopi-iai wks Ind Mfg Co. res 3o2 e 5 
Krieg. Sophia, dan h 12 s Clay 
Krise. Ada, h 254 =v 5th Benj (Sarali ■ teamster, res 254 w 5th 
Krollman, T A (-ai5cea) retired U S A. res 4S6 e 6 
Kuch. J C iBlaucit'i shoenikr, res 4 .Spring 
Kuch. Tvlartin. h:^ Pike 


Smoke tk^^J.l.Je^^ 




Pfkc City Dikkctory. 19C1. 

Kuch. Louis, h 39 Pike 

Kucli, Carrie, cashr Shirk i^: .Miller's, li :S9 Pike 

Kuch, Jacob (Catherine;, sh':)ernkT Shirk 8: 

[Miller's, res 39 Pike 
Kuch, Dan, shoenikr, 29 w 2ud. re^ r^anie 
Kuinler, Charles iAlice), cashier Nat Gas Co, r-t:.s 

KUNSE, PEACH, Ci^y Milliner. No. 8 e 3rd. h V,l 

e 5th 
KUNSE. J B (Margaret J), real estate, loans and 

Insurance, 12^2 ^ Broadway, res 151 e oth 
Kuntz, Chas (Sauie^, Painter, res 1-35 w Caual 
Kunzi, Alva, carp, h 15 Adams ave 
Kunzi. Geo (Gertrude), carj', rea 15 Adams ave 
Kurtz. I V.'illiam (Martha), master mechanic L 
- K & W, res 3?:6 w IMain 
Kurz, Carl (Lena), '.vks Ind Mi'g Co, res 65 n 

Eroadwav . - . 

L^Boyteaux. Thos (Emniak cond L E & W. res 

265 e Gth ■ ' - . 

LaBoyteaux. Clarence, uks Telephone Co, h 201 

e 5th 
Lackie. Homer, elk Stiver's bakery, h 107 s 

Lackie, John, baker Stiver's bakery, h i07 s 

Broadway • ■ - - 

Lambcru C C (Bdle) barber Shepler ic Parks\ 

res 206 e 6ch 
Lamm, EN, architect, h Bearss 
Lamm, Frank P, elk McCarthy's, h -57 e Main 
Landauer, Someo, h 75 e 6th 
Landauer, Harry, elk, h 75 e 6th . - 

Landauer, Jessie, elk Bearss Hotel, h 75 e 6th . 

Tr>' Club Plouse Whiskey, 75c per quart, 
^' - JOK ANDRES & CO. 

Baber !& Mirchell 

FOK. N1:AT rvE.PA)}vlN'G 



r.andaiie:-. Nate J /Auduet) travelinsf salt-.<;i:iaa. 

res 75 e t,ih 
I,ar!dgrave. Geor5:e (Kate) cari'. res 5 Colun'b;.'- 
Landgrave. Dollie. re.-, 157 n Hood 
Lane, Caioliiic. dressinkr. res 9 e 2nd 
La:ie, Mark C, musician, h 9 e 2nd 
Lane, Anna, h HU w Main 
Lane :M?.rvin S (JaneV wks L E fie V,' shop*-, res 

314 V. 6th 
L.-^ntc. Edward M fHelenj baker. 11 w 2nd res 

220 e 3rd 
Lang, Martin iCath.-nrine). glassblower, res H12 e 

Lantz, GB(Mina). fireman Wib r r. res .^*7 w 

Lantz. John E^Allic;. agt Reed Bros h IrjO c 

Lantz. Elba, h S7 w 6th 
Lantz. Scott, bra Wab r r. h 2'7 w 6th 
Lantz. \Vm (LO'^sa). wks 'V^'ah r r. res 257 w 6th 
Lapham. Frank (Nellie), consfn foreman Ind 

Pipe Line Ca ires 122 e 6th 
Larimer, Su.san. res 261 w 3rd 
I,^rimer. Josher-h H (Lillian I) atty over Hale's 

store, res 2;J4 vr >rain 
Larkins- Trace (Anna) v.-ks steel mill, res 157 w 

LaRue, L A (Blanche) elk L E & W. res 213 w 6th 
Lauire. Leslie, elk Wab r r. r 43 e Sth 
Lar.son, Iver (ir^ryi wks L E cs: V\' shop, res 1*57 

w Sth 
Latham, De"^"ht C. wks LE&W shops, h 2''4 w S 
Latham. Georg? (Martha) earp. res 204 wSth 
Latta. Henry ■ MatiMa! wks E)ec Mfg Co. res .52>) 

e Main 

Prescriptions frotii 

Thiebaud Sc Co.. p^-^--^"^^'^--', 

Arc Absoh'TcI, Correct 


LEiSTZ. BROS., Photf>«rfiphei 
Grxjuncl P'loos- Stuiciio 

riTRf Cnv IJlkKCTOKV. li'il 

l^ttf!. Chas. wks Eleo MfgCo. h ,720 e Main 
LATTA, BLAr-JCHE. ^v.<s Miller-Wallick Fig Co. 

h 520 e Main 
Lavender, H A (Delia) cond I, E & W. res 07 

I^awell. James (Emina) wks Peru Bagging Co. 

res otjo \v 13th 
l,a\ven, I,on (Jeunie'i, wks Stan Cab Co. res 2:^1 

V 9th 
I^.\vell, Reginald, wks John S Hale & Co. h iV-i w 

l,awell, John (Maliuda), wks Turiier :Mfg Co, res 

■113 w 13th 
Lavvell, Emia. h iVi w loch 
I^svler, Chas. lab. h 269 w 9th 
I^wler. John, elk Wab r r, h 269 w 9th 
Lawless, Philip, v.-ks steel mill, h 30 W Main 
IvHwreuce. J F (Alice P,^, (Lawrence & Rhode.<. 

attorneys), res 81 e 6tb 
La^^'rence, Ed (Eniriia), brk Wab r r, res 211 w 

La%vrence, Zoe, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 276 e .3rd 
Lowrence. I.raira (wid), res 276 e 'ird 
Lawrence, Albert (Alice) blksniith, res 291 w 2nd 
LawT-ence, Frank. (Elizabeth) res 317 w 8th 
I^zo, Lulu, res .38 w 10th 

Leahy, Ernest J, (Maud) eng Wab rr. res .')2 w 3rd 
Lease. E. teainster, res v/ River 
Lee, John, wlcs >t?fcJ mill, h 3J:.' vv- .7th 
Lees, Rol>ert. (Frances, carp, res 25 Franklin 
Leebrick, Chas. (Ella) mgr Shirk S: Miller hard- 
ware dep't. res 86 w .5th 
Leedy,A D. (Lydia)wks Ind Mfg Co.res 2o Ewing 
I.eet.i. Chris, (Sophia) barber 13 w Second, rts 

31 Franklin 

Nelp's Meat Market 

Most Reliable in 
15 W. Srd St. 

Peru Loan Office f z-. 

itchc:.. D:arrordA. 

Jewelry. 53 S. Bd'y 

PKRt Cnv DikiXTOKY. 1901 


Leffel Emnit:r5on.drivere.xpressw.Tron.hG7-- .'ith 
Leffert. Edw. cindy maker Peru Cany Co. h 63 •; 

Lehmaicr, Mary, h 117 e Srd 

Lehniaier. Katherine. h 117 e 3rd 
Lehniaier. G«>rge. (Katherine; res 417 e 3rd 
Lehniaier. Jacob. (Ellai lab. res 322 e Srd 
LehTnaier. Jr/^eph E. (Mary) wks Wilkin.^on .'.: 

Ponieroy. res 114 e 3rd 
Lehman. Wm K. i Maude) carp. re.= .>>s w .3rd 
Leithold. Bruso ' Harmnea). res .52.3 e Main 
Leithoid. Court .'Mary) res 43.") v: Cana! 
Leithold, Richard, (Beitha; wks Ind Mfg Co. 

res 76 e Cau.iI 
LENHART &. SIMPSON, K.irr.iturc 5: Un>:er- 

lakiug. 53 t! Broadway 
Lenhan. Wra. ( Jeanette) (Lenhart & Sinapson, 
Furniture ard Undertaking. .->3 n Broad wavi 
res 35 e 6th 
Lenhart, bkpr. h l-vO e 2nd 
Lenhart, JohE .S. lElleni retired merchant, r^;- 

ISO e 2nd 
LENTZ BROS, I Anson and Charles Lentz. pho- 
tographers) 13 w Main 
Lentz Ansop_. (Helen) photographer, re,= 17 w 

Leutz. Louis. .Caroline) wks Wilson & Xichd- 

scn, res 313 w Canal 
Leutz, Charles, photographer, h 20 v.- Second 
Leutz. Louis. .Louisa) tinner L E & W res -^D 

w 2nd 
Lentz, Winfield, tinner Shirk .S: Miller.h 20 w 2nd 
Leprod. Xoai. wks Wab r r section, h 69 w Sth 
Leshef \Vm M (Cora) wks Stand Cab Co. res 21S 
e Canal. 







fc ■■ 




■ . ' . . -. ■ 

o 1 

(V f 


^ 1 




. [- 




z : 

o • 

• : 




^ ^ 




Q: tij 






- -^ 

^ -q; 


. UJ 



; : .• 


-. Di 


;; ■ 









G. B. Noiand, lipholsterin^ c^ Repairing 

2o Wei^t Thii-d 

Phku City Dikr-CTOKY. 1901 


T.eslie. Ida. doin h Xi Warren 

T.ctztier. Gustave (Auariista) xvks K!cc Mfj Or. 

res 521 e Main 
I.eraugh. John \V (Fannie) lab. res £5 W.irren 
hevi. Max i Margaret) wks Wah r r. re= I Sprin'4 
J.evi. Wtn. hanker, res 11.3 w ;ird 
Levi. Lillian, h 11^ w lird 
Levi. Lulu, h 115 iv 3rd 

Levi. Sainuci fS?rah) ji:nk der^Icr. re5 170 v.- >th 
Levi, Al>e h 17<l ^v 8t'n 
Levi. Ben. wk.s iiink shop, ii ITu u- Sth 
Le^•^. Belle, h 170 w 8th 
Le\"ina. Sister, ni.irse, Wabash hobpitrtl 
Levouclxer, Louis (ilc-r\i city Sre dept. re"? JC2 

e Canal 
LEVY & CO, 'Lev.i.s Levy and Chr.rles ^Vhitien- 

berger) meai market. i;0 e ?.[ain 
Levy. Lewis. (Levy & Co) h 57 e Main 
Levy. Felix. (Sarah) prop French Bazaar, rr.- 31 

Lewis. Charles. I Charlotte) ensTtieer. res 75 River 
Le^vis, Anna. doni. h 22S e 3rd 

Lev.-is. Arthur, wks packing hou-^e. h 71 e Kivtrr 
Liehthiirst. Bruno i Hannah) lab. re:? .529 c ^I^i-.: 
Liudermann. Charles, (Nellie) wks Beck's hdv^ 

store, res 22S w 5th 
L'-ndner. Barnhard. (Martha • --.vks lud M!>r Co. 

res .3>:3 e Srd 
i,:ndsey. Earl, b!ks:r.:h. h .57 e River 
Lindsey, A K. iMar>- Ei wks ^trel mill rc< iU e 

2nd ' - ' Juiin yi. shoer.ikr, cor Slh a.nd Broad- 
way, h s.xnie 
Lippold, Geo F iSarah^ res -tS5 e ord 
List. Clartrnce. h 67 w Sth 


Call at the 3iost Popular \A\ery Stable in 
Peru. LOr WARD 



Prartica! Plumber. Tinner 

ard ¥v.r:^:c V/ork.*.r 
18 East Tliird Strec; 


Peru City Dikectorv. 1901. 

I.loyd. Ora (Alice) barbtrr. v.ks Mrs Stewart's. 

res TO e 3: d 
Lookridge. Ross, teacher, h 2:36 e 2nd 
l.ocku-ood. Cliarles. press agt Wallace Circus, h 

S.5 e .Vh 
I.ock'.vcud, Helen, h Ridgeview 
Lock\vc.od. .-Vrthur, reporter Repub. h Ridgeview 
Lockwood. WW (:Mar>-^ editor Rep:ib. res Ridge- 
I,ockv,-ood. EliJ^abeth, h Ridgeview 
LOE:v,/£NTHAL, NATHAN, t Hall 6c Ivoewenthal. 

Klothier.s. 20-22 n Broadway), res 177 w ;ird 
Loc-an. Mar>- J (wid) h 270 w 2nd 
I^ogansport & Wab Valley Gas Co (R H Bouslog. 

Mgr), 23 e :ird 
Lohn-'an. I^iuk (MaryV ensrr, res 101 w Sth 
I^ohmeyer. J H (Catharine), cigar nifr. 21 .- 

Broadway, res 85 e Main 
I,oman. Mary (wid). h .52 e Canal 
I,ong. Daniel, elk Julius Falk, h IIS w 7th 
Long. Wm (Nora), blacksmith, res 69 e Franklin Hain.ah. grocery, h 118 w 7th 
I.oug. James ana), wks Wabash r r. res 362 v.- 7th 
Long. Jere (Bridget), yard foreman Wab r r. res 

118 w 7th 
I^ng. John, elk Wax-ne Hotel, res same 
IX)n'^ John C. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 222 e 3rd 

l-y'2 e 3rd 

I,ong. Mary ( 

I,ong. Mike, elk Falk's h 113 w 

7 th 

Canal, res 63 


LONG. WM H I Nora) blksmith 

LcK>mis. Fred (Sarali ■ foreman L K & W. res 4S1 

w Main 
Loomis. Dale, elk Wab frt ofhce. h .312 w 6th 

""^vTl^ICKEI. <S SON, 




Sold by All Dealers 
Pkrc City Directory. 1901 137 2 

Loorai-s. Ross, h 312 \v 6th 

Loomis. Walter, h 312 w Gth 

Loomis, Gilbert (Jennie) carp LE&W. res 312 wG 

Losher, Wilson r^Iyra) brk Wab rr.res 114 Ewing 

Lo.-^her John H (Mary) wks Ind >FigCo. res 4j'0 
e :3rd 

Losher, Xel.von D. wks Ind Mtg Co. h i>jO e 3rd 

Loughran. Hector i Belle ^ ass't foreman L E ^c V.' 
shops, res 207 w 7th 

Lough ridge, Mary, h 10,8 e 2nd 

Louis. Gertie !wid> h 103 w Canal 

Lovatt. Wm. h lt>S e 2nd 

LOVELAND &, LOVELAND. 'H P 6. R J), attor- 
neys. Foote bidg. IS n Broadway 

Loveland. Robert J ( Maude i, (Loveland & Love- 
land, attys. Foote bidg), res 62 e 2nd 

Loveland. Pratt < Margaret .. (Loveland S: Love- 
land. attys, Foote bidg). res ?/) w Sth 

Loveless. Wm (Martha), carp, re? 476 w .",th 

Lovern, Arthur, lalx h 354 w 6th 

Low. Jacob (Margaret)' wks Ind Mf g Co res 2S6 

Luca.s. W O. saloon, e Main 

Lumley. John (Katei fireman \^'ab rr. res 230 wS 

Lut7. Fred iKathariue) voks lad Mfg Co, res oi<2 
e 2nd 

Lutz. Chas (Catharine^ wks Ind Mfg Co. res 2^9 
w Canal 

LtJy. Augusta, dom .^ Ewing 

Lynch, Thomas, brk Wab r r. h 223 w 8th 

Lynch, Wm, elk Cunningham s groc. h 23;^ w Sih 

Lvnch John (Lizric) blksmith. res 223 w Sth 

Lynch & Tate (John Lynch ahd Robert Tate") 
blksmiths cor Hroadwa\' am.' Ewing- 

Lynch & Fisher 'John Lynch and Ed Fisher 
cont cement %valks and curbing 

Try Club IIou?e Wlii.-^key, T5c per 





S. Broathvay, between '2n<lan(13r(.l Sts 

]?S Pfkx- City Directory. 1901/ 

L,ynch, John (Kate) (l^ynch vS: Fisher) res 114 e *< 
L,y7in. John A (Olive) coiicl Wah r r. res 'iZi e r>th 
Lyons. Jacob, lab res 25o e Canal 
I^yon.s. John, wks steel mill, h r^IcGuire 
I,yons. James, wks steel mill, h :McGiiire House 
Lytzenburner, Eva, wks Stiver's rest, h 17 w 2nd 

M ^ 

Macy, Clarksoii M (L,ou), Co auditor, office court 

Jiouse, res VU w 3rd 
Macnierenda. IVIacy, teacher, h 103 e 6th 
MacFadyen. Donald, florist Tinker's green house. 

h 380 w 6th 
Madary. Edward C I Bertha May ), lirenian Ind 

Mfg Co, res 415 e Main 
Madary, Elizabeth, h 2S1 e 3rd 
Madary. Albert B (Su.san). wks Ind Mfg Col. les 

253 e Sth 
Modary, Wm (Gertrude), elk Zabst meat market. 

res 51S e Main 
MADDOCK, J E, (hnlii), optician, r -t Browueil 

blk. res 219 vv 2nd 
Madeford. Howard, law^-er (Tillett & Dunter), r 

Cole blk, h422 w Main 
MAGRUDER, DR J W, physician and surgeon. 17 

w 5th, h same 
3Iahany, James iClara/, wks I. E & W r r. res 

271 w 6th 
.Mahler John ("Mary^ elk Mercers :estaurant 

res 107 e Main 
Maisenbaker, John (Carrie) wks Elec Mfg Co. 

res (vj Euclid 
MalbelT, J D (Mary) wks Ind Mfg Co, res 3-35 e 5 
Malin. Chas (Lillie) wks Peru Basket Co, res 2t>4 

w 9th 


Kaiitzer & Misiison :;4f F 

10 ' 3 o. lira Y 

Peru Loan Offi 

^ Money on. 

^^ V/atc'-.c3, Dir.n.cndv, 

Jcwc'ry. 5 3 S. rid'7- 

r-ERr City Directory V.<>} 


Malin, Janu-s (Xargaret) wks Peru Basket Co 

res 134 w Sth 
Mallott. Cab.-in. fLucy) coud Wab r r. h 53 w 3rd 
?.Ialoney. Cha.^, printer. 417 e Main 
Maloney. DanidlfDora) res 30:3 v.- Main 
Maloney, Ilarrj. h 417 e Main 
Maloney. Ja.s (Erx-n) target man. res 74 e 9th 
Maloney. Mike .:\[argaret I engr Wab r r. res 66 

n Clay 
Maloney. Geo:s,> fireman Vv'ab r r h « u Clay 
Maloney. Eugeiie (Mary) barl>er 71 s Broad'vay 

res 417 e Main 
Malott Thos, bl^smith Ind Mfg Co. h 516 e 2nd 
:Malott. Isaac (A^na). team.ster. res 50S w 3rd 
Malott Mary- I/fwid), res 671 w 3rd 
Malsbarv-. .\ E. ^slpt Peru school, h 22 w 5th 
MALSEURY, J ^tJ:, (Anna), physician, r 5 Cole 

blk. re.-^ 27 w otn 
MALSSURY, L ©, physician. 5 C-le blk 
Malsbur^-, Sarah, h e Main 
:\ranmiller, Anmi h 10:^ e Sth 
Manmiller, Bertta, h 103 e ,Sth 
Manmiller. Daviij S (Adeline^, eugr Stan Cab Co. 

res 302 e 5tli 
rsianmilier. Geo. iiremau Wab r r. h lO^j e Sth 
Manmiller. Wm Catharine,. ena,T X^al's eleva- 
tor, res lf>5 e Sli 
Mann. Daniel l rCaryj wks Ind Mfg Co. res 495 v%- 

Mann. Dorsey, vks steel mill, h 4^5 w 13 
Mann, Wm. wksoil field, h 495 w loth 
Mannen. Chas. x-oer Wab rr. h 75 s Huniington 
Manning. June, iom h 'jS e 5th 
-Marburger. FJi wks Ind Mfg Co. h 236 e 2nd 
MARLOW, BEP.iTHA. ^^ks Miller- Wallick Ptg Co. 

h 221 e 2nd 



Kaudy Kfehen 

For Soda Water 
No. 7 E. ord St. 


Moi^ror^c fvcstaurant and Bakery. 

11 E Main Street. 
140 I'EKf City Directory. 19(j1. 

Marlow, Cathariiie (wicl) res 221 e 2nd 

Marlow, Jesse, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 2-il e 2n(! 

Mai low. Ulyses (May") wks Ind Mfg Co. les 4?' c 

Marshall. Albert (Jetniie) wk.s Iiui Mfg Co, res -Vi 

e Washinacton 
Marshall. Anna, h 1S<3 w Tth 
Mar.-=hall, Dick, glassblower. h ISO vv 7th 
Marshall. Geo (Mar\-), plasterer, res ISO w Tth 
Marshall, liuinphrey i^Hainiah), res 203 e 2nd 
Mar.shall, Nellie, h liO w Tth 

JIartin. Blanch, elk John S Hale & Co. h 257 e Z'l 
ilartin, C fl (Kate), lab, res 4G9 e 2rd 
Martin. Edua. wks ElecMtgCo, h 6^ Washington 
Martin. EJ (.Joanna), wk.s Elec Mfg Co. res d*: 

Martin, Henry P (.Alice), advertising wago?:, !■> 

e 3rd 
Martin. Joe i,May). driver oil wagon, res .->'<! w 2nvl 
Martin, O (wid). res 402 e Main 
Martin, Sarah, h 115 vv- ord 
Martin. Sidney t,01a ) wks Ind ZMf g Co, res bU w 

Martin. John, wks BiOwnelTs planing mill, h lo 

e 2nd 
Martin. Gaylord. wks .Miller's meat mki, h 15 e "j: 
Martin, Wni. engr. h tjTi w .3rd 
Martin. Wr.i. wks Elec Mfg Co h oS Wnsiiir.^tvr.i 
Marlin, W B .Margaret) train dispatcher Wab r.- 

res 561 w Main . 
Masters. Harry F ^B^'^Ji'^he) couiity treasurer. 

res 65 Franklin 
Matiacio. Vingezo ^Anua) stoneniasor., res &7 e 10 
Matthews, B W, h 2i w Main 
Maithews. C B (Emma) elk W'-^h r r. re-li»7 e Kth 

Hetzner's Jewelry Store 

i'- ^ 

^: T^. tr- 

z'n 'J± 


^ ^ J5_^ ^ 
















Pkri- City Directory. 1901. 

Matthews. R G. re.^ 11" n JefTerson 

Matthews. W'ni S i,Gerti;u1e) traveling salesman 

re.<^ Ridgc\-it'w 
Maynard. Phoebe, li 4S Warren 
Mays, Frank, lab. h ^S'i w 13th^ 
Mavs, Walter, wks SaTix Blue's cigar store, h 177 

e 5th 
Means, C B (Nellie), tinner L E & W. re- .>21 w 

Means, James (LealO. trader, res 311 e Main 
Means. Mabel, h 276 v^" :Main 
Medsker. Meritt (.MerissaV wks Elec MfgCo. res 

1^.^ v: 8th 
Meech, Floyd, baker Stiver's bakety. h 107 s 

Meech. Loyd (Tilla) baker Stiver's bakery, res 

33 Warren - 

Meehen. James, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 277 e 5th 
;Sreeker. Arminda (wid) res 416 w 7th 
Meeker. Grace, h 416 w 7th 
Mehaffy, Magdalene (wid) h 50S w Main 
Mehi. Anna (wid) res 353 w 5th 
Mehl. Daniel, h 19 e 6th 
Mehl. Kate (widi. h 11X3 e 3rd 
MEINHARDT, HENRY (Snria) (^Meinhardf.-, 

store^ 8 .-^ Broadway, res 24- w Tvlaiu 
Mei-ssner, Henry, pastor St Charles church, res 

5.S \v oth 
M richer, Krnm.n. h 110 n Fremont 
Mclcher. John A tLydiai trav'g salesman, res llO 

n Fremont 
Melcher, Sol (Katharine) cigar mfr, 51 s Broad- 
way, res 73 w 7th 
Melcher. Wm A (Winifred) cont'r and builder. 

res 5*3 w 7th 

Shirk & Miller °%^, 




PF.KU dry Directory. lt«ol 


Meih. Dessie. telephone Kx. h o.53 w Mh 
Mcllinger. George W tP:nimp) wk> Krowne:''-. 

planing mill, res 5')7 w 5th 
Melville. Gei W .Emma., en-r W.'ib r r. re.- 

Melvin. Maude. <lom h h/J n Huniington 
Mtlvin, J B 1. Sarah; nreman Wab rr. res Warren 
MF.RNER & KRAMER. (Chas Merner and John 

Kramer) tailors .55 s Broadway 
MERCER. WM S i Sarah Ei Iiaker> and Resuiur- 

ant 11 e Main, res 110 w 6th 
Merdman. Martha, dora. h 1.5S w .'3th 
Mcrkel, Edward L. Marv; c!k Wab r r res 2:>5 w 

Merl, Kate, elk J S Hales h Hi'^ w 3rd 
Merley, Geo F 'Nora) teacher, res 22 Adams 
Merlc-y. Henry (.Maggie) wks Ind Mfg Co. res '20 

e Boulevard 
Merley, Jahn (Jennie) wks Ind Mt^ Co. res l.'jl e 

Merrit,' James, wks steel mill, h .3.yj w 5th 
Messmer. Clara \wid, res .56 .\dams 
Messmer, Clarence, wks Ind Mfg Co, h .56 Adams 

Messmer, George, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 56 Adains 

Mtssmer. Wm iDora) cond Wab r r, res 3."9 w Kth 

Metticus, , operator, h IS Ewing 

Mettighan, Georj^e, wks steel mill, h McGui^e 

-Mendenhall, John ■Anna) wks Ind Mfg Co, res 

320 e Main 
Metz, Dr I W. physician Wab hospital 
:Meyer. Anna, l.utheran school teacher, h t-3 w 

Jas. L Baker's Barber Shop c^ Bath Room 

3o5 West .Main .Street 





lU Pkri- Citv Dikkctorv. 19<)l. 

.Meyer. M H (Jennie K» \vks Xeal warehou.Sf. res 

21v< e Main 

TiON i Willard GriswolJ. Presu C R Cox. vice- 

prcs; E L -ATiller, sec and treas; Cha« W Beecher. 

a?;s*t .sec snd trea.s) Broadway op court 

iFarrar & Clarke' postoftice bide 
Middaiigh. Roberi ( Lena'i chief electrician '^tcel 

rnin. res 221 w INIain 
Middletou, James vXcra";. cigarnikr Sam Blue's. 

res 116 s Tipxr-ecanoe 
Millbaugh. I^fe vKate'» '.s'ks steel mill, res 474 v 

Miller, Albert h 17 e Sth 

Miller, Albert E (Essie) bvk I, E & W. res 262 w 2 
Miller. Alice i-u'id') milliner, h Ridgeview 
Aniia, h 69 e River 
Anni.s J. dressjulvr h 172 n Miatni 
Aaron, elk Peru Basket Co. h h2<\ \\ Main 
Blanche, wks Wright Med Co. res South 


.Arthur, wks Ind :\Ifg Co, h 592 e 2-ud 
IMiller. B F (Kosa") lab, res 31 Jefferson ave 
Miller. Carl E. drug elk Porter's, h .30') w Canal 
Miller. Catharine (widt res .3.5S w 7th 
Miller. Chas lOiive'; elk Shirk & Miller-.s. res 12:^ 

w- .5th 
Miller, Chris!.er.a. h 2jS e Main 
Miller. Clark (Georgia) printer. Journal, res 71 e 

R iver 
Miller. Claud, lab. h Main w of city limits 
Miller. PM ( Maiule) lab. res 67 w Sth 
Miller. E Iv (Katei secy Miami Co Loar,. res KXJ c 


Try Club \\T^ii.'?key, Too j>er quart, 


Peru Loan Office^- 

Ijcar.iA or. 
Jcwcby. 53 S. Ed V 

Perv Cit\- Directory. IWl 


Miller. Elbert wk-s Stand Cab Co. h 17 e Sth 

Miller. Elbert S. elk Shirk & Miller's, h S2 w 6th 
Miller, Elisha. wks steel mill, k 40S w Uih 
Miller, E.lizabeth. res ».-; e r,ih 
Miller. Ernest, niailcarrier, h 71 e 6th 
Miller. Ernest wks Jnd :.rftj Co. h .592 e 2nd 
Miller. P>-erette K (Cora) wks Ind Mfg Ccx res 32 

Miller, Floye. h 71 e 6th 
Miller. G B (Mary) res 1.59 e 6th 
Miller, Geo. fireman Wab r r. h 171 w Sih 
Miller. George C (Ella F) Shirk ^ Miller co- 
Main and Eroadv.-ay. res S2 w 6th 
Miller. George C jr. h S2 w 6th 
Miller. G F. lab h 305 w Canal 
^riller, Geo W (Flora) wks Prc.vnells planing 

mill, res .526 tv Main 
Miller, Harry (Etia) drayman, res 1.'9 n Cass 
Miller Harry I,. (Maggie) dog and 

res 17 n Hood 
Miller, H C firen-au Wab r r. h 263 w .5th 
Miller. Henr\'C (May) wks BrownelPs planing 

mill, res .50.3 w 3rd 
Miller. Henry J. elk h 3a5 w Canal 
Miller. Homer E (Rosa) wks Ind Mfg Co. res •>>: 

e 2nd 
MILLER, JACOB F, fl^ouisa B) (Peru Cycle E.v- 

change, 19 e Main^ res country 
Miller, James (Susie) wks I. K & W r r. res 315 vv 

Miller, J C (Philena B^ retired farme 

Miller. John G. reporter Miami Co Sentin-^T h >U 

e 6Lh 
Miller, John H (Mary E'l lumber dealer, res -^ e 

pony show, ^i- 


res i.'^o e ?. 

Farrar & Clark ,>t.^o.;^;55*^ 






Stap'-e and Fascy 

Pho:ic 59 

L i SClilUM 

I'Kki City Dikkctorv li<Ol 

u: r. 

(Peru Cycle Exchanvtei 
hntch-e: r-l-.^T.;. r, ind 7 w 


Miller. John (Hannahs resZTu w 7th 
Miliar, Johti 'Mary i •A-k'; \VJlki!iso-i v\: t'oneroy ^ 
re> 210 w :ird ^: 

^'!1LLER, JOHN (C'jrri 
19 c Main. n.-> .-^atne 
Miller, John {Lilliajii 

•2ud. res 1?/.' e 2n'l 
Miller. John, fireman Wab r r. h 171 w Hh 
Miller. Joseph. n'.a.'=;oi). h lyj e 6th 
Miller. Jo.sephine. iuillinen.-. 6£« s Kroadway 
Miller. Katie, h :m w Canal 

Miller. Lee t Josephine> mail carrier, rf-.^ 71 e 6:h 
Miller. Le^^ E ''?r.-^r.nna> wks steel rrilH re.s 40^ 

Miller. I,ou. cond L E &. W. h 2i:''.2 w 2nd 
Miller. Loui.s C (Lydia) engj Vv'ab r r. res 212 -v 6 
Miller. Tude. elk Shirk & Miller's h 77 w2ud 
MiUer. Maggie iwid) res 22.'^ w 2::d 
Miller. Mary E. book agt. h l.'i9 e < 
Miller. Mar>- J h llSn \Vaba.<h 
Miller. Matilda ywid) res 30-7 w Canal 
Miller. Nelson tDella'r ^-ice-pre- Citizen's Nat 

Bank, res li)3 e oth 
Miller. Nettie, teacher, h 13 Ewiiig 
Miller. Orson, barber Del>olf.v h iiH w Kjth 
Miller. Robert S. re.s 33 e 3rd - • 

Miller. Ross iwidt res 57S e 3rd 
MILLER. SCHUYL?:R (I^ouenima' f Miiler-Wal- 
lick Printing Co. T'.i u Broad'.v;iy . res I2«) e 2ud 
MILLER, S C 'Lizzie). Agt Metropolilan Ins Co. 

res 417 w 3rd 
Miller. Sv..-an . \vid> res .SI e 2nd 
WILLER-WALLiCK PRINTING CO. Tiri'i'tr.s. ai-.i 

mfrs advcrtisiujf specialties. 70 n Broadway 
Miller. W M (Ro-dta! bntcher. res 16 n Miami 

R O VJ M C M iSr S A\ I T I-f 

Grooej i»is finti .Meats 


) > 

Dr. Julius Wolff. 

Oi)ticaI Specialist 
New P.rownell B'<< 


Pkkv City Directory. 11K)1. 

Miller, Wilhelmina, res 1?S e 2ud 
Miller. Wm, carp, h 305 w Canal 
Miller, William (,Emma R), wks Ind Mfg Co, res 

118 w 8th 
Miller. \Vm, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 327 e Canal 
Miller. Wni ^.Rose) wks Canal roller mill, res iTy'l 

\v 5th 
Miller, Win C (Alice), butcher, res 128 e 2nd 
Miller, Wni E, h IS e 2nd 
Miller, W F ;,Mercy') res 215 w 3rd 
Miller, Wm H (Alice) wks Bro\Yneirs planing 

mill, res 214 vv 7th 
Mills. Chas C. fireman Wab r r, h 2:^) e 8th 
Mills, VVestley M. fireman Wab r r. h 235 e 8th 
Minter, W'ilbur S (Delia) traveling salesman, res 

17 Warren 
Mrtcbell, Caroline L. res ISl e Main 
Mitchell, Emily, h 124 e 5th 
Mitchell, E I,, (IJUie) baker Lang & Co. res 25 

Mitchell, Helen, res 181 e Main 
Mitcheir John, Mitchell & McCIintic attorneys 

First Xai Bank bldg. res 124 e 5th 
Mitchell, John W (,Mary) lab. res 17 e 2nd 
Mitchell, Wm, wks Peru restaurant, h 11 w 2nd 
S/iTCHELL, S C, vBaber ^ Mitchell, jewelers, 7 

s Broadway), res 12i e 5th 
Mobley, ilary. dom, h 69 w 6th 

• Chandler), 159 n Broadway 
Moder, I^ouise. h 153 w2nd 
Moder, Wenzel. res 153 v,- 2nd 
Moder, Wm, wks Taylor Sottlisig Wks, h 153 w 

Mohler, Ida, h 71 w 6th 

Take Ofi Yoiir Collar! We Do the Rest at 
STR.\NAI1AN & PIPER, 23 E. Main 

When yx)j want z Horse arid Bu^jgy cr i Driver 

Telephone 137 


pKHr City Dikkctor', . i^ii 


Mohler, O P (Emma D) real estate. 18'-4 s Broad- 
way, res 169 w 6th 
Mohler. Geo (Hallie) res 177 e 2nd 
Moklen. Charles E (Mamie M; wks l!'.d Mfg Co 

res .525 e 3rd 
Molden. Katie (wid), h %2 w 5th 
Molter, Peter, carp, h 491 e 3rd 
Molter, N I, (Lena) carp, res 491 t 3rd 
Moharter, Wm CNIargaret) lab. res 1*30 e Canal 
Monesmith, I„ G (Stella) wksBrownelVs planing 

mill, res 213 w 5th 
Montieth, Frank vBlanche) elk McCarthv's. r-- 

259 e 2nd 
Montieth. May. h 232 w 7th 
iloon. Frank J fCora) fireman Ind Mfg Co. -e? 

757 e 2nd 
Moon, John (Bertha) wks Ice I'lant. re-^ :^<\ w 

Moon, Leolin (Ida) baggagf;man union station. 

res 155 e 3rd 
Moon, M."vck (Carrie) stock buyer, res 2:^ e 3rd 
Moon. Robert, elk Shirk & Miller's, h 114 Kwir.? 
Moore. E F\ wks Peru Basket Co. h 369 w 1.3th 
Moore. B W (Molly) car inspector L E & w res 

371 w 5th 
Moore, Florence, h 166 w 6th 
Moore. Frances, .nausic teacher, h lr>5 w 6th 
Moore. Emma, h l^V} w 6th 
Moore. Henr\- B * Jane) h 110 w 6th 
Moore, Hugh, h 57 s Wabash 
Moore. F D (Etta) eng L E .S£ W. res 57 s I^- 

Moore. Louisa (wid> res 216 w 5th 
Moore. Mary J i.wid) res 166 w 6th 
Moore. M E (Mary) wks Wab freight house, r^s 

68 e 9th 


R-eam's Steam Laundry 














H. P. PIKE, Architect, I 

4 Ncv>- 
Brownell ^I'df, 

~ 150 

Peru City Directory, Uk)!. 

Moore, Perry. wk» lad Mfg Co. h 11 e Boule\~ard 
Moore. Harry, express me.-^'<ena:er V.'af), h 66 n 

Moore. Sarah i,wid^ h ol Jeffersou ave 
Moore. Walter ^Nora i carp. re.s 370 w IJjth 
Moore. Win (Ida F) wks Iiid Mfg Co, re.s 426 e 2d 
Moore. Wni, wks Peru Ba^^ket Co. h oTl w 7-,th 
Moore. James II. printer, h 63 w 6th 
Morrell, Chas i,Mar>-) brk W'ab r r, re.s 1.>S e 6th. 
Morrell. Edna E, wks Elec Mfg Co. h l.jS e 6th 
Morrell. :Muriel H, elk rkleiuhardL h V,S e 6th 
Morrell. Hazel, elk New York store, h l.')Se6th 
Morrett. Cha.< F i^PJei-tha > carp, res 23 Adani.s 
Morrill. Alice ( wid) teacher, h 476 e 2nd 
Morris, Al iEUa) mgr Bears.^ Hotel, res 107 w Sth 
:Morri.-. Al\in G (.Eliza; night policeniau. re.s ^i e 

Morris. Arthur, wks Elec 3Ifg. h SftS e 3rd 
Morris. Delia, h 63 eMain 
NIORRIS, ELMER S, attorney. Zern blk. h 20:3 w 

6th . , . . r .. 

Morris. Emnsa (\\-id) res 'j^)S e 3rd 

Morris. G F (Fannie) engr \Vab r r. res 124 e 6th 

Morris. I.,, fireman Wab r r, h 61 e Sth 

Morris. Venerable (Etta), wks Ind Mfg- Co. res 
X32 e Canal 

Morris. \Vm. wks lad Mfg Co. h .^m e 3rd 

Morrissey. Elizabeth, h 26^3 w Sth 

Morri.s-sey. James (Anna) wks Wab r r, res 265 w 

Morrissey. Sarah (wid). res 2t53 w 8th 

MORROW, WARREN v-Mary) iFietcher & Mor- 
row, horseshoer.s), r--s 6 w Spring Edmund B (Henrietta) harn'zS'imkr. res 
204 n Miami 

The J.I T. J. Smoke 

S. Ed'y 

Peru Loan Office pf^^^ 

Vkkv City Directory. UOl 

Morsef.'THerf>crt fiarile,^strikr.'ft"204 n Mianii 
Morse,, .Stella, bk^pr Affelder'* -roc?ry. h 3^ Pike 
Moseley, Orlando ^Sarah i >ale,-nian^ re-s 12! e 2d 
Moseley. Edith, h 121 e 2nd ' " *^ '"''■' 

Moseley-, Mary uvnd) h 121 e 2-nd - ; ; •-- 

Moses. Bert W. h 179 w 3rd 

Mose.s. EHzal>eih (wid 1 res 2-57 e 6th ; ., 

Moses. Feli.x (Carrie; .^ale'^nian, re,c 179 w 3rd 
*Moss & Danlop. hafr dressers, aNive 2:1 e Main 
*Mos.s. Alexaiidexii Julia A; tes 27 e Main i 

*Mo5.s. Chas t Mary i barber .54 n Broadw'av. rcs 

2.54 e 3rd ' *- -" • ' ' . Edw|trd tJirag^eS^ frk? Ir:d Mfg Co.' res 2'"2 

e 2nd V ^ " / -'^ ^^ ; 

*Mo5s Barier Shop. "^.3.4 i&road-.vav ^ j 

^iloss. Frank, barber. .53 s Broadway, h 27 e Main 
Mos.s. Frank, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 262 e 2nd 
*Moss, Htr.ry J. barber. -53 s. Broadway, h 27j£. 
>Iain r\ *Xt <X ^?" .' ' } 

*Moss. Millie (wid; res 311 e .^rd **"" -■ ' -" "-— - 
Mowbray. Ralph, local agt Chicago Record-Her- 

'aid. postofhce block, h 172 w 6th 
Mowbray. W E 'MarN-^ attorney, r 3 First Nat 

Bank bldg, res 172 w 6th 
Mower. T P (Floral cond Wab r r res 2-59 w Sth 
Mowrey. Tim (Lizzie i blksrr:ith I, K N: W. res 132 

e Canal 
Atoyer, Blanche, dcm McGnire iroi;,>e 
Mulcahey, Anna, wks Blair & Yilleit, milliners. 

h 125 e Sth ^. . & > . »-- 

Mulcahtv. E<iward ^-:jlarv-^ macl\iuisj. ics 125 e 

isth 5^^ IMH H K^ 0^' 

Mnlcahy. P>ank. wkVHleb-Mfg €0; h 125^e>Ntl: 
Mulcahy. Thomas, fireman Wab r r. h 125 e ^th 
Mulholland, Eucile (wid) h 95 e Sth 


Try Club House Whiskev. 7-x: per q'jart, 
JOE. AiSJDRES ci CO. '"^ 




J I ® 9 1 


^ 3c. per Loaf 

Special Attention Given to 
Wedding and. Party orders 

54 S. Broadway. Phone 902. 

Money LoaTicrl on Mort'^^'c^p at the 

l**-;Rt- City Directory. 19<J1 r>{ 

Mullet \Vm, wks I, K & W. res 317 w Sth 
Mullet, .■\lbert (Edith) wks Peru Brisket Co. res 

^J1^> \v Canal 
Muniaugh. Andre-.v ( Amanda r wks Gcves livery 

barii, res 179 e River 
Mumaugh, Frank (Ida) lab. re.s 2:^.7 w Main 
Muniaugh, John (Jc.s.sie) wks Wab r r. res 12-7 e 3 
.Munro. John .Martha) eiigr \Vab r r. res 6i) v.- 7 
ilunson. Andrew A (PhoebeA- < Kantzer S: Mun- 

son tailors) 10 5 Broadway, res 22S w 2nd 
Munsou. I^illiaii. h 22S w 2nd 

Mnnson. Willard. baker l,ang &. Co. h 22.S w 2iid 
Mnrchle. Ed. elk frt dept Wab r r. res 23-7 w 2nd 
Murden, Cynthia (wid). res .Sl-S w r^th 
Murden, George L t,Hettie) (Murden I.iveryBarn 

5^3-55 w 2nd) res 31. S w .5th 
Murphy. C A ildenia) engr saw nill. re.s 2<>7 w 2d 
Murphy. CE (Maud; bkpr Elec Mfg Co. res 154 e 

Murphy. James, machinist Wab r r, h lr>} r Miami 
.Murphy, James i Fannie) wks Wab r r h ■'>:a w 

Murphy, John (Maryi engr I, E & W. res 72 w 7th 
Murphy. John E- wks ice cream fac, h 301 e 2ud 
Murphy, M E. wks ice cream fact, h .77 e River 
Murphy, Nina M. h Zm e 6th 
Murph\-. -Oliver lEmma) lab. res .>ri5 e 6th 
Murph}-, Anna, h 2S e 3rd 
TMnrphy, Oscar, wks Ind Mfg Co. 
Murphy. Thomas brk Wab r r. 1 
Murphy. Warren B. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 3^)1 e 2nd 
-Murray, Susanna <^wid) res 3<T2 n Broadway 
>[urray. George (Nettie) mach I, E & W. res ?,<& 

w 6th 
Murray. Ed i.Hva) drayman, res 6 w lOth 

Complete Line r>-j<T-, Toilet Ar:irIc->, Cigirs E- - 

TfilEBAUD cS> Coi 

. 275 e 5! 







Feru City Pirixtoky. I!K)I. 

:Myers, :Mrs ^vid) res 2.VJ e 8th 

Myer^. A!l>crt (Cl'tnsta") shoemkr, h 'Ehn\\<yr><\ 

Myers, Alice ("vvicn res 74 Ev.iitg 

Myers, J',elva E. teacher, h 333 w oth 

Myers, Cbas. w]<s Ind Mfg Co. h 2r>6 e '2nd 

Myer?. C W (KIiz:a!j>eth> mgr Peru Luni Co. res 31 

Myers, Daniel P iSnrah^, carp, res 333 \v 5th 
Myers. Kdward (Klla^ \TksInd Mfg Co re? 33 "j e 

^fyer.s. Henry ccirp, h 67 e 5th 
^Tyers. Henry, printer Miami Co SentiiieT, h :333 

w .oth 
:Myers, John (Blanche's tailor J T Kaufman "s. res 

39 e 10th 
Myers, Julia, h 4C2 wI3th 
^.lyers, Xona. h 7-i "Ewixig 
Myet?. Victoria (wid') res26<) e t>th 
Myers, Willard. lather, h 2.V2 e .sth 
Mygraut, Kliza (Tvid) res320e3id 


MoAli?ter. T H f Lizzie 1 l.>oilernikr, res 231 w lOth 
McAlli.ster, Thos CVlatilda) res 186 w 6th 
McBride, C R (^"ellie^ cond W'ab r r. res 172 e nth 
McCatlerty. Fr.ank (Mary) wks Wab r r. res 26.3 

-A- 10th 
:^TcCafTrey, Hugh (Caroline) groceryrian 1.3-]."> e 

Main, res 123 w IMain 
McCaffrey, Margaret, h 123 w Main 
McCall. Lawrence (Mary-) engr elec light plant 

res 524 e 2nd 
McCall, Thomas W, lab h 524 e 2nd 
McCalla, Chas (Dora 1 wks Wab r i', res 257 w 7th 

Nelp's Meat Market 

Most Rcltifcle m 
City. Phor.e SO 
15 W. 3rd St. 



Pkkc City J^ikixtokv. IWl 


MeCann. Columbus (Elizabeth) blksmith LE&W 

res 201 w 7th 
McCann, Mary, elk Kittuer .s. b 2ol w 7th 
MoCartcr. Lawrence, lab. h 217 c 3rd 
McCarthy. Anna, h 113 w 8th 
McCarthy, D b' (Klizabeth; .saIO'>'i 13 s Broadway 

res 21 w Main 
McCarthy. John, h 113 w 3th 
.McCarthy. John S (Gertrude*, mgr shoe dep t 

John S Hale ^: Co, res 33 e 3rd 
McCarthy. Julia, cLk John S Hale 6c Co. h 113 w 

MCCARTHY, J R, elk Hall & Loewenthal, kloth- 

ier^ 2i>"22 n Broadway, h 113 w Sth 
McCarthy. Margaret, bkpr John .S H.iie & Co h 

113 w Sth 
ISIcCarty. Tom (Elizabeth) wk.-- steel mill, res 6.'Sl 

w 3rd 
McCauley, Elizabeth (wid) h 545 e .3rd 
McCauley. Frank A (Lenora; carp, res .545 e 3rd 
McClintic, Elizabeth, h 109 n Huntiugti. n 
McClintic "Wm B iWynona) attorney (Mitchell 

& McClintic t reslOCt n Huntingtvju 
McClure. Chas UMary) elk Wavr.e Hotel, h 210 w 

McCormick, D E (Maggie' wks *;treet car line. 

res 451 e 3rd 
McCoy. Bruce, elk Blue Drug s:ore. h 36 w 6th 
McCrea. John Jane; farmer, res n Dukt w cir>- 

McCrea, LJUie. dressmkr, h 314 w 5th 
McCurdy, Thomas E (Eiuma.i painter, res Elm- 
McDowell, Anna, dressmkr h 4^^^,; e 5th 
McDo%ve!l. Ben. h 325 w Main 






Orocind Ploor Studio 


Pfku City Directory. 1901. 

McDowell. Chas, h 'i'2o w Muin 
McDowell, Gladys, tc.icher. h 32.") w Main 
McDowell. H P (Ellen) phy.siciari, 106 s 

way, res 325 w Main 
McDowell, Marvin, teacher, h 32.") w Main 
McDowell, McClellan, wks Ind Mig Co, h iXi e 

McDowell, Will (C^atharine) uks Ind Mfg Co. r-s 

?72 e 6th 
McHlheny, Frank (Maggie) Zimmerinati S: Mc- 

Elheny props Miami County -Sentinel, res llo s 

McKlheny. Thomas K (L,izzie). h 116 s Wabash 
McEIheny, Wm (Barbara) engr Wab r r. res :r24 

e Main 
McF.lheny, Frank, lab. h .324 e Main 
McKlwet, Charles (Ella) wks Taylor's bottling 

wks, res 176 w' Canal 
McEhvee. Clayton, h 131 w 7th 
McElwee. Frank (Nellie) elk Falk's. res 131 w 7 
McFailand, Ed, wks steel mill, h 373 w 6th 
McGee, Win (Mary-) engr Wab r r, res 272 w 7th 
McGeeney, Ed (Grace) cond Wab r r. res 27.'^ e 5 
McGerey. James, wks st car line, h 30;> w Main 
McGLOIN, JOHN, attorney, r 2 and .3 Schmoll 

blk, h s<juth of city 
McGovern, Michael iMary) cond Wab r r, res 173 

w 7th 
McC-rady, Lucy, elk French Bazaar, h 17i w sth 
McGrady, Mary, h 171 w 8th 
McGreevy. Patrick H (Helen) ry mail elk, res 57 

e6th ■ 

McGregor. Tatt. h72w6th 
I'.lLGrew, Roy (May; elk John S Kale & Co. res 

30 ^ Main 

lOU WARD, Livery and Boaidin^ Stable, 

Opposhe Baptist Church 

'Phone J 5 


Peril Loan Office r'^?".';?;^^.?; 

Je-A-clry, 53 S. Ea'y 

I'KRr City Dirkctory. IWl 


McGuire, I. F (Ilorothy). prop McGuire rf 

wks steel mill ^' 

McHaflre. . engr Wab r r. h W e Main ^' 

Mclntyre. Nellie, h 173 w 3rd '" 

McKay. John, brk Wab r r. h '-5 e 6th {^ 

McKinley. Ross (Eizzie). wks steel mill, res .T12 ^ 

w Canal /i 

McKin.-itry. James (Filiza) county recorder, res 12 5^ 

Spring o* 

McKinstrv-, Joseph, elk recorder s ofnee. h 12 2. 

Spring - u 

McKinstry. Louise (widj h 210 e 2nd ^ 

McEain. S A (Eydia) engr Wab r r. res 70 E^.-in^ H"- 

McLain. Earl, h 70F;wing £; 

McMahon. John, tele oper Ind Pipe Line Co, h ^ 

78 w 6th •'■ 

McMahon. John D .Julia) oil ganger Ind Pir^e X 

Line Co, res 78 w 6th -2 

McMahon, Jennie, sten county clerk, h 7S w 6:h C. 

McMahon. Patrick (Delia) wks Fetters, res 52 ei' :£' 

McManis. Cha.s. wks Wab r r. Ii :>)32 n Broadway ^ 

McManis. J C > Julia .\) lab. res 171 w Canal ' ?r- 

McMunn. llenr;.-. carp, h National hotel r, 

McNamara, James C (Anna> elk McCarthys, re^ 5" 

' 122 Ewing " E: 

McNamara. Margaret (Mrid) res 122 Ewing ^ 

McNiel. .Sarah im'd) h 33 e 3rd V^' 

McNiel. Hallie. elk Wab r r. h ?j.i. e 3rd 7- 

i'cStay. John, h S3 w 5th ; _-. 

Naylor. Chas A t,Cora Ev wks Turner Mfg Co rcs H- 

179 w. 3rd ' rt 

Nanghton, Georgia, milliner, h 27 e 2:-.d -- 

When on a Trip fio the Ea-st E:.d drop in wA s.-i 


.^•^■^Ij::'. t [f 

.■&*:;%,;„;*. ,:'.!-iv> 




V ;^ j^*-*-^ ^*^' -^^^ i^> JU 

New rpholsteriii;:^ 
lo Order at- 

G. B. Noland's 

PKRr City Dikfctoky. lyOl 



•Xeal. J A v'i Co, elevator?, dealers in grain p.nd 

feed cor Broadway and Canal, also \Va?» r i 

Nefl. Chas (Belle) wks Peru Basket Co. res P/jT, n 

Xeff. F \V (Peach) train di.-;v»atcher I, E I's: W. re*- 

17 n Miami 
Neiswender. Mahala. head waitrc-^s Boarss Ilottl 
Xeiswendcr. Matilda (wid'i re.^ 4 Euclid 
Neiswender, Virgil, viks P^lec Mf^^Co. h 4 Euc'id 
Neiswender. Vern. -wks Elec Mtg Co. h 4 Euclid 
Neiswender. Mahala. h 263 e 6th 
Nelp. Daniel -Jennie) wks jiink shop, res 2.'.1 e 

NELP, LOUIS I'Henrietta) meat market l^i w .3rd. 

re= 17 w .3rd 
Nclp. \Vm lE.fTa) wks steel rail!, res r>i*j w Main 
Neupert. Jennie, res .376 e 6th 

Newberry. Steve i Nannie)clk.stccl mill, h :>i e 3 
Newbiiry, Stephen \Ada) cashier steel mill 
Newman. Ruth, h 3;>i w Main 
Newman. Samuel (Eliza), res 127 w Main 
Newton. C O (Alice) wks L E. & W, res 2C4 n 

Newton. H O vMinnie)cond L E & -317 w ^■', 
Newton. Joe. steam fitter, h 07 w 3rd 
New, Bertha, h :-,>>.s w ."jth 

Nev\-, Marshall ■ Erama^ wks I. E 6c W.res c-S-S w .') 
NEW YORK STORE 'Shapland. W B. pror 

j;en'l mdse and notions, 5 s Broadway 
Nichel.son, Bert (Wil-on & Niche! ^n. livery and 

feed stable. Court "i h 211 e *.th 
Nichelson, Geors;e, h li>-; e 2nd 
Nichelson. Harry, elk J S Hale's, h 211 e 5th 
Nichol, Paul i Helen) wks Elec Mfg Co. re; IS 


Try Club Hou?e Wliiskey, Too per qua.r.,' 


CI D!^^. .,J Practical Pivmber 

tS East Thiid Street 

^ im 

Pkru Ciiv I)ip.p;cTORY. H501. 

NATIONAL SUPPLY CO 'I^^-'i P Bolds mgv) n, 

R road way 
National Hotel (John Trippter. prop* cur Miami 

and 2nd 
Xaiighton. Lor.isa (u-id"i res 27 e 2nd 
NAUGHTON, T G, dentist, lOlh.' ^ Broadway, h 

27 e 2nd 
Neal. Chas (Jennie) wks Peru ^^lilling Co, res 262 

Neal, J A (Emma.) prop Xeal warehouse, res 21 

Nicholas, Geo (Maniie> lab. res 373 v.- 6th 
Nichols. Cha.s. !ab h 62 E:uclid 
Nichols. Geo. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 62 Euclid 
NicJioIs, \\'ilbur, wks E;iec Mfg Co. h 62 Euclid 
NICKEL, JOHN 'Gertrude) .saloon. res2>2 e Canal 
NICKEL, VALENTINE (Caroline) saloon, res 2y2 e 

Nickels. Peter I,, lab, h 137 e River 
Nicodunius, J W (Dcrotha) carp, res 169 e 2nd 
Nicodemus, John, h 52 e Washington 
Xicodemus. Wni \,Ida) Tab. res 167 e River 
Nisbeu Clinton I>. lab. h 'i:^6 w 6th 
Nisbet. WaUer H (Mary) wks I. E & W. res 71 w 

Nixon. PlarA-ey (Edith) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 325 

e Main 
NOBLE, L F, pii'ii Peru Bus College, h 229 e 3rd 
Noel. D E (Jennie) brk Wab r r. reslS5 w 8th 
Noel. William, wks steel mill, h 3&S w 5th 
Noland. David, wks Turner Mfg Co. h 276 e 3rd 
NOLAND, G E (Nannie) ttphoLstering aTid re- 
pairing, 20 w 3rd. rcs 157 e 3rd 
Nordquest. Nellie, dom. h Shirk home \v 5th 
NoTis, J B (Eliza) tinner, res 1S3 w 7th 



vSold only at 1.") vSouth Broadway 

Perl- City Directory 1901 161 

Norri.s, WoC'dvv3.:d (Ro.saj wks E!ec Mfg Co res 

422 e 5th 
Norton. Mary { v/id) res 254 w 3rd 
NORTON, C G, prop The New Progre--, 17 v. '<' 

h 254 w 3rd 
Norton. Mrs K I^ res 254 w 3rd 
Null. Walte.'-. (Prudence) ensT Wab r r. rt- ^2 


Nyce. Harry iRosa) pastor PresbyterviU church.. 

Oak saloon. Stere Titus prop, op union '^t.ition 

Oates, Esther A. sten, h 1S3 e 3rd 

Gates. Fred i^Ma-ie) printer Chronicle, h l.-)2 e 

OATES, J D :Su:^.n N) (Oates & Oswald. In- 
surance, resl estate and loans) r 3 Brownell 
blk, res 1S3 e 3rd 
Oates, Merle E, h 1S3 e 3rd 

O' Brian, Doc a Id. wks Bearss hotel, h .52 w 3rd 
O' Brian, Ann,a, h 110 w 2nd 
OBrian. George Orar>-) farmer, res UO w 2tid 
OBrtan, A Jackson [Agnts) elk. res 52 w .3rd 
O'Brien. Michael D vEUen) b-oilermkr I, E ^S: W. 

res 164 w 7th 
O'Brien. Michael fKafe) sa\o^m 1,55 n Broadwav. 

res 251 w 10th 
O- Brian, Vincent brk E E & W. h 52 w 3rd 
OBrien. Cornelius, policeman, h 2t>4 w 7th 
O'Brien, Dell. mu.sic teacher, h 95 e 8th 
O Hnen. Walter (Bertha) wks L K & W, res 5S2 

w Main 
O Brien Thos, wks steel mill, h McGuire Hou.--r 
O Brien, Torn, moulder, h -303 w Main 


Kandy Kitchen 


Soda Water 
■ E. 3rd St. 




Hetx^ier Hardware House for Stoves, Tin 
and Graniteware and Builders' Supp>lie.s 
162 ~ ~ 

Pkri" City Dirkctor^ 


O'Connel], Frank CMargarct) engr I^ E & \V. res 

283 w 6th 
O'CouTiell, T]iot7ias (Amia^ wks L E <S: \V. res 

319 w Main 
O'Connell. Wni, machinist L K & W, h 319 w 

O'Day, John J, dist forcKion Ind Pipe I^ine Co. 

res 12:? e 6ih 
O'Donald. ^ames. lab, h 470 w Main 
Odum. George, wks Wab shops, h 92 e Sth 
Odum- John, tele oper. h 92 e Sth 
Odun:. Julia, h 92 e Sth 

Odum, Win (Maggie) lineman Wab r r. res 92 e S 
O'Hata, Wra ^.Mayme) elk McCaffrey & Co's 

grc-cery. res 2.V3 w 61 h 
OHara, Bessie, steno Rea.soner & O'Hara, h 376 

w Main 
O'Hara, James, teacher, h 376 w Main 
O'Hara, John \V vElla) vReasoner & O'Hara 

attorne3,-s. r 1, 2 and 3 Ems^viler bldg) res 376 w 

O'Hara, Jerr\-, driver McCaffrey <t Co's grocery, 

h 272 w .^th 
O'Hara. Patrick, driver Peru Milling Co. h 272 w5 
O'Hara. James (Catharine^ lab, res 272 w 5th 
O'Hara, Michael, lab, res 209 w 10th 
O'Rourke. Mary (wid'i res 213 e 3rd 
Oil Well Supply Co ( J P Young, nigr") ."jfl n Broad- 
Oldham, O H (Mar>' F) cond L E & W, res 35 

Evving - " . . 

Olinger. Aaron (Martha J^ lab. res 80 w Carial 
Oliver. Geo (Blanche) agt Singer :M3chi!ie Co, 

res .'i74 e 3rd 
Oliver. Charles, boilermkr I. E & W. h 47S w 



Hard-ware Departi-nent 

Peru Loan Office f^^^!^^. 



Jc-*^elr7. 53 S. Ed'y 

Perl- Citv Dikeciokv. nm 


Oliver. Sarah, h 2ti2: w 9th 

Oliver. Eunice, don.a. h 7^ e 3rd 

Olson, Gus ^Ainau.Ja) Ixjilernikr JU K ic W. res 

3'J2 \v 6th 
Ol.^on. Ole (Mary J -i^-ks I, E ."-c \V. rfc^-3S9 w 7th 
Onufiia, Sister. nu.;;»e Wab hospital 
Opp. Casper, h 392' e 2ud 

Opp, Elizabeth, dnes.smkr. h 2v Washington 
OPP, JACOB Rosnbelle) prop Post sopiple room 

62 s Broadway, res 213 v.- Main 
Opp, r.ena ivrid; r-es 466 w 5th 
Opp. Philip (Magd^eleua) wks Wilkinson &: Pom- 

eroj 's planing rraiil. res 2^3 w 2nd 
Oppenheimer. Anna {wid) res 134 w 3rd 
Orchett, Ed vMargaret) night elk Wayne hotel, 

h RidgeWew •-[; 

Ord. David (Agu.sta) grocerv ccr Grant and 7th ^ 

res 2i Grant SC 

Ord Da\-id & Co, grocery and meat market 122 ^ 

and 124 Grant - ^ 

Ormrod, John, h 302 e .-jth "~ 

Orpurt, Henr>- (Aiice; lab. res 227 e 2ud ^ 

Orr, l^illian. dom_ h 2'25 e 2ud S 

Or: Alonzo (Martha^ lab, res .5,S(3 e 3rd ^ 

Ort. Hugh vNora; painter 1. E &. W. res 3:36 w 7Lh t? 
Osborn, Alexander '.Amanda) shipping elk Ind ^ 

Mfg Co, res :3&6 e 3rd ^ £, 

Os-f>5rn, Ellen, elk Shirk ■& Miller, h .3S6e 3rd ? 

OSBORN, E A. Physician, 57,'2 s Broadway, h ,^1 

33 Spring. Phones: office. S14; h. 763 ' ^ 

Oslx->rn, Lewis (Etf-e"^. plastering cont^ res_33 ^ 

Spring ' "' g 

OSWALD, A M (Oates ^ Oswald, ins. real estate ^ 

and loans r 3. Browne!! blk J? 

OTool. Thoma.s. h 5:iO w Main c 

Jas. T. Baker's Earber Shop ^ Bath Room 

3oS >N"fcs;t Alain StT-»3et 




. .■■ v> -c' ' T .: i*i- ■f ; ! s-j J -A J«&^ / / j'^-'. 'i-'-'^ 


M^rr(>r'<i Restaurant and Cakcry 

n K. Main Slrt-et. 
Peru Citv Diki:ctorv, 1901 

w> r 

f)verman, Cha?. wk-= WT-b r r. h 111 w 8th 
Ovcrinyer, Sarah vwid* dom. res 4'JT w 12th 
Oyler. Win (May) fireman steel mill, res 211 e '^Ih 
Oyler. Kd. wks Wolf's livery barn, h :>^.l -.v *j:h 
Oyler, Sarah (wid) res 227 ^v 2nd 

Pacific Express Co, H H Young a^t. 16 e 'ir<\ 
Pal. John, wks steel mill, h McGnire House 
Palmer, Etta. dom. h 2ai n Miami 
Palmer. Josiah wks Ind Mfg Co. h 2s") e 3rd 
PARCELL, GEORGE (Anna) prop Pa reel Is sa- 
loon '}', n Bro.'idwciv. res 206 w 2nd 
Paris. Ruby, wks Ream's laundry, h 212 w 6th 
Parks, A J (Sarah E) janitor high school, res II 

e 6th 
Parks. C A (Lizzie") fireman Wab r r. res 277 w 7 
Parks. Glen, wks Peru Cycle P^xchanEce. h PI c :, 
Park.',, J C (Emma E) pop corn stand, res 161 e ', 
Parks. James (Sarah') grocer, res 408 e Main 
Parks. Mart 'Jessie) (Shepler & Parks barbers- 

res 10 s Miami 
Parks, Watson (MofV.d^ firem.ln Wab r r. res 7! w 

Parrish, Archir>ald J. retired farmer, h 28-i e^:h 
Parrish, Arthur, Tvks Elec Mfg Co. h 264 e 9th 
Parrish. Bert, wks Elec Mfg Co. h 264 e 9ch 
Parri-h. Wm (Mary; ^vks Elec :>[fgC3. re; 2''4 e 

Parsons, E ElJi'IiaC) trav salestnan. re> Hie 

Parvi.s. Harr\- (Rosaline) lather, res w city limits 
Pas.sage. H V. physician (rep Miami Co in state 

legislature I Brovnell blk. res 71 w 6th 

Try Club Hou:^ Wliiske.y.-T^c per qiiart, 




Peru Citv Dirkctorv. 1901. 

Patterson. D H (I.ura) fireman Wab r r. res S"i 

Patterson. J W (Genc\-ieve~) civil engr. res ir>,' \v 

Pattou Charle-s. brk I. E & W, h 60 Kwint? 
Patton. Hattie. h 6-"> Ewing 
Patton. J B (Mae) brk I, P^ v<t W. res 119 e 6th 
Paul, James vftadie) wks ItkI Mfg Co, re.s 210 e 

Paul. Wm H. h S4 e Franklin 
Payne, Alford. wks steel mill, h 4*59 w Main 
Payne. George H (P'ffie) vvks Wab r r, res 20 w 

*Paytoa. Mcse.s. lab, h 44 e 9th 
*Paytou. Sdiiy, dom. h 44 e 9th 
Pearce, John i^Grace) painter, res 493 e 3rd 
Pearce. Samautha J. dom, 128 w Main 
Pearson. CaU-in, wks Wab rr section, h 101 e 10th 
Pearson, TC (Olive) wks lyenhart & Simpson's 

furniture store, res 11.5 n Wabash 
Pearson. Calvin, wks Wab r r, h 101 e 10th 
Pcfterman Ed C, lumberman, res 120 w Srd 
PetTerman, Nellie C. h 120 w 3rd 
Pegg, Frank, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 445 e 2nd 
Pelkey, Frank W (Anna) vvks Brownell's plan- 
ing mill) res 118 Ewing 
Pelkey. I^ucy. h S2 e 8th 
Pelkey, Mary (wid) stamping and embroidery. 

Pelkey. Wni (Josie^, wks Brownell planing mill. 

res S2 e Sth ..... 

Pellow, Thomas (Myrtle) wks steel mill, res 52t» 

w 3rd 
Pelton. Oscar J (Elixabeth) constal>le, res 17 eSth 
Penuer. Albert, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 262 e Canal 

Farrar & Cfark 

I^ A W ^' E R S 

Post Oi'Hce Blig 
'Phone 1242 

- % 

Smoke 0. P. B. A. Cigars 

Peru Cnv Directory. 1901 


Penner. Geo, wks Wards b.irn. h same 
Penner, Grafton J (Margaret) lab. res 2^2 e Canal 

Perine. . civil engr Wab r r, h IrtT e 6th 

Pernee, C I,, wks fire dept, re.s 24 u Miami 
Pern,-. James, painter, wks Sullivan ^c Eagles, h 

National l:otel 
Perry. Wm. wks Ward's livery barn, h loS -a ^th 

Personott, C G <Meda) wks Ind Mfg Co, res 

Peru American Gas Co (W V Spinning, mgr) 

office 12 w 3rd. fact w Canal 
Peru Brewery- i J O Cole prop) Spring, S Peru 

r 3rd tio<,:>r Zern blk 
Peru Basket Co (J J Keyes and G R Chnnaberlain 

props) cor Grant and Wab r r 
Peru Candy Co (Grover M Webb and Frank II 
Webb prop,-, mfrs confections and pop corn ) 
fact 114 s Broadway, salesroom 63 s Broad wav 
Peru Daily Chronicle (Chas Vv'inter prop) 70 n 

PERU CYCLE EXCHANGE, 'Jacob F Miller Dro:;: 

19 e Main 
Peru F^vening Journal ,W A WoodHng & AL 

Bodurtha props ,• 10 v/ ord 
Peru F:iectric IManufacturing Co ;R H Bot;slog 

nigr') e 9th: Junction of L E & W and Wab rr 
Peru Ice and Cold Storage Co (J O Cole m^T^ 

1.% e 8th 
PERU LOAN OFFICE Gilbert E Shuman prop. 

.53 s JJrt.arlway 
PERU LUMBER CO, ' F L ^'ercer. pres: SO Kund- 
son. vice-pres: W S Brannum. secy: C W Mvers 
treas and mgr t cor 7ch and Broad w.iy 
Peru Milling Co (Hugh McCaJTrey. prop: J C H.t.- 

R O U H C H <ft; S M 1 T ^5 



lt>S Peru City Directory. 19*D1. 

mgr) cor Mianii and Sth ou I, K & W track 
Feru Republican {\V \V I^ockwood. e<l and 5>i''-'P') 

26 e Main 
Peru Steel Ca.slirjj; Co (G A Swartwout, vaiir) 

w of city limits, old fair grounds 
Peru Wholesale Grocery Co. (John J Kreutzer 

nigr) lT>t% I'jS and 160 n Broadway 
Perry, Ned, shippii-g elk Wright Med Co. h IVi w 

Peters, Enno (Ella) painting contr. res 151 w 

Petct. IMaggie (wid) laundress. 80 w Canal, res 

.same ... 

Petrie. Lizzie, dom. 123 u IVIain 
Petty, A J (W H Petty Grocery Co. grocery and 

meat market, north Peru) h Chili ave 
Petty, Andrew J (Eugenia"; prop grocery, Benton, 

3 e Boulevard 
Petty. Arthur, rejxjrttr Cb.ronicle, h 119 e 3rd 
Petty, Josephine, elk John S Hale & Co. h 119 e 

PETTY, WM H ( Ellen ■> gnx:er}- 101 s P>roadway, 

res 119 e 3rd 
Petty. Wilbur, carp, h .>4 Washington ave 
Petty, Wm. carp, h 201 e .jth 
Pluger, Barbara (wid) dom. h 420 e 3rd 
Phifer. Margaret (\^-id). krreps boarders, res 15 

Philips. "Fred (Mary^ 5 reman I, E & W. res S2.") 

w Sth : . . : 

Philips, J A fireman Wab r r. h 64 w 7th 
Philips. Jes.5e ( Wildie) engr steel mill, res 2SS w 

Philips, John (.Angeline) wks 1, E & W. res 57 


A Call at STRANAHAN & PIPERS will con-, 
'vince you that our toilets are the best u.sed in 
the ciiy. , .. - - ,, ■ - : ^ 

















'ifivij ¥ 



s the Plac 





5 S Broadway 













^- V I \ f 

-.. ^ i, P. t 

& IS' 


? Y 

•5 ;v 



i<s ^^ 

Peru Loan Office Y 

jcv.-e".r>. 5 3 S. F.d' 


Peki- City I^ikkctorv. 1901 


f hilii>s, \V B (Naticy) eiigr Wah r r. res }>4 w 7th 
I'hil.'ibauin. Frances, cUc AfTelder's grocery, h :iO 

Adains ave 
Philabauin. Jesse (Eva) elk A J Pcttys grocery 

N Peru, re? 27 e Washington 
Philabauin. J^ewis (Eiuma) wk-. Peru Basket Co. 

res 269 e 3rd 
i'hilabaum. Onier (Orpha) wks E!ec Mfg Co. re.^ 

40 Wa«ihington ave 
Phillipy, Andrew (Dora) book a^t res Franklin 
PICARD, CHAS L, plumber. Steam and gas fitter. 

IS e 3rd. h 34 e 3rd 
FICARD, LEONARD, (Elizabeths pluraber. re.=; 

551 e 3rd 
Pierce, Agnes, elk Lang's bakers-, h 25 Franklin 
Pierce, Anna (Pierce &: Dinius) h 61 e 8th 
Pierce & Diniu.s (Anna Pierce. Lucy Di.::-.js"' 

lunch room op depot 
Pierce, James, vvks Peru rest, h 11 tv 2iid 
Pierce, James (Eva) wks Brownell planing mill. 

res 233 e 3rd 
Pierce, Mary J, h 167 e 6th 
Pierce, Van (Margaret) \s-ks Elec Mfg Co. rc5 254 

Pierson, Ethel, teacher, h 57 w 6th 
Pietzsch. Clara, h :3<)G e 5th 
Pietzsch, Elsie, h :3i35 e 5th 
Pl.PER.GEO (Maud) barber (Stranahan & Piperi 

res So e 2iid 
Pinkerton, Albert, wk.s steel mill, h 67 e 5tr. 
Pinkertou. James, wks Ind >fig Co. h 273 e 2nd 
Pipenger. JohnO (Linnie M^ elk. res 224 w Caral 
Pittman, W C. engr Wab r r. h 61 e Sth 
Plank, Anna, h 174 w 2nd 
Plank. Eva (wid) laundress, re? 174 \v 2nd 

R^eam's Steam Laundry 

20 E. THIRD ST. 'Phone 06 



\ - = 


Ground Rlooi* Studio 

170 ptHT ClTV DlKECTORV. l\*)\. 

Ploss, Clinstopher (,Kliznl>eth) shocinkr. res 17 -e 

10th . 
Ploss, Fred,'wks Peru Milling Co, h 17 e 10;h 
Ploss, Martin, wks Stand Cab Co. h 17 e luth 
Plothow, Da\nd (Carrie) painter, res 4it5 w 13'. h 
Piothow, A F (Mary) wks I^ K & \V. res 429 w VA 
Plothow' A F jr, boilermkr I. K 5t W. h 42v3 w IS 
Plnmmer. Ellen (wid; res 329 e 
Plurnmer, Walter, wks Ind Mfg Co, h o'Jii e r)r.h 
Poff, Isaac D i Ella) %vk.s Wab r r, res 434 w llitii 
Pollock, Chas, wks Stan Cab Co. h 22.5 w 6th . ■ 
Pollock, Cora, dressmkr 225 w 6th, h same 
Pollock, W'ni, v.ks saw mill, h 225 w6th 
Ponieroy, Hazeu (Nellie) lumber dealer, res 71 w 

Pond, Asenath (wid) res SOS \v tjtli 
Pond, Salora A (Cora) cashier Wab freight office. 

res SOS w 6th 
Pontius, A I, (3Iinnie) coud I, E & W, res 2S1 w 

•8th , , " 

Pontius. Abigail (wid), res 45 Warren 
Pontius, J F (Mary) contractor, res22fi-w6th 
Pontius, Philip, coud I, V. & W, h 231 w 8th 
Pontius. Ray, h 45 AVarren 

Pontius, George (Edith\ brk J. E& W, res 119 w8 
Pontius, Otis (Ijllian) wks Ind Mfg Co. res ii:-) e 2 
Pontius, Pierce (Lydia) asst roadniasit-r I, E & W 

res 2-j6 w 7th - . : — . ,r,. 

Pool, No?.h, wks >-tecl tnill, h ?>rcGu:re 
Poor, Chas, brk Wab r r, h 62 Ewing . .- 

Porter, the Druggist, drugs, etc. 12 n Proadway 
Porter. Andrew (Ze.Ua); res 105 w 7Lh 
Porter, Ella, h liD8 e .5th , ■•:•..,-: 

Porter. Harriet, music teacher, h 160 e .5th ... • ; 
Porter, Mary A (wid) res 160, e 5th 

Kantzer & Mnsson 


IC3'2 S. Erd'y 


Phone 59 

'i^-' E. A. SCHRA}! 

Perc City Dikkctorv. 1901 


Portf r, Mar\- E. sten Wab r r. h 160 e 5th 

Poittr. .\nra K n'.gr telex>hone fxchange h lO^i e 

Porter. Raymond, oil pumytcr. h GO e Main 
Porter, Samuel F (K^te) (Porter the Druggist' 

res l(>j e 3rd 
Porter. Tim I i Felia) druggist, res 112 e 5th 
Postlethwait. J R (Grace) train di.= patcher W-". 

r r. res 267 w Main 
Potter, .\lbert (l/?uise^ res 127 w .3rd 
Potter, Guy. h 127 w 3rd 

Potts. John (Eua> Plasterer, res 5-S Washington 
POWELL, FRANK, elk Hail & I,oewen:hal. 

klothiers. 2:>22 n Broadway, h 271 e Canal 
Powell. W H (Ella) carp, res 313 e 3ud 
Poyer, Alonzo i.Hattie) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 220 e 

Pratt, Georgia do:n. h .501 w Main 
Price, Sarah M ;v.-id! res 9^? e 9th 
Prince. Josephine, h 635 w 3rd 
Prince. Nathan, wks Ind ^^fg Co. h 635 w 3rd 
Prince, Sarah (wid) res 635 w 3rd 
Pritchard. George (Jane"; machinist, res 24 e 

Pritchard. John (Blanche) wks Wab r r, res S74 

w Main 
Pritchard. Jo-eph. caller Wab r r. h 24 e Canal 
Pruitt. WC (Anna) machinist steel mill, r-is 2<.''l 

w 2nd 
Pr>-or. Joseph, wks Reams laundrv-. h :^ e 5rd 
Pry-or, Joseph i Maggie) janitor e Main-st school 

bldg. res 436 e 2nd 
Pullev. Lewis, ctk" Wab freight ofnce. h 229 e 

Pullev. v;' I (Xora) switchman Wab r r. res 229 e 


imoke tbe "69" 


Dr. Julius Wolff, 

Optical Specialist 
New Brown ell B'j^ 


Vr.KV City Dikkctoky. ]<.»u1- 

Puniphrt-y. Geo (Dora) wks Kite Mfg Co, res 16 s 

Purcell, Martin A (Klacyl saloon 1]6 s Broad- 
way, res same 

Puterbaugh, Alice, h 14 Franklin 

Puterbangh, Kli (.Isabella) (Puterbaugh Bros 
hardware.) i3<j s Br':>adway, res 14 Franklin 

Puterbaugh. J A iMiunie) wks 1, K & W. les aS^i 
w 5th 

Puterbaugh. George, wks L, & E W, h 32S w Main 

Puterbaugh. John, cik Puterbaugh Bros", h 1.31 e 

Puterbaugh, Jc^eph E vKarrict A) wks L, E<S: \V, 
res 372 w 5th 

Puterbaugh, Moses 'Carrie C) (Puterbaugh Bros 
hardware) 6b s Broadway, res 24 Franklin 

Putman, Hezekiah H vMarthai wks I< E & W, res 
404 w Boulevard 

Pyke, p;thel, teacher, h 68 e 3rd 

P>-le, Frauk (Jennie) (Ellis, Stiles & Co mfr car- 
riages) res 270 w 6th 

Quick, Henry- E, dairyman, h 111^4 s Broadway 
Quick. H H (Fanny) mason, res 111} 2 s Broad. 

Quick, Wesley (Ella) dcliveryman Shirk & 

Miller, res 280 w 2nd 
Quigley. Frank (Kate) blksniith, res 1S3 e 8th 
Quigley, Mary, h SO e 5th 
Quigley, Kate, h 80 e 8th 
Quigley. I'^rank (Catharine), blksmith, res 80 e 

Quigley, Pat. cond L e; & W. h 80 e 8th 

Tr^' Club House Wliiskev, 75c per quart, 



VJIL SOH _ &. li ICJH E L S O N 

Peri- City Directokv. J9C»i * 173 

Ralx', Fred C 1 Millie) wk« Wertheim. tailor, res 

20 e Canal 
RABER, S B, s^iloon and totaurant. 9 w 2nd- h 

Radatough, Wm J (Mnry) elk Mercer's rest, re.s 

over postoflfice 
Radel, M?.ry A (wid") res .33 e 10th 
Radei!!acher, Theodore (Miriam) tailor, h 24 n 

Rader. Frank, lab, h .326 w Canal 
Rader, George W. lab, res 326 w Canal 
Rader, Eliza A (wid) res 326 w Canal 
Rader. W'm. carp, h 64 e 9th 
Rader. Lou. caller Wab r r. h 64 e 9th 
Rader. Edw G (May) wks Wz,h r r. res 64 e 9th 
Rader. Henry, (Ellen) wks Wab r r. res l2o w 

Ragin, Tom. wks saw mill, h 12.'> v.- Boulevard 
Ralston. E E \Lenora) wks Wab r r. res 32^7 e 6th 
Rainer, Chas, wks Brownell planing mill, res 2!'l 

Ramsey. Sher-man. wks Wao r r. b 305 e Main 
Ramsey, Elwo-x' (LAura) wks Telephone Co res 

305 e Main 
Ramsey, Jonath,au, porter, h .305 e mnin 
Ramsey, Mar\-. dom, h .305 e Main 
Ramson, Anna wks Mercer s rest, h 251 w Canal 
Eniina. wks Eear.^s House, h 251 w 


Gas Co. res 

d w 

G. O. Thiebaud, Ph. D., Contributor 
to U. 5. Dispensary, delighted to see 
you at THIE,BAUD & CO.'S 

.\una) wk.'^ 
John (Liz7ie) wks steel mill, h 470 w 







H. P. FIKE, Architect, ^'-- ^ >^- 

Bfowiicll El'ig 


Pkru City Dirf.ctokv. 1001. 

RANK!N, ARTHUR T (Carrie M) ap. Pnidcntiril 

Ins Co. r 7 new Browntll blk. res 567 e ;ird 
Rankin, Jos. iv.spector \Va.b r r, h 2GJ w Sril 
Rankiti. Hcnj S (Tl-.eoi.lo.sia'). hunbermar.. res 230 

w 6th - . . 

Rannells, D A (Jennie) wks Ind Mfg Co. re.s 216 c 

Ransom. I,iz/ie. waitres.=. Eears.s hotel 
Rassner Bert (Ras.sner & Gysin turn dealers) 

h 59 e 3rd 
Rassner. Wm (Mary) res 59 e 3rd 
Ray, Melvin I< t Rosa') coud Wab r r. res 2i31 ■& Sth 
Ready. Richard (Mary * -.vks h E ^c W. res 122 e 8 
Ream. Frank, coud i, E & W, h 12 s Clay 
Ream. John H (I/Jttie C^ cond Wab r r. res 12 s 

Reaiii, A A (Cordelia 1 grocer 28 e Main, res 125 e 

REAf^'S STEAM LAUNDRY, <Ed B and Fred S 

Ream) 20 e Main, telephone ()3 
Ream, Horace W. wks Ind Mfg Co. h .526 e Canal 
Ream. Hattie. h 526 e Canal 

Ream. Silas A, township assessor, res 526 e Canal 
Ream. Wm. lab, h 22s e Canal 
Ream. Glen wks Ream Bro.s, h 160 w 3rd 
Ream, Will v/ks Ream Bros, h la) w 3rd 
Ream. Gale, elk Melcher's cigar store, h 16^) w 

Ream. Fred (Ream Bros ^. hlyO w 3rd 
Ream. Ed (Ream Bros) h 160 w 3rd 
Ream, Mike ( Minnie i res 160 w 3rd 
Ream. Lizzie M. h 228 w Main 
Ream. Charles S. painter, h 228 w Main 
Ream. Samuel W sElizabeth H) res 22.S w Main 
Reasoner. ET (Flcrencei attornev (Reason^r & 

OHara. res 103e 6th 

Nelp's Meat Market 

Mo.?t Reliable m 
Cit^. Phone 50 
15 W. Srd St. 

Peru Loan Glf ice f-^-'fi 

Money. Loarcd oc 
S. Pdy 

Pkru City Dirtxtory. liCjl 

REASONER 4 O'HARA (K T Kea'souer.' J W 

OH.^ira^ lawyer?, rs 1, 2 and 3. Ein.wiler blk 
Reavis. Cora, res^i'51 e Main 
Rca-.-i.s. Coniier i'iSaryv lab. res ."^10 w Canal-... 
Reckhart. Heury 'Abigail.' res i>S v.- 3rd \ 

Reddingtcn, Jehr.. wks Wab r r, h 267. w oth 
Redeye, Cha.? ^IV''!1ei fireman Wab r r're?. 219 e 9 
Redmon. C E (A2::ies C) dentist, r 1 new 

ell blk, res3«X> wnth 
Redmon, Etta S. music teaclier. h 204 
Redmon, George (M.try E) en^r I, E 

204 w 6th 
Redmon. Virginia, h r>55 w Main 
Redmon. Blanche, h 6oo w :Ma:n 
Redmon, Elijah -Bell) blksmith L E 

665 w Main 
Redinon., Francis, painter, h 573 w >[ain . " " 
Redmond, Andrew, teacher, h.573 wJMain • .... 
Redmond. Wru. >.Abby) wks E E & W. res 573 w 

.-Main; " •-- . - 

u.-^ie) err^ L E v<c W. rcs32.3 v.- oth 
.\lice) wks Peru Basket Co. res 

.v W. 

.^ W. 

:s Peru Basket Co. 

Redmond E A 
Redmond, Wm 

eld hospital 
Redmond. Grarrt (Carrie' 

res old hospital 
Redmond.- Sarah (wid) res .369 v.- 13 
Redmond Jathes (Ada) wks_Browue:l planing 

mill, res 3«39 v>- I.3th ' 
Reed. Edward, cook: Wayne Hotel, hs^-iiue 
Reed, Victor (Eoni.-a) bkpr Ind Mfg Cc res 157 e 

Main ' . .-- — -- 

Reed. Mrs .V^w-:d> res-25fe 2nd -----■—;= 
Reed. Ed .Flora i implement dealer, res 55 w 3rd 
Reed. Charles B (Sadie) wks C H Brownell, res 

w :Main - ' 






64 S. Broadway, 

Wines, Liquors and 
Cigars. . . . Bottled 
Goods of all Kinds. 











i u 
I < 



North Broad v.av 'Phone 071 

Peku City Directory. 1901. 


vehicles aii' 
2* e 3r<i 

iiral iniplenieiits 2* e 3ra < » 
Binsei M ( I.illie) vtki In'l M/g C 

e^.'.\ r- (Mar^-p.ret^prori Rearss House. tp< '[ • 
e'a.^Frank;''A-ks Stan Cab Co.' h'22:T'e 2ml 

Reed. John. w. ks steel" iuH!! h' w^ain" 

Reed. William U iMinrie; (Hefd Byty 2*' e 3r'i) 

res :320 w 6th 
Keed. Kliza. hcu-ckpr. res rj*J w Canal 
REED, BROS «K A& W 1.;^ vehicles and agri 

cultural implements 

e 2nd 
Reed. G M. h ZVi .«; BfoadjN^y i ( \ 
Reed. Kvar. h 71 e 3r(| ^ j i / '^ \ ? 
Reed. KiTie !i 71 e ."ird 


Reed, Mary, h 05 w :ird 

Reed. George ■wk.slnd Mfg C»>. re?. 122 w Canal 
Re«d, .Court . Doraf ^toite dealer, res lO-i :i iirv.^d- 

R^ed. TvUlu. wks Pera Candy Co. h over Deiberi.^ 

grocery, 5 Broadway 
Reeder, Daniel •, .Sarah ) carp, res 111 w .■>th 
Recder. W C H i.Agiies; wk- I, K ^ \V. re- lUi e 2 
Reeder, RobL .Idaj elk Schrani s. res 12-7 ^•2lui 
Reeder. Harvey (Blanch* wk«. Wab r r. re:>27y w 

2nd " ■•'-'' ) 

Rees. Noah (Rebecc-a^ res 14 e River — ^t . 
Rees, Oraa. .steu. h 14 e River 
Rees, Harry, vik- South' Peru packiii^Aiouse h 

14 e River , . 

Rees. Clarence, mgr South. Peru packing house. 

h 14 e River 
Rees, Vivian, dom. h 106 w 6th 
Regiilinda. .Sifter, nurse, Wabash rr Hospital 
Rehling, Henry 'Anna) wks I, E & W. rr-- 4^4 w 


Try- Club House Wliiskev. Toe perqu.irt, 



Read Current 
Events Daily 




Is Peru's Lead- 
ing Paper J* ^ 

r discusses politics, pu)>lic qiiestions 
with candoi*. r<4iability and oousi-r- 
vatisin. Whf n you ri<e-e it in the Chron- 
ieh^ it ir-i true. 


ret .spet-dv rt^ults 
and sut,>cri»H-rs thn COMPLETE, 
? NEV7S of th«- day in el»^ar, con'Mse and 
( \ iixteliigibie English. 

THE Chronicle is printed every day 
except Sunday. Press hour 3 p. 
m. Tt has n<j favorit*^-*; and trt«ts ali 

Moiiey T.oauc«l oa Mort.i,'a_L'e at the 


keihly. Wri (Veriiie) fireman Wab r r. res 278 w 

Kti:',le. AllKrrt. wks \. K cN: W. h 171 w r.lh 
Reigle. John (Elizabeth), res -171 w 0th 
Kcilay. Lulu, teacher, h GS e .3rd 
Keilly. Edv.-ard E ( plumbing, steam ?nd 

gas fitting. 5i* s Broadway, res 1(19 \v Main 
Reilly. George .'Belle) nuachinist L R vt W. re- 

■l'}9 w Main 
Reilly. Cha.5. pTnmber. h 105 w Main 
Reilly. Agnes. b<pr. h 1% u Main 
Reilly. Mike (Mary) plumber, s Broadwav. rc.= 

67 v.- .3rd 
Reinkeuoble. E H (Clara) cigarmkr Melchers. 

res lOo e .3rd 
Reith. Carrie, h -y-A e 5th • 
Reitzel. W H. cont. res 38 w 10th 
Renimek. Sam. baker, h 259 -w 7th 
Renier. John, cigarmkr. h 2<y. v.- 3rd 
Rennells. B H iXellicI wks Wab r r. re? l^ e t)th 
Rennert. John E. h'2.") w .3rd 
Rennert Emma, res 2.5 w 3rd 
Rentz, Sam J. agt. h :i52 w Main 
Reutz. John G (Katie) wks Browne!! s pinning 

mill, res 3.52 "w Main 
Rentz, Jacob (I^izzic^ gnrdncr and llorist. res :rJo 

v»- 2nd 
Rentz. .\lbert. elk Meinhardt, h \:^^ w 2nd 
Rcntzel. Wm (Annai wks I, K & W. res 450 w oth 
Rentzel. Fred iMartha"' wks 1, E & W. res -'-57 w 5 
Replogle. H3r^•ey ( Burdell > brk Wabrr. res li' 

w oth 
Re.ske. Gertrude, wks Fern Basket Co. h e 9th 
Re.ske, Geo (Lena) wk? ElecMfgCo. res e 9th 
Rettig. George (GeorgiTic! res ia5 w ord 


Best Xurnowits in theCit.>' 






^ Pure Drugs at WOOD'S CHICKASAW 
l^HARMACV, 6 South Broadway 

178 Pkrv City Dikkctokv. 1901. 






«- '"U 



^ ^ ^ 


«'y 'm 


#• ^ 


w» ^ 


£ y 




h ;1 






Renter. Charle.s, niachiTiist Httzner Hardware 

Hopse, h272 w Sth 
Reitter, Charles (Amia) machinist I< E ^c W. rcs 

272 w &th 
Reybnrn. Wm H. harues.'^ store. 113 s Broa<h\ ay, 

h 210 w Sth 
Reyburii, Chas L. (Anna) elk First Nat Bank, 

res 17S e 3rd 
Reyburii, Margaret M, teacher, h 577 w Main 
Keyburn, Edwin C, wks Ind Mfg Co, h .577 v.- 

Reybarn. Joe (Agnes') elk Meinhardt, res r>77 w 

Reybura. W A (Jennie) cond I, E & W, res 210 w 

Reynolds. Fred, wks Elec Mfg Co, h 276 e 3rd 
Rejrnolds. Elizabeth (widi res6;5e3rd 
Reynolds. E W, fireman Wab r r, h 113 w 2nd 
Reynolds, Edith, h 123 ^v 6th 
Keyx-olds, D C wks Wab r r, h 69 w 8th 
Reynolds, C \V (wid) res IfW n Broadway 
Rhinebarger, Susan (wid) res 4.">1 e2nd 
Rhodes. Chas W (Mary F) wks Elec Mfg Co, res 

270 e 6tli 
RHOADES, CKAS G (:Mary) agt Prudential Ins 

Co, r 7 New Brownel! blk, res 62 e Canal 
Rhodes, D E (Edith) attorney (I^awrence & 

Rhodes), r 3 and 4 Cole blk, res 226 e 5th 
Rhue, James H (Anna) barber, res 16 Coluiubia 

Rice, Thomas (Sarah) svvitchman Wab r r, res 

1G4 e 5th 
Richardson, Je.sae (Maggie) vvks I^ E & W, res 

417 w 7th 
Richard-son, Frank (Nettie) lab, res 67 w Canal 

Ever\-thing in the Refreshment Line that 
is good. V. NiCKEiv &SON, 284 E. Canal 




Peru City Directorv. 1901 17y 

Richer. David (Elizabeth) carp, res 1S4 e Main 

Richer, Ada, h S6 e 5th 

Richer. Anis, teacher, h 56e5th 

Richer, Joseph (Susan) res S«3 e 5t.h 

Richler. Otto, wks Ii:d Mfg Co. h 4.>i e Canal 

Richter, Ma.v. wks Cripe s livery barn, h 456 e 

Richter, l,oui.s (Minnie) wks Ind Mfg Co. re.-> t-VJ 

e Canal 
Richwine, Clarence, wks Peru Basket Co. h 3'Vj 

w 6th 
Richwine, Hiram (Ellen) headsawycr Brov/nel! s 

planing mill, res 3«jO w 6th 
Richwine. Wm (Debbie) head .^awyer Peru Bas- 
ket Co, res 374 w 13th 
Ridcnour, Da^-id C '.Beatrice) physician, r 3 new 

Brownell Bl.dg. res ISO e Main 
Ridenour, .Samud. h Ridge\-iev.- 
Ridenour. Oscar, elk postoffice. \\ R'dgovievr 
Ridenour, Clara, teacher, h Ridgeview 
Rider. Geo I,, h 512 e 6th 
Rife, I,izzie, dom 325 w Main 
Rife. Daniel, h 53 Franklin 
Rife, Wm H (Rosc> elk Shirk is: Miller, res .>3 

Riggle. Alonzo (Jessie) wks Wab r r. res 62 e Sth 
Riggle. H C 1 Sarah i res 62 e Sth 
Rigle, Edward (Clara) wks L E 6c W, res \(^ w 

Rigle, Andrew (Lizzie) engr i, E S: W, rcs 266 «" 

Riggle, Otis (Minnie) wks Wab r r re 

Riggs. Dempsey, engr Wab r r. h .>3 e 5th 
Riggs, Bern, wks L E & W. h 324 w 5th 


Club House Whiskev, 75c per 




K ' ' 


w f' 


1 s 



p *i 



1'' "^ 








r '" 





»^>.^ ?j 







•- j 







f *' 





t . 1 




f' • ■ :': 
























! ^ 





fe ' 





t^^' * 


. . , ' 



































Peru Loaii micQj,^-^^: 

I'ERi; CJrv Di>: ect<;kv, ISOl-^ 101 

kile\ . Will, -tt ks iud'Miii Go..K 262 «• Cinal 
Ritzman, Charl';-> ; Lizzie) wks I^ E &. W. res .',2S 
r^vCth .■•■: —■ v --r->^'-*r / 7 
kinehart, I., T 'TCelliei •je\veler.'rei> 1l-%v8rd 
Roach. Jolin! irl!? w gth *-^' '*"-'• 
Road. Jamc? A, f Icctrican, h ^'W % 6lh " 
Road. May. wks telephone off.ce. h 26*3 w 6th 
Roiid.. Jamci X s Lcttiei res 20ti w Otii . . -.- . ,^ -... 
Road. :sir5 «.widi u k&- I^uhaUan. rcstauraat,.^ 
^ 23 w 5tli 

Road. Christopher C 'Jane B) a?t, res 3.'j4 w ^r.-.h 
l^pberts. R T, wk^ steel mill, h o<,i;j \v Main 
Rpherts. \\'altcr. wks jlurden 3 iiver>- barn, h 
' 312 w 2nd - j.\.JLl^^ 

Roberts, h M ;,Eva) retired farmer, res 112 w 2nd 
kohsrtson. Tena ■' widj rca lli) e Canal 
kbl>ert.';on, L,e\vi.s. teacher.^ h 4')7 e .jth 

Robertson. Stella, h_407 e_5th _ _ 

Robert.=on. Wni W i Susan) retired farmer res 

|407e5tb' \- ' ^\ \ \ C ) '\ '■ 

Robbins. 'Richard i Ro<ai cafp. re?'513 e Mafn 

kobbin.:^. Pearl, . wk=i .M.oil«lI?.-?.<.<m'?^0'- ^'.l-^^.^^'. 

j kh 

kobiii.-^L.n. Milton. -A^ks Elec >Ifi Co.-h 217 e 3rd 

kr>binson. Clias Riiod\'V tr?r<.~-agt ^teelTnill. rc< 

[ iRS e yrd 

Rbb:n-on, Mrs. h 3.'5 e Srd 

RcbiiLjou. jQe,.3rk5 <tee_l_n_iill,. h ^McGuire hou=e . 

Ro1-;liT?ofj:"Ja!? A 'MarrV-^eamster r^s 5I5 EncTitt 

kpbin.<ou..Su>an. h I60 w Main *- . 

Rpbin.'io*!. Mar\f» -S i' Aiiua)"»GaShier-Cilfaens" 

■; Nat r.ank. rei; |f>) Av Main -. ■ ' 

kobiusoa. George il^ottie, nk.s Iiid Mfg Co. r<rs 

!^H5woth . -^ . ... ,. /-, ..-. .... ; 

i'cbiftiOn. "R'lfby: cio:ii. h 220 "^^ Malh -' • ^ -'---- - 

Kaiidv Kitchen 

Tor "Socia Water ! I 


'm^. '■■ ^ '":'-iiy:d::\f% '". ) 


:.i.xtT-raim:amnimierj.-Mn « 




and Cigaxs 


Good Service and Polite 

Lunch Counter in Connection. 
J 08 S. Broad v/ay. 

C. K. Noland, Upholstering 5 Repairin,^ 

2o >\'tiftit Thii-cl 

Peru City Directory. l^Jl 

I. S3 -: 

Robinson, Neil (Dessa) wks L, E i"^ W. h W) w 7 

Robinson. Kstella, h "i^ w 

Kobin.<;-jn, Chas B vSarah) engr ], E ^Si V.'. re- iM 

w- 6th 
RcKrkenbaugh. Samuel (Ijllie) <U.<:k buy<-r. re.': 

3.".2 e Rth 
Koclecker. Wni (vSirena) v.ks L K Cc ^V. res 4">1 u.'j 
Rodgers, Wni A , I^izzic) diayman. res 63 w Srd 
Rwiger.s, Jame.*:. \vks \\'ab r r, h 373 w-t',ih 
Roe. Klijah, h Warren 
Roger.s, Klbert W. elk John S Hal - fc Cc;. h 27r^ '.• 

Raedel, Kdward IKnima) wks Ind Mi's Co, .-c.< 

4rv0 e 2nd 
'Raedel, Valentine, wks Ind Mfg Co, h h-ctv/ceu 

canal and river 
Rodgers, C A {wid) re? 27 e 2nd 
Rodgers. \Vm M (Emnui) baker S:iver".s bakerv. 

res 275 w 2nd 
Rodger.5, Edgar I^ ^MinDie) teacher, res 220 -.v 

Rogers. Lydia iwid^ re? 202 w 7'i.h 
ROHRER, PEARL, wk- Miller- Wall'rk Pr:":.!'!— 

Co. h 387 e >rain 
Rohrer, Joshna U^-^igie) wks Ind Mfg Co. re-- :-/^7 

e Main 
Rohrberg. V.'ni (Louise) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 170 

e C:-.ual 
R.oiler. Geo W, farmer, h 6 w Spring 
Roller, Sarah, h 6 w Spring 
Roller, J M iMattie) carp, res "•) w .Spring 
Romy, John H. brk Wab r r. h 175 w 6th 
Romy, I, E (Anna) switchman Wab rr. res 175w6 
Rose. Jacob, wks Stand Cab Co, b 262 e Cans' 
Rosenthal. Moses, broker and coat, h 1^ vr 3rd 


Metzner's Jewel ly Store 



:;- I 

;if ■ t: 


C. !,. Pic<ird 

Practical Ptun bcr,' Tfnrct 

ard Furn.icc Worker 
18 Eaot Third Street 


Prkt' City Dirkctorv, 1901 

Ros?. John, painter, h 2<yi \v 5th 
Ro-.^. Nathan (Claras painter, res "jn-J w ."ith 
Ko>?. J{3rry (Minnie) pointer, re.s 202 w 5th 
Ros-s. Henr\-. h cor Grant and 12th 
Ross. W \y {\J-/.7Ae) res cor Grant and Tith 
Ro-.-^nian A J (Sadie) \^ k.=; oil field, res 515 e Main 
Rostedder. Caroline (wid'i res SiX^ e 3rd 
Rosteddef. Chas. wk^ Ind >Ifg Co. h 3()9 e 3rd 
Ro-stedder, Loiii.^e, wks Elec Alfg Co. h 309 e 3rd 
Rothwell. A B i Adas cond Wab r r. res 22o w 8th 
Ronch, Orvtilc D, elk \Vab r r. h 65 e Main 
Rcii-:h. Ora K. brk Pcnna r r. h 65 e Main 
Rouch. Alfred E iMai->j iRouch & Smiths grocer 

11 Broadway, res 65 e Main 
Ronch. Sila.s (Cora) bntcher, res 372 e 5th 
Ronch. T E. elk Harding ,<ic Callouay, h 217 e 5th 
ROUCH &. SMiTH, -A E Ronch and S W Srairh) 

groceries an/i meats. 5S n Broadway 
Rowan. Irwin, printer h 67 e 5th 
Rowan. Lewis, wks L E & 5V. h 67 e 5th 
Rowe. John (Ella) dealer. 206 n Water 
Rowe, Martin h iEUa) gas fitter l^og & Wab Val 

Gas Co, res 128 w 2nd - 

Royse, Matizo D (Balmy) car inspr Wab r r. res 

11 w Bonle%-ard 
Rubeiiaugh. Wni (Alice) lab, res 176 w Teh 
Rupner, Eva. h (21 w Sth 
Rnft, Carl, operator, h "4 e 3rd 
Ruunells, Frank t,T\-a) wks Elec Mfg Co, res .56 

Colnnibia Ave 
Riipp, Peter (:Mar>-;! night watch Miller'.s saw 

mill, res 82 w Boulevard 
Rush. Ira (Martha) ins agt. res 317 w 5th 
Rnssell. Nellie, h 352 w ;ird 
Russell, X H (Nellie) engr Wab r r. res 331 e 6th 

Shirk & Miller ^^''IS 


CigHr at F.VRNE's Cii^ar Store 

Peru City I>iRKC'roRv. I'.Ol 


Rnssell, Thomas (Cor.a) wks ice plant, r-.s 24S e 

Sth - 

Rn~sell, W ni R. wk? L K ^^ W. h 352 \v3rd 
Russell. Chas M (Flora) teacher. res Jf>5 w 3rd 
Russell, Mary, elk Hale'.c, h 227 w 5th 
Ru.ssell. Frank, elk Kittner.s. h 227 w 5ih 
Ru.ssell. Jarats (Nida) lightning rod agt, res 227 

w 5th 
Russell. Win (Nellie' wks L E 6c W. re5 :i52 w 5rd 
Russell. John il^iHian) painter, h last o'n v.- 3rd 
Russell. Carl, tel oper I^ E & W. h 15? v.- 6th 
*Russell. John. cc>Cik Bears= hnte! 
Rutan, Julia (wid.; cook Pierce ^ Diuius. res 136 

w 8th 
Rutz. August, v/ks ind Mtg Co. h between canal 

and river 
Rut?:. Adam H (Jennie) wks Ind Mfg Co. resX;"'; 

e 5th 
Ryan. John, wks <t eel mill, h McG'.'.ire house 
R^an, Joseph (Margaret) salo-^iV: cor Grant ard 

I, E & W track res 2ijiJ w 6th 
Rvnercent. 0%nd, wks Ind Mfa: Co. h 277 e 2nd 

Sabina, Sister, nnnrse Wab Hospital 
Sacher, Frank, C£.rpet weaver, h 285 e Canal 
Sacher. Wni. v.kf Ind Mfg Co, h 2>vj e Canal 
Sackman, Harry, wks steel mil!, h 411 w 5th 
Sadler. Frank W. storekpr Elec Mfg Co. h Hi* n 

Sadier, M M ^S^Jide) wks Elec Mfg Co, res 273 e 

Saine, Dais^-, cle John S Hale & Co, h 130 w Sth 
Saiue, Homer (Xlsie) drayman, res 130 w Sth 
Saine. Margaret -wid) res 72 e 3rd 

Jas. L Baker's Barber Shop & Bath Kuom 

3o5 Altain Stt-eet 



' ' 






















Siearr/s Crtscents and Hetzner Special at 
H E T Z N E R ' S 


Peri- Cirv Directory, ICtOl. 

Saine. Nellie, h IhO w Slh 

Sailer, Andrew J (Sarah) carp, res 314 e 5th 

Sailer, Emma, dom, h 102 w 5th 

Sailer, Henrj- (Caroline) engr BrounelTs plan- 
ing mill, res 85 w 8th 

Sailer Kate, h 85 w Sth 

Sailer, I,izzie, elk Shirk & Miller's, h So w Sth 

Samnions. Ch?;-;. wks Hlcc Mfg Co, h 5<3 Wash- 
in gtOTi 

Saiiiple. Geo iHanuah) \vks oil field, res 219 w ?A 

Sample, Riley, brk I. E & W, h 213 w 6th 

Sampsel. A V (Allie M) carp, res .387 e Main 

Sarip^on, Bruce (Caroline) engr Wab r r, res 26.S 
w 5th 

Savus. Henrj- B \Emmg) county assessor, res 61 

Sanburn, Dean, wks Coyle's lunch room, rear 
of Wayne hotel 

Sands. John H (Mary) teamster, res 65 \v Canal 

S,:;nds, Saniantha, h 67 w 2nd 

Sanger. Rudolph (Anna) car insp'r Wab r r, res 
bet canal and river e 

Sargent. Carrie, elk John S Hale & Co. h 133 w3d 

Sargent, Asa. \vks Ir.d >rfg Co, h 62 s Sraith 

Sartter, Patrick, v,ks steel mill, h rilcGuire 

Sar\-er, Cora, wks Peru Candy Co, h 325 e Main 

Sarver, I N (Cora E) prop meat mkt 51 e Sth, res 
38 vr 10th 

Sausaman. Benton U (Anna), v/ks Ind Mig Co, 
res li Washington ave 

Sau.samau. Daniel (Daura) wks Ind Mfg Co, res 
19 Adams ave 

Sausaman. Harvey (Etta) wks Ind Mfg Co. rcs 12 
Adaiiis ave 

Tr}' Club House Whiskev, 75c per quart, 

Mr>rr(?r\ Restaurant and Bakery 

11 i:. Main street. 

Pekv Citv Dikectorv. 1901 1*7 

Sausaman. Wni (Salina) wks Ind Mfg Co. re- 16 

e Tioulevard 
Savage. Bertie, wks telephone Co, h ^Xi w Main 
Savage. Cain (Mary) wks D E ^ N\'. re.- 5'J3 w 

Schenck. Flora (wid) h 77 e 3rd 
Scheid. Jacob (I„ena) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 460 e 

Scheip.s. Carl, h 1-^1 w Main 
Scheips. Clara, h ISI w Main 
Scheips, E H (I.,oui5ei pastor Lutheran church. 

res 181 w Main 
5^cheips, F^mma. sten. h 181 w Main 
Scheips, Henry, elk Meiuhardts, h ISl w Main 
Scheips. Douis. h 181 w- Main 
Scheips. Dydia, h ISl w Main 
Scheips. Ottillie. h 181 w :Main 
Scheips. Paul, h 1^1 w Main 
Scheips, Theodore, elk Porter thv Druggist, h ISl 

w Main 
Schlo.s.ser. John (Lizzie) elk Rudolph Bender res 

lis w Canal 
Schmidt F^mtna, dom. 84 w Main 
Schmidt, Fred v Amelia) wks Wab r r, res 462 w 

Schmidt. Henry L (Philippina) elk Hamakers 

drug store, res 3:;X) w 3rd 
Schmoll. Andrew (Mary) saloon, res cor Broad- 
way and Sth 
Schmoll Bros" saloon ( C T Clark receiver; 24 n 

Schmoll. John C i>.'arv) saloonkpr 24 u Broad- 
' way, res 125 w 7 th 

Schmoll. Adaiine i.widi h cor Broadvay and Sth 
Schoeffer. Wm. wks Wab r r. h 373 w ^':-r. 






U A V\' V E Fi S 






















; Os 


rnis'i-ci.Ass Ri-:rAiRi:sr, at the 


Perc City Dikkctory. 1901 


.S<.hoohnan, Andy, wks Elcc Mfj? Co. h 9y e Sth 
Schoolmau, George. M-k.s Ind Mf.a: Co. h i»9 e Sth 
Schoolman. Herman (Xora) wks .Stand Cab Co. 

T-is, 116 e Canal 
Schoolman. John (Anna' la(j_ res99e %th 
Schorm, Carl !?.Iary) wk.s .Stand Cab Co. res ICJ 

e Canal 
Schorr. Fred ( Aiign»ta) wks F.1<tC Mtg Co. res 

e Canal 
Schiader, Albert, v.ks Ind Mfg Co. re-, 27U e 3rd 
Schrader. Bessie, h 6.S w Tth 

Schrader, Henry J lElla) cond Wab r r. res t->w7 
Schrader. E:nnia. wks Peru Cand%-Co, h 'SiO eSrJ 
Schrader. AU-^rt, wks Peru Candy Co. h 'iiZQ c'iT<\ 
Schrader. Heiiry iMary) wks Ip.d Ml"g Co, res ;vO 

e :^.rd 
Schrader, Jacob (Belle) wks Ind Mr? Co. rf.s.".in 

e 3rd 
.Schrader. Joe. wk.s Ind ZU-g Co. h 2".". w 2nd 
Schrader. John tCarriet cont carp, res "i^-j w 2nd 
Schrader. \Vm. carp, h 2o.i w 2nd 
Schram. Daniel, h 22^ w 3rd 
Schram. E A i Catharine) grocery 54 s Broadway. 

res 229 w 3rd 
Schroll. Flo, dom. h lo3 w 3rd 
Schubert, Joseph, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 310 e Can^l 
Schubert, Stephen iCecelia'i re.s 310 e Canal 
Schubert. August, elk h 310 e Canal 
Schneider, John 'Rose) street com. res S'B e Main 
Schneider, Joseph Mary) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

289 e 5th 
vSchultz. Earl, wks Ind Mf^r Co. h 30 Carbon 
Schultz. Frederick (Ella"' wks E'.^c Mfg Co. rcs 

31.1 Carbon 
Schultz. H.-irold. wks Elec Mfg Co h .30 Carbon 


Gr-oceries and iVletits 



Smoke 0- P. B. A. Cigars 

















Peru Citv Directory, IStil. 

Schujtz, :m C (w-id). res 16 e Cartjon 

Schutt, D A (Laura) siipt Elec Mfy Co. res 11.") e 

Scott Bertha, stripper Blue's cigar store, h 89 

Scott. Chas \Kditb» elk Julius Falk. res 119 e 

Scott. Daniel J (Delia) wks Ind Mf.g: Co. re.s 09 

Scott. Dora, h 53 e 2nd 

Scott. D B (Matilda) carp, res 507 w Main 

Sc-ott, Fllcn. dressmkr. h 184 e Canal 

Scott, John. (L,ydia) lab. res 209 e 3rd 

Scott Line H (Mary) cigar mfr SOS w Main, sa- 
loon 2 Grant, res 454 w Main 

Scott, Ralpli. lab, h :i9 Franklin 

Scott. Roy R. h 39 Franklin 

Scott. Walter (Vesta) brk Wab r r, res 115 e 6th 

Scoir. Millard (Mattie) blksmith I, F & W. res 
.S6S w 7 th 

Scranton, Isreal (Elizabeth) engr Wah r r, res 
113 w 2nd 

Scully, John, wk.s Ind Mfg Co, res between ca- 
nal and river 

Sdeadboad. Margaret, dressmkr, h 220 w 3rd 

Sebold Julius, engr Wab r r. h 112 w Main 

vSebring. Orliff. iHattie) wnth Miller Dog & Pony 
Sho^v. res 1S3 e 5th 

See. V/m T. iSylvia^ lab, res 22S e Canal 

.S^eley, Charles, drive-^ team Wallace circus, h SO 
'.V Canal 

Seelev, Mattie. fwid; wks Turner Mfg Co. res 
2.S.S w 2d 

Seeiey. Stella, h 2S8 w 2nd 

Seeley. V\'tn 'Carrie 1 lab, res SO w Canal 

Scffefts. Walter (Frances^ cond Wab r r. res 161 
w Sth 

Special Attention Given to Children at 



Peru City Directory. IKU 


Seifert. .A. R (Loretta) carp, res 261 e 2ud 
Seibcrt. Judson. wks L E &. W. h 3-^6 w Maim 
Seisler. Mc-ses. jKjrter Raber's saloon, h 9 w 2nd 
Seisler. Jake, butcher. v.ks Seisler s meat mkU h 

36 w Canal 
Seisler. John, meat market 16 v.- Canal, res same 
Seitz, Adelbert (Dora) wks Peru Lumber Co, re-^ 

last house n .side Warren 
Selgrath. Josephine (widr res 160 n Miami 
Selgrath. Joseph (Tillie) blk.smith Sullivan &. 

Eagle, res 279 e Canal 
Sell. Joseph (Carrie) brk Wab r r, res 27S w5th 
Seller. Isaac uSarah) wks Wilkinson & Pomeroy 

planing mill, res 54 e 9th 
Sellers. Stacy, -^v ks Wilkinson & Pomeroy plan- 
ing mill, h 54 e 9th 
Sentinel. Miami County, semi-weekK-. ! Zimmer- 
man & McElheny, pubs) 22 e .3rd 
Sephal. Chas. wks Wab r r. h 25."> w Sth 
Seppy, Frank (Maggie), lab, res 4C4 w 7th 
Seppy, Wm, carp, h 404 w 7th 
Servoss. John C wks Ind Mfg Co, h ?,0>> w 2nd 
Servoss, Earl, wks Ind :Mfg Co, h .301 w 2ud 
Ser\-oss. Claude, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 30-S v^." 2nd 
Seward. Sarah ^wid) res 377 w Main 
Sexton, Patrick i Annai lab, res .52 w 7th 
Ses-ton, Xora, elk Shirk & Millers, h J 4 Ewiug 
Seymoure. Wm, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 273 e 2:id 
Shafer. Frank vEila) wks .street car line, res e 

Ma. in 
Shafer, James i, hostler Skirk's. res cor 5:h 

and Fremont 
Shafer, John i Lourinda) retired farmer, resin 

Shafer, Otto P (Nettie! wks Ir.d Mfg Co. res .SSo e 

P^eani's Steam Laundry 

20 E. THIRD ST. 'Phone 63 

I. i 















1 ^ 



For- An\ thin;.{ in the Grocer}- Line see 
E. A. SCHKAM, Phone 59 


PEKr ClTV DlRECrORV, 1901. 

Shaffer. Smith (Maitha^ j--t:iitor Pre-hylc-rifiii 

church, res 2fj %v 8rd 
Shaffer, \Villard (I^illiaiO wks Ind Mfg- Co. rc-s i*) 

Shadmger. Georgia L. h 710 w Main 
Shadinger, Nellie, h 710 w Main 
Shadiuger. \Vm iMary) carp, res 710 w Main 
Sliadinsrer. Clias (Irene t mail carrier, res 273 w 

Shanaberger. Delia, h 462 w Main 
Shanaberger; Edward, wks Wab r r. h 4^32 w 

Shanaberger. L G, wks L E & W. h 462 w Main 
Shanaberger. Mary, uks Blue's cigar store, h 4H2 

■vv 'Main 
vShanaberger. M A (Margaret) night watchman 

L K & W. re.s 462 w :Main 
Shanaberger, Nellie, h 402 w Main 
SHAPLAND, WALTER B. prop New York Store, 

~> 5 Broadway, h Eears-s House 
Sharp, James, retired fai mer, h 71 Franklin 
Shrwp. Joel (Siisan) wks L E &"W. resST.S e Main" 
Shsrp, John H. h 71 Franklin 
Sharp, Mary, res 71 Franklin 
Sharp. Nel.son il^iicv; vvk.s Brownell's planing 

mill, res 202 w 7th 
Sharp. Robi. elk P O. h 71 Franklin 
Sharp, AVm. (Ann :^I ) wks L E & W. res .-^^2 w 3d 
Shannon. Willis \V( Maude) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

516 e Canal 
Shauman.- Elma. res 131 e 3rd 
Shauman, I^avina. res 131 e 3rd 
Shauman. Leroy t^Pri.scilla) trav .salesman, res 71 

Shea, Flora, prop saloon op depot, res 37 e .Sth 

Smoke the *^ J^ T« J.^^ 

Dr. Julius Woiff, ^^!rt,^^i1^^ 

Perl- City Dikkctowv. icr»i 


Shea. Janie.s. ticketman Wallace sh.ow. h .37 e Sth 

Shea. Mollic, h 37 e Sth 

Shea, Julia, li 37 e Sth ' - 

Sheak, Wm II, writer (Myrtle) dres^smaking par- 

lor.s over City millinery store. 9 e 3rd 
Shearer. B F (Annat res 171 e 3rd 
Shearer. Albert K fFelicita.c> tailor, res S Peru 
Shearer. John (May) cond L E <?c W. res 2S0 w 

Shearer. Albert (Elizabeth i tailor, res 225 w 3rd 
Sheen ees George, carp, h 419 e 3rd 
Sheldon. Alice, h 264 w 2nd 
Sheldon, Georg-e, wks Ind rsifg Co. h 421 e 5th 
Sheldon, George E. h 11 '.^ Kreutzer bldg 
Sheldon, Mary, h llj-i Kreutzer bldg 
Shellhammer, Wm (Sarah) retired farmer, re'', 

169 e 5th 
Shelner, Dr.vid. wks street car line, h 42y eoth 
-Shelner. Walter UDella) biksmith e Main, res 429 

e Sth 
Shepard. Henrj-, h 271 u FremonL 
Shepler, Da\-id (Anna) res 457 w 6th 
.Shepler. Mile (Cora; t, Shepler & P?rk.5. barl>ers. 

Bearss House) res 4')4 w 6th 
SHEPLER &. PARKS {Milo Shepier. Mart Parks- 

barber shop, 19 s Bro?.dway 
Shepherd Charles .Fannie,' brk L E &. W, res 

lOS n Water 
Sherbundy. F;dwai-d i^Idai engr Wab r r, res 2-')5 

eSth ' 
Slieridan. Joe. wks steel mil!, h 411 v\ oth 
Sherwin. Horace ('Harriet; res 112 w 5th 
Shideler, Geo W ^^l,izzie M) wks Wab r r. res 255 

w Sth 

Shield.s. Charles J (Martha) 
ter. res 264 w 2nd 

Try Club House \\1iiskey. 75c per quart, 


plumber and ga£ fit- Z. 


The Old Rclieble 



For Medical Use I 


121 South Broadway t 


2 S Broadway 

W'iI«oni <St ?<ic.lioI«ori 

Fi!ie TiirTiout> Courteous Tre 

r. Livery 

Pkrt- City Directoky. 1901 


Shields. J V.'. pinion and ortjans, 12 w 3rd. h 69 e 

Shilling. Abiarrs. .sheriff, h county 
Shilhue:. Abbie. h county jail 
Shilling, Jolni EHzabethi re.s county jnil 
Shilling, Martin. (Antanda"! wks Ind Mfg Co. re.=i 

5.SS e 3rd 
Shilling. N'el.soa (Katei blksraith, res 214 e 2nd 
Shingler. Wni H (Mary) plumber, steam and gas 

fitter, 20 w 6tii. re.s 269 e 6th 
Shirk. Elbert, h w 5th Shirk honie.^tead 
Shirk, Josepli. h w 5lh Shirk homestead 
Shirk. Martha O. librarian, h 100 u Kuutington 
Shirk, Milton lEllen) pres First National niiik. 

res w .5th Shirk home.stead 
SHIRK & MILLER, department store. Broadway 

and Main 
Shively. Chas R elk Shivelys groc. h 2-^2 w Main 
Shively, Cortly, elk French Bazaar, h 2S2 -.v Maiu 
Shively. Elton, bkpr Brov.neirs planing mill, h 
- 232 w Main 

Shively, Terry, fireniaii Wab r r. h loS w 6th 
Shively, Solomon L l, Martha i grocer cor Grant 

and Main, res 282 w Main 
Shively, Minnie, elk Mrs Miller s mfllinery store 

h 282 w Main 
Shiveh'. Rolettia. elk Shively's grocer^-. h 252 vr 

Shoemaker. Jacob, res 10 Grant, up stairs 
Shoemaker, Jacob (Agusta) wks L E & V.'. re.s 

324 w 7th 
Shoemaker, Herman, h .37 Jefferson ave 
Shonk. Herman. ^Htta) wks steel mill res 21.) w 3 
Shook. F S, fireman Wab rr, h 61 e ^ch 
Shoop. James W vMary-j wks Brownell's pl.-vuing 

mill, res 73 Franklin 

Prescriptions, from 

hiCbaUU & Co., Arc Absolutely Correct 



f^l\. ' K= 


IIP. FIKE, Architect, ^„AM^ 


Vi-KV CiT\ Dirf:ctokv, 1901. 

Showaltei. Geo W, carp, h 40 Washington 
Showalter. Lee (Vino) wks Ind ^rfg Co, res 4.") 

Jefferson ave 
Showalter, Samuel (Sarah) carp, res T)! Wa.shing- 

Shreeve, George (Lydia) engr Wab r r, res 120wT 
Shroat. Mell. oil pumper, h' 565 w 3rd 
Shrock, Sol. Avks Brownells planing mill, res ITS 

e 3r.d 
Shrock. AdauT (Trella) mncliiuist .steel mill, re.'; 

17 Franklin 
Shrock. Albert, h IT w 6th 

Shrock. Chas. wks Ind Mfg Co. h IT Franklin 
Shrock. Charlie, carp, h IT w 6th 
Shrock, Clarence, carp, h IT w 6th 
Shrock. Levi i_Elizabeth ) contractor, res 17 \v 6th 
Shrock, Norman, elk INIiami Co I„oan Sc Savings 

Assn, h IT \v 6th 
Shroll. John, wks Ind Mfg Co, h IIT e 2nd 
SHROPSHIRE, H W, agt Metropolitan I.ife Ins 

Co, res li';^ w 6th 
Shughnie, Daniel (Margaret) wks Wab r r, res 

71 e Sth 
Shughrue, Alice, dressmkr, h T2 e Sth 
Shughrue. Daniel jr. h T2 e Sth 
Shughrpe. Kate, dressmkr, h T2 e Sth 
Shuelirue. Nora, dressmkr. h T2 e Sth 
Shughrue, Frank, lab. h T2 e Sth 
Shuehtue, Louis i.Etta) blksmith. res i;>3 w Sth 
SHULER, GtORGE (Lottie) elk Hall & Loev.en- 

that, klothier.s, 20-22 n Broadway, res 161 w Tth 
Shultz. Emma (wid) res ,359 w 13th 
Shultz, James, wks Peru Basket Co. h .374 w 13th 
Shultz. Wm F (Nora) wks Brownell's planing 

mill, res 416 w 5th 

Nelp's Meat Market i 

Most Reliabl2 in 
r. Phone 50 
W, 3rd St. 

Miami Countx Loan 


107 - 

Shultz. I'lyrilc. wk.'? Rem Basket Co. h 359 w 13th 
SHUMAN, GILBERT E tMinnie) prop Peru Loan 

ofJi:e .53 s Broadway, res 13 s Huntington 

Shunk, George, wks .steel mill, h Holman 

Shutzbaifgh, F M (Sophia; Avks Elec Mfg Co. 263 

c 9th 
Sible. J K ( Floreuce) eugr Wab r r. res i?l5 w Sth 
Siegfrtd, Charles (Clara) uks Cole's brewery, res 

Siegfred, Wm, cigarmkr, h VXi n Broad u-ay 
Siegfred. Glen, ctgarmkr, h 10:i n Broadway 
Siegfred. Roy. h 10^3 n Broadway 
Sigafoose, John W (Cora L> osteopath. T2 w 

3rd, res same 
Sigward. Rosamond, elk Peru Candy Co, h Ito e3 
SILBERMAN, ADAM P (Etta) carriagemkr, Grant 

res .3.5S w 5th 
Silberman, Frank, elk Shiveley's grocery, h. -,'■;; 

w oth 
Silberman. Robt, wks Grant st carriage sliop, h 

35.S w 5th 
Silberman, Alice, res 356 w Tth 
Silberman, F E (Magdalena) res S5 w 6th 
Sill'erman, Harry (Grace) wks Peru Basket Cc 

res 359 w Ibth 
Silberman, Jacob . Elizebeth) plumber, res 5*32 v,- 

Silberman. Wm (Li-'zie) wks Ind Mfg Co. rts itj9 

Silkman, Henry, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 256 e Can,i"i 
Silkman. John (Mary) wks Ind Mfg Co, res 2-VJ e 

Silvers. Claud, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 21 e 2nd 
Silvers, yi A (Alice) wks Ind Mfg Co, res 21 e 2::.i 
-Simpkins. Frank, lab. res Main v.- city limit- 



^ 3 




Prescriptions Carefully Conipouiirled at 


Pkru Citv Directory, 1901. 

Simons, Ira ( Irsheli wks L-K .S: W. re*^ 37:3 w 6th 
Simons. Chas: (Tressyl machinist, res 17') \v .S'th 
Simons. John (Mary') niini'^ttT U 1! chnrch. res 

211 eMain 
Simpson, Ch.arles (Man,-) saloon cor Vranklin 

and Pike, res .same 
Siuip.sofi, I^awreuce (I<enhart & Simpson, furni- 
ture dealers and undertakers, 5.'i n Broadway) 
res Kokomo 
Simpson, Waller (I,ouise'» s^ale^man Dukes' mu- 
sic house, res ?,') Franklin 
Simp.son, V/illis (Z'.Iary) retired farmer, re.s 3") 

Siin.s, Chas, fireman 'W'ab r r. res 102 w Main 
Sine. Edith, h 25 e Boulevard 
xSine. Samuel (I„ulu) wks Ind Mfg Co, res 25 

e Boulevard 
S'nger, Fred, mgr dry good dept John S Kale & 

Co, h tJS e 3rd 
Sissler, Joe, wk.s steel mill, h McGuire House 
Sites, Frank, wks Wab r r. h 302 n Broadway 
Skerehute. Joseph (Augusta) wks Ind Mfg Co, 

res 471 e 2nd 
Skerehute. Marth.a. h 471 e 2nd 
Skinner, Ander.son (Rachel) lab. res old hospital 
Skinner, Chas F. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 47 Washing- 
Skinner, Frank fMar>-) trav salesman, res I'jtj w 

7 th 
Skinner. John J (Louise) ticket agt union station 

res io w 3rd 
Skinner. JH (RacheD farmer, res 47 Washington 
Skinner. Wm J (Minnie) drayman, re- 3 F'uclid 
Skinner. Win (Hannah) lab, res 57 w Canal 
Sloan. Eliza ( wid) res 119 n Broadway 

Call at the Most Popular Liver\- Stable in 

Baber 6 Mitchell 

PE»r City Directory-. HtQl 


Shisher, Delia, dom, SO w Main' 
.Slusher, James, lab, h 20 Columbia 
Slcichtcr. Barbara v^vid) res 50 c Canal 
Slender. John (Frieda) carp, res'119 w &th 
Smalley.. Martin ', Ida 1 wks Ind Mfg Co. res 46 

Washington ave 
Smalley, Mattie. nurse, h 2v) w 3rd 
Smallwood. Cha.s, wks Sar^-er s meat market on 

8th, h 64 e 9th 
Smallwood. Ella, wks National Hotel, h same 
Smallwood. J as. h &4 e 9th 
Smallwood, Matilda, h ':i^i e 3rd 
Smith. .\lva < Blanche) miller, res o07 w.5th 
Smith, Catharine (wid) h 2i>o w 2nd 
Smith. Charles (Elizabeth) wks Wab r r. rc-^ .54 

Smith, Charles F (Sadie) wks Wolf's livery 1 nrii. 

res 3S2 w LSth 
Smith. Charles vMeda'i brk Wab r r. res Vih v.- ,> 
Smith. Charles (.\nnai wks Wab r r. res .>.2 w ►^ 
Smith, Charles, engr Wab r r. h 155 w 6th 
Smith, Clara E. drcssmkr. res 3;i0 w 5th 
Smith. Chris (t, grocer 12-t s Broadway, res 

17S w 3rd 
Smith. Cy (Sarah) wks Brownell's planing mill. 

res 23 Warren 
Sniiih, David F (Irene'. :DF Smith &Co grocer- 

S07 w Main, res 326 w 3rd 
Smith, Elbert, miller, h o(A' w 5:h 
Smith. Emma, h 449 w 6th 
Smith, F S ("Nona^ brooramkr. res 467 w 15th 
Smith, Ferd (Anna) wks LE^iW, res 36-3 w 6th 
Smith, Floyd (Pearl) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 594 e 

Smith, Frankie, h Z:^) w 5th 























The Place to Buy .. 

Queens wave. 
Shelf hardware, 
•Tin and 
Granite Ware, 

Ladies' and Gents' 
Furnishings and 
Men's working is 




75 S Broadway 









OrouncJ F^Ioor studio 

Pkru Citv Directokv. li*)i :^)l 

smith. Valentine, h Iflfl w 6th 

S:iiith. Geo A (Minnie) grocer SH c Main res4fr> 

e Main 
Smith. George H (C-irrie B) engr I, K &: \^'. r-is 

31 S w 6th 
smith. Geo ^.\lice) retired farmer, ris 1<7 e War- 
Smith. Giles W (Martha A> real estate and \n~ 

agt, over postotnce. res 175 e Tird 
Smith. Grace, milliner, h liji e Main 
Smith, Grant (t,ouie) switchman Wab r r. res 16^ 

w Main 
Smith Harley (L,ulu) wks steel mill, h 2i/, w .jth 
Smith. Jacob. (Margaret) carp, res 314 e Main 
Smith. Jesse, h 6S e Main 
Smith. John F (Sadiej night watch gas o:tice 

res 895 e 3rd 
Smith. Julius (Minnie) wks steel mill, res 417 w8 
Smith. J P (Jennie) cent res 68 e Main 
Smith. J W (Margaret) prop Grant St Roller 

mills, res 3<J9 w 5th 
Smith. J W (Una) cond L E & W. res 13*2 e 6*h 
Smith, Martha, teacher, h 175 e 3rd 
Smith, Martha, dom. h Shirk homestead 
Smith. Nellie, prop Kratzer je%velrA- store. h "^^ v"3 
Smith, Perry (I.illiani dispatcher L H & W. res 

117 w 6th 
Smith. Phcebe T. h 175 e 3rd 
Smith. Pliny, wks Stand Cab Co h 3*^5 e 3rd 
Smith, Pearl, h 395 e 3rd 
Smith, Pliny C (Lillian E) n'ght agt nnion depot. 

res ;^5 e 2nd 
Smith, Ralph ( Ada^ wks Ind Mfg Cvi. res 4S1 e 2d 
Smith. Robert E ^Lola) wks Ind Mig Co, res 411 



Try Club Hotise Wliiskey, 75c per qtiart. 



'■J 1* ■ 


202 Peru City Directory, 1901. 

C. L. Picard 

Smith, K i,. wks Bearss House, h same 

Smith & Soils (J W Smith, Elbert Smith, Alvin 

Smith) Grant St Roller IMills, Grant bet :>th 

and Main 
Smith, S W (Jennie) giocery and meat market, 

res 182 e Gth 
Smith. Thomas H (Jane) carp, res 110 Ewing 
Smitli, Thomas F (Florence) lab, 166 e Canal 
Smith, Valantine (Nancy) wk? I^ E & \V. res 229 

w 2nd 
Smith, Willard M (India) Ex messenger Wab r 

r, res 69 E'SN'ing 
Smoot. Thomas (Florence) ^vks Ind Mfg Co, res 

453 w :}.Iain 
Smoot, Catharine, wks Telephone Ex, h 453 w 
Main . 

Smoot, Walter, h 45.3 w Main 
Smuck, Alpheus, h 411 w Main 
Smuck. Myrta. elk J S Hale's, h 411 w Mam 
Smuck, Win (Naon:i) janitor Holraan s^ school 

house, res 411 v.- Main 
Snepp, Nancy (wid) h 470 %^ :Main 
Snideman, Fllizabeih, res 8^3 w 5th 
Snideman, J F, engr, h S:i w 5th 
Snider, Charles, h e 8th 
Snider. James, carp, h e 5th 

Snoke, Vim A (Mar\) stonemason, res 665 w 3rd 
Snyder," Chas A (Addie) wks Filec Mfg Co. res 167 

Snyder, Chas H (Nannie M) carp wks Wilkin.son 

& Fomeroy's planin^c mill, res ISO w 7th 
Snyder, Elbert \V. del elk Ord grocer^-, h 1S6 w 

Snyder, David (Anna) wks Ind Mfg Co. res Sol e 


Kafltzer ^ Miifison 


iQVz S. Bid'r 

Pr.ic;ical PV.fn-.bzt, Tir.r.: 
t8 Third Street 

Pkrv Crrv Dirkctop.v. KOI 


Svydcr. C Frank, wiis J Stniih farm, h 1S6 w 7tp 
Sayder, Fred, wks Iiul Mfg Co. h 225 w gth 
Snyder. John A (Mary .\) Wab r r. rc.-^ 

?,".() w Main 
Snyder. John W. ■wks Wilkinson 6c romeroy 

planing mill, h lS6i tv 7th 
Snyder. I,owr\-. wk^ Ind ^Tfg Co. h e Main 
Snyder. N A ( lab. res e Main 
Snyder. R E. h 225 v Sth 

Snyder. Wm (Lolai wks L E & W. res 218 e 3rd 
SOAMES. CHAS (Lena) plumber 3-i e Main. re> 

552 w ord 
Soame.-?. Philip CM^iide) phnnber. res 530 v.- 3rd 
SOATEBIER, MAX (Elizabeth) prop Cream ba- 
kery. 54 s Broadway, res 279 w Maiti 
Soatebier. Fred (Louise) wagonmkr. res 2S3 w 

Sollitt. Elmer A. trav engr Wab r r. h 226 e 6th 
Sollra. John E (Janel special agt Wab r r. res 225 

e 6th 
Sommers, Albert trav Wallace show, h 512 w 

Sommers. Herman, wks steel mill, h 512 w M.iin 
Sommers. Joseph W (Rachel) car inspector I, E 

& W, res 512 w Main 
Sommers. h 512 w Main 
Sommers, Wm. wks .steel mill, h 512 w Main 
Sorage. Karl, cigarmkr. h 63 w 3rd 
Sotirwine. Chas. wks Stand Oil Co, h 355 w 7th 
Sourwine. Chris iSavina) wks L E &: V.'. res ?55 

w 7th 
Sourwine, Louise, dora, h 155 w 6th 

meyer. ice cream. rofr.s. l>et Can? 

res 13 Franklin 


owers 5c Ex 
nd river e, ■> 

Kandy Xitclien 


Soda Water 
7 E. 3rd Sr. 



Peru City Directokv, 1001. 

Sparenbvirg, Ma'.chi (Haiuiah i carp, rfs 172 w 2d 
Sparenbiirg, Margaret, elk McCafireN- grocery, 

h 172 \v 2nd 
Sparetiburg, Nellie, elk John S Hale 6c Co. h 172 

Spaulding, Albert, cigarmkr, h 2b(3 w 3rd 
bpaulding. Bessie, h 107 e 2nd 
Spaulding, Harry, moulder, h 107 c 2nd 
Spaulding, W H H i.Sarah ]) nigr Spaulding 

foundrx-, res 107 e 2nd 
Spaulding. Nora, h 107 e 2nd -. ■ 
Spaulding, Robert, moulder, h 107 e 2nd 
SPAULDING & SOfJ (W H H and Frank) foun- 
dry-, 1 sq e bridge S Peru 
Spaulding, Wm E (Emma) wks L, E & W, re.'^ 

266 V,- 3rd 
Speck, Elizabeth (wid) h 119 e Canal 
Speck. Ferdinand (Mary) wks Ind Mfg Co. re>- 

167 e Canal 
Speck, Mordice, h 167 e Canal 
Spellman, Andrew (Bridget) cout. res 210 u I,a- 

Spelhnan, Andrew jr, elk Ord's groc, h 210 n 

Spellman. Bridget, h 210 w I^afayette. 
Spellman, Elizabeth, h 210 n Lafayette 
Spellman, James, yard elk Wab r r, h 210 n La- 
Spellman, Peter, (Mary) cond LE&W, res ;il3 is 7 
Spencer Charlie, glassblovver, h 2.>6 w Sth 
Spencer, Guy, wks Elec Mfg Co. h 2:^6 w 8th 
Spencer, Samuel (Sarah) lab, res 236 w Sth 
Spencer, Wm H i, Olive) wks Peru Basket Co. res 

2:^.6 w 8th " - . 

Splker, . moulder steel mill, h ."in w INIain 

Farrar & Clark ! 

U A V\' ^" E R S Office Eldg 
P.hon*. 1242 

Anything, Ivverythir.j^ in }iar<hvare Line 

Peru City Directoky, 1901 2fXj 

5 2 

Spinning, W'v.i V, (Clara F) mgr Peru Am Gas 

Co. h 67 e 2nd 
Spitznagle. .Anna dres.smkr. h 2J0 e 2nd 
Spitznagle, Jacob, wks wagon shop 26 w 2nd h 

210 e 2nd 
Spitznagle, John iGertrude) wagcmmkr, 26 w 2c. 

res 210 e 2nd 
Spitznagle. John (NaJinie) blksr.iith. res 12 n 

Spooner. Jared ;Mary) phiysician and surgeon. 

postofHce blk res 67 w Main 
Spooner, John P. teacher, h 67 w Main 
Spray. Sauk, oil driller, h 116 w Main 
SPURGEON, JOHN P, attorney and court rep. 

r 4 and ij Schmoll bldg. h .same 
Squires, Jerry <I^ura) drayman S^nirk ^c Mil'ier, 

res 26 w 5lh 
Stagg, Erenia A \T^-Ld) res oOS w Main 
Stagg, Isniaj-. dressmkr, h .50S v.- Main 
Stagg, LeroN-, wks L, P.Sl W, h .V;.S w Main 
Staley. Ella, h 21 e 2nd 

Staley, Frat:k iMar\-) teamster, res ?A w 10th 
STALEY, LEWIS B, ^'^H driller, res 17;i e 2nd 
.Staley. Olive v^v-^di dressmkr. res 22iJ w 7th 
Staley, Omer. wr.s L E Staley. well driller, h 17:< 
. e2nd 

Staley, Will, lab. h 173 e 2nd 
Staller, Daniel 8 (Ida) wks Elec Mfg Co, res 5 

e Wabash ave 

prop. 2^4 e Main 
Standard Oil Co. we^t city 
Stanley, John W ^Nora) wks steel mill, res 462 w- 

. 1-lth 
Stanley. Joseph C wks Ind Mfg Co. h 'I'S e Canal 


Groceries tincl .''•\«iS«ts 














Linc-ras and Supplies at W O O D ' S 


Peku City Directory, IWl. 

Stanley, IVIary E. h 12) v.- r,t.h 

Sta!T?})erry. Charles M. wks Wnh r r. h 2<4 n 

Staut, Omer. wks Ind ^rfg Co, h 2.')2 e 2nd 
Stanlon. Chas T, (Tillie) carp, res 541 e 3rd 
Starke. Albert, wks Starke's second-hand store. 

h i7)tj w 3rd 
Starke. Conrad (Aueriista) prop second-hand 

store 19 w 2nd, res i'i(^ \v 3rd 
Starr, John M (Mai-y) .'^hoetnkr ItM n Broadway, 

res 354 w 12th 
Stauter. Klmer. carp, h 164 e Main 
Stauter, Ira i,Mattie) carp, res 164 e Main 
Steel. Viileria, h 325 e Main 
Steel. Da\-id (Elizabeth) blksmith 1^ E & W. res 

3S2 w 6th 
Steel, Seigle. barber, h 325 e Main 
Steel. .S D. barber, res 325 e Main 
Stepleton, Joe, paper hanger, ces 295 w 2Tid 
Steginan, Jo.seph i^Arn}') elk Joe Bergman, res TS 

w 5th 
Steinbach, Chas (Grace) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 431 

w 7th 
Steinmetz, Andy (Tude) agt Ind Brewing Co. res 

578 w.Main 
Steinmetz. Frank (Anna) saloon 5S n Grant res 

470 vi- 6th 
Steinmetz, Fred, elk Grant st, h 256 w 6th 
Steinnietz, Geo 'Dolly'; meat mkt cor Grant and 

5th. res 46& w 6th 
STEPHENS, JOHN H, (Lillie) real estate and 

loans, r 5 old Brownell blk. res S3 e River 
Stephenson, Markle (Josephine) wks Ind Mfg 

Co. res 413 e 3rd 
Stepler. Samuel, wks steel mill, h 69 w 8th 

Take OE Your Collar! We Do tlie Rest at 
StRANAHAN & PIPER, 23 E. Main 


Restaurant and Eakcry 

IJ E. Maiii Si.cct. 

Pkkv City- Dcrkctory. I'.Ol 

207 '/' 

Sterling. Harvey, wks lud Mfg Co. h S2 Wash- 
ington ave 

Sterling. J A (Anna) cond Wab r r. rtst>i v.- t/.h 

.stcriing. I/.ilu. h 32 Washington ave 

Sterling. Mar\-in. painter, h 32 Washington 

Sterling. Thane'! F'anny)brk Wab r r. res .32 

Stettler. Daii '.Sue) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 2iJ3 w 

Stettler, Wm (Ro~e^ wks Ind Mfg Co. resJlOe 

Stevens, Bert, teamster oil 6eld. h 17 Colu:nbia 

Stevens. Catharine (,%\'id) res 203 w 6th 

Steven.s, Ed, wks Ind Mfg Co, h 17 Columbia 

Stevens, George, painter, h 2i03 w 6th 

Ste%-ens. Grant (Tena) cond Wr.b r r, res 2'.'j w 




Ira (Harriet) roof-painter, res 2tf-i w 

Tr\- Club HoK.-^e Whiskev, Toe per quai 


John G Indiana) res SO v^■ Main 

Jesse T -.Liz'zie) elk J S Hale i;c Co. rcs 

w River 
Stevenson, Harlan i Barbara) wks steel mill, res 

506 %v 6ta 
Steward. J W (Sarah) wks F.Iec Mfg Co, res ly; 

Steward, Ora, fireman L E & W, h 1S6 w ith 
Stewart. Carrie, h 358 w 5th 

Stewart. Jesse, .•^iiip elk Peru Candy Co, h 29 w 3 
*.Stewart. Cynthia barber .^^hop li33 .s Broadway 

res 16-0 u Broadway 
Stewart, Harrv", itks Ind Mfg Co. res SS5 e 3rd 
Stewart. Jesse- E ».Kose) teamster, res '2Si') e 3rd 
Stewart. John, wks telephone Co, res 306 e Canal 
Ste^s•art. John, minuteman firedept, h e Caual 











Pert: Citv Dirkctorv. lOOl. 

Stewart, Mable. h 22S e :>th 

Stewart. Mae, wks City Milliner, h -wS w .'.ih 

Stewart; Xel.son (rhc-ebt> wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

'2f;S e Canal 
Stewart. OT ^Mary) teamster Ijid Tvlfg Co. rc- 

3i)S e 2ud 
Stewart. Milton. (Kdith) wks Ind Mfg Co, :321 e 

Stewart. Roy C. deli\-ers Walters grocery, h SoS 

v.- otli 
Stewarv. Mary, h ^^00 e Canal 
STEWART, THOMAS G 'Emma', general in>i'.r- 

ance. r S new Brownell blk. res 22.S e 5th 
Stev-.-art, Wood (Julia) wks Michigan City, res 

315 e 6th 
Siiers. Tiiurlow S. switchman !< E S: W. h 357 w 

Stiles. A p (Yandaloo) (EUis, Stiles & Co. w 5th, ~» 

res :sr.l n- 6th 
Stiles. Helen, h 313 v.- 6th 
Stile.s. I^na. teacher, h 313 w 6th 
SLillmati. Mina, h 381 w 7th 
Siiner. Mary (wid) v.'ks National Hot^I. res 1.^0 e 

Stitzel. Janes, (Sarah) cement contr. res ;355 w 

Stitzinger, Wesley (Eva) drives beer wagon, res 

5 e 3rd 
Stiver. Henry (Katie) \v'ks Stiver rest, res 123 w 

Stive-r, Ida. h n Broadway 

STIVER, PERRY S < Kate) bakery and restau- 
rant 107 s Broadway, res 123 w 2nd 
Stiver. Wm (Anna) lab, res s Croadvvay 
Stodder. Elmer, carp, h 34 e 3rd 

Fleam's Steam Laundry 

20 E. THIRD ST. 'Phone 63 

• I 

Smoke O. P. B. A. Cigars 

I'KRr C:tv Directory. 1'.«>1 


Stogsdill. F E (Dai.^y ) wks Wab r r. res j!>4 w 30.h 
Stong. Geo. brk Wab r r. h 2^V> e &th 
Stonebarger, Emily (wid) h 31 e Roulevard 
Stoops, O C (Mar\ ) engr Wab r r. res l-Vi c- Sth 
Stowe. Chas J (Caroline) freight a^t Wab r r. r-s 

IW Paving 
Straat. Bazel (Ahuira) gardener, res 422 w 7lh 
Straley, Tena, doni, h 71 w Main 
Stranahan, Krai'k K (Xcrlliei (Srranahau tc Pi- 
per) barbers, res l--^! e 2iid 
Stranahan, John J ^ Elizabeth i boilermkr Wab 

r r. res ItU n rkliarii 
Stranahan, J B (Mary) butcher, res 251 e 3rd 
STRANAHAN &. PIPER (Frank Stranahan and 

George Piper) barbers. 23 e Main 
Stratton. Anna (wid) h 149 e River 
Street, Ealy. agt Cin Post, h 4^2 w3rd 
Street, Guy. newsboy Sullivan Bros, h 452 w 3Td 
Street, Mac\-. tea:7ister. res 482 w 3rd 
Strtsemann, Caroline i w-id) res 175 w Main 
Stresemaun. Carl, wks Ind 2klfg Co. h 175 w Male 
Stresemann.Geo (Anna) blksraith.rcs 175 w Main 
Strock. Benj F (Martha) wk.i Wab r r, res 62 a 

Strock, Nina, bkpr John S Hale &: Co, h 62 :i 

Strominger, Eou;s (Tenai wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

liJl w Canal 
Strouse. Adelaide (wid.^ res 110 w Main 
Strouse. Carrie, h HO w Main 
Strouse, Da\-id H, h 110 w Main 
Strouse, Henrietta, h 110 w- Main 
Struble, Loviise (widi res 61 w 6"v.h 
Struble, George, lab. h 11 Warren 
Stubblefield. Robert (Martha E; teair.^ter. res 

410 w I2ih 

The J. T. J. Smoke 

•: /■ 

i -z 

C :i.I)?orlh Broadwav < .• . 'Phone G7i '. '• 


Peru City Diuectorv. IdOL 

Sturges, Alice, triiuni»;r. h 110 w 6th 
.Sturges, Fred, \vksLl=:&\V. h 110 w 6th 
Sturges. Harr\-, insurance agt, h 110 w 6th 
Sturges, James (MaryVengr 1,K&:W, res 110 w 6th 
Sturges, I^lia, wks Citj- milliner, h lli) w 6th 
Stutesnian. Frank M (Ada) prop and jngr John 

S Hale & Go's store, h 6S e 2nd 
Stucesman, Chas W (Hniily) billposter, res South 

Peru ■ ■ -.■ 

Stutesmau. Fred (Mary) engr 1.1% 8:\V, res ?:0?j wrt 
Stutesman. X IC i^llattie) nigr Caual roller mill. 

res 13 Pike '. 

Stutesman, F E, wks McCarthy's, h 17 w 2nd 
Stutesmau,. il., ■, Elizabeth) res RT e 2ud - . 
Stutesman James F, attorney. Cole blk, h 67 e 2d 
Sullivan, Albert (Mary) wks Wab r r. res 162 w 3 
SULLiVAN BROS (Elvin O and Claude R Sulli- 
van) news and cigar depot 71 n Broadway 
Sullivan, Arthur, dentist over P O, h 25.". w 3rd 
Sullivan, Claud R, (.Sulhvan Bros} news agt 71 n 

Broadway, h 117 w 5th 
Sullivan, Daniel (Maggie) wks street car line, res 

13 e 10th . 
SULLIVAN &. EAGLE '..Theodore J Sullivan. Henry 

A Eagle) carriages and carriage repairiug,17-22 

w Canal 
Sullivan., Eliza A, res 115 e River 
Sullivan, Kivin O, news agt (Sullivan Bros, news 

strand. 71 n Broadway) h 117 w 5th 
SULLiVAN, P S, trustee Peru tp, otSce 71 n 

Broadway, res 117 w "jth 
Sullivan. T E 'Kmma) elk \Vab r r, res 76 v.- 7th 
Sullivan, T J vMary> carriage mfr (sullivan & 

Eagle) res 255 w 3rd 
Sullivan, Florence (Aun) res -222 w Main 

f. Ih^rr J- T- J- Smoke 


Tlie Best Stock ■■^\^d Low Price.-^ Alvv-.ivs at 
E,. A. SCiiiXAM'S. 'JPhone 59 
Perv Cexy Directory. 1901 211 

Sullivan. George, fe 2.55 w 3rd 

Sullivan. Hazen. w'ks Elec Mfg Co. h 255 v.- 3'd 

Sullivan. J E (?:itn) dispatcher Wab r r. res 117 

w 7th 
Sullivan. Joim H "K:atei elk McCafTrcv & Co res 

113 e Sth 
Sullivan, I.yman B. attorney, r 1 and 2 Fir.=t Nit 

Bank blk. h 115 rTiver 
Sullivan. Sarah E. res 115 River 
Sullivan. Walter ^Elizabeth) engr Wab r r. res 

1(39 w 3rd 
Sullivan. Waiter jr. h 169 w 3rd 
Sullivan. Walter, elk First Nat Bank, h 136 w 7th 
Sullivan. W W (Sarah) abstracter, res 136 w 7th 
SUMMERS. A J fEouise) photographer. 12H a 

Broadway, res 122 w 5th 
Summers. Arthur, h 122 w Sth 
Sumner. Will H (Marg-arite; tailor Merner 6: 

Kramer, res 73 w 5th 
Sumners. Harry, wks steel mill, h 3-57 w 7th 
Sunday, Daniel. i.May) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 52 

Sunday. Eraan\ie! (Minnie) wks Ind Mfg Co. re^ 

260 e Sth 
Surber, John Jr. wks E E & W. h 504 w 3rd 
Sutton. Richard, wks Sullivan & Eagle, h 19 w 

Swank, Faye. h i-71 w Main 
Swartz. Edward, wks E E & vr. h 1.S3 w 7th 
Swartwout. Ethel, h 134 w 3'd 
Swartwout. George A vEuella; mgr steel mill. 

res lU w 3rd 
Swartz. George, wks L E -Sc W. h 1S3 w 7th 
Swank. Zachariah Z l.Mar^•^ retired f.^.-mer. res 
102 w Main 

Try Club House Whiskey, 75c per quart, 



Dr. Julius Wolff, 

Optical Specialist 
New Brownell W<i 


Pf-ku City Uirectokv. 1;X)1. 

Swearinger, l^oii (Jiilin) wks Browiiell plaiiin}< 

mill, res cor 12th and Fremont 
Swearer, Martha, dressnakr, h 19 w Main 
Sweeney, R I< (Ona) fireman I^ K & W res '.ihl w 

Swearinger, Samuel, wks Peru Basket Co, h lilO 

•w loth 
Sweeney. Mar\-, dom h 'il w Main 
Sweetman, Mary, h cor 7th a.nd Grant 
Swift, James II (Esther L,) gardener, res 12S w 5 
Swisher, i,emuel (Alice) wks steel mill, res 17^ w 
- Sth 

Switzer, Ida Tvf, res 16G w 6th 
Swihart, Mary, doni. 274: e Gth 
Swope, John, wks Wab r r, h 356 w 5th 
S}cka/use, Thomas, wks Wab section, h 101 e 10 

^^ . - 

Talbct, Kate, h 21 w 6th . 

Tallx>t, I.ulu, h 275 w3rd 

Talbot, Frank, painter, h 507 w 3rd 

Taliassc. Michael (Mary) lab, res m e 10th 

Tate. Thomas, blksmith (^l,ynch & Tate n Broad- 
way) h 115 n Broadway 

Tate, Jacob (Mary) teacher, res 16 Adcims ave 

Taylor, Blanche (wid) res 324 w5th 

Taylor, Claire (wid) physician, res 28 e 3rd 

'i^Taylor, Edith, dom. h 62 e 2nd 

Taylor, Goldie, h 5f,5 w 2rd 

Taylor. John W (Belle) wks oil field, res 565 w 
3rd , . 

*Taylor, Mabel, dom, h 127 e 3rd 
. Ta^'lor, Omer, oil pumper, h 565 w 3rd 

Taylor, Samuel (Millie) plasterer, res 328 e Main 

Taylor, Finley, oil pumper, h 565 v/ 3rd 

Peru Loan Office 

"" Money Loaned on 
Watches, Diamonds, 
Jewelry. 5 3 S. E-d'y 

Peru Citv Dikectorv. IWl 


Taylor, \V;n 1) (Kate) mgr Peru branch Terre 

Haute Brewing Co. re? 128 w 3rd 
Taylor. Wm, firemaii Wab r r, h 2.<M u Miami 
Teaboldt, John (Nellie) engr water works, res 

169 e 3rd 
Teel, Da\-id ( Nannie i wks steel mill, res 210 w 2d 
Tell, William, Cigar Storei,*W G Harris prop; 

157 n Broadway 
Tereba, Emma, dre&smkr, h 107 e 2nd 
Tereba, Joseph (Gstliele) wks Ind Mfg Co. re- 

407 e 2nd 
Teirell. Clarence viva) prop Bear?^s Hotel Bar. 

res 55 e 2nd 
Terry, Harry W ^.I^filiau) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 

522 e 3rd 
Terry-. Geo (Lizzie) res 62 >< s Broadway 
Test,' Grace E, h 22 w 5ch 
Test. James W. elk Wab r r. h 22 w 5th 
TEST, L M (Bracken ridge & Test, real estrvte. 

loans and insurance, 11 (2 s Broadway) rcsllt* w 

Thayer. Arthur, wks Wab r r, h 16\) w 3rd 
Thayer, Lucas, fireman V,"ab r r, h (>4 Ewing 
Thayer, Alex, wks Ind Mfg Co. h -it-G e Caivnl 
Thayer. Walter, wks Wab r r, h 64 E"^ing 
Thauar, August vLena) wks Elec Mfg Co. res ;:c4 

Theobald, Clara, h ZvZ vv 3rd 

Theobald, Ernest, mgr Stan Cab Co. b 203 %v 3rd 
Theobald, Jacob (Martha) contractor, res 2C<3 w 3 
Theobald. Martha, h 3j3 w 3rd 
Theobald. Oscar, wks for Jacob TheobaM cent. 

h 203 w 3rd 
Thes-sen, Wm lElva; baker Mercer's, res 22:^ e 3 
THIEBAUD & CO, druggists, cor 2nd and BrOi'id- 


Monev Loaned on Mortgage at i:u- 















rVliitrtti Counts I^ofiii 

V4 'X 

'-T. 214 

Pert- City DiuiXTOKV. 1901. 











*— < 






Thiebaud, Char'e? O (Kiniiia) (Tliieband &: Co 

druggists') res 85 e 3rd 
Thiebaud, Gertrude, hS-* e 3rd 
Thoeness. TVIilce, wks Ind Mf g Co. h 3-30 e 'ith, Peter (Anna's wks lud INIfg Co, res 3.'-.0 

e 5th 
Thomas, Blauche, h ;iSi e Main 
Thomas. E P] (wid) res 274 w 6th 
Thomas. P'rnest. teacher, h 30 Warren 
Thonia.s, Frank, carp, h 30 Warren 
Thomas, Geo W (Grizza E) retired fanner, res 30 

Thomas, Herman, wks steel mill, h 401 «" Main 
Thomas Sisters (Bertha and Mae) dres.smkrs. 

.59,'.' n Broadway Bertha, dressmkr, .5PH n Broadway, h 

30 Warren 
Thomas, Mae. dressnikr, 59^2 » Broadway, h 30 

Warren - ' '-■ ' 

Thonia.s, Harry, elk Shea's saloon op depot 
Thomas, Theodore, shoemkr. h National Hotel 
Thompson, Geo J (Lizzie) night watchman Ind 

yifg Co, res 23.S e 9th 
Thompson, Wm (Pauline) wks I. E & W, res 12 

JelTers'on ave 
Thompson. Wm, wks Ind Mfg Co. li 12 Jefferson 

Thompson, H :*! (Dessie) cond Wab r r. re.- 177 n 

Tippctjanoe ' " 

Thorn, Eva, teacher, h 213 e Main 
Thorn, l^ewis. elk r'lleinhardt, h S4 e Franklin 
Thorn, May, elk Cory Bros, h 213 e Main 
Thornburg, H B (Muriel) cond Wab r r. re.s 3.' e 6 
Thornburg & Wells (H B Thornburg and Frank 

Wells) grocery and meat market, 309 w Main 

Neip's Meat Market 1^^ 

Most Reliable in 

one 50 


H. P. FIKlf. Architect, I 

oorr. 4 ixc^" 


Thucrwp.chter, Dorsv, wk.s I'erii Cnndy Co, h 42 

Thuerwachter, Jacob (Freadie) wk.s J O Cole, res 

30r. c oth 
Thuerwachter. Jacob (Tina) wks Coles brewery 

res 42 Warren 
Thuerwachter. Louise, dom. h 42 Warren 
Tibbs. John. carp, h .74 Washington 
Tiblx-t.s. J R (Jennie) mgr Kloiidike Oil Co, re.s 

467 w Gth 
Tigge.s. Cari. %\k.-i steel mill, h ."jl-j w 3rd 
TiPoerry, Cha< (Bertha) wk.s Ind Mfg Co. res 2.Vi 

e Canal 
Tillett. Goldie, (Tillett & Blair niir.i:ier.s) 9 s 

Tillett. Hattie (v.-id) dom. h 2',^ w ii:h 
Tillett. Henry J (Rachel) retired farmer, rcs 116 

w 3rd 
TILLETT, JOSL.i=H N, lawyer (Tilletr &: Dvnbar. 

r 1 and 2 Cole blk. h beyond ciiy limits - 
Tillett. Minnie ^Tillett ^^ Blair, y s lirondwav) h 

116 w 3rd 
Tillett 6c Blair, millincr.s, 9$ Broadway 
Tir.ker. Frank (Hattie) prop green house, re^ 

.357 w Main 
Tinney. Nelscu (Martha E) cond L E ^: \V. res 

104 w 7th 
Tippett. Ollie. dom, h 124 e .:th 
Titus, Fred. Freds hotel and lunch rocni. cp 

union depot, h same 
Titus, Steve .Millie) Oak sal'H.n. 11 Railroad 
Todd, David K ^.Angeliuei ship elk El-^c Mfg Co. 

res 1.S2 e 2nd 
Todt, Catharine, h 71 w 2nd 
Todt. Maggie, h 71 w 2nd 

Try CUib Mouse Whi'^key, Toe por qii;=irt, 



Photo Supplies at WOOD'S THAR MAC V 
6 South Broad wav 


Pekt. City Dirf.ctory, 1901. 

Tokm, Zereniiah [widt h 119 n liroridway 
Toil. Win (Lillie) carp, res 51S w ."Hh 
Toralinson. Alonzo (F.runia) car inspector I^ K cS: 

V.', res 607 w Main 
TtKJinire, Philip (Nora) brk Wab r r. res 3-'J e Sth 
To'.ver, H K (Thursia) trav salesman, res 126 e 

Towjicr, J S (lona) car inspector Wab r r. res Ti 

t loth 
Toivnsend Chas (Nellie) engr Wab r r. res 67 

Townsend, Joseph, stock buyer, res 77 w 2nd 
Townsend. Nellie, dom. b 204 w Main 
Towusend, Ora (wid) dom, h SO w Main 
Tovrusend. Pearl, h 77 w 2nd 
To-.vnsend. Peter, electrician, h 77 vv 2nd 
To\vnsend. Walter, vvks steel mill, h 1S6 vv 7th 
Trac>-, Anna (wid) h 332 e 5th 
Trac}-, Nancy J. h 24 n Miami 
Trainer, Clara, wks Peru Candy Co, h ZS9 e 3rd, 
Trainer, Frank, tel operator, h 389 e 3rd 
Trainer. John (Belle) repair work, res and shop 

Tra\ns, Rose, dressmkr, h 130 w 6th 
Travers. Chas (Jane) lab, res old hospital 
Tereba. Emanuel(Gusta)wks Ind Mfg Co, res 31S 

e 3rd 
Tresch. Geo L, (Klizat.>eta) machinist, res .>5 e Sth 
Tresch, John S, plumber Shingler's h 5o e Sth 
Tripr<eer, Jessie, h 52 %v 2nd 
Trippeer. Harry, h 52 w 2nd 
Trippeer, John (Sarah) prop National hotel, res 

52 w 2nd 
Trippeer. Richard (Mattie) (Tripper .Bro3-L,ime 

Kiln) res 224 w 2nd 

Tn^ Club House Whiskey, 75c per quart, 


Smoke O.P. B.A. Cigars 

Pr-.KU CfTV DIKECTORY 1901 21" 

Trippeer, W K (Martha) fireman LE&.W. vz.^ '/A 

w 6th 
Trobaugh, Elizabeth, res 2S w lOth 
Troster, Fred (Catharine) jeweler 57 s Broadway 

res 60 Ewing 
Troutman. Wrti A (I.sabella) brk Wab r r. res 2'/4 

Troutman, .\ndy (>raggie) wks Ind Mfe Co. res 

295 wCaual 
Troutman. Emraa. h 295 w Canal 
Troutman, Frci. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 295 w 
Troutman, Ge<>rge. wks Ind Mfg Co, h 2y5 w 

Trover, Carl, vrks steel mill, h 2S3 w9th 
Troyer, Guy, photographer, h 2&:i w 9i:h 
Troyer. James F 'Mary) lab. res 2S3 w 9th 
Troyer, John, wks Peru Basket Co. h 2S3 w 9th 
Troyer, Katie (wid) res '2S3 w 9t.h 
Tucker, Wm (Eaura) wks lud :>lfg Co. res 42i e 

TUDOR, S &. CO, whole5.ale dealer in produce, 

1 sq e bridge S Peru 
Tudor. A P vMay) elk Shirk & Miller, h 15-" w Cth 
Tudor, Bt.ssie. h 165 w 6th 
Tully, James (Rosa) blksmith L E & W. res 11-5 

Tully. John, shoe shop. 278 w Bth. res same 
Tully, John Jr. delivery Glennon & Wer.du h 2"< 

w 6th 
Turner. John J. wks Ind Mrs Co h .31^2 e Sth 
Turner Mfg Co. mfrs woolens. 326 w 2nd 
Turner Jo.shua (Anna) Mgr Turner Mfg Ca res 

lOS w 7 th 
Turner. Robert (Ida) vvks lad Mfg Co. res 7-3 

Complete Lir.e iV-lw-s, Toiirt Art.-dcs, Cjgari. E: 


i r^ 


L^exnx BROS,, PHotogrtipIiers 
'" - :Or*ounic! F-loor Studio * ~ 


i I 

i a 

i I 

i ^ 


Peru Cixv Dikkctory. 1901. 

C Turner. Ruby, bkpr Tnnier Mfg, Co, h 1()3 w Tin 

rH Tuniey. E E (Charlotte') wks Wab r r, res 1% w Ti 

^ Turpie, James, hostler LE&W, h .321 %v 6th 

O Tuthjll, Edward (.Mary) brk Wab r r. res 62 e .">th 


Uhlman, (Ernestine) wks Browneirs 
- planing mill, res 5^36 e 2ud 

Ulrich, A B (Mary) wks J^JiScW. res 1.5 Boulevard 
Ulrich. Fred (Ella) painter, res 401 wMain 
XJlrJch Fred (Elizabeth) prop Ulrich wagon wks 

res 309 w Sth . • : 

Ulrich, Heury, blksmith, h 3*^9 w 8th 
Ulrich, Lizzie, h 309 w Sth • /, ,■ 

Ulrich, Mary, h 309 w Sth . ■ -..' .^rO --r/. ••; 
Ulrich, Sadie, h 3C*9 w Sth . .-■■•■: • 
Ulrich, Wm.' painter, h c09 w Sth 
Ullshafer. David, wks steel mill, h 671 w 3rd 
Ulsperger, And\- (Rrichel) wks Ind Mfg Co. re,s 

263 w- Cnual 
Ulsperger, Myrtle, wks Shunian's jewelry/store, 

h 2(>i w Canal - • 

r~!r.barg:er. John (Hannah) wks oil field res -S^i 

w 13th --...;. 

Umbarger, Hugh (Mattie, lab, res Wt w 12th 
Umbarger, '"m (Katie) lab, res 497 w 12ih . 
Underwood, Eleanor, as-st city librarian, h .S70 .•? 

U^^C)£RWOOD, H F (Xannie C) attorney, pension 

agt and notary public. 7."jU s Broadway, res 370 

s Broadv.ay ■ ■ 

Undei-'.'.-ood, L,>Tnan, elk Petty's grocery, h 370 s 

Underwood, Viola, teacher, h 370 s Broadwav 
Unger, John F t Estella v sec Ind Mfg Co, re's 20-1 

e Maiii 




New T'pholsteriiiq 
Lo Order al 

6. 1). Noland's 

Peru Crry Dikectokv. 1901 


Unger, Louis (Dora) wks steel mill, rcs iffi e "5 

Canal ' ? 

United States Express Co. H H YoMng agt. 16 e 3 f 

Upshall. Frank J (Soph'a) wfe^ Ind Mfg Co. res ^ 

38 Washington '' ' P 

Up.'^.hall. John (Jennie) veterinary ' surgeon, res ^ 

31 e Boulevard . ' - »J 

Vance, V.'m .'M'nnie"^ elk Cory's, res 55 e Main 

Vance, Fred, h r>S e Main 

Vance. Chloe. elk Ba;:aar. h .=^8 e Main 

VANCE, -ALSEY i Jessie^, elk Hall St Loewenthal. 

klothiers. 2!.V22 n :Broadway. res 5S e Main 
VanBlaricon. A I^ wks steel mill, h McGuire 

house /.'■ 

VanBlariconi. Geo R ! Alfaretta) \vks Ind Mfg Co 

res 26-S e 9th 
VanBlaricotn. Ada E. h 26.S e 9th 
VanDoren. Joseph \Sabra) wks .=5 Tudor & Co. 

res 57 e River 
VanDoren, Susie, bkpr. h 57 e River 
VanN-ess. Eddie, elk L E & W freight ofnce. h 

362 w 5th 
VanNe.=s. EH J 'Celestial brk L E & W. rcs 362 w 

VanXess, Jennie, h -332 w .5th 
Vernider. Barbani. dom. h le-J e 5th 
Vin.sou. Joseph (Elizabeth) wk.s Ind Mfg Co. res 

7.55 e 2nd ' " ■ 

Vinson. N O, h 2*>5 w 5th 

VoighL Wm (Anna) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 460 e 2d 
Voight, Eniil iDessle) cook CI 

Hotel, res I'.l e 


Coir;pkte LlncDrJv-s, Toilet /^rAzU., Cigars. Et;., 


C. I. Picard 


Prjct^raj^ Plumber, Tinner 

and Fiirnace Worker 
IS East Third Street 


Peru City Dikkctory, 19<31. 

Voight. Emil (wid) res 86 e 9t]i 

Voight, Hannah, h S5 e &th 

Voight, Minnie, waitress, h 86 e 9th 

Volpert, Andy, wks Wab r r section, h 216 e 2nd 

Voip^Tt, Casper, h 216 e 2nd 

Volpert, John Vv' (Mary) (Hays & Volpert blk- 

siniths) w 2nd, res 216 e 2nd 
Voorheis, Adelbert (Minnie) wks Wab r r, res 

176 e 6th . 
Voss, C H (Maggie) fireman Wab r r. res 1,>1- e 6th 
Vore, Mrs Allen, res 185 w 3rJ 
Vore, Chas, wks Peru Basket Co. h 185 w 3rd 
Vore, Webster, elk Skirk & Miller's, h 185 w 3rd 
VURPILLAT, VICTOR (Maude) prop Grant Street 

Drug store, res 274 u Fremont 


Wade, Harriet S (wid) res 166 w Main 

Wade, Frank (Belle) wks McCaffrey & Co i, 
grocery, res 355 e 5tb 

Wade, George, elk Wab r r, h 135 w 5th 

Wagner, Anna (wid) res 272 w Main 

Wagner, Geo W (Minta) fireman V.'ab r r, res 60 
e Main 

Wagoner, Geo W (Martha EV grocer, 452 e 2nd 

Waite, Abner C (P.eT^ecca) elk Shirk & Miller. 
r':s Ridgeview 

Waite, Frank (Everissa) elk McCaffrey & Co, h 

. 216 w 6th 

Waite, Madge, stenographer Wab r r, h Ridge- 

Waite, Mary B, h Ridgeview 

Waite, Robert A (Ina) eugr Stutesman & King's 
fiour mill, res 268 w ,3rd 







Sold by All De-nlers 
I'HKV City Directokv. I'.Ol 221 

Waiiiscott. OC (Pearl) physician and snrgccn 

res 77 e 3rd 
Walker. Belle, h IS w 3rd 

Wall. Frank F i Madge) wks Wab r r. res Z^J. v C 
Wallace. Bcnj E ? Fannie) prop Great Waikce 

Circus, res 16 w <Xn 
Wallace. I, E Kw\t\ res 20i e 5th 
Walle, Nicholas (Augusta) wks I, E & W res 412 

w 5th 
Wallick, Jerry (Alida) carp, res 64 w 3rd 
Wallick, Mary E. res 40 Franklin st 
W'allick. Milo, firtrnau l^E&Vv' h S54 w 6:h 
Wallick, Maggie, res 216 w 2nd 
WALLICK, FORD'I>ora) (.Miiler-Wallick Ptg Co' 

res s of city, rural route 3 
WALPE, CHARLES J, shoes and repairing. 10 tt 

2ad, h 1?0 w 2iid 
Walpe, Fanny, h 130 w 2nd 
Walpe. Fred, shoemkr 10 w 2ud. res loO w 2ud 
Walpe, Uda (wid; laundress 2C^ w Canal, rcs 

Walpe, Louisa, h 2:^0 w 2nd 

Welsh. Mike F .jT'.iat con Wab r r.^ res 21S e 5th 


Armstrong') Pe:;u Dental Parlors. 11'-; w Main 

Walter. Wm H (.-fi^rtrude) grocer w 3rd. res 203 

Walters, .\ngusti Bertha) wks 1„ E & W, res 5C'^ 

w 5th 
Walters, Hala, h SS w 2nd 
Walters, Jacob, j^.perhauger. h 134 w 2i.d 

Walters. John vC<^oe) grocer w .3rd. 
Waite: s, Lewis Maiilda'. res 264 w 2: 

wSd ^ 

res 2 
Walters. UrnerT ilvai res 451 w 3rd 
^yalters. Richari. wks Elec Mfg Co. res Chil; 

LOU WARD, livery and Boarding Stable, 

opposite £.£5:tist Church 

'Phor.c 15 


New Store. New Goods, New Prices. 
Hetzner Hardware House and Dop't Store 

222 Peru City Directokv. IdOl. 


Walther, Jacob C (Ixiuise'l groc and meat mkt. 

res 22f4 e :ird 
Waltz, PI M (Gustal wks Wab r r. rts IS e Wash- 
< ington ; 

Wambaugh. EcInv, carp, h 1(31 11 Tippecanoe 
Wambaugh. Tillie (wid') res lol n Tippecanoe 
■ prop'i books, stationery and wall paper, 11 s 

Broadway, res w Spring 
Wanisley. John, weaver, h 171 w Canal 
Wappler. Oscar. (Ida) vrks Ind Slfg Co. res 4rj,S e 

Wappler, Oscar jr. wks Ind MfgCo, h 4r;S e Canal 
Ward. J O (Aiuelia'i ph\-sician. re5 70 e Main . ■ 
Ward. Janie.- E (Alice) wk.s Ind Mfg Co. res 67 e .3 
Ward. Thomas V (Hattie) laJx res old hospital .v 
Vi/ARD, JOHN H, (-'•lary A) machine shop 20<) ft 

w 3roadv.-ay bridge, res 119 w -oth 
V/ARD, LOU, liveryman, cor Main and Wabash. 
- h 70e Main - ■ ■ 

Ward, Lottie, h TO e Main . , 

Ward Wm, tailor, h 25 w .3rd :■: ^^ mt-'-^A - 
Warden. Bert, h 490 e 6th . - ■" 

Warden. Dar^^in (EHenoref wks Ind Mfg Ca res 

490 e 6th . ^ , . - 

\Varder., Geo. painter, h 490 e 8th ' 

Warden. h 490 e 6th - -'•- 

Warder. Otto. (Julia) wks L E & W. h 157 e 6th 
Warder. Silas F (Many t) carp, res 204 e 6th 
Warlord, Elizabeth, h 12:^ e 3rd 
Waruke. Wni. wks V/ab r r, h 373 w 6th 
Warren. Da\id E (Marv-) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 53 

e Washington 
Warren, John, lab. res 279 w Canal 
Washbish. George i.Cora) elk Wab rr. res 177 w 6 

Peril loss Off ice 

Money. Loaned on 
Watches, Diamcndo, 
Jevclry, 53 S. Bd'y 



Q. B.' Nolanil Upholstering & Repairing' 

2o \V'e>4t Til i I'd 

Peru City Di-rectory. IRtl 22:< 

Wat^rs> James (Savina) teamster, res 4'j e 9th 
Watkins. Edith, elk Meinhardts. h 26 e r,th - 
Watkms. r H T^jretta) physician office '.T e 

Main, res 26 e ."itrs 
Watkins. Frank, h 26 e 5th 
Watkin.^-. Lola, h 4S1 e 'ird 
Watkins, :Mav.dc. h 26 e 'Ah 
Watkin.s, Wm ,Mary» carp, re.'* 4S1 e Srd 
Watson.' Urinah : vvid '; res 271 w 7th 
Watsou. W B. fireman Wab r r. h 109 e 2Lid 
Watt.s. Alfred, lab. h 2.)1 e Mair. 
Watts, Frank H tMariila) wks Ind "Mu Co. rt- 

214 e Canal 
Watts. James 'Xancy'* lab. res 1.">1 w Cannl 
Watts. David. wk.=; Ward livery barn, h same 
Waymier. Charles (Amanda) \vks Ind Mfg Co, 

res 207 e 5rd 
Waymier. Christopher i Rcssie'i res 71 Warren 
Weaver. Cora M. h 40 e 9th 
V/EAVER, DAVID J, prop machine shap S Peru. 

h 35 Franklin '■ ' 

Weaver. John, v.-ks Wilkinson & Fomercy. res 40 

Weaver. Pal Olae) wks packing hon-e. res 154 e 

Canal ' ' • ' 

Weaver, Maude, h 40 e 9th . 
Weaver. Otis C carp, h 40 e 9th 
Webb. Elizabeth twid) res 31 w Main 
Webb. Celia <^vid} h 251 e Main 
Webb. G M v^Vebb Bros Pern Candy 

Webb. J E iMattie; brk Wab r r. res 201 e 2nd 
Webb, Oren. wks Elec :Mfg Co. h 251 e Main 
Webb, Fred B (^Catharine) mgr Peru Oaidy Co 

114 5 Broadwav. res 21S e 6th 

Co^ h ol ^N 

LOU WARD, Livery and Boarding Stable, 

Opposite Baptist CSurch 'Phcne t5 

Baber & Mitchell 

For Ball Watches 


Peru City Directouv. 1901. 

Webb, Fred E (June) dispatcher Wab r r, res IS 

e 2tid 
Webb. Frank (Grace) (Webb Bros-" Peru Candy 

Co) res 2o e 2nd 
Webster, Benj i,Lydia) lab res 134 e Canal 
Weckerle. Michael (Minnie) wks Stand Cab Co. 

res 467 e 2nd 
Weidner. Andy, wks lud Mfg Co, h 181 e 5th 
Weidner, Gustav, wks Ind Mfg Co, h ,327 e Canal 
Weidner, Mae. inilliner>% 65 s Broadway, h 135 e 

Weidner, May, milliner, h 1S4 e 6th 
Weidnor, Mary, h 163 \v 7th 
Weidner, Matilda, h 16:3 vr 7th 
Weidner. Saf (Ida) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 181 e 5th 
Weidner. Valentine (I,izzie) truckman, res 163 w 

7 th 
Weinier. Benj F (Sarah E) grocer e Main, res 210 

e Main 
Weimer, Chas, grocery e Main, h 210 e Main 
Weimer. Fred C, h 210 e M:^an 
Weimer. Joseph, h 210 e Main 
Weis, Chas (Lizzie) shoemkr J S Hale & C(5, res 

a3 w Main 
Weist. Esther (wid) res 262 w 9th 
Weist, Anna, res 117 w Main 
Weist Chas. wks for Crumes. h 72 w Canal 
Weist. George, wks for Dr Helm, h 72 w Canal 
Weist, Jonas,- (Capitol? ) --.vks J O Cole, res 72 w 

Weist, Joseph S (Amandy) wks Ind Mfg Co, res 

35S e Gth 
Weist, Wra F, wks Ind Mfg Co. h 358 e 6 
Weirtner, Ed. wks Ind Mfg Co. h .316 e Canal 
Weirtner. Joseph (Wilhelmiiia) wks Ind Mfg Co. 

res 316 e Canal 

Pern Loan Office ^S^^'^ 

MIKH COSTIX, Draying and Storage 
House. N. liroadwav. Phone G74. 

Pkri. City I)ix.kctof.y. 1901 225 

\'i.'elch. C T (IJzzie; wks Ind Mfg Co, res 325 c .3-1 

Welch. Thomas fSu.'ian; bo'jk agt. h 36S w 5th 

Welch. Robt (Mary i cond Wab r r. res 363 w 5th 

Welch. Mary (wid) res 265 w Canal 

Welch, Michael, lab, h 265 w Canal 

Wells. Clarence E. trainmaster Wab r r. res hfj 

w 6ih 
Well.s, Frank, cond Wab r r. h li)9 w 6th 
Wells, Flora, wks Wright Med Co. h 212 w 3rd 
Well.s, John W (Lydia;. r r cond. res 212 w 3i J 
Welsh, Frank H 'L,ihby) cond Wab r r. h So e 6th 
Weltman. Wm, shoemkr. h 2^2 e Main 
Weuck. Geo (Bena) carp, res 2-33 w 2nd 
Wendle, Jake, carp Wab r r, h 20 w 10th 
Wendt, August, wks steel mill, h 32S w 6th 
Wendt. Frank (Nellie) cond Wab r r. res S5 e 6th 
Wendt, Herman (Edithi (Glennon & V.'eadt) res 

32S w 6th 
Werick. George, elk John S Hale ^: Co, h 112 w 

WERTHEIM, A (Otillia) tailoring. 5;i s Broad- 
way, res 1.53 e 6th 
West. Eli. lab h 61 Eucl-d 

West. Elijah .Sarah) wks I,E&W. res 251 w IMain 
West. GeoE (Essie) (Wcst& Huston electricians. 

res 256 w 3rd 
West. Harry (Georgia; elk Meinhardts. res 13v.6 
\\'est. James .Belle) wks EE&W, rcs 5i9 w Main Wm (Cora) lab, res 61 Euclid 
Weston. Bessie, h 222 e 3rd 
We^^tphal, Fredrick (.\ugusta» wks Stand Cab 

Co. res 4S4 e Canal 
WETMORE, J W, Asst Supt Metroj-olitan Life 

Ins Co r 2 Brownell bldg. res 129 w 3rd 
Wever. B O (Elhi) res i61 w Main 

LOU WARD. Liver)' and Boarding Stable 

Opporhc Baptut O.'jjch 'Phone 15 

















- North Broadway ' Phone G7 1 


Fkru City Dikkctorv, itiOl. 

Wey, George (I.izzie^ wks Itid Mfq; Cu, res "J^s;;^ e 

Wey, Andrew (Louise) city treasurer, res ;5t% \v 3 
Wey, Andrew, (Louise) confectionery arid ice 

cream parlor, US s Broadway. 
Wey, Anna, asst cit\- treasurer, h ^G w 3rd 
Wey, Chas, confectionery s Broad\vay, h 3G w 3d 
TV^ieatley. George, lab, h 458 w 14 th 
Wbeatley, J Yost (Emma) lab. res 458 w 14'.h 
Wheeler, Fred (Helen) wks Standard Oil Co, ros 

22'/ w Main 
Wheeler, R, lab. h 25S e 3rd 
Whetsel. M K (Nellie) engr I, K & W. re.- ;>i)2 n 

Whisler, Abrani (Sarah) retired farmer, res 390 e 

Whisler, Hnima. teacher, h 399 e 3rd 
Whisler, Harry, i.vks Ind ^lig Co. h 399 e Srd 
Whistler. Bent (Kate) engr Wab r r, re.> 2.15 w S 
Whistler, Kthel, h 254 w Sth 

Whitconib. Duey (Dora) carp, res 62 Washington 
White. Robt. elk J S Hale & Co. h 12S e .3rd 
WHITE, A J (Frances) Grant street general store 

52 Grant, res Argos, Ind 
White, Alexander H (Harriet) dealer in stock. 

res 125 e 3rd 
WHITE, Gf-ORGE, nigr Grant street greueial 

store rj2 Grant, res same 
White, Nellie, h 467 w 6th. 
White, Rose, doin. h 107 n Miami 
Whitehead, Allan W, wks LE&W, h 416 w ^L^in 
Whitehead. Daniel (Nettie) engr LF&W. res 416 

- w yiain 
Wbitehead. C Vernon, v.ks L E & W. h 416 w 


The r.ijb.t Stock .^:i(l Low Price- Always at 
E:. a. SCHr>s.AM*S. 'Phone 59 

PKKr CiTV DlKliCTOKY. l'>jl 


Whitehill, Karl C (Dora) agt Standard Oil Co 

res 401 w 3rd 
Whitehill. PK iKaie) wks Standard Oil Co rc.-> 

371 w Main 
Whiteside. Frank (Mary) bricklayer, res 22«:. v 9 
Whiteside V.'m. h 275 w Sth 
Whitezcl, L B uM-^-'-hia) elk Shirk & Miller, res 

Wiiithers. Frank vKHeii) wks steel n\ill. rts 221 

w Tth 
Whiting, H E (Ada) prop Manhattan rest n 

Broadway, res 53 t 5th 
Whitworth. Frank ^Daisy B) wks lud M:^ Co. 

res 417 e 2nd 
Whitlark, J V,' ^Nancy J) wks S Ti'dor .fc Co, res 

117 e Canal 
Whitineyer. Amos. carp, h 131 e 3rd 
Whitsel. Marion vS;i7ah E; wks Joel Barnbr.rt. 

res 7 w Spring 
Whiitenberger. Bertha, h dS e 5th 

Co. butchers. 3=) e Maini res 302 e 3rd 
Whittenberger. Sarah (%\-id) res 6S e 5th 
Wibel, Chas i, Lillian » wks Ind Mfg Co. res 217 e 3 
Wibel. Harriet- elk Shirk .Sc Miller, h 273 e 2nd 
Wibel. Oliver ;Carriet wks Ind Mfg Co, res 573 e 
■ Srd 

Wickler. Geo 'Xj-zm) lab. res 30 Spring 
Wickler. Hannah twid) h 4i32 w Main 
Wicker, Katie. do:n.. h 529 e 3rd 
Wilkinis Francis M (Sarah) lab, res 253 e Canal 
Wiennan. Chas E fEmnia") wk.s Ind ilig Co, res 

434 e 5th " • - - 

Wiese, Gus ^Lizzie tailor Julius Falk. rcs 25*] w 




The J; T. J, Smoke 

Tr>- Club House Whi.^key. ' 
















.^: U-..: 

Vl^rr.Cr'^ Restaurant and Bakery. 


1) K. Main Street. 
Peru Citv Directory. 1901. 

Wilcox, Charles A (Josephine) eiigr Wcih r r. res 

206 u' 7th 
Wilcox. Charles B, h 107 n Miami 
Wilco.x, J W (Estella) re.>= 107 u Miajiii 
Wilcox & Shea, (Charltjs Wilcox and i-^Iora She;'.) 

saloon, op depot 
Wilcox. WP (Su-sie) wk.s Wilkinson & Pomeroy's 

planing mill, res 20?) e Sth 
Wiles, Emma B (wid) h 3:5 e Main 
Wilhelm, Barney (Julia) vvks steel mill, re> 401 vv 

"Wilhelni, E-stella. wks telephone exchange, h 73 

e Sth 
Wilhelni. Harley, \vks S A :\Ielcher, h 73 e Sth 
Wiihehn. Jack, wks steel mill, h 401 w lyth 
Wilhelni. Jacob P (Emma) wks Elec Mfg Co, res 

73 e Sth 
Wiihehn, John J (Mar\-) engr Wilkinson & 

Pomeroy's planing rail], res 1:30 e Sth 
V/ilkins. Ora, elk, h 3.53 e 2nd 
Wilkinson, Andre\\ ^Daisy) wks Peru Ba.sket Co, 

res 375 w 13th 
Wilkinson. A II (Etta) prop S Pern saw niill, res 

65 w 6th 
Wilkinson. Arthur (.Sarah) fireman Wab r r, res 

475 w 13th 
Wilkinson Be&.sie, h l.>4 e Main 
Wilkinson, Edward, lather, h 3 Colum!;'a ave 
Wilkinson. Ethel bkpr Dukes Music Store, h .375 

w 1.3th 
Wilkinson, Fadelia (wid) res 9 e 6th 
Wilkinson, Fred, lather, h 3 Columbia ave 
Wilkinson, Geo (Eliza) wks Pern Basket Co. res 

3^5 w 13th 
Wilkiu-son, Glen, h 65 w 6th 


Peru loan Office f^^t -"pf .-s 

jewelry. 5i o. E.a'y 

G. B. Nolaiid, Upholslerini: ^^ K^pairin:^ 

2o Vrcitit Tliircl 
PRHl- CiTY DiRKCTORV. iiX;! 2:^^^ 

Wilkinson. Harx-ey (P.o--,e) fireiTian Wab r r. rv.~ 

209 e 9th 
Wilkinson, JauKrs A (May) section foreman I, E 

& W. res 3'>4 ■« 13th 
Wilkinson. James W (Nellie) plasterer, res .3 

Wilkinson., doT.n, res 13 1 v.- 5th 
Wilkinson. John B, re.s 4-35 w 13th 
Wilkinson, jos^pliine. h 65 w o'-h 
Wilkinson. Mp.rie. dom. h 71 e 3: d 
WILKINSON 4 POMEROY, Writer S W:lkirr-->i. 

and Hazen Pomeroy) lumixrr. sash and doc^r-. 

IGO n Eroad\T-ay 
Wilkinson, Walter S (Amy"! (Wilkin.son an'l 

Pomeroy, lumber dealers) re« 154 e Main 
Wilkin.son. Vr F -.Telitha) wks Wab r r. res 407 w 

Wilkinson, John B .Ida) wk^ Ind Mfg Co. res ■>'" 

Willard. Florence, h 2S5 w Can:.l 
Willenborg, Elizabeth (wids h 2>4 w 3rd. 
Will-s, Eucy iwid) (Daily 5c Will second-hand 

store) h 110 Ewing 
Will.s, E C. h .574 w Main 
Williams. Grace, h .3:-;6 w 5tii 
Williams, J Har\-ey i Julia i engr E E X W. tcs 

356 w oih 
William.s, James V Sadie) brakeman Wabrr res 

129 w 2nd 
Williams, John (Belle) elk Jos .Andres oi. Co res 

168 w 7:h 
Williams, John B vMayme, wks c:' firld. res 5<.S 

Williams. Walter S. fireman I, E & W. h Zir, w 5 
Williamson, R A wks Ind Mig Co, res llTi w 2n>i 


Comp!c*.o L'liiC Drugs, Torlct Ar*.:r!cs, Cij:ir'j. Et 





A!i?im? CountN Loan 

's. 'in 

PKRr Ciiv DiRr.cTORY. 

i ^ 

V.'illiainson. Gordo:), collector, h 120 w 2nd 


^ Main 
Wil-^on, Eirl 

. '.vks steel mill, h 16;3 e Main 

Anna, uks .Mercer rest, h IS'i e oth 
Clif.s A (Mngi^-ieV wks I,K&W. res 2v") 

bittcher.h 5 e .3rd 
Evert, wks Ind Mfg Co b 416 e 'jiIi 
Klizabeth. teacher, h :il Tike 
Wilson, I-ratik (.Susan': res lv3 v/ Srd 
Wilson. Frank D. niu-sic teacher, h 2S5 w Main 
Wilson. George W (Marv) res 31 Pike 
Vv'ilson. Harrison (Liilu'i wk? steel mill, res TiZi 

w 6:h- 
Wilson. John D, lab. h 416 e ,3th 
Wilson. John W (Mary i teamster steel mill, res 

416 e 5th 
Wilson. Levina ( v/id'^ res 5C>7 w 3rd 
Wil.son. I^onis l,Rua:na ^ supt ice plant, res l^iT w 2 
Wilson. ^Nlarj- L,. sten, h ?A Pike 
Wilson, Michael (Sarah) wks Elec Mfg Co, res 72 

•tt- Washington ave 
WiLson. M K, res 13 e V.'ashington ave 
WILSON &. NICHELSON 'Xhas Wiison, P B N'ich- 

el.-^cn) livery and feed stable, cor Court and oth 
Wil-son, Otto. -.A'ks Wab r r. h 5 w 3rd 
Wilson. Rebecca, h 82 e Sth 

Wiltman. Wm (Arcada), shoerakr. res 2S0 c Main 
WINGFSELD, LOUIS (Mabel) princer Miller- 

WaHick Printing Co. res lo5 v,- 2ud 
Wireman. John (Anna) carp, res 273 e 5th 
Wise. C X (i^aura M) cond I, E & W, res 315 e Sth 
Wise. John M ^Catharine) drayman, res 15:i e Sth 
Wise. Louis C. res 320 e 3rd 
Wise. Pearl, wks E!ec Mfg Co, h .39 Adams 
Wise. RV (Laura"! wks Ind Mfg Co, res 39 Adams 

Moi,t Reliable in 
City. Phone o^ 
\S W. 3rd St. 

Nelp's Meat Market 




ETZNER J. L. netziicr, 
OUSE Prop, and Mgr. 

PKKt- City DiKP-cn'RV. VM 


Wise, Wm (Delia) wks J.E\^W. res 4C5 w 5th 

Witham. ?:ila. h 1S6 w 2nd 

Witham. Frank, elk }?enham's. h IVj v.- 2nd 

Wolf, Amelia ( re< 523 e 

Wolf, Edv.-ar<I > Ellen) v,k.s .str..ct car line, re^ :-il2 

e 3rd: 
Wolf, Harry. %vks LE&W. h 351 w 6th 
Wolf. Jo.sepk. fireman LE5cW. h 463 w 5tb 
Wolf, Levi (Sfidie) liveryman, res 331 %v oth 
Wolf, M R •.MaTy> elk Wab r r. res 463 v.- 5th 
Wolf, Wm (Ida) fireman Wab r r. res /:.53 w 7th 
Wolf. Wm iMary) blksmith LF:5:W. res 5.51 v. 6th 
Wolfe. John W, wks Modern laundry, h 21 Pike 
Wolfe. Wm I-:, wks Modern l?.nndry. h 21 Pike 
WOLFF. JULIUS vCarrie) scientiiic optician, r4 

new Brov%-neIl bldg. res 73 e Main 
Wolma, Benjamin (Elizabeth) shoerakr 5 Gram 

res 4So w Srd 
WolsiefTer. Joseph (Anna) cigarmkr Lobnieyer's 

res 111 e Srd 
Wood. C E (Josephine'' wks Ind Mfg Co. res 17 - 

Wood, Charles (Laura) tele o per LE:S:W, res 72e5 
V\'ood, Emma C. teacher, h 451 w 6th 
Wood. Fred A. elk J S Hale & Co. h 451 w D:h 
Wood, John H (Mabel) brk Wab r r. res 215 c Sth 
vyOOD, J K, druggist 6 s Broadway, res e': 5 

Wood, Margaret A. cashier French Bazaar, b 451 

vv- 6th 
Wood. Mary E. elk French Bazaar, h 4"1 w 6:h 
Wood. Nellie A. h 451 w fith 
Wood. Ora B. elk Wab freight office, h li"* %\ a- 

Woodco.v. Harold, wks Elec Mfg Co. n 5i:w 
Washington ave 

Tr\- Club House Whiskey. 75c per quart. 




For ,-Vn_\ thing in tlie Grocery Line see 
E. A. SCHrVAM, Phone 59 

5 232 PKRI- CiTV DlKKCTORV. 1<X)1. 

Peru KU'c .Mfg 
res 50 w Wash- 

W'jodcox. Sanmel (I^izzie) wk 

Co. res 52 sv Washington 
V.'oodcox, riiich (Mary) carp. 

iug^ton ave 
Woodring. Ross, h 60 c Maiu 
Woodring, \V A (r^ottie) publisher (W'oodrin;^- & 

Bodiirtha. props Evetiing Journal) res ty) e 

Woodring 61; Bodurtha ( W A Woodriug. Arthur 

Bodurtha) props & pubs Peru Kveuing Journal 

10 w Grd 
Wo-ods. xkiith, h 227 vv- 7th 
Woods, Elizabeth, h 227 w 7th 
Woods, Har\'ey. elk Shirk & Miller, h 235 e Main 
Wocnis, Morton (Cora) v/ks Wilkinson i'^: Potne- 

roy's planing mill, res 60 e Sth 
Woodside, Harvey (Z-Iary) wks Turner :SIig Co. 

res 532 w 6th 
Wooipert, ilerrit. teamster, h 23<3 w 6tli 
Wor.derly. Agatha, dressmkr, res 26 e 2nd 
Wougle. Albert, wks lud Mfg Co. h 262 e Canal 
Work, A S. trav engr Wah r r. h Cearss hotel 
Working. Wm E (Bertha) trav salesman, res -U 

Workings. Ed, wks Elec Mfg Co. res 7 e Wash- 
Worl. riarrj', porter Bearss hotel 
Worl. Clara, teacher business college, h l-'rd w 2d 
Worl. Joseph (Sarah) tree prtrncr, res i;>4 w 2nd 
Worl, Martin, carp, res 4S Warren 
Worlej-, Harry (Alice) wks Wab r r, r.-^s 219 w 10 
Worley, C A (Emma) teamster, res 27.3 e 9tli 
W'-ay.. James (Reua) wks Ind Mfg Co. res 24 

Adams ave 



M'KK C(.>STIN, Drayiiii.; 
liouie. N. Hroadwp.v. 

and Stora^i'e 
Phone GT4. 


WRIGHt MEDICINE CO (Inc^ U*^^ >^ B€i?mau. 

pres; Juliu- Falk. v-pres; G k Chaml>erlai'J. 

treas; S T Wright sec and mgrj o.Tice and lab 

70 n Hrradway 
S T WRIGHT '.Emma Ji sec .'tnd mgr W-icht 

^■ledicine Co. res 113 u Miami 
WrisrhL Fred wks Elec Mf?; Co. h 5S2 w Main 
Wright, n W. h 5>2 w Main 
Wyburii. Jessie F. Ji Wi e Canal . 
\\'ysop.g. Edward iPearl) brickmasoir rv>- 2:- w 




Yard. Wm (Mary) drayman, re- '/27 w Main 

Yard. Frank, fireman I,E5cW. h 527 w Maiu 

Yard. Mar\-. h 527 w :Main 

Yard, Emma, teacher, h l^Y w :3rJ 

Yard Morton ^Elizabeth, wks steel mill, rt- 5:« 

w 3rd 
Yards. Viola .'-R-id; res 40 e 9th 

>:?ice 3.5 e «. 

YARLING, JOHN E > Lillian) physic 

Main, res 1:52 e Main 
Yarnell. Charles (Uzzie) tele oper Wab r r re-- 

1?,0 w 6tii 
Yike. C E. wks Ind Mfg Co. h 531 e Main 
Yike. EarL wks Ind Mfg Co. h .5.31 e Main 
Yike. Karrj-. fa .5;>3 e Main 
Yike. James D (Kate) wks Ind Mfg Co, rc> 4'4 e 

Yike, Samuel J (Malind:-.) wks Ind Mfg Co res 

•531 e Main 
York. Aaron (Melissa.> teamster, res 5-33 w Main 
York, Celia. h 2:i4 w 5th 
York. Chas ! Lillian) brk LE&V.'. res 127 w 7th^ 

LOU WARD, Livery and Boarding Stable, 


D ^i 


M^rrr'r\ Restaurant and BaKcr\ 


1 K- yi.iiu st't'-et. 


Pi-RU City Directory. 11X)1. 

Yost, John (Barbara) stonecutter, res<S2V' Boule- 
Young, Andrew, wks LE.N:W, h 4:^0 w 7th 
Y'oung. KHzabeth (md) re.-, K).j U'arreu 
YouiJig. Geo (Maggie) teamster, rts 62 Cohiinhia 

Young-, Harr\- (Ijzzie) res 2'20 w tjtli 
Y'oiiiig. H H (Jeaiiette) agt U S and Pacific Hx 

Cos, 16 e .3rd, res 112 e 6th 
Y'oung, Joe S, mgr Oil Well Supply Co. h Bear.s> 
Young, Michael (Mary) gardener, res l-SO w Tth 
Y'oung, T I, I Clara) carp and coutr. res 109 e 2nd 
Y'oung. \ViIli.s. wks Reitzel h .36 w 10th 
Y'oung. Samuel A l,I<ucy Ei cond Wab r r, res 15 

3 Cas;5 
Voung. Mary E. h 15 s Cass 
Y'oung, Geo A, h 15 s Cass 
Y'aud, Sam J (I,eanora) lab, h 470 w Main 

ZABST, J E 4. CO, (Catharine) grocer\-. meat 

market and pro\-ision store. 31S e Main, res 2^j2 

e 6th 
Zabst. Roy Edgar, h 2:j2 e 6th 
Ztllner. Mary, h 16 w IGth 
Ze;o Creamery Co. mfrs, oiT:-Je 24 e :jrd, works w 

Tth, E A Reed, sec and treas 
Zern, Caroline, h 121 e 5th 
Zimmerman, Catharine (wid) res 228 w Maiii 
Zimmerman, Henry (Margaret) elk Joe Andres, 

res 32 Warren 
Zimmerman, W H (EfSe) vZimnicnian 6c Mc- 

Elheny publishers Sentinel) res 57 w 6th 

to Loan Office gifSsi 

G. B. Noland, lphoJ5tenn«: u R.nairinj^ 

2o West ThirU 

Pi:kv Crrv Dikkctowv. 1'.>»1 2.5 


':•-. II y. 

Ziirtinermati. J.icob (Mabel) wks Wab r r 

Ij'ikes u- of city limits 
Zijii, Wm ifvophi^;} elk D<x>litile'.«. rcs lr« w :~ 

Zipp-rian. Win i Eniina) wks Ind Mfg C'\ rcs 'r^ ■ ^ 

w 2nd 
Zook, L,orcn7-o L> Mar>- > wks Ind Mfe Co. res 55- ::. 

e :ird -: 

Zook. May. doni. h 558 e :ird ^ 

Zook. Aaron D i*'i'-^>'e) rnail carrier, res 5S1 v- — 

Main — 


Con^Fictc Line Li::z.s; 1 Ar'Azl.s. Q=-2rj. E^c. 

TlilEXkA.UD s2> CO. 

- tr 

5 ^ 






. r/j -^^ ^- ^ 

<-55 5 J 




15 < 

I 1 

t if* 



















^ I 

T-f 'f^TT^rr Yi?*rT'f-'f *rv Wf^n^T 4 


Sylvan Electric Bath 

rvo. :2. 

65 N, Miami St., Peru, Indiana. 

Is a novel and absolutely harmless methcJ of 
treatment, unsurpassed in its curative efYcctupoa 
Gont iu an stages; Muscular and Artuular Rhei:- 
matisni in all forms. The Bath h^.s a!*K> pr-rvci* 
itself ver;/ efncadous in trealiuij Xeuraljjli (par- 
ticularly Sciatica "i; Nervousness (Neura^thruL-i): 
Muscular Atrophy; SuiTened Joints; Slat-n-'iiiuti 
of the Blood; Exsudates du;- to Plcuri-^-, anri 
Peritonitis; Asthinatic CompIaJ.nts; Wcakti'-isof 
the Heart; Debility of the Bladder; Pr^ralysi.-,; 
Diabetis,' snd other diseases d:;e to di-ti:rlK^ 
assimiLation'and circulation of the bloo<J. ' 

The Bath is a German discovery. prott--cted by 
American i)atenls, and \vas introduced in t!:i^ 
country toward the close of thej-earlw?. This 
is the only one of its kind r?l present west of 
Brooklin; New York. 

Open from 8 a. m. to 8 p. m. Closed on Sun- 
days only. Physicians are respecU'u'.ly invit^i 
to personally investigate our methods.' 


isch, M. D. 

Proprietor and .Mana^^er. 



■I; '^.....r. 


iiT jv.».'»,T«ii'»«aKr. ,*=■» AtSLs a: ssssaar,sn:-iie^'/%n;ajis.-:.r ^ -<»v>-- i 

■'^^ ^■Ji.*->,''":y'i^^^s&f^<^em^simMM^^